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Another Civil War? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

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  • Another Civil War? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

    Another Civil War? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up


    A friend from Oklahoma recently texted me:

    How close are we from civil war anyway?

    My reply came suddenly and effortlessly, almost as if a higher power had seized my typing fingers:

    I don’t think Americans have their shit together enough to even pull off a civil war.

    My friend agreed, and we moved on to cheerier topics.

    But many of the carcass-pecking buzzards in the professional pundit class are not only certain that another Civil War is right around the corner, they’re so perceptive that they know that white people will be to blame for it! And “racism”! And “right-wing white men who worry about changing demographics, stagnating wages, and how the shift to a multi-racial and multi-ethnic America will affect them.”

    Is Civil War Ahead?” The New Yorker recently asked. “Is America heading to civil war or secession?” CNN wondered aloud. Two books released in January — How Civil Wars Start: And How to Stop Them and The Next Civil War: Dispatches From The American Future — seem assured that American Civil War II lurks right around the corner.

    In Toronto’s Globe and Mail, Thomas Homer-Dixon wrote:

    By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme domestic political instability, including widespread civil violence. By 2030, if not sooner, the country could be governed by a right-wing dictatorship.

    Actually, a Right-wing dictatorship would provide far more stability than another Civil War. But so would a Left-wing dictatorship. But from sea to shining sea, I don’t think America has enough stability left to pull off another Civil War. It barely has enough energy left to fall apart gracefully.

    In 2020, Business Insider published a poll claiming a majority of Americans felt that the US was already in the throes of a “cold” civil war. Last year, a University of Virginia Center for Politics poll found that most people who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 wanted their state to secede from the Union after Trump was not declared the winner. The same poll found that two-fifths of Biden voters said it may be “time to split the country.” In February 2021, a Zogby poll found that more Americans believe a future civil war is likely than don’t. In December 2021, Harvard’s Kennedy School released a poll that found that a third of Americans under 30 expected “a civil war” within their lifetimes.

    I think they’re all being way too optimistic. I’m so pessimistic, I feel that even a civil war is beyond our capabilities.

    I believe America is doomed as a nation — so doomed, it won’t even be able to pull off another civil war. To have a functional and ripping good civil war, you need to have only two sides, each so devoted to their cause that they’re willing to die for it. But demographically, geographically, and ideologically, the US is far too complex to split into two easily discernible “sides.” Both individually and collectively, latter-day Americans have proved to be too dumb and lazy to devote much attention and discipline to the rigors of a full-blown domestic ground war. They can’t even handle losing their wireless connection for a half-hour.

    I believe we are broken as a country — but there’s a crucial difference between breaking into two pieces and shattering into a thousand. Two pieces would signify another Civil War; a thousand pieces would mean a total collapse.

    Our last Civil War was so much easier to define — North vs. South, with a neatly drawn Mason-Dixon Line. Many seem to think that if another Civil War were to erupt, it’d be Red vs. Blue states.

    Oh, if America’s social situation were only that retardedly simple.

    Even the Red and Blue states are split between their urban and rural factions.

    White Americans are split between the Goodwhites and Badwhites.

    And then there are whites versus everyone else . . . including in volatile places such as the military.

    Coasts versus Flyover Country.

    Upper and lower classes united against everyone in the middle.

    English-speaking versus Spanish-speaking.

    Generation against generation.

    Native-born versus immigrant — and “indigenous” against both.

    In a world where even feminists and trannies can’t get along, how do you expect to rope us all off into only two groups?

    If a house divided against itself cannot stand, then a cheap motel divided against itself doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

    The population is sufficiently multicultural to prevent any large-scale show of unity against the government. Most of the proles’ energies will be drained merely through screaming at one another. Color me paranoid, but I suspect this may have been multiculturalism’s endgame from the get-go.

    There’s no middle anymore. But that doesn’t mean there are only two sides. There are a thousand sides, but no middle. If there is to be a civil war, it will be an intersectional civil war, with every possible side at battle with every other side. The only impartial observer will be the government.

    Even the much ballyhooed but essentially fangless white-supremacist militias that we’re told are cocked and locked and perched to overtake the federal government lack a crucial advantage that the Rebel soldiers had when fighting the Yankees: They had the entire weight of the Southern legal and professional classes behind them.

    Perhaps average Americans get so wrapped up in what the Second Amendment supposedly guarantees them that they’ve forgotten that it doesn’t allow them to have nukes or F-15s in the same way that the First Amendment doesn’t afford them the federal government’s massive surveillance capabilities.

    I suspect that what’s coming is less of a coup or an attempted insurgency than simply a long and depressing spate of ethnic, ideological, and regional brushfires where non-governmental agents slaughter one another while the feds film everything and then perform cleanup.

    So it won’t be a civil war; it’ll be an ongoing war between civilians, with the government taking notes.

    Have you tried getting a package delivered through the US Postal Service on time recently? Have you tried calling any kind of professional office during working hours without getting a recording telling you to call back during working hours? Have you noticed that over the past couple of years, everything has unspooled and America seems to have sunk from a First World country to a Third World country without even pausing to wink at the Second World? When they told us we’d be transitioning to a service economy, no one warned us that all the servants would be this dumb, fat, and lazy.

    So if you can’t even find a fast-food worker to deliver your order without a mistake, don’t expect any of these dim bulbs to make it through an hour of Basic Training without going AWOL.

    I sincerely try not to think about how deeply fucked this country is, but every day this country does something to remind me.

    There will be more chaos. More decay. More murder. More division. More despair. But nothing so organized that it’d deserve to be called a Civil War.

    * * *

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    Modern Militiaman A Journal of the Modern Resistance Movement
    Issue #6, July 4, 1997

    There Ain’t No Such Thing As A “Constitutional Militia”

    The Congress shall have the power to . . . To provide for organizing arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;
    — Article 1, Section 8, Constitution of the United States
    This quote from the Constitution should conclusively prove the foolishness of those militiamen who want to claim they are part of a “constitutional militia.” Ask them for the piece of paper which shows that they have been organized, armed or under a code of military discipline directly derived from Congressional authority and they will draw a blank. If they claim to be a state militia, then ask them where is their appointment from the state governor giving them an authority to train their enlisted militiamen. Again a blank. Which reflects reality. None of these so- called “constitutional militia” are any such thing. All they do is claim to be something they really are not.

    . . . .
    SO WHY, in the founding of the militia movement over three years ago, did its founding leadership insist that they were “Constitutional militias” when there is no such thing, as such extra-legal private paramilitary organizations are by a reading of the Constitution prohibited? I shall attribute it to in large part moral cowardice, with a good deal of stupidity thrown in. They refused to face reality, which demanded that certain unpleasant facts be faced, met and matched. Their unwillingness to think explains their stupidity. Rather than speak plainly and warn the common people about the consequences of shielding criminal government, such as annihilation and the collapse of civilization following total civil warfare, altogether too many of us “militia generals” have preferred to sugar-coat the truth because we were scared to look like ‘terrorists’ or ‘extremists.’ Few, if any of us, have faced the fact that getting our rights back entails the absolute extermination of evil men who infringed on those rights motivated by nothing more than their personal greed for wealth and power. Since these evil men will not surrender themselves to justice voluntarily, it will become necessary to use force to bring them to justice. The use of force entails violence. Violence implies killing. Patrick Henry’s most famous quote should be updated to say: “Give me my liberty or I’ll give you your death.” And let this message stand for those who would protect criminals from justice.The stupidity that accompanies moral cowardice can be best diagnosed as selective moral blindness brought about by fear. Listen up, ‘Constitutional Militia’ generals: Supposedly these militias were founded in opposition to federal government abuses. With the restrictive gun laws passed in defiance of the 2d Amendment willfully passed by Congress, it passes belief to expect this very same rabble of politicians to arm popular militia organizations with modern weaponry sufficient to challenge government rule. Even the Congressional mattoid majority can figure out that these militia organizations have a different ideology other than politics as usual, and thus will not train them on how to use military force in opposition to their rule. As far as Congressional discipline is concerned, all that has come out of the halls of power has been “anti-terrorism” legislation which nervously targets the means for potential popular insurrection.

    . . .

    On July 4, 1997 two Missouri Highway Patrolmen rolled up some Missouri militias and started criminal proceedings against others known as The Missouri Twenty who were the common-law court feebs. My two Southwestern Missouri militias were on the outs with the Kansas City 51st FiBbI militia. They called us Klansmen and Christian Identity private gangs and I ridiculed them for being suburban whiggers buying $150 Russian SKSs for Troost Avenue KC negroes. The Timothy McVeigh trial was ramping up so I told what was left to go back underground.

    There are probably 4-5 times as many private survival groups in the Ozarks as there were back in the early 1990s. Stay away with any ZOGbot retards calling theysselfs “militia”.

    Soon ZOG shall fall apart along with over 90% of the ZOGlings. The form of government which shall prevail is local theocratic military dictatorships — The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Hail Victory !!!
    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In Candidate for US Senate

    Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
    Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum