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The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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The Church of Jesus Christ Christian
This is the portion of the Forum devoted to The Church of Jesus Christ Christian of Missouri, a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church.
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Aryan Nations of Missouri
This is the portion of the Forum devoted to The Aryan Nations of Missouri, the Political Arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian of Missouri.
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The Army of Israel/7th Missouri Militia
So ZOG/Babylon wants to bitch about a Militia Movement resurgence? Well, the aboveground DSCI Church and its Aryan Nations political arm aim to please. This is a moderator/editor post-only forum. Readers are encouraged to freely post comments on the discussion subforum below, or to submit comments for moderation.
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Campaign Headquarters: Pastor Lindstedt for First Warlord
This is the Campaign Headquarters for Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt as First Warlord of Ten Thousand Warlords in a destroyed ZZOG/Babylon the Third & Final.
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Christian Identity News Network (CINN)
This is where White Nationalists on this forum can announce and place links to audio and video and web programming.
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Meercat #4
General Discussion
General Discussion for posts made on the official Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri announcement forums above.
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The Ten-Thousand Warlords
When ZOG/Babylon the Third & Final implodes like all Mighty Evil Empires do, there will be left only 10-30 million ex-whiggers, a few segregated bantustans for "good" niggers and jews, all ruled by The Ten-Thousand Warlords. This sub-forum explores the ramifuckations of this future.
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YHWH Poverty Law Center
"Lawfare" against ZOG, ZOGtards & ZOGbots & to Serve, Protect and Defend YHWH's People of Aryan Christian Israel
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Last Post: Killing ZOG jewdges
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First Amendment Exercise Machine #2
This is a series of my daily postings on this blog/forum and added to by month, in tribute to the best White Nationalist web page ever: First Amendment Exercise Machine, from 1998 uintil the death of Robert Frenz in May 2003. See Http://
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Last Post: June 2022
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