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    Recipe for Disaster


    All of us have heard the news over the past twenty years and more of how our corporate hog bigwigs have been moving their factories to third world toilets to increase their profits. Trouble is, most naive' Americans never think past that point. They don't realize the reason the profits go up, or the underlying motive they have for all this, other than simply profits. And believe me, there are loads of reasons and most of them you won't like. Not one bit. I'm addressing this article to those of you that have never thought about these things, but have finally become worried enough about the state of things in our country to start actually looking around for once. It's those people that need to hang on my every word and absorb all of what I'm telling you here because it's pure truth. When a factory leaves the US, all the jobs it generated are now gone overseas to foreign workers that are paid literally pennies on the dollar of what their American counterparts were getting paid. A twenty-dollar-an-hour man working here would get approximately 50 cents a day over there. Big difference, eh? And all that money goes into the pockets of those hogs. It is never passed on the consumer via lower prices . . .

    Of course all the millions of Americans that were employed are now canned and forced to go on unemployment and try to find part-time jobs just to survive. That's because there are no longer any decent jobs left in the states to go to. Our nation has lost its ability to make anything. The last American TV was produced by RCA in 1985. Even those that were called American had Jap guts in them, even that far back. The only thing we still produce in this country is food, and our government gives it away or forces our farmers to bury their crops to keep prices too high to compete with Europe and Asia. We are living on debt. Our entire economy is now based on maxing out our national credit cards. And as you know, sooner or later the bank calls in the debt and then all hell breaks loose. And folks, we are very quickly running out of time. I can't stress the urgency of this enough. If something isn't done -- and soon, America as we know it will cease to exist. Forever.

    And don't expect our politicians to do anything but make matters worse. The Republicans want to try to fix things by doing away with food stamps, welfare, Social Security and the disabled benefits, benefits, saying that it's the responsibility of local churches to take care of the poor. Well that sounds just peachy until you realize that 90% of America will be at their doors when this happens. You can't starve the American people to death and expect to fix things. And
    folks, they know this . . .

    It's all part of a plan that encompasses both parties and always has. They're simply two faces of the same devil, and you already know who controls them all. The liberals want to continue to spend, spend, spend like we have unlimited wealth. Obama has been printing money in the basement like it's monopoly money, and it now pretty much has the same value. This is what America gets for letting a Moslem, communist anarchist, white hating, America hating black into the White House. All anyone had to do was pick up one of his books at a local flea market and they would have seen just how evil and fanatical that ape really is. Every leader on earth calls him a nut and a moron, and the queen of England would like to boil him and his ghetto hoe wife in oil . . .

    How those two ghetto niggers behaved at Buckingham palace was a national disgrace and embarrassment for America. They did everything but grab food out of the queen's plate. No class at all. It was like inviting two welfare niggers to dinner with the Pope. Imagine. I can't wait for reporters to take pictures of what's left of the interior of the White House after those two are finally dragged kicking and screaming out of there after his term is up. Ever seen what's left of a project apartment when niggers get done with it? There are vast neighborhoods in every major city in the country that blacks have occupied, trashed, then moved on because they rendered them uninhabitable. And yes, yes, yes I call them niggers and I hope the naive' liberals don't like it. Political correctness is a tool of our enemies to cow us into looking the other way while these races perpetrate outrages on every front. It's high time we did away with affirmative action, political correctness and even civil rights. All three are a dismal failure and everyone knows it. With civil rights come civil responsibilities, and the blacks and Hispanics have woefully failed at theirs. Therefore they are now forfeit!!

    And it's time white America enforced that forfeiture, regardless of what our corrupt enemy leaders may say or try to do about it. We must replace these leaders with our own people, those that have not been a part of the corrupt power structure all their lives. I don't know one single career politician that hasn't been corrupted. There's just too much money involved and in time even the best seem to cave, either by choice or by threat. And the only way to break this cycle is to totally, and I mean totally clean house. We must start over completely with an all new cast, pulled from the ranks of the common men and women of white America only. That's because no other race can or will represent us properly or honestly. It's simply a fact of life . . .

    CHINA. They are planning to invade. Do NOT doubt it for one second. They could cause our economic collapse any time they want, causing national chaos on a level never seen in this country in its entire history. The entire reason they have been extending such an outrageous line of credit for so long is to make sure that when we finally do collapse, it will be so severe that we cannot recover. In the mind of the Chinese they already own America -- and us. They now feel that they have the moral right to invade to take possession of their property. The only hope we have of preventing this is to clean house in Washington now. Not next month or next week but now. We are clean out of time folks. Things could start happening tomorrow. Literally. Our enemies have planned this entire scenario for over a century, carefully completing one step at a time until they had led America to this precipice. And it's up to you to decide whether or not you're willing to sacrifice the little time you have left in your so-called "secure" lifestyle, which is really nothing but an illusion at this point, or act . . .

    "But what can little ole' me do?" you whine. Plenty. There's a huge movement going on all over America at the moment, a movement made up of fed-up white Americans that are ready and willing to sacrifice everything to set things right. But I have to be realistic here folks. America as we knew it is dead. It will never exist again. What we can do however, is grab a chunk of her and secede from the Union, leaving the hopelessly corrupt and liberal portions of the nation to die the inevitable death that's coming. New York, California, the East Coast, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and all the states that are overrun with uninvited immigrants, aliens, and invaders of every hateful and hostile race on the planet. These are beyond saving. We must secure our new borders to keep these predators and parasites out of our new homeland when what's left of America implodes, and remove by force the ones that have managed to gain a foothold. Before you do anything you must face the fact that America is a goner. There are many southern states that formerly comprised the old Confederacy that are planning on rejoining. This movement is in an advanced stage and still developing and could sure use the help. So if you have loved ones, I'd strongly advise you to rethink where you live. Soon it will become a death trap for all whites. I can promise you this. But don't take my word for it, do the research yourself. And if you're honest with yourself you'll realize I told you the facts . . .

    Another development that few outside the about to be named states know about is the agreement between Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Some time back these states signed a treaty that in essence does away with their borders and allows all sorts of economic and educational advantages to take place between them without the usual red tape, tariffs and taxes. In fact a college student from one state can attend another and receive the same resident tuition rates he would at home. Interstate commerce is duty free and their Guard units are now pretty much one large, well trained army. Other southern states are preparing to join them, and it looks like the old Confederacy is fast becoming a reality once again. All these states realize that the federal government is siphoning off far more wealth than they are giving back, and that it would be economically beneficial to simply cut all economic and governmental ties and go it alone . . .

    Red China is preparing for invasion. I can flat promise you that the same week we go belly up economically, they will invade. Many southern leaders have already come to this conclusion and are making preliminary overtures to the military in the event of a need to "commandeer" the nuclear assets in their states. Personally I think it's the only way the south will survive an invasion of liberal America. Let us hope I'm right...


    "How fortunate for governments that the people they govern don't think."
    --Adolph Hitler


    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.