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    Reo v. Lindstedt #22-3025 Appellants' Reply Brief (Julie Connor)

    From: Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    To: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Bryan Reo
    Subject: Reo v Lindstedt #22-3025 Appellants' Reply brief
    Date: 4 august 2022 8:26 pm
    Pastor Lindstedt hereby submits his Appellants' Reply Brief to this appeals Court and Bryan Reo as the real Appellee and the attorney for the fake-plaintiff his wife on the 24th day after Reo's Revised Appellee Brief of 11 July 2022.

    Pastor Lindstedt does not recognize that the state or federal courts ever had any jurisdiction or dominion over Pastor Lindstedt and his Aryan Nations Church brought about by one of their agents provacateur Bryan Reo and Reo's friends and family to attain by legal piracy taking under color of "law" Pastor Lindstedt's South Dakota inheritance as was done by a fraudulent sheriff's sale and awarding Bryan Reo 1800 acres of family property in the family since the 1920s and 1930s in violation of South Dakota State Law 15-16A-6 stating that no foreign judgment shall be executed upon until ALL appeals are completed. Thus the federal government is morally and legally in the position of all such tyrannical regimes on the way out trying to stifle dissent through legal piracy and open tyranny. Sodom and Gomorrah and the other Three Cities of the Plain would likewise kidnap strangers and "legally" rob and murder them; the end result was the destruction of those cities and their inhabitants for their perverted Code of Injustice. Likewise for the New Sodoms.

    The Reply brief proper is 15 pages of 3700 words. The pre-brief got carried away, especially regarding jurisdiction of which these state and federal courts possess as much of as did Sodom. A paper copy has been printed up and sent to Bryan Reo as well as this electronic copy.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    First Servant of YHWH's Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In Candidate for US Senate

    Appellants' Reply Brief Case # 22-3025:

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    Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum