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Why I Investigated “Pastor” Eli James

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  • Why I Investigated “Pastor” Eli James

    Why I Investigated “Pastor” Eli James

    But am Giving that even more psycho murderous jew pig Baal Finck a pass

    by David James, former Eliarbot

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    Why I Investigated “Pastor” Eli James

    But am Giving that even more psycho murderous jew pig Baal Finck a pass

    by David James, former Eliarbot

    Nigger-Nosed Talmudic Ashkenazi "No-Devil" Papist-Preterist Greek-Skrewler High-Skrewl Dropout Jersey Shitty Murderous jew Pig ZOGbot

    Murderous jew ZOGpig Rabbi Finckelstein doesn't believe or teach DSCI . . .
    . . . certainly NOT as taught by true Israelites Swift or Comparet
    : Explaining purpose of Finckelgonnerrhea 21Jan13 26:44 - 27:13 of Carolyn Yenta Show.
    "DSCI' is an "'Allegory' used to represent a race-mixing event" -- DSCI isn't Literal!!!
    Satan's seduction of Eve is a sort of fable used to pretend that the sky is blue or moon is made out of cheese. -- Again DSCI isn't Real.

    Finck's Past as a Murderous jew Pig in Jewrsey Shitty.


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      Bewar of jews that betrayed theyz' fellow jews . . .

      Bewar of jews that betrayed theyz' fellow jews . . .

      Yes this jew turned on Eliar because it wants to go ass-2-hosenose with Baal Finck, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


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      The Sephardic jew Eliar James has killed & fin[c]ked less than one certain murderous Ashkenazi jew pig named William Baal Finck (and thus if you must as a mamzer be around jews playing See-Eye Dentist Rabbi Eliar is far safer to be around than Rabbi Baal Finck)

      First of all, better than half the pictures in your research comes from what I have posted on my website.

      Actually Baal Finck is lying. In fact, Baal Finck is being countersued by myself and my Church from a lawsuit brought by Bryan Reo in the Lake County Ohio Court, Reo v Lindstedt, Aryan Nations 15CV001590 and 16CV000825. In fact, Finck is being sued for $100,000 in damages for assisting Bryan Reo in taking down Church web pages and for libel per se in calling me a “convicted child molester” a lie that Baal Finck used three weeks ago. Unlike Fink I’m neither a jew, nor a ZOGbot nor workin g to bring See-Eye Dentistry to the mamzers. Here is the Amended Jury Instructions and Pre-Trial Statement in which I’m seeking damages of $100,000 against Baal Finck for Tortious Interference with Contract for assisting Bryan Reo in taking down web pages (Yet Finck bitches about other jews censoring him) and libel per se. Baal Finck has this court proceeding blocked from myself, however the mailed copy should reach it by Monday. But this psycho-kike is monitoring this page detrimental to the other jew who brought it into See-Eye Dentistry, oy vey!!!

      Baal Finck might or might not be happy to hear that I dropped suit against its Craigslist Skank that it stole from some whigger in Bristol Virginia. She is reputed to drink more than that jewboy and screech at it according to Michael Brandenburg and Brother Non[A]Ryan.

      Notice how Finck can’t claim that it hasn’t been going ass-to-mouth with the known homosexual mamzer Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren/ SoredMamzer / Ol’ Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor. It has. Baal Finck lies about when it cut ties with Ol’ Niggerlips Esquirrel. Brandenburg’s expose in the comments section makes it quite clear that SoredMamzer was still doing “racial purity checks” as late as last year.

      Real White Christian Identity refuses to have anything with jews and mamzers like Finck, Reo, Joe November, etc. Finck jewstifies its deceit by misspelling Bryan Reo’s name as “Brian” or pretends “SwordBrethren” is someone else than Bryan Reo. By the way, jews spell the Anglo-Norman name of “Brian” as “Bryan. ” Yes, Ol Niggerlips is a jew too.

      Baal Finck was kicked out of the yeshivah/school at 10th grade. Then it joined the Jersey City jail and made sergeant until the March 9, 1989 this kike animal murdered a handcuffed Puerto Rican sneak thief named Arnauldo Ortega and induced other prison guards to join in. The New Jersey authorities let them pigs off but they were charged in the federal system. Finck / Fink is a jew name meaning “stool pigeon” and true to its name it “finked” on David Dumers in return for a plea bargain. Then when Dumers tried to appeal because if not for Finck then the murder wouldn’t have taken place, Finck deliberately destroyed Dumers’ appeal by working with ZOG to file its own bogus appeal to its own guilty plea bargain.

      See: United States v. David Dumers , 135 F.3d 767 ( 1997 ), U.S. v William Finck, #96-5774 3d U.S. Circuit Court 135 F.3d. 767

      So you have a psychotic cowardly murderous jew pig who cowardly murders a Puerto-Rican sneak thief in the Jersey City Jail for shits and giggles, who took a plea bargain against the wop pig it induced to take place in the murders, ratted Dumers out at trial and then deliberately destroyed Dumers’ appeal. So Baal Finck is a jew, a murderer, a pig, a rat, and a ZOGbot. And ZOGbot organizations like League of the South want to give this jew pig membership in their false-fag organizations.

      Finck can’t get along with its own kikeling spawn. Finck’s own mother LaBerta Finck sold the family kikestead in jew York, bought its rabbi spawn a house in Panama City and Finck run her off to the better jew brother Robert living with the Finck spawn in New Jersey. Someone paid $14.99 to posing as Baal Finck and found that Finck’s mother and father were jews named Finck or Finckelstein from Poland. Finck had a picture of its kike family. Its maternal great grandfather run a brothel in Lithuania and that Finck side is related to Mark Potok of the $PLC. Finck’s father’s side is related to Matt Lauer.

      Finck might have killed the other jew who brung it in named Emahiser, a Sicilian marrano jew who hated Bertrand Comparet. Finck got the Emahiser house in Fosteria Ohio bypassing Emahiser’s son sold for $220,000. Finck’s jew family can’t stand their jew father or jew son.

      Insofar as Baal Finck’s supposed scholarship, how did a murderous jew pig which didn’t finish the yeshiva and got out of prison manage to “translate” the New Testament? Ask Finck why it translated something and Finck doesn’t know. In fact, Finck hates the very basis of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity as witness this denial of DSCI belief:

      Finck, Emahiser, and Eli James are actually “papist preterists” and “No Devils”. They do not believe that Satan seduced Eve giving birth to Cain the first jew because it means that they as jews are born evil. So they claim that the Roman Catholic Church put Satan in the pit for 1,000 years around 500 AD and Satan got out just in time to whisper in Martin Luther’s ear in 1517 AD, triggering the Protestant Reformation. But there is no real Devil / Serpent. The jews somehow spawned theysselfs and are the real Devils and that the Millennium started when the pope crowned Charlemagne in 800 AD and ended in 1804 when Napoleon crowned himself and finished the Holy Roman Empire.

      Finck, being a preterist claims to be a “historicist” and claims that Comparet and Wesley Swift are thus “futurists” because they believe that the Millennium is yet to come AFTER the Great Tribulation just as the Biblical timeline established by the Fall Holy Feasts are (in order) “Trumpets, Atonement, and Millennium”. They misquote Paul of Tarsus to do away with the Law of Moses gave to Ancient and Christian Israel, the dirty Canaanite kikes.

      Eli James / jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz November preaches Niburu, Atlantis, Mayan 2012, crop circles and calls it See-Eye Dentistry for its group of mamzers wanting “Crumbs” like Rebecca Maish. Baal Finck pretends to know Greek history from Homer, Hesiod, and Herodotus to Ptolomy, Tacitus, and Biggus Dickulous Sickulous all of which has absolutely nothing to do with Christian Israel. Finck lets you suck its kike cock as long as you send money and then when you stop sending sheckels or start thinking for yourself out you go like Allen Rouse, Ezra’s Pound or Bruce Gorman.

      There has been Christian Identity since Christ. But Christ had a jew who fulfilled its purpose as well. I’ve learned British Israel since 1969 when 10 years old in Herbert Armstrong’s WWCG. I’ve been DSCI since 1994. I knew real Christian Identity teachers like Willie Martin since there was a World Wide Web. And I don’t see any necessity to ditch the real Dual Seedline Christian Identity of Bertrand Comparet and Willie Martin which is only sent to the Lost and Found House of Christian Israel in favor of what murderous fin[c]king jew pigs fresh out of prison working as ZOGbots want to feed as pseudo See-Eye Dentist slop fit only for mongrel dogs.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
      Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum