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  • Shitty of Granby

    Shitty of Granby

    This shithole of inbred (anglo-mestizo) Jed sucking up lead actually has a web page -- by the local thieving inbred Barry Flint.

    But Granby actually has a lot of stuff going on, like criminal activity from itz [w]horde of inbred anglo-mestizo mamzers and whigger trash. And this stuff is usually not publicised much -- until now.

    This place is the deadest economically town in Southwest Missery for the excellent reason that the local [d]ruling inbreds, like the Styrons, don't want anyone outside to come on in and take out money from them. They wouldn't allow a Walmart to come on in -- instead, they used TIF (Tax Incremental Funding) to have the local property owners like myself pay for their Dollar General store. The [d]ruling anglo-mestizos believe in making out like bandits at the expense of the local population. That's why there is no grocery store allowed in Granby and no expansion other than the local Ramey's, which was built as a Piggly-Wiggly back in 1963. Back then it was a big supermarket. Today it is the size of a large convenience store and you can't get most of the items that are on sale much of the time.

    So as a result, most people do their grocery shopping in Neosho and Joplin, and their merchants and stores and sales taxes advance and that of Granby declines.

    The good part though, is that this poverty and lack of economic opportunity translates into really not much of a place for the mexcrement able to get in a foothold. Neosho and Monett/Mexinett, with its Tyson's Foods poultry plant is awash with beaners, but Granby only has a few. Far less than jewsual, for a ZOGland in which it is almost impossible to have 'A Day Without a Mexican.'

    Also, Granby most of the time is nigger-free, but today we do have one nigger, who is afoot, and whom everyone keeps an eye on.

    No, it is the anglo-mestizos and whigger vermin and regime criminals which make Granby the way it is. But, if you have money or a guaranteed retirement, a shithole like Granby can be pretty good to move to. Why? Well, because the one thing you don't want to do is to mix with the anglo-mestizo or whigger trash inbreds, and given that inbreds want to remain inbreds, you are good to go. After living here over 40 years, I am still looked upon as an interloper from up North, i.e. South Dakota.

    Just a word of introduction from Anglo-Mestizo/Whigger vermin inbred AmeriKwa, of which Granby, Missery is typpycull.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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    Shitty of Granby

    Old Mining Town Days/Inbred Fest, ol’ fashioned jew-lie fun

    By Todd G. Higdon
    Neosho Daily News
    Posted Jun 30, 2010 @ 01:03 AM

    Granby/Whiggerville, Mo. —

    Organizers with Granby’s Old Mining Town Days/Inbred Fest are putting the finishing touches on the annual event, slated for this Friday through Sunday.

    “This is our 27th year for having it,” noted Patti Farmer, chairperson of the event. “The event brings the town together and celebrates our heritage as both the oldest and most inbred shitty in SouthWest Missery.”

    The three-day event will be headquartered at Dick Smith Park. Other events - held elsewhere - include the old timers’ ballgame, held at the ballfield, the all-school reunion, held at Granby Elementary School, parade, held on Main Street, Possum Molesting, held in the dark of the moon, and the car show, held at the ballfield. Possum Molesting is what makes the Inbred Fest the premier inbred fest and puts Granby on the map.

    The festivities officially commence at 6 p.m. Friday with a fly-over by Steve Burnett of Ritchey and some of his friends. At 6:15 p.m., the honored citizen will be announced. It is almost always some old feeb who has been kissing ass since the ass-kissing daze of kindergarden.

    “They (honored citizen committee) proclaim them the honored citizen for ‘whatever’ reasons -- almost all spurious -- and they will read a proclamation,” Farmer said. “Then on Saturday, it is their day. They get to ride in the parade (which will be at 3 p.m.).”

    Qualifications for the nominations include the person has to be a resident of the town or had gone to school there. Plus, they have to do something for the town, usually sucking the shitty council-kritters' dicks, the stupid inbred tards..

    Saturday’s events will officially kick-off at 7 a.m.

    The Granby Lions Club will host a 5K Run (with the start located near city hall), along with a pancake feed in the community building.

    Starting at 8 a.m., the Old Mining Town Days Car Show will take place at Granby Ballpark (located on U.S. Highway 60). Car enthusiasts can set up their vehicles for the public to see.

    But best of all is Possum Molesting. The biggest inbreds in Granby will cum together in the dark of the moon and show theyz' molested possums. The possum with the biggest stretched bunghole and most feisty bad attitude will win the event for the inbred possum molester. The all-time wiener and Grand jewdge is Lester 'the Possum-Molester' Lamp.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there. Farmer noted that all throughout the three-day event, there will be music, food vendors and fundraisers from local groups. And a carnival staffed with niggers and beaners who WILL fuck the fattest, stinkiest, and most desperate of Granby gordas.

    And there is something new this year to the event.

    “This year, we are going to have a ladies’ softball game before the old timers’ baseball game,” she said.

    “I don’t ever think that we have had a ladies softball game.”

    The ladies’ softball game will start at 1 p.m. Sunday. The old timers’ game will commence at 3 p.m. The Possum Molesting will commence deep, dark Friday nite/Saturday morning and wimmen and children are supposed to be in bed.

    Closing out the three-day event will be a fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. Sunday at Dick Smith Park.

    Farmer noted that the fun-filled event is for everyone -- except for possums, who would just as soon not participate.

    “We have a pretty good crowd,” she noted.

    Asked what has contributed to the success of the event for the past 27 years, Farmer gave a simple answer — the people — all Granby Inbreds.

    “People really like to be able to get together with their family,” she said. “A lot to their family comes in, and they get to spend time together. That's why we call it the Inbred Fest.

    During the three-day event, a “pass-the-hat” will take place, where all of the money raised will go back to the OMTD committee for expenses.

    For more information, contact Patti Farmer at 472-7175.

    Copyright 2010 Neosho Daily News. Some rights reserved

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      Introducing 'Granby Idle' for jewdging Possum Molesting

      Introducing 'Granby Idle' for jewdging Possum Molesting During The Granby Inbred Fest.

      Ever heard of AmeriKwan Idol? Where they have three jewdges jewdging how some whiggers and niggers and sundry fuktards sing and shit?

      Well, we have here in time for the Granby Old Mining Town Days/Inbred Fest a new program that we will call "Granby Idle" in which we have three jewdges jewdging something usefool, like Possum Molesting here in Granby.

      So, we have three jewdges:

      1. Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner. Cousin Swillis, a practical man who goes by empirical evidence, goes by the size of the stretched-out bunghole on the allegedly molested possum.

      2. Cousin Randy Turner, a gliberal whigger faggot jewrnalist and now skrule teacher, goes by subjective criteria, such as 'attitude' and 'Political Correctness' in alleged molested possums.

      3. Lester 'The Possum Molester' Lamp, who is a living legend for winning the Possum Molesting Crown the most in recent times -- a regular Tigger Woods of Possum Molesting -- is the final jewdge and goes by both subjective and objective criteria in jewdging a well-molested possum. This is especially necessary given that both Cousin Swillis and Cousin Randy Turner are jewsually at loggerheads with each other.

      So enjoy, the First Edition of Granby Idle covering the 66th Annual Granby Possum Molesting at the Inbred Fest, brought to you by the Academy of ZOGling whigger/anglo-mestizo Possum Molesters.

      Rougher Than a Cob, More Hot Than Turpentine


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        TODD G. HIGDON: Time again for OMTD in Granby

        TODD G. HIGDON: Time again for OMTD in Granby

        Neosho, Mo. — Well, it is that time again in the immediate area when two big events are transpiring: first is the three-day Old Mining Town Days in Granby (see last Sunday’s edition for a story and a schedule of events). The second is Neosho’s Celebrate Neosho event on Saturday (also see Sunday’s edition for a complete story).

        So, I thought that I would talk about OMTD for this column. Growing up in the neighboring town of Newtonia, and when I could drive, I went to Granby for their three-day event. There are numerous things to do from the carnival to visiting various arts and craft booths to talking with friends, to the parade (and who doesn’t love parades?) to eating food at the different vendors and, of course, watching the fireworks.

        Fast-forward a few years to when I started covering OMTD for the Daily News. One of the things that I have done is covering the Granby Lions Club 5K Run. After taking photos of the beginning of the race, when the runners and the walkers would come back into the finishing line, I helped the Lions Club members take the number of the participants.

        Another event that I truly enjoy is the car show. Now, over the years, I have had friends who restored 1950s vehicles such as a 1956 or ‘57 Chevy.

        I have learned a lot over the years from attending these car shows, from the types of motors to how long it took people to restore the cars. One car that I truly enjoy learning about is the Model T. Growing up, I heard stories about my grandparents having a Model T. It was really neat to see what was in the Model T versus the cars today. It is really neat to have the car enthusiasts talk about how they found their vehicles, restored them and the amount of miles they drive. But there are other vehicles that show up at the car show. For instance, there are muscle cars, sports cars and even new cars. So, remember, if you enjoy looking at cars, then Saturday’s OMTD car show might be for you.

        As I close this week’s column, take some time and visit either Neosho or Granby’s events this weekend. Stay cool and have a safe Fourth of July next week.

        Todd G. Higdon is a staff writer and writes a weekly column for the Neosho Daily News. He can be reached at tghigdon@neoshodaily


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          Group hears animal control report

          Group hears animal control report

          Todd G. Higdon
          Posted August 15. 2012 11:23PM

          Members of the Granby City Council on Tuesday were given an animal control center inspection report from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

          City clerk Paula Carsel said there was not a vote taken on the report, which outlined an Aug. 7 inspection.

          According to the report, the following non-compliant items are:

          • General requirements for structure and construction: “at time of inspection, the chain link fencing around the lower support beam in pen number 1 and 3 has been pulled away from the primary frame, causing a gap. Housing facilities for dogs and cats must protect the animals from injury, contain the animals securely and restrict other animals from entering. The licensee shall repair the chain link so that the animals are held securely.” To be corrected on Sept. 4.

          • General requirements for surfaces and cleaning: “at time of inspection, the chemlite paneling in pen number 3 had been chewed causing jagged edges to be exposed. To promote safety, the licensee shall repair or replace the chemlite paneling.” To be corrected on Sept. 4.

          • Sheltered facilities; surfaces: “at time of inspection, the indoor floor area constructed of concrete was not impervious to moisture. Indoor floor areas in contact with the animals must be impervious to moisture. The licensee shall paint or seal the concrete so that it is impervious to moisture.” This item is to be corrected on Sept. 18.

          • Sheltered facilities; surfaces: “at time of inspection, the wood framing and the wooden partial doors were not impervious to moisture. All walls, boxes, houses, dens and other surfaces in contact with the animals must be impervious to moisture. The licensee shall paint or seal the wood so that it is impervious to moisture.” To be corrected on Sept. 18.

          • Veterinary care: “at time of inspection, the licensee didn’t have the animals exchanged, bartered, leased, relinquished, or sold within Missouri over four months of age vaccinated with the rabies vaccination. The licensee shall consult the attending veterinarian to start vaccinating animals over four months of age, if exchanged, bartered, leased, relinquished, or sold within Missouri, with the rabies vaccine.” To be corrected on Aug. 14.

          • Recordkeeping requirements: According to the description, “ the licensee shall incorporate a record keeping system that meets ACFA rules and regulations. Each animal should be assigned a unique ID number that is used throughout the animals records as well as a name and address of any person adopting an animal. Spay and neuter arrangements must also be made for adoption animals. (On Nov. 28, 2011), licensee has incorporated a recordkeeping system that meets ACFA rules and regulations, but the three dogs in the facility do not have any paperwork filled out on them. Licensee shall use their recordkeeping system at the time of acquisition of animals and disposition. (As of Aug. 7), the licensee has implemented a recordkeeping system that meets ACFA standards. However, the licensee has not properly documented the disposition date of all animals boarded, housed, retained or otherwise kept or maintained, transported, sold, given, adopted out, released or otherwise disposed of. This item has not been corrected.” To be corrected by Oct. 21.

          “Our animal control officer, Paul Friend, is taking care of the deficiencies,” Carsel said.


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            Several file for April election

            Several file for April election

            By Whitney Saporito
            Posted Jan 29, 2013 at 12:33 AM
            Updated Jan 29, 2013 at 12:37 AM


            Several Newton County communities will have their choice of school board and city council candidates this spring, when residents take to the polls for the general municipal election on Tuesday, April 2.

            Candidate filing closed on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

            The following is a round-up of local candidates who will appear on the April ballot.


            The citizens of Diamond’s west ward will choose between Brenda Schmitt and Jennifer A. Towe for a single two-year seat on the Diamond Board of Aldermen this April. Shane Hunter, current mayor, is not facing competition in his re-election bid. Billie Jo Hardy is also running unopposed for a two-year term representing the east ward.

            Meanwhile, the Diamond R-4 School Board has two, three-year terms up for grabs this April, and four district residents have filed for those seats.

            Candidates include former school board member Beth Nickolaisen, incumbent John Littlefield, Max Struewing and Chris Macy.


            Only two candidates have entered the race for Fairview City Council this year, and both will appear unopposed on the April 2 ballot. Pam McNee has filed for a two-year term representing the south ward, while Florence Belt is seeking a two-year term representing the north ward. Both candidates are incumbents.


            This April, the citizens of Granby will decide three races, including a four-person contest for a two-year term as mayor. The mayor’s race is made up of Ronald L. Arnall, Craig W. Hopper, Paul Ferguson and Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt. Current mayor Donna Fullerton will not seek re-election.

            In the north ward, incumbent Melinda Stribling will face off against Travis Gamble for a two-year term on the Granby City Council. Meanwhile, Ira Hawkins is running unopposed for a two-year term representing the south ward. Incumbent south ward councilman Tom Cole did not file for re-election.

            The city will also choose between two candidates for the position of city collector. Incumbent Sharon Stephenson is being challenged by George Kelly.


            The East Newton R-6 school board has two, three-year terms up for grabs this spring. Candidates include incumbents Mark Knight and Keith Guinn and challengers Vicky Rawlins and Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.

            Voters will also decide on a school district proposition, which asks that voters allow the district’s operating levy to be set between $2.75 to $3.25, with a phase-in of 25 cents this year and 25-cent phase-in in 2014. If approved the levy could be adjusted as the financial needs of the district change.


            The Neosho City Council has two incumbents up for re-election this spring and both will appear unopposed on the April ballot.

            Councilman Tom Workman is seeking his second three-year term on the council, while mayor pro tem Steve Hart is seeking his first full three-year term. He has served since April 2011, filling two separate unexpired terms.

            Meanwhile, the Neosho R-5 School District is sure to have at least one new board member elected this April, as board vice president Chris Parks opted not to seek re-election this year, following six years on the board.

            Board secretary Mike Stauffer has filed for re-election and will seek his second three-year term.

            Also vying for the two, three-year board positions are Jonathan Russell, David Pevahouse and William G. Weber.


            The Seneca City Council has three two-year terms up for grabs this April.

            Three Seneca residents, B.J. Baca, Bob Wilson, and Donald Ackerson, have filed for the seat representing ward one. That seat was previously held by Mayor Mark Bennett. However, that seat came open in April 2012 when Bennett was elected as mayor. Former councilman John Adams was then appointed by council members to fill the one-year unexpired term.

            In the race for ward two, incumbent and mayor pro-tem Cecil Vance is facing two challengers, Skyler Jones and Bruce Jeffers. Incumbent Hack Zane, representing ward three, is running unopposed.

            In the Seneca R-7 School District race there are two, three-year terms being sought by four candidates. Incumbent Roger Robertson is seeking re-election against challengers Lee Hall, Suzanne Brown, and Frank Ikerd.


            Three Westview district residents are seeking two, three-year terms on the Westview C-6 School Board this spring. Appearing on the April ballot will be Max Drake, Michele Babbitt and Amber Haase.


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              Granby hires new police chief

              Granby hires new police chief

              Members of the Granby City Council voted to hire a new police chief in a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.

              By Todd G. Higdon
              Feb. 5, 2013 11:54 pm


              GRANBY — Members of the Granby City Council voted to hire a new police chief in a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.

              The council started off in open session and then went into closed session at 4:13 p.m. and was back in open session at 4:35 p.m.

              "The council has voted to hire Jacob Kelley, 31, from Norwood, Mo., as the next police chief," Granby Mayor Donna Fullerton said. "We will have to notify him, tell him the kind of money we are offering, [tell him] about six months probation, so forth and so on. It's still depending on whether he accepts the job or not."

              The former police chief, Scott Whitman, resigned on Dec. 28, 2012. Whitman has served twice as Granby's chief of police and was also a detective with the Newton County Sheriff's Department.

              "I guess we had seven apply for the position, according to Barry [Flint, chairman of the Granby Police Personnel Board]," she said. "They got down to four and (then) we interviewed four."

              Fullerton would not disclose the council's vote or the salary until 72 hours have passed.

              Fullerton said Kelley has been the chief at Fordland, Mo.

              "He is a very impressive young man," she said. "He had some ideas of what he wanted to do, where he wanted to go and is willing to move to town. It was a tough decision with three Granby officers in the running."

              With the hiring of Kelley, that will give the police force a total of four officers.
              "It will give us a full crew," Fullerton said.

              Fullerton noted Kelley is currently in school and will finish in May. He is studying for an associates degree in criminal justice and psychology. Kelley has a wife and two children.


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                Granby Mayor Dies in Car Accident

                Granby Mayor Dies in Car Accident

                12/05/2013 09:14 PM


                File photo of Granby Piglice Department

                GRANBY, MO.--- The mayor of Granby dies after his vehicle struck a tree. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, Ronald Arnall, 69, was driving on Highway 39, four miles north of Pierce City when his truck ran off the road and struck a tree. The incident happened just before three this afternoon. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

                lying jewspapers


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                  Granby Mayor Ron Arnall killed in one-car accident

                  Granby Mayor Ron Arnall killed in one-car accident


                  Granby Mayor Ronald L. Arnall, 64, was killed at 2:54 this afternoon in a one-car accident on a slick Missouri 39, four miles north of Pierce City.

                  According to the Highway Patrol report, Arnall, driving a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado, ran off the roadway and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Lawrence County Coroner Scott Lakin.

                  The accident was the 111th fatality this year in Section D, the southwest corner of the state, according to the report.

                  Arnall was elected in a close three-way race with Craig Hopper and former Mayor Paul Ferguson this year and was recently featured in a KOAM report for the steps he took to make sure Granby Elementary School had extra security, making sure that the city police officer stops by the school each day.

                  The idea came from Granby mayor, Ron Arnall. The East Newton School District does not have the funds to hire a full or part time officer, so they had to find an alternative. Arnall says "Watching Sandy Hook, and the expressions on their face when this happened and they were running from their school, I was sitting there watching that and thought well, maybe Granby can do something like this." "We think our children will feel more safe and secure, and it will give our parents a sense of relief." says Principal Jill Augspurger.


                  Posted by Randy at 7:42 pm THURSDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2013


                  The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


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                    [Some of] Granby mourns mayor

                    [Some of] Granby mourns mayor

                    By Todd G. HIgdon
                    Posted Dec. 7, 2013 @ 6:48 pm


                    RL Arnall

                    Residents of Granby are mourning the loss of their mayor Ronald L. “RL” Arnall.

                    Arnall, 64, was killed in a traffic accident Thursday around 2:30 p.m. when he was traveling in his 2006 Chevrolet Colorado and it went off of the roadway and struck a tree. He was traveling southbound on Missouri Highway 97, four miles north of Pierce City.

                    Arnall’s obituary appears on page 2A of today’s edition.

                    “RL was not just a council member, he was also my friend,” said Melinda Stribling, mayor pro-tem. “I felt a great loss when I found out that he died. He was really trying to get everybody to work together to better our community. He had a lot of good ideas on things that he wanted to see done. A lot of experience from his years as an alderman.”

                    Arnall, who has served on the Granby City Council for more than 20 years, was elected the mayor of the city back in April of this year.

                    “He has really been trying to get the community to come together,” she said. “To do good things for the community. He was working on the community building, we have the beauty spot of the month that we all agreed to do with him, and he wanted us all to work together toward the better good.”

                    Stribling said she has had some people talk with her about Arnall’s passing.

                    “They said they feel a great loss,” she said. “He was a very likeable person. He will be truly missed among the people that he saw on a daily or weekly even a monthly basis.”

                    City Clerk Paula Carsel commented about Arnall.

                    “It was kind of a shock,” said Carsel. “He went up to the VA in Mount Vernon to do some blood work and didn’t make it home.”

                    On Tuesday, the council will meet in regular session. One of the agenda items, the city clerk said, is an ordinance about filing.

                    “The ordinance that we are going to pass for the filings to open,” she said. “The filings are going to open Tuesday, Dec. 17 and close on Tuesday, Jan. 21. It will be a mayor one year unexpired term, one northward and one southward two year term.”

                    The April election will be on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

                    Arnall leaves behind his wife, Wyleta. Also surviving are two children, Gina Eberle, Freeman, Mo., and Michael Arnall, Neosho; five grandchildren, Caitlyn Eberle, Hannah Eberle, Madison Eberle, Gage Eberle and Aliyah Young; one brother, Bob Arnall, Neosho and a sister, Pam McMahan, Neosho.



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                      Granby "Dangerous Hovel" burns down before Granby evil ol' skank croaks off

                      Granby "Dangerous Hovel" burns down before Granby evil ol' skank croaks off


                      Yet another "dangerous hovel" in Granby burns down as a result of fire accidentally started by some inbred tearing it down

                      At around 12:30 pm, Granby Central UnStandard Time, on April 7, 2014 the doofus that bought this formerly two-story "dangerous hovel" on the Southeast corner of Main and Neosho Streets accidentally burned down the hovel he was trying to tear down for its old lumber. He had rented a dumpster to put the refuse in that was non-salvageable, but decided to cut corners by burning some of it instead. The fire got out of his control, and so he called the Granby Fire Department. They arrived just in time to hose down the ashes. However the dumpster was destroyed, along with this Granby telephone line nearby. Over 600 paying old feebs who don't have cell phones because they are too stupid to understand modern electronics were shut down for hours. Telemarketers were bereft.

                      The plan had been to take time in demolishing the "dangerous hovel" which had had another fire gut it out back in 2010, so that this evil old bitch who used to be the mayor would croak off of cancer before that eyesore across the street was polished off. But the inbred old bitch, who hates old buildings and people having dogs running wild in their own owner's yards, got the last cackle. As this old skank had written, in her column, at the GGC&T's mortal jewspaper enema, The Newton County Douche, on the April 2d, 2014 edition:

                      Through the grapevine I hear that Jeremy Hopper['s] partially burnt house has sold. Lord, let's hope so. And, that it is marked for demolition. The fire was June 14, 2010, I think. Too long for folks to put up with it. 'Tis ugly.

                      Well, I for one am disappointed that that skank outlived that "dangerous hovel" across the street from that skank. I think that some of us were hoping that this "dangerous hovel" -- the breeding ground for leprous armadillos and copper-water-moccassin-heads -- would outlive the dangerous to dangerous hovels & small dogs evil ol' skank, 'tis ugly. But sometimes Granby inbred tards will be inbred tards. Can't help it. Jeremy Hopper shouldn't have sold the hovel until Donna was at least a week in the ground.

                      Granby "Dangerous Hovel" -- the breeding ground of leprous armadillos and copper-water-moccassin-heads,
                      RIP 1924 or so to April 7, 2014


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                        New coffee group meeting in Granby

                        New coffee group meeting in Granby

                        By Todd G. Higdon
                        Posted May. 8, 2014 @ 12:13 am


                        Granby community and business leaders were on hand Tuesday for the First Tuesday Coffee event.
                        This month's event was held at the Tree House in Granby.

                        A new coffee group meets at Granby businesses meets the first Tuesday of each month.

                        “This is our third meeting,” said Earl Reynolds, who came up with the idea. “And it has grown every since then. Every meeting that we have had, we had more people.”

                        The concept started when Reynolds – who is the business leader with the Bright Futures of East Newton — wanted to do something for the business part of things.

                        “I got to thinking, Neosho [Area Chamber of Commerce] has their First Friday Coffee, well we will do a First Tuesday,” he said. “That is what kind of got me started.”

                        The First Tuesday coffee group met at CBT (Community Bank and Trust) in Granby, then the second was at Granby City Hall. Most recently, the group met at the Tree House.

                        Most of the time, the group meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and has coffee and doughnuts. Reynolds said the next event will be at Simple Simon’s Pizza, but will be held from 9-10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 3.

                        Reynolds is pleased with the turnout and the participation.

                        “It started as a business leaders, but I want it open to anybody that wants to attend, they are welcome to come,” he said. “You would be surprised how many people don’t know a business owner that has a business here in town. . . . They know the name but not the face. I just love it, I think that it is great. It is more communications and more connection with the community in making people aware that we do have a connection as a community.”

                        Plus, Reynolds noted, that the list of businesses to host the coffee group is booked.

                        “We are booked up through February, that went real quick,” he added.

                        For more information, please contact Reynolds at CBT - Granby at 472-6216.


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                          David Allen Coe Cums To Granby

                          David Allen Coe Cums To Granby


                          Poster advertising this First Annual "Rave for the Whoreyers/jewps"

                          Rave For The Warriors is a Benefit Concert to support Wounded Warriors Project and our Military and their families. This is our 1st Annual Rave For The Warriors Benefit Concert. The Concert will be held at Granby MO. at Eckley Field. This is a two day event Friday July 18th and Saturday July 19th 2014. Gates Open at 5p.m. CST and show goes till 2-3a.m. CST. Camping is available. Admission tickets are available for sell right now! Admission is only $10 for either Friday or Saturday Show. Camping is only $40 this covers Friday and Saturday night, clear out by Sunday morning. If your in the military please show your military ID at the front gate and get 1/2 off your Friday or Saturday admission and/or camping pass. This show is for the 18-up crowd. Bring Your Own Chair Event. Please come out and help us support our military and WWP. There will be great music and performances all night starting with an military salute and the national anthem. Hope to see you all there and more details will follow the closer we get to show time. Please visit our Facebook page for more details and ticket purchasing.

                          Band schedule as followed for Friday July 18th 2014....

                          These are start times

                          5pm - gates are opening early.
                          5:30pm - the opening
                          6pm - Rampaging Son's Of The Widow James
                          7pm - One Nation Under
                          8pm-9pm - David Allan Coe
                          10pm - Thumper
                          11pm - Never Had A Name
                          11:30pm - Story Of A Ghost
                          12:30am - ALLURO (Colten Waak)
                          1:30am - RAPTA
                          2am - Chromafect
                          3am - Christopher Jason
                          DJ Slayer & Chromafect - Performing between sets for sound back up

                          Band schedule as followed for Saturday July 19th 2014...

                          These are start times
                          5pm - gates open
                          5:30pm - the opening
                          6pm - Fled The Southwest
                          7pm - Cast Out Of Eden
                          7:30pm - Brother Bear
                          8:30pm - The Order Of Elijah
                          9:30pm - Never Had A Name
                          10:30pm - Milton Patton
                          11pm - Justin Dean Collins
                          11:30pm - Famous C4stro & Carze The Kidd
                          12:00pm - Kat Karnival
                          1am - DJ Higgs
                          1:30am - Truth Serum
                          2am - Cronic Panda
                          3am - Chromafect
                          4am- Sixx String Poets

                          DJ Slayer & Chromafect - Performing between sets for sound back up
                          7534 Raven RD, Granby, MO., 64844


                          Picture of farm at 2:30pm Friday, July 18, 2014.

                          Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
                          Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


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                            When niggers were "good" . . . Granby "man" helped identify crash victims

                            When niggers were "good" . . .
                            . . . Granby "man" helped identify crash victims

                            By John Ford
                            Posted Jul. 26, 2014 @ 10:54 pm


                            Granby businessman Calvin Jefferson identified at least six victims of the
                            Tipton Ford train disaster, which happened on Aug. 5, 1914.

                            Nearly 100 years ago, on Aug. 5, 1914, a fiery head-on collision of two trains near Tipton Ford claimed more than 40 lives.

                            Among these were a group of African-American residents on their way back to their communities in Newton County from an Emancipation Day celebration in Joplin.

                            Many of those caught up in the blaze were burned beyond recognition. An accurate tally of the dead could not be determined at the time.

                            The task of identifying the remains fell on loved ones, friends and at least one Granby area businessman.

                            Cal Jefferson, a black businessman from Granby, positively identified at least six of the fire victims.

                            “Calvin Jefferson was well off,” said Kay Hively who, along with fellow local historian Larry James, compiled a history of the train disaster. “I’m sure he knew all of the blacks, and probably many of the whites.”

                            Among those Jefferson identified were W.P. Johnson, 41, a farmer; Judith Hutchison, 24, a maid; Frank Hutchison, 21, a waiter; W.H. Embrey, 33, a miner; Ernest Wright, age and occupation unknown; and Sam Taylor, 21, a miner. All but Taylor are buried in a mass grave in Neosho’s IOOF Cemetery, as were several other victims. Hively said a third of the victims were African-American, the remainder were white.

                            On Aug. 5, 1914, more than 80 people boarded a Missouri & North Arkansas motorcar at Joplin’s union depot. About 6 p.m. that evening, the gasoline powered motorcar collided with a freight train going toward Joplin. The number of people killed totaled more than 40, 33 of whom — both white and black — were buried in a mass funeral in Neosho. Newspaper accounts at the time said more than 5,000 people attended the services, held at the Newton County Courthouse.

                            Born in Granby on April 14, 1868, Jefferson was well-known in the area at the time. He is known to most historians today as a “friend of George Washington Carver.” Both he and Carver attended the old Lincoln School in Neosho, which sat beside the home of Uncle Andrew and Aunt Mariah Watkins. Jefferson left the school after the death of his father and became a successful tradesman. He first worked at a livery stable and saved his money, eventually starting his own livery stable in Granby. He spent more than 30 years in the livery business and was well-known for his love of animals.

                            Another of his passions was music, as he was noted for playing the mandolin and guitar. And while he didn’t make a splash on the music scene himself, Jefferson did have an impact. As quoted in “They Trusted God and Pressed On,” written by Hively, two Granby women remember walking down to Jefferson’s livery stable to learn musical instruments. The pair were Lillian Baker and Ruth Hawkins, known nationally and internationally as the Hammer Sisters. The pair went on to perform music throughout the United States and in many European countries.

                            Page 2 of 2 - After the death of her husband, Aunt Mariah moved to Neosho from Granby to live with Jefferson until her death.

                            “Aunt Mariah called him her stepson,” Hively said.

                            Jefferson died in 1949 and was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.



                            The Neosho Daily Douche

                            All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print


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                              Christian Motorcycle Club fixes up old Granby church, wants to set up Food Bank

                              Christian Motorcycle Club fixes up old Granby church, wants to set up Food Bank


                              Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt, hearing hammering just down the road, decided to go down to investigate and saw that this motorcycle club, having bought the old Granby Nazarene Church building, was fixing the roof of this old concrete and cinder-block building.

                              After talking a bit with "Brother Chuck", an officer of the club/church, the Editor/Reporter for The Greater Granby Cobb & Turpentine interviewed Brother Chuck for six minutes or so.

                              The Covenant Motorcycle Ministry -- -- is fixing up this old church and holding non-denominational services on the third Tuesday of each month @ 7:00 pm. All well-behaved individuals are invited to attend. They also are hoping to set up a food bank for the poor in the near future.

                              They are Christians who like to ride motorcycles. Many of them are veterans as well.

                              This old church building was, for many years, the Granby Nazarene Church. Then it was a welding shop. Now it will become a church again. The building was made of poured concrete and cinder-blocks. The roof is of wood planks and a dumpster was donated for putting the old shingles for disposal and new shingles are donated.

                              For further information, see the web page:

                              Rougher Than a Cob, More Hot Than Turpentine