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The Flintville Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau

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  • The Flintville Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau

    The Flintville Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau

    Visitors will be safe as long as they don't feed the animal Granby Piglice or Drink the Sulphur & Sewage Granby water . . .

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    Heavenly Notions and Mercantile on Main reopen in Granby

    Posted: Jan 15, 2022 / 10:36 PM CST / Updated: Jan 15, 2022 / 10:36 PM CST

    GRANBY, Mo. — Two Main Street businesses reopened their doors in Granby Saturday — Heavenly Notions and Mercantile on Main.

    It was the grand reopening for Heavenly Notions, a quilt shop owned by Jamie Arnall that sells fabric and holds sewing classes

    “We’ve remodeled the entire building,” said Jamie Arnall, owner of Heavenly Notions. “Honestly, we started off with just trying to save buildings in our town. That was our goal and it turned out to be a great store.”

    Arnall says her customers are like family to her, which is why it’s so important to be back. And they showed up despite the wintry weather.

    “This is a pretty big deal,” Arnall said. “It’s a little nasty outside and these gals are just trucking right through it and came to see us. We’ve been shut down for two weeks. We’ve never done that before in the whole six and a half years. We’ve never shut down. I’ve missed them all and you get excited when you get to see them.”

    Right next door is Mercantile on Main, which used to be owned by Arnall before she sold it to her friend Jessica Boggs.

    Mercantile on Main primarily sells handmade goods made by local artisans.

    They held a soft reopening Saturday, with a grand opening scheduled for January 29th.

    “People are looking for ways to help small businesses and to help real people,” said Jessica Boggs, owner of Mercantile on Main. “Instead of ordering things online, they really like to come in and know that there was an actual person from this area who created their item.”

    Products at Mercantile on Main range from pottery made by teachers from McDonald county to jewelry made by a pre-school teacher from Neosho.

    “There’s a huge effort to revitalize Granby and we’re excited to be part of that,” Boggs said.

    “Granby has a lot going on right now,” said Arnall. “There’s a lot of new businesses and a lot of excitement and enthusiasm here and so, if people were to come, I would love for them not only to come to my store but to check out the thrift store down the road that just came in and the Mercantile next door. There’s so much opportunity here and there’s so many neat things that people just don’t know about.”

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      Granby will not be saved by giving Council-Criminals who messed things up some old Granby Heritage Buildings or Running Boutique Biznesses

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        Bizness Great Master-Debaters Cargo-trailer Cathouses to be set up in Flintville/Greater-Granby by Barry Flint atop Crooked Ira's Toxic Waste Dump

        Can't maintain our Granby Heritage nor a strip mall but we can work in trailers even if Crooked Ira & the Council-Criminals won't let us live in one unless we pay them off.

        Business incubators to be installed in Granby
        by: Stuart Price

        Posted: Aug 11, 2022 / 10:06 PM CDT

        GRANBY, Mo. — Starting your own business can be an expensive proposition. So an area community is making that process as simple and inexpensive as possible. It’s a lot easier to start a new business when you don’t have to worry about start-up costs. That’s the thought behind a business incubator that’s in the process of going up on Main Street in Granby — just across from City Hall.

        “We’re taking these shipping containers and painting, we’re going to paint them and insulate them and put in electric and water and sewer everything and especially the whole town has fiber optics to each house and we’ll be putting in fiber optics in those as well,” said Barry Flint, Treasurer, G.E.P.D.

        These are renderings of what the facility will eventually look like.

        To help get things off the ground, the city has kicked in $40,000 of federal funding.

        Two of the 7 shipping containers that will make up the initial phase of the project are already on site. The others will be purchased as more money becomes available. The nonprofit, Granby Economic Property Development Corporation or G.E.P.D. Is behind the project.

        “And we can rent those out to people who have a small business idea, but they don’t have a lot of money to spend, so we can rent them one of these places, they’ll be six actual business spots,” Flint added.

        The facility is going in on the property that used to house the Lux Theater before that building came down. The next phase is to renovate the old hardware store building so business owners can transition into a more traditional business setting there. Money to fund the project will also come from proceeds of all of the items sold at a downtown thrift store.


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          September shop-hop event coming soon

          by: Da'Yon Dunlap
          Updated: Sep 13, 2022 / 05:43 PM CDT


          GRANBY, Mo. — It’s that time again for the annual Road-Tripping Down Highway 60. It’s year three, and the agenda is to promote and highlight small businesses in small towns along Highway 60 from Neosho to Billings.

          This year’s event is already underway and wraps up this weekend. Organizers have been able to double the number of stores participating since their start.

          “We have 24 stores involved and there’s such a huge variety we have anywhere from flea markets and vintage stores. We have coffee shops, we have places to eat. We have boutiques, gift stores, home decor, just a really great range of stores that you can visit really something for everybody,” said Sarah James, Co-owner, Hello Sunshine Market.

          To find out which businesses are participating and to look at some of the special promotions and giveaways they’re offering you can follow this link here.

          Sarah is OK, but this linking of flea markets is not real economic growth.