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Newtron County Shitties Keep Housing and Family Formation Expensive

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  • Newtron County Shitties Keep Housing and Family Formation Expensive

    Neosho pursues grant for affordable housing expansion

    by: Gretchen Bolander

    Posted: Mar 25, 2024 / 04:31 PM CDT
    Updated: Mar 25, 2024 / 04:31 PM CDT
    NEOSHO, Mo. — More housing options are coming to Neosho.

    Neisho, like Granby, due to city council-criminals not wanting poor white families living in single-wide trailers which will bring down the value of theys' properties yet wanting they's cities to grow, are not going to simply let poor people create 'substandard housing' to live in but rather beg the federal government to set up expensive housing from which the council-critters get a cur.

    City officials are planning to apply for Community Development Block Grant funds to set the stage for more apartments and rental homes.

    In short beg th federal government to build new housing for the politically connected to privately profit as opposed to poor people just having a place to live and raise families.

    They say Neosho is one of just a few areas in the state eligible for grants of up to $2.5 million per project. The goal is to partner with private developers who want to build in town.

    Just as in Granby they will trot out all the poor people and say that some program requiring federal or state government tax money is needed to combat poverty as opposed to simply getting out of people's way and letting them provide for theys' own housing by building or repairing theys' own homes -- including single-wide trailers. If there is no place for minimum-wage workers to live they will move to where there is less government and les expense -- demographic decline as is usual.

    “Neosho has a real problem with low to mid income housing in the city. And because we’re low on rentals and homes right now, the prices on some of those are kind of high right now,” said Richard Leavens, Neosho Dev. Svcs. Dir.

    Richard Leavens is the sort of evil pig who loved torturing people with a taser in the jail, as I witnessed Leaven tasering a nigger killer named Overton in 2005. Overton was one of the niggers who shot and killed a sheboon for selling another nigger gangs drugs. I helped Overton write up a federal lawsuit. Eventually Overton was sentenced by the animal judge Kevin Lee Selby to life imprisonment afterhim and another nigger criminal lost at trial. Overton was happy to be in Newron County Jail as he had two Texas life sentences for killing two rival nigger dope dealers. Overton was brought up by Scott Watson to make a record and refused a plea-'bargain' because a Missouri jail is better than a Texas prison. Leavens is a total piece of shit pig -- just the type that Revolutionary leaders just love to exterminate after a successful revolution brings them to power because of the crimes of the old regime. Leavens lost the Republican primry for Sheriff, and immediately sought another county government job because the other pigs knew he was a piece of pigshit. Obviously the crooked old pig found a sinecure. If elected County Commissioner I will find a reason to cut piggy loose and furthermore end the torturing of jailed inmates using pig tricks to elict confessions

    If approved — the grant funding would help pay to develop infrastructure like streets, traffic signals and street lights around the new housing construction sites.

    So these grants are not to build expensive housing but rather to build Neosho infrastructure after the favored builder gets the nod to build the new buildings. So use the poor to get federal grants, then get more money for the roads. Being a politician can be profitable -- but not for the poor or the community at large.