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The Satanic Jew Canaanite vs. Muslim Canaanite War

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  • The Satanic Jew Canaanite vs. Muslim Canaanite War

    The Satanic Jew Canaanite vs. Muslim Canaanite War


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    The Decline and Fall of Pax ZOGMurriKwa

    An autopsy of the Mighty Evil Atlanticist Empire


    One might argue that it’s too early to begin a postmortem analysis of the American Empire. It is not. The failure of the Biden Administration to prioritize a ceasefire and humanitarian relief for the beleaguered Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is the final nail in the coffin for the moralizing narrative of the American Empire.

    Whether it’s Armenians in the corridor, Georgians in the Caucasus, Ukrainians in the conflict, or Arabs in the fertile crescent, the mythic narrative of America as a harbinger of human rights, enforcer of a rules-based international order, and avatar of peace and prosperity is discredited. America has become the sick man of world politics, a cynical and paranoid enforcer on behalf of its parochial interests and powerful insiders.

    The notion that wealth and weaponry are decisive is false. The locus of political technology has devolved and distributed to the point where today’s popular will eclipses yesterday’s nuclear superstate politics. This can be seen in the Ukraine Conflict, where silicon and steel canceled themselves out and Russia could only capture the parts of Ukraine that are credibly Russian once the conflict broke out. Neither side can tug the line in either direction from where that sense of legitimacy lies.

    America’s not the only one to have its nose bloodied by the new geopolitical rules. Russia’s attempt to invade Kyiv was a humiliating setback that permanently stunted Russia’s ambitions in the region. Should they not learn their lesson and attempt to take Odessa later, Russia will be humiliated again. But the final humiliation in the conflict rests with America, which promised it could help retake the traditionally Russian regions of Ukraine and could not.

    Netanyahu is playing by the 20th century playbook, ignoring how the world has changed in his lifetime of playing a game where logistical, technological, and resource advantages were both decisive and decisively in his favor. Israel’s messaging didn’t even bother to build a general case to the international community for its actions, much less the Muslim World. Bibi doesn’t think he needs to. In his mind, America is all he needs to achieve the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip.

    Calamitous wars always begin with one side or the other having a delusional take on their relative strength. In this case, it’s both sides that are delusional; with China, Russia, and the Muslim World’s leaders believing they’re much weaker than they are and both America and Israel’s leaders believing they’re much stronger than they are. Both the “Arab Street” and American main street understand the situation better than their leaders, with an inversion of sentiment where Muslims are itching to fight and Americans are itching to keep out of it.

    There are ten times more Muslims on social media than there were a decade ago. There are forty million Muslims in Europe, comprising a new European nation worth of people scattered across the continent. The economy operating outside Pax Americana is sustainable and self-reliant in a way it wasn’t ten years ago. And as we saw with the Hamas operation, there’s a logistical and technological parity between even the most marginal Third World factions and the most militarized First World regimes than could have been imagined ten years ago.

    I have no specific predictions for the conflict, and don’t believe any can be offered given the butterfly effect of chaotic and unpredictable consequences of consequences of consequences in a complex situation like this. I do, however, have a general prediction, which is that America will walk away from the conflict shaken, with its assumptions about its ability to project power and dictate the terms of diplomacy shaken.

    While it was geostrategically inevitable that Pax Americana’s hard power and soft power would both wane somewhat as the rest catch up, America’s decadent, derelict, zionist-controlled leadership are accelerating the implosion of American soft power and a rapid decline of its hard power. Peripheral actors at the margins of American power, like Hungary, Turkey, Georgia, and India, will begin shifting their narratives and plans away from an unreliable and incoherent partner in global affairs.

    If the conflict does escalate, the Dissident Right needs to be on guard against new legislation that criminalizes opposition to Zionist foreign policy. Avoid statements that can be taken to imply explicit loyalty towards a foreign power, even if meant in jest. Focus as much as possible on American domestic aspects of the situation, which are harder to prosecute under the fuzzy web of “anti-terror” and “foreign interference” legislation on the books.

    Both internationally and domestically, the western elites are discarding the pretense of civil liberties, free speech, free assembly, and the free press. Don’t back down, but do plan accordingly.
    Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


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      Against Zionism
      And also against White Zionism
      Zionism is not Jewish Nationalism. It is not merely “happy homelands” for the Jewish people, even if its 19th century origins were heavily nationalist. Zionist apologetics and propaganda rely very heavily on the impression that Zionism is just “nationalism for Jews,” when Zionism has proven to be ideologically and institutionally antithetical to nationalism in both theory and practice.Nationalism gets unfairly conflated with a lot of things, including national chauvinism, revanchism, irredentism, colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, segregation, and militarism. Additionally, in the Israeli case, nationalism gets conflated with Rabbinical Judaism’s religious themes and theories pertaining to “the Holy Land.”

      Nationalism is, as the etymology suggests (natio-, of birth) and (-ism, ideology), the ideal of human tribes of shared heritage, values, and dreams possessing the political agency to perpetuate that heritage, protect those values, and pursue their dreams. It is best understood as “familyism” writ large.

      Nationalism is an abstract ideology, with universal and reciprocal implications. If you reject the universal and reciprocal implications then you are not a nationalist at all, but a National Chauvinist. The honest and malicious confusion of nationalism and national chauvinism must be disentangled in order to arrive at a coherent model for approaching ethnic, intrastate, and interstate relations.

      I am a proponent of authentic Jewish Nationalism, which would necessarily find expression in an earnest and equitable pursuit of a “two state” solution to the conflict that honors Palestinian nationalist goals as well. Jewish Nationalism is a rounding error in Israeli politics, however, sandwiched between religious Jews believing that the state is centered in their racial supremacist religious fantasies, irredentist Jews who aim to expand their state at the expense of their neighbors in the region, and secular liberal Jews who aim to transition Israel into a racially and religiously diverse administrative state akin to what the United States has become.

      After all, if Israel were a humble ethnostate, then it could be regarded as an ally to support, or perhaps even a model to emulate. It is not. Israel is to national values what the mafia is to family values: a criminal parody of nationalism that virulently opposes the dignity, autonomy, and self-determination of every identity save for its own. And even there, as with the mafia, the syndicate is a threat to Jewish ethnic identity, with Zionist ambitions directly conflicting with the original vision of an ethnostate.

      Closer to home, White Nationalists must be on guard against White Zionism, against making the same mistakes that corrupted and will eventually destroy the Israeli Zionist project. We can learn from the Zionist project what not to do with our own nationalist ambitions.

      It’s my opinion that the majority of the current White Identitarian movement is essentially White Zionist, harboring national chauvinism, racial supremacy, unrealistic territorial ambitions, and indifference or hostility to the other nations within this failed state that we would need to work out a separate peace with. Even if this movement were permitted to get off of the ground by our powerful opponents, the current movement would be on track to become a pariah state similar to what Israel is on a fast track to becoming.

      The current conflict is an excellent opportunity for us to test all of the bad ideas in the movement in the real world with the help of our kosher guinea pigs. Obviously, we’re nowhere near any of these things being pertinent questions, but they could be sooner than one might expect.

      Should we round people up and deport them to create a White Republic?

      No. That would undermine our moral case, alienate us from the international community, and create a population that permanently resents us and can be used against us in a variety of ways by our rivals.

      Should we be proudly White Supremacist?

      No. The Jewish state revels in its racial supremacy, with Netanyahu declaring Palestinians the “people of darkness” against his own people, the “people of light,” earlier this week. This naturally alienates Israel from its neighbors and the international community, but also naturally leads to human rights abuses and worse, actions that will undermine our moral case.

      Should we seek more territory than we absolutely need?

      Especially following the Agricultural Revolution, every bit of land that you can’t socially and demographically dominate is a liability. Had Israel kept its limited borders, it wouldn’t be descending into an apartheid regime with a large and growing underclass of Arab Israelis. While many of us are understandably partial to this or that region, trading dirt away in exchange for a better future for your progeny is a winning proposition.

      Should we embrace our “colonial” and “imperial” heritage?

      Our forefathers kicked the empire out of America and established a White Republic. Nobody can or should apologize. The anti-colonial case against White people can be easily defeated without trying to defend an obsolete and morally regressive relic of a bygone time with very different material conditions. Israel’s settler schemes are a rolling disaster, lethally undermining the entire project for scraps of scrubland in the West Bank.

      But everybody hates us anyway!

      This argument is identical to the one promoted by Israeli Zionists right now. In geopolitics as in life, over a long enough timeline you generally earn your reputation. Israel’s neighbors have striven for generations to try to normalize relations with Israel, but Jewish Chauvinism precludes it, necessitating a constant state of war with the world. If we adopt a similar, White Zionist, approach, we will become pariahs as well, but decency, diplomacy, and trade tend to work.

      Countries like Japan and Hungary prize and prioritize their ethnic identities and aren’t pariah states. The Orania Project in South Africa is a model for centering on positive identity and self-reliance, one that wins over everybody who’s not viciously anti-White (most non-Whites are not). The White identity movement in the United States must step over the errors committed by Israel and other failed political projects, speaking up for authentic nationalism against Zionism abroad and Zionist ideas within our own movement
      Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!