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    Attacks at Ukraine Nuclear Plant Are Suicidal, U.N. Chief Warns

    Moscow and Kyiv trade blame for the shelling as Russia prepares to hold referendums in occupied territories[INDENT]-----------

    KYIV, Ukraine—The international crisis over the weekend shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant deepened on Monday as Russia and Ukraine traded blame for missile attacks and the United Nations secretary-general warned that an attack on a nuclear facility would be suicidal.

    Ukraine’s nuclear regulator Energoatom on Monday accused Russia of bombing power lines to sever the Zaporizhzhia plant from the Ukrainian electrical grid and goading Ukrainian forces positioned across the river into attacks. It said the plant’s staff were forced to close one of its six reactors over the weekend after an attack that severed a high-voltage power line, damaged three radiation monitors and shattered 800 square meters of window surfaces.

    There has been no damage to the reactors and no radiological release, but Energoatom said a missile landed near a dry spent-fuel storage facility where 174 containers were being held in the open.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blamed Ukraine for shelling the plant and warned of “catastrophic consequences for a vast territory, including the territory of Europe.” U.N. Secretary-General Ant
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      In Major Advance, Ukraine Drives Russians Out of Key Front-Line Cities

      Kyiv marks its biggest strategic gain since mounting northeastern offensive this week

      Ukrainian forces pushed deep into Russian-controlled territory Saturday, handing Kyiv some of the most strategically important towns and cities in the northeast of the country and delivering retreating Russian forces one of their biggest setbacks since the start of the war.

      In a matter of days, Ukraine retook swaths of its Kharkiv region, where Russians had fought ferociously for months, spending lives and ammunition to take over cities, sometimes a building at a time.

      In the weeks leading up to the offensive that Ukraine launched earlier this week, Kyiv’s forces used Western-made weapons, including High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or Himars, against Russian supply lines and front-line positions.

      The growing success of Ukraine’s advance signals to Western backers the effectiveness of weapons the U.S. and Europe have given to Kyiv. It comes at a particularly critical time for Western powers, days after Moscow indefinitely suspended natural-gas flows to Europe, raising the prospect of energy rationing this winter.

      Russia’s retreat from key cities is likely aimed at avoiding encirclement after Ukraine captured the town of Kupyansk, which sits on a rail and road hub, and severed the last artery that connected Russia with thousands of its front-line troops.

      “It’s a complete collapse,” Phillips O’Brien, professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, said about the Russian pullout of forces between Kupyansk and Izyum. “In the battle of Donbas, they probably had more troops deployed there than anywhere and now they seem to be unable to hold anything.”

      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Saturday that Ukrainian forces had managed to retake 2,000 square kilometers from the Russians, or about 770 square miles—more than twice the land area of New York City—since the start of the month. That is double the territory it held on Thursday.



      Actually the Russian casualties are spread in the most patriotic and rural areas, sort of like the US did in the endless Muslim wars for the past 20 years. It does affect these most patriotic areas and leaves the urban areas largely unaffected. Here in the US the former troops simply get into alcoholism and drug use and kill themselves in large numbers.

      Russia had no choice other than to prepare for and then engage in this war to ensue that the West didn't tear them asunder and then loot them to death like under Yeltsin.

      In the meantime having already killed the finest young men the oldsters are being conscripted and women and shoved into the grinder. This Country 404 fall offensive might well wind up as another Tet did for North Vietnam, but there is no Walter Cronkite to destroy the Russian will to survive.

      After Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 Joseph Stalin ordered his war factories east towards the Urals and munitions production to be fed into the Great Patriotic War on the Russian Front.

      Which worked.

      Today Tsar Vlad the Bad is ordering his low-tech 152mm howitzers & shells and Katusha rockets to be made in the Chinese client-state of North Korea and then railroaded to Western Russia for use in Fake Country 404.

      Also working.

      Called "fighting to the very last Ukrainian."

      Same deal offered and given to the South Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghanis, Kurds and everyone else stupid enough to take the bait.

      Just wait for the next to last Chinook to fly off the US Embassy roof in Kiev with Prez-o-dint Zelenskyyyy and a few billion in $$$ to ease his exile in a mansion in Tel Aviv or Miami Florida and the last Chinook to have embassy personel along with a few desperate Ukrainians taking up free-fall dirt diving like in Afghanistan.

      Darth Brandon needs another "August Rout" every year or so to finish off his term or Article 25 removal

      Kharkiv is the second largest city of Country 404 and but 25 miles from the Russian border -- extreme 152mm howitzer range. During the 2d World War it changed hands quite a bit, especially in 1944 under Manstein.

      I think that Country 404's Tet Offensive will kill another 40-50 thousand middle-aged reservists and end in trench warfare and artillery duels as in June and August past the late fall mud season into the late winter early spring offensive while the EU freezes and starves and a "turnip winter" kills off the elderly and very young and civil unrest leads to capitulation on the part of the former EU. Serbia shall lead the Balkans to demand peace and Hungary will do so for the Eastern Europeans.

      Russia will stay the course because they must. Country 404 will collapse because it will.

      Putin would be best advised to shell less the Russian portions and shell more the Kiev and Lvov areas and bring the conflict to the heartland of fake Country 404. In First Civil War terms, less fighting the war in Virginia and much more bringing the fighting & killing & burning to Ohio.
      No one remembers what Darth Brandon says because it all depends on who is changing His Depends.
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        TDZ Sept 30, 2022 -- The Dying ZOG / Mad Dog's Musings Video

        Pastor Lindstedt 4 US Senate 4 Missouri Campaign--Mad-Dog Musings

        Mad Dog Musings 30 Sep 2022 -- "The Aryan Nations Recognizes the New Russian Republics Annexed Back into the Russian Federation"


        MAD-DOG Musings for 30 Sept.2022 -- "The Aryan Nations Recognizes the New Russian Republics Annexed Back into the Russian Federation"

        As Head of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri and an Oafishul Write-In Candidate for US Senate Pastor Martin "Mad-Dog" Lindstedt recognizes that the Russian People of the Donbass (Donetsk, Luhansk,) Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts want to stop being murdered by the NATO ZOG kleptocracies fronted by a homosexual jew oligarch able to play the piano with his clipped dick and actually supposedly run by a corrupt lying senile mush-brained puppet who got in because the 2020 [s]election was stolen. So by margins of nine to one or more the People of these Russian areas voted freely to rejoin the Russian Federation and to live under the protection of their brothers and cousins. Now while ZOG/Babylon will howl and whine about this these Servants of the Spawn of Satan really can't do much about it because the remaining ZOGling whiggers are pretty degenerate and weak.

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt calls out a few more degenerate ZOGling whigger parasites such as the Gliberal Boomer Whigger Californicated wannabe tranny Jay Harrison who cum-cum onto the Neosho / Newton County "Khanned-Servantives" Facebook Group whining that he didn't feel cum-cum-cum-cum-fortable and so it would leave, then didn't leave, then got increasingly shrill in demanding that I be kicked off, and then claimed that it would call Facebook on the FaceBook Group if they didn't kick me off, and then likely did so and either got me kicked off or the entire Facebook Group went dark.

        This goes to show that nothing will get better until degenerate old gliberal Boomer whiggers pretending to be "Coonservantive Neo-Khans" are either dead or turned into "The Other White Meat" by hungry starving negroes that they pretend to love and fear. After all, if Jay Harrison really loved negroes and latrinos then he could have stayed in Mexifornia where it lived as a veteran whigger. Instead as a locust parasite it fled Californication that its kind created to the Ozarks who haven't turned theys' homes into a shithole. Gliberal tranny Boomer whiggers ought to be forced to live within theys' own shithole messes.

        Soon, the Russians will drive ZOG/Babylon from their homes united under their choice of Mother Russia and starve and freeze out the European Union of the parasites infesting them the past 75 years and because they won't have the ability to field any armed farces and because they are old and degenerate like Jay Harrison they will subside. The alien rulers of the ZOGland will face civil war and revolt and not be able to do anything about it -- except in some unreconstructed areas being forced to ear theys' spawns' nuts. All the [d]Rulers of the ZOGland have is corruption and given that the People have had enough this is certainly not enough to maintain theys' control.

        The Russians don't want to be under ZOG/Babylon. I don't want to be under ZOG/Babylon. Those of you who will write-in vote for me don't want to be under ZOG/Babylon. None wants to be under ZOG/Babylon. So why should any of us be under ZOG/Babylon?

        And unlike the Russians consolidating together to protect themselves from ZOG, ZOG/Babylon will Collapse and be reconstituted into local theocratic military dictatorships over the 10-30 million now feral surviving whiggers -- The Ten Thousand Warlords.
        Due to the politically incorrect nature but relevant nature of the podcast it is publicly loaded to the youtube channel. Mad Dog 4 US Senate 4 Missouri.

        Hail Victory !!!
        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-In Candidate for US Senate

        Send jewr spare ZOGbux to
        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        338 Rabbit Track Road
        P.O. Box 666
        Granby, Missouri 64844
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