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Skunk Blunt isn't gonna run again for Senaturd

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    billy long 4 senaturd


    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


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      The Repulsivecunt Cunts Object to the mean jewboy that BDSM's itz humps.

      GOP women speak out against Eric Greitens as party remains silent


      The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


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        Greitens undeterred by abuse allegations in GOP Senate race

        by: BRIAN SLODYSKO and JIM SALTER, Associated Press
        Posted: Apr 18, 2022 / 10:30 AM CDT
        Updated: Apr 18, 2022 / 04:01 PM CDT
        ST. LOUIS (AP) — Eric Greitens stepped aside as Missouri’s governor in 2018 amid a scandal involving accusations of blackmail, bondage and sexual assault. As he attempts a political comeback this year with a U.S. Senate bid, his ex-wife has said Greitens physically abused her and one of their children.

        It once took far less to end a political career. But at a recent meeting of the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club in a largely Republican area of suburban St. Louis, GOP voters engaged in genuine debate over whether they’d support Greitens in the August primary.

        Bob Sullentrup, the club’s 70-year-old president, dismissed Greitens as “damaged goods.”

        “He’s going to get creamed,” he said. “That baggage will follow him.”

        Others, including several women, weren’t so sure. Sharon Kumnick of Weldon Springs said she’d vote for Greitens if he’s the GOP nominee, noting “everybody’s divorce, when they want more than is offered, is contentious.”

        Tina Maloney, a real estate investor from St. Charles, said Greitens should stay in the race.

        “I don’t think just because you’re accused of something in this day and age that you should drop out,” Maloney said. “This is what they always do,” she said, citing the sexual assault allegations that emerged against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearing.

        “It shows character to fight,” Maloney added.

        That sentiment is reinforcing Greitens’ refusal to leave the race, posing the latest test of the GOP’s openness to men accused of physical or sexual abuse. Greitens is convinced that by casting himself as a conservative fighter in the mold offormer President Donald Trump, he can win the Republican nomination for Missouri’s open U.S. Senate seat even though many of his political benefactors abandoned him and the party’s establishment wishes he would just go away.

        “I am going to win,” Greitens said in an email, calling his ex-wife’s accusations “false” and a “political hit job.”

        Indeed, Trump is perhaps the GOP’s best example that candidates can power through abuse allegations. He won the 2016 campaign despite accusations of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women. In this year’s midterms, Herschel Walker is poised to become the GOP’s nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia despite making repeated threats on his ex-wife’s life. A Republican candidate for governor in Nebraska, Charles W. Herbster, was accused last week of groping several women.

        Sean Parnell, a Republican who sought a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, is the rare example of a candidate who ended his campaign after allegations of abuse. He only did so after losing a court fight over custody of his three children.

        The string of allegations concern some Republicans who worry that the party will rally behind candidates who will be unable to win the general election, when moderate voters often play a more decisive role. With the Senate evenly divided, the GOP can’t afford to lose what would otherwise be a safe seat.

        That anxiety has deepened in Missouri after Trudy Busch Valentine, an heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune whose family history is deeply intertwined with the state, entered the Senate race last month as a Democrat. Many in the party have unified behind Valentine as the best chance to flip the seat.

        In her personal capacity, Pat Thomas, the state GOP’s treasurer, has called on Greitens to leave the race. She said Valentine’s entrance makes it even more urgent for someone other than Greitens to emerge as the nominee.

        “I am certainly concerned that (she) could be a problem,” Thomas said.

        Greitens, a former Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar, was considered an early front-runner in the crowded Republican primary to replace retiring GOP Sen. Roy Blunt. But his campaign was rocked last month when his ex-wife, Sheena Greitens, filed a sworn affidavit as part of a child custody case that accused Eric Greitens of displaying such “unstable and coercive behavior” in 2018 that others took steps to limit his access to firearms.

        In the affidavit, Sheena Greitens said he once knocked her down, took her wallet, keys and phone, and prevented her from leaving their home with their two children. She also accused Eric Greitens of striking their eldest son and pulling him around by his hair, among other claims.

        Eric Greitens says that’s all false. And he, his allies and his attorneys have used hardball tactics to try to discredit her.

        In statements, interviews, a press conference and on social media, they’ve portrayed Sheena Greitens as a liar “with a documented history of mental illness.” They’ve also accused her of working in conspiracy with a web of Republican figures to take down Eric Greitens’ candidacy, among them Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., longtime Republican operative Karl Rove and Greitens’ former 2016 campaign manager Austin Chambers, who has staunchly defended Sheena Greitens.

        “Everyone smelled right away that this was a political hit job,” Eric Greitens said.

        His attorneys have filed subpoena requests seeking phone records from Sheena Greitens, her sister, as well as Rove and Chambers, whose attorneys derided the effort an “abuse of judicial process” by a “floundering campaign.”

        But Eric Greitens says that if the allegations against him were true, there is no way his ex-wife would have agreed two years ago to a court-approved parenting plan. An affidavit she filed at the time stated that it was in the “best interest” of the children for the parents to share joint custody, a discrepancy that he argues amounts to perjury in light of her most recent statements accusing him of abuse.

        Sheena Greitens says she told “multiple lawyers, therapists, and our mediator, in 2018 and afterward” about the abuse allegations. She also says she will provide evidence in court, including pictures and documentation of their communications. The parenting agreement came at the time she was moving to Texas for her job.

        “I had to make concessions that I did not want to make,” she said in a court filing.

        Ultimately, she says that her ex-husband’s current behavior feels like a repeat of 2018, when he resigned rather than go under oath to respond to allegations made by his former hairdresser, who testified that he blindfolded and restrained her in his basement, assaulted her and appeared to take a compromising photo to pressure her to keep quiet about an affair. He has acknowledged the affair, but has denied taking pictures.

        “When his political future is at risk, he becomes erratic, unhinged, coercive and threatening,” Sheena Greitens stated in a recent court filing. “He accuses me of things that are untrue and generates conspiracy theories about me collaborating with his enemies when I have done no such thing.”

        For now, the political fallout from the episode is uncertain.

        There are signs the dispute could galvanize the pro-Trump base. Many online conservative outlets have sided with Greitens while criticizing his ex-wife, a college professor at the University of Texas who specializes in Asian affairs. And Greitens’ campaign says they saw a dramatic uptick in donations since the allegations were made public, taking in over $100,000 in 14 days.

        But he’s also drawn harsh condemnation from many leading Republicans in Missouri. Sen. Josh Hawley, who served as Missouri’s attorney general when Greitens was governor, said in a statement that if you hit a woman or child, “you belong in handcuffs, not the United States Senate. It’s time for Eric Greitens to leave this race.”

        Greitens’ leading opponents had stern words, too, calling on him to to be jailed, drop out or seek help. But not everyone was quick to fully condemn.

        Gov. Mike Parson said he believed Sheena Greitens, but stopped short of urging Eric Greitens to end his candidacy. The Missouri Republican Party also hasn’t taken a stand on Greitens’ future.

        Thomas, the state party’s treasurer, said “the best thing he can do is suspend his campaign.”

        She also noted that while Greitens accused the woman he had an affair with as well as his ex-wife of lying, they’ve both made their statements under oath — which Eric Greitens has not done.

        “Why hasn’t he gone under oath?” Thomas asked. “If he had nothing to hide and wanted to put this all to bed, why doesn’t he do that for his supporters?”


        I like this jewboy running for Senate. He blames the Deep State, RINOs, whore hair-dressers he takes pictures of in his Republican Family Values Navy SEALs BDSM Rape-Dungeon. He beats his kikess and kikelings and all manner of kikeshit. Says he will vote against Bitch McCuckold as Majority Leader. Will lose to the Democrat cum November.

        As said before, I like this jewboy.

        I as head of the Aryan Nations support this jewboy in the Republican primary.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-In Candidate for US Senate
        KODE-12 TV, jewplin Missery
        Featuring Jennifer Beanerate (who has big beaneress tits & big brown nipples)


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          Vicky Hartzler: Experience will win the day in Republican Senate primary

          Really MoZOGtarded Ass-Clowns, you need an experienced Congress-Critter Trans-ChickenHead for U.S. Senatard

          by: Vic Faust
          Posted: Apr 19, 2022 / 07:53 PM CDT
          Updated: Apr 19, 2022 / 09:56 PM CDT

          Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler is the only woman running in the Republican primary to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Roy Blunt. When she was looking for a trans-humamzer chickenhead upgrade, she chose the #2 chickenhead from a hen instead of the #1 chickenhead transplant from a rooster. She's hoping to get into the jewpreme kort as the First Trans-Chickenhead Hen instead of it going to a jewboy like Eric Greitens, runner of a Republican Family-Values Navy SEAL BDSM Rape-Dungeon. However, she is the most experienced candidate in the field. Experienced Republican politicians in the mold of Roy "Skunk" Blunt have served Corporations in the US Senate [mis]representing Missouri very very well, cum-cum, cum[-cum !!! Hartzler served as a Missouri state rep from January 1995 to January 2001. After nearly a decade away from politics, Hartzler defeated longtime Democrat incumbent Ike Skelton in November 2010 to represent Missouri’s 4th congressional district.

          Hartzler touts her position on the House Armed Services Committee and says she has a track record of getting things done in Washington, D.C. What you may ask? Something she will say. She says America is in crisis and needs someone with her values to “save our country and pull it back from brink.” ZOG/Babylon is really really fucked up and has gotten worse the past dozen years since she has been in the District of Corruption & Congoids. She blames illegal immigrants and the country’s border policies for the “record amounts of drugs flowing into our communities”, something which never used to happen back when she started in Missery polyticks and real crackhead Missourians instead of them dang beaners would cook up good Missouri family-values meth in the back seat of a 1980s Buick using aluminum cans and Pepsi 2-liter bottles and plenty of unregulated over-the-counter cold medications . But be that as it may and while she misses the good-ol' daze but believes inflation should be the top priority because her smart smarmy spawn told her to say that shit to the MoZOGtards.

          KODE-12 TV, jewplin Missery
          Featuring Jennifer Beanerate (who has big beaneress tits & big brown nipples)


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            Vicki Hartzler campaign stop in Joplin

            The D-g-Stupid Transchickenheaded congress-skankess wants to tread Tzar Vlad-the-Bad as if he is ZOG's Bitch and start a war.

            by: Stuart Price
            Posted: Apr 22, 2022 / 06:24 PM CDT


            JOPLIN, Mo. — One of several candidates vying for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Roy Blunt made a campaign stop in Joplin. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who currently represents Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, was the Guest of Honor for the Jasper County Republican Roundtable.

            Hartzler feels she’s the ideal candidate for the position because she already has experience in getting things done in Washington. She’s also critical of the way President Biden has handled the situation in Ukraine. She feels more should have been done to Russia ahead of time.

            “I was advocating that we send that equipment back last fall, it would have been a greater deterrent. I was also advocating that we imparted sanctions onto Russia before they invaded, I would have done that and said if you move your hundred thousand troops away from the border of Ukraine and quit threatening them then we’ll remove the sanctions,” said Vicky Hartzler, U.S. Rep., 4th Congressional District.

            While she thinks more U.S. military equipment should be given to Ukraine, she is against the idea of putting U.S. boots on the ground.

            Hartzler is running against multiple Republicans for the Party’s nomination, which will take place in August.

            KODE-12 TV, jewplin Missery
            Featuring Jennifer Beanerate (who has big beaneress tits & big brown nipples)



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              Billy Long: Proud to be politically unpolished
              Not to mention a total fat buffoon, cum-cum, cum-cum.

              by: Vic Faust
              Posted: Apr 20, 2022 / 06:16 PM CDT
              Updated: Apr 20, 2022 / 06:16 PM CDT



              There are 21 people running in the Republican primary to fill Roy Blunt’s soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat. Representative Billy Long believes Blunt’s successor needs to be willing to regularly face their constituents and not run to the news cameras at every turn. Long says he’s just the person for the job.

              He’s served as the U.S. Representative for Missouri’s 7th congressional district since 2011, which is anchored in Springfield and includes Joplin and Branson. Then considered a longshot in a crowded, eight-person field, Long won the 2010 primary and cruised to victory that November. In the 2010 general and every election since, Long has never received less than 63% of the vote.

              Long says “normal people” should run for office and not political opportunists. He touts a lengthy conservative voting record and is proud to be politically unpolished.



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                Billy Long: Roy Blunt's replacement needs to regularly face his constituents



                In an interview with Fox 2 of St. Louis, Seventh District Congressman Billy Long, a candidate for U. S. Senate, said Roy Blunt's replacement needs to regularly face his constituents.

                That would be a change of pace for Long, who has served this district for 12 years and has yet to hold a town hall meeting.

                Long said he was proud to be "politically unpolished," and compared himself to former president Donald Trump during the interview saying no one expected him to win when he first ran for Congress in 2010.

                (Even then he was known as quite the buffoon.)

                Billy Long (the fat one in the cowboy hat)
                seen here asking if this gun will kill prime rib


                The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


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                  From FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011

                  My wasted hour with Billy Long's telephone town hall meeting


                  Billy Long may not do town meatings
                  but he lacks not for eating well on the donors


                  If I had not listened in to Seventh District Congressman Billy Long's telephone town hall meeting Thursday night, I would never have known of the enormous difficulties Speaker of the House John Boehner faced when negotiating the budget deal with the Democrats.

                  "Speaker Boehner negotiated with one arm held behind his back and a sprained thumb," Long told the 12,617 people who listened in to the first of a planned monthly series of telephone town hall meetings.

                  It was a glorious opportunity for constituents who might never have a chance to talk to the Congressman. Unfortunately, only about five people were squeezed in to the 60 minute meeting.

                  Don't blame those people for taking up 12 minutes apiece of Billy Long's valuable time. That is not the way it worked. Long did not take his first call until approximately 13 minutes had passed and spent about the last 10 minutes offering a glimpse of his radio talk show days as offered a mix of home-spun one-liners and assertions that he was still fed up.

                  A portion of the remainder of the time was spent offering two polls of the telephone listeners, with the second one revealing the mind-numbing information that 68 percent of those "attending" the town hall meeting did not believe in First Amendment protection for those who burn the Bible or the Koran.

                  The questions Long took were typically bland and offered more of an opportunity for the questioners to offer their opinions on softball issues while Long agreed with them. For each question, Long was able to dig into his treasure trove of long (pun intended) countrified stories, a couple of which even pertained to the subject.

                  I was one of those who punched star-three to ask the Congressman a question. I did not anticipate getting through, but was still surprised when Long cut off the questions with more than 10 minutes left in the hour.
                  My questions were going to be similar to those of some of the others- pertaining to issues that were very important to me. I didn't plan on asking him about when or if his auction company was going to be sold, or about why nearly all of his first quarter money came from special interests and lobbyists when he was supposedly fed up with all things Washington. I was not even planning on questioning him about using $1,333 of campaign funds for membership in the exclusive Capitol Hill Club.

                  I planned to ask the Congressman about two issues that concerned me as a classroom teacher- Does he support the use of standardized test scores to determine teacher pay and does he favor the growing movement to strip teachers of tenure. I wonder how many others were left hanging on the line as the Congressman filibustered his way through answers to just five constituents and spent the rest of the time polishing his comedy act.

                  Thank you for inviting me to your telephone town hall meeting, Congressman Long. Next time, just put me on the no-call list.


                  Cousin Swillis Gumpff-Turner sez:
                  A pox on both your houses said...

                  Granted about what is said about the Republicans above. Billy Long is a goober-puppet who will follow the corporate line and do away with Social Security, Medicare/Medicade, and the teachers unions and not pay for any public service other than police and prisons in order to create a new slave class for corporations.

                  Of course Turner and the rest of the liberals wouldn't do anything different other than the very same thing, except on behalf of 'liberals' and their pet minorities.

                  The fact of the matter is that it is a shrinking pie and so all the parasites are fighting over what little remains to steal and getting all pissy about how parasites on the other side of the aisle want it all, when it is them who are supposed to have it all.

                  Well before the last sheep is fleeced, the dogs and swine will fight over who gets first crack at the trough. Hopefully both parasitic sides will kill each other off before there is nothing left.

                  8:37 PM Friday, April 15, 2011 (Eleven years ago)


                  The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


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                    Senate candidate McCloskey says border policy, CRT biggest threats to America

                    by: Vic Faust
                    Posted: Apr 21, 2022 / 09:21 PM CDT
                    Updated: Apr 21, 2022 / 09:21 PM CDT



                    We are continuing our look at the Republican candidates running to fill Roy Blunt’s U.S. Senate seat.

                    Attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey gained national headlines when they waved guns at protestors outside their home in June 2020. In June 2021, both pleaded guilty misdemeanor offenses; in Mark’s case, a count of fourth-degree assault. The couple was ultimately pardoned by Gov. Mike Parson.

                    Mark says that incident is why he’s running, adding that he and his wife have put their lives on hold in order to, in his words, “pull back our country, restore freedoms and the Constitution.”

                    He believes the biggest threats to our nation are border security and critical race theory.

                    McCloskey says he’s a lifelong Republican and “staunch anti-Communist.” He says he’s been friends with retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Oliver North for more than 30 years and claims to have organized fundraisers at his house on North’s behalf.

                    Even if he doesn’t emerge victories in the primary, McCloskey feels like he’s already won because of all the support his family has received over the last two years.

                    I am The Librarian


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                      Schatz: Missouri needs authenticity from its elected leaders

                      by: Vic Faust
                      Posted: Apr 22, 2022 / 06:36 PM CDT
                      Updated: Apr 22, 2022 / 06:36 PM CDT



                      Dave Schatz, the current president pro tempore of the Missouri Senate, is running to fill the upcoming vacancy in the U.S. Senate and succeed Roy Blunt. He says his family values, integrity, and service to community should push him ahead in this race.

                      Schatz says Missouri is starving for authenticity from its elected leaders. As a utility contractor, he believes Washington needs more businesspeople in office; in his words, “people who have signed the front of a check.” He says one of the federal government’s most important functions is to invest wisely in things like infrastructure and keep spending low.

                      Whoever is elected to the U.S. Senate needs to be willing to fight for Missourians and get things done, Schatz says.
                      I am The Librarian


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                        24 april 2022


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                          FOX 2 / Emerson College poll: jewboy Greitens favored in Missouri senate race

                          Psycho-kike is gonna whup the asses of the goyim politician ass-clowns

                          by: Mike Colombo, Jonathan Ketz
                          Posted: Jun 8, 2022 / 06:04 AM CDT
                          Updated: Jun 8, 2022 / 07:03 PM CDT


                          ST. LOUIS — There are less than two months until the Missouri primary as Republicans try to figure out who will run to replace retiring U.S. Senator Roy Blunt.

                          An exclusive FOX 2 poll done in conjunction with Emerson College and “The Hill” shows Eric Greitens in the lead for the Republican nomination.

                          Greitens, the state’s former governor, leads the poll beyond the margin of error of 3%.

                          The poll of 1,000 likely Republican primary voters was conducted between June 2 and June 5, with 26% of voters saying they plan on voting for Greitens. He holds a 6-point lead over Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and a 10-point lead over Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler.

                          The Greitens campaign responded to the poll, saying: “The voters of Missouri know Eric Greitens is the only America First candidate who will not only win the primary and general elections but also go to Washington to clean up the mess Democrats and RINOs have caused.”

                          Seventh District Congressman Billy Long is in fourth place with 8%, and political outsider Mark McCloskey garnered just under 4%.

                          “It’s him (Greitens) or Schmitt, it seems like at this point. Hartzler does have that support among women and some more statewide name recognition than say her colleague Billy Long, so I would say that it’s a bit of a three-way race at this point because you do have some time between now and the primary day,” Camille Mumford, communications director at Emerson College Polling, said.

                          She said Greitens has a 25% “very favorable” view, but also a 26% “very unfavorable” view. Greitens was accused of blackmail and sexual assault, which led to his resignation as governor in 2018.

                          Despite that, his favorability is 10 points higher among women than men. This poll shows that 27% of women support him. Hartzler comes in second at 18%.

                          Hartzler’s campaign released the following response: “Vicky is in a strong position to win which has been confirmed by multiple polls,” Hartlzer’s campaign said in response to the poll. “She has the most cash-on-hand heading into the home stretch.”

                          Her campaign also noted endorsements from political figures, including Senators Josh Hawley.

                          Meanwhile, Greitens holds 24% of men supporting him, only trailing Schmitt at 25%. In total, Mumford said this may be Greitens’ race to lose, but there are other things to keep in mind.

                          While 55% of respondents said their vote will go to the candidate they picked in the poll, 45% said they could change their mind.

                          “Within that, a stronger majority of people who support Greitens and Hartzler are sticking with their candidate compared to Schmitt supporters, which it’s still a majority,” Mumford said. “It is still 55% of folks who say they’ll definitely support him in the primary election and won’t change their mind. However, it does seem like his support is a bit softer than Greitens and Hartzler voters.”

                          There is a Trump card that quite literally could play into this race. We asked this question: If former President Donald Trump endorsed a candidate, would that make you more or less likely to vote for that candidate?
                          STL County employee indicted for pandemic relief kickback scheme
                          Given that scenario, 49% said they’d be more likely to vote for the candidate he endorses, 41% said it’d make no difference and 10% said they’d be less likely to vote for the candidate Trump chooses.

                          The Schmitt campaign called this a two-candidate race, telling FOX 2: “Eric Schmitt is the only candidate who can keep Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat red. The other candidate would ultimately lose the seat, while Eric Schmitt would dominate in November, and fight for an America First agenda.”

                          The Long campaign said: “Teddy Roosevelt was the first candidate to do retail politics. I may be the last. Roosevelt went all over the state campaigning for Governor as I have. The leaders in this race are rarely seen on the campaign trail and both refuse to debate.”

                          FOX 2 also spoke with the McCloskey campaign about this poll. They cited a recent poll from Cygnal that shows him leading the race. They said in the Cygnal poll of 500 likely Missouri voters that McCloskey is in a statistical dead heat with Greitens, and when voters were asked who their first and second choice were, McCloskey was ahead of all candidates by three percentage points.