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    Happy Forth of jew-lie, Whitey -- Luke LaVellian

    New AmeReekwans Taking Oath on JewLie-Forth
    By Luke LaVellian
    White Associated Press Writer

    ARLINGTON, Va. (WAP)- - A dozen immigrunts, hoping to become U.S. shitizens citizens, file into Rabbi Greenback's class to learn enough about AmeReeka's history to pass the dumbed-down shitizenship test.

    "Why do we have fireworks on the Fourth of JewLie?", the rabbi asks.

    "'Cause you dun won independence" offered Jamima Dung-Fro, a native of the not-so-Ivory Coast.

    "Right," rabbi Greenback responds, beaming at his "favorite" student. He made a mental note to remind himself to show this one around town himself. Those big black eyes, that more-than-ample . . . . .

    He's encouraged that the students are learning what they need to know to pass the mostly pretense Immigration and (Un)Naturalization Service's shitizenship test. Then, a few minutes later, they flub a question that would stump many an AmeReekan: Who was president from 1801 to 1809?

    "Adolf Hitler," one student says. "Bill Cosby," guesses another.

    Realizing his living fossil students are lost, rabbi Greenback gives them this answer too: Thomas Jefferson.

    In the past decade, nearly 36 million immigrunts have been sworn in as shitizens, and the Orwell-inspired Independence Day is a favorite time to take the laughable "oath of allegiance". More than 10,000 people are becoming U.S. shitizens in Fourth of JewLie ceremonies this week.

    From Ellis Island in New York to the deck of the USS CONstitution in Boston, from Jefferson's home in Monticello to the Space Needle in Seattle, new AmeReekans will raise their right hands and pretend to renounce their allegiance to foreign powers and pledge to "support and defend the CONstitution and (f)laws of the United States of AmeReeka."

    To get to that oath, immigrunts must first be interviewed by an Zionist agent. They are asked 100 questions about U.S. history and government and must get at least one correct.

    The interviewer also assesses the immigrunts' ability to speak, write and understand basic English. They might, for instance, be asked to read or write down a sentence such as: "Today, I am going to pick up a whore."

    Some immigrunts want to become U.S. shitizens so they can vote for politicians that will give them more of the White man's money. Others want to get an AmeReekan passport, in order to bring their 57 relatives over here and make sure that they to will be eligible for hand-outs and various "social" services.

    Some students can't correctly pronounce "legislative," "executive" or "Cabinet," let alone understand what they mean, but this reporter took note of the fact that none of them seemed to have any trouble understanding what "snivel rights" and "white racism" were. They might not be able to find the State of Wisconsin on a map, but they all know that they are members of "historically victimized groups", and are thus, owed BIG TIME. Rabbi Greenback has taught them well!

    --Luke LaVellian


    "Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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    I am The Librarian

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    Independence Day: Bah! Humbug!

    Independence Day: Bah! Humbug!

    The older I get, the grumpier I feel on this day. It all seems a disgusting farce. The worst part of the spectacle is the way our rulers use it for their own vile purposes. This piece from the Los Angeles Times is especially gag-worthy.

    Tucked inside our "American Bible" is a great tradition of conciliation that puts the interests of the nation above the interests of your party. There is Jefferson's "we are all republicans; we are all federalists." There is John F. Kennedy's "civility is not a sign of weakness." And of course there is King's dream.

    This Fourth of July, I propose we tune out the culture warriors and tune in instead to these voices of conciliation. Perhaps by revisiting the words of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and King, we can return to a conversation about our common life that puts the good of our nation above the special interests of our parties. Or, as Lincoln put it in his first inaugural address, "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies."

    I'm surprised they left out Karl Marx.

    I won't sentimentalize the past. I realize that most of what I was taught was bullshit. Tom Fleming observes:

    In the old days, we had to endure hour after hour of windy speeches on our glorious union, the majesty of democracy, and the American dream.


    In recent years, we face equally windy speeches on sins of the straight white Anglo-American males who burned indian villages, whipped slaves, abused children, and beat their wives--oh, now they've added our insults to GLBT's and contempt for the immigrants who have so enriched American cultural life.


    When Americans today say they love their country, what they really mean is that they love the idea of what their country will become, but they hate the tough and gritty story of the real Americans who carved an empire out of the wilderness.

    People who call themselves conservatives like to contrast the patriotic and celebratory Americans of the 1950's with the current lot of self-hating traitors, etc. etc. In truth, the two Americas are closer than is sometimes believed. The 1950's America was an ideological construction, a political and cultural Potemkin Village built out of shoddy and self-serving lies crafted by Northeastern intellectuals and transmitted by schlockmeisters like Henry Luce and Walt Disney.

    Naturally, when the Left completed its take-over of American institutions, they turned against the patriotic lies.

    Hunter Wallace points out that the coopting of Independence Day is nothing new.

    The darkest day in the history of the celebration of July 4th in the South was unquestionably July 4, 1865 when free negroes and Yankee soldiers paraded through the ruins of cities like Charleston and the Emancipation Proclamation was read alongside the Declaration of Independence in front of starving White people.

    It wasn’t until well into the twentieth century that July 4th came to be celebrated in the South as it has been in recent decades. Many Southerners never celebrated July 4th again after the scenes of that day in 1865. July 4th was considered a Yankee holiday or a negro holiday.
    Well, at least we're not as bad off as Britain or Canada -- not yet, anyway.

    Second To One!!!


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      Hunter Wallace: The History of July 4th

      Hunter Wallace: The History of July 4th

      American South

      In honor of July 4th, I have decided to share with you another history lesson on Americanism:
      “White Southerners marked the Fourth of July, 1848, as they had for decades, by coming together in cities, towns, and rural communities to commemorate the American Revolution. They picnicked, they paraded, they listened to speeches. Above all, they congratulated themselves on being principal members of what was surely the greatest country under the heavens: the United States of America. Although 1848 marked the beginning of what we have come to call the Civil War era, white southerners celebration of the Fourth of July that year suggest they were little aware of the fact.”

      The excerpt above comes from Paul Quigley’s Shifting Grounds: Nationalism & the American South, 1848-1865.

      In 1848, the South was an enthusiastic participant in the cult of American nationalism. There was little sign of the storm ahead. There was a small and growing disaffected minority in South Carolina, but overall, the vast majority of White Southerners considered themselves American patriots, including Jefferson Davis and the other future leaders of the Confederacy.

      Then along came the 1850s.

      It was a decade of polarization: the Compromise of 1850, the demise of the Whigs, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, “Bleeding Kansas,” the rise of the Republican Party, the Dred Scott decision, the John Brown raid at Harper’s Ferry, the splitting of the Democratic Party, and the culmination with Lincoln’s election.

      Looking backward, it is easy to forget that the John McCains and Mitt Romneys of that day – war heroes with no principles like Gen. Zachary Taylor, or milquetoast doughfaces like Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan – presided over America during that polarizing decade.

      The “overt act” that brought about disunion was the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry. After John Brown, there was no turning back in South Carolina. Disunion “went viral” in the reaction in the Lower South.

      The celebration of July 4th evolved after secession and the formation of the Confederacy:
      “For instance, secessionists were more likely to venerate the Constitution — comparatively friendly toward slavery — than the Declaration. But even the Declaration could be remembered in particular ways that bolstered secessionists’ agenda. Thus they minimized the document’s second paragraph, with its troublesome phrases about equality and natural rights; the Virginia secessionist Edmund Ruffin described “the indefensible passage in the Declaration of Independence” as “both false & foolish.” Secessionists preferred — for obvious reasons — to remember the Declaration as a cool, political act of separation founded on the principle of self-government: “more a separation of States,” as one Charleston orator put it in 1859, “than a social and political revolution.” Southern secession from the Union would re-enact the colonists’ secession from the British Empire decades before. ..

      Across the South that July, the question of how the Fourth ought to be celebrated — if at all — remained unsettled. Members of Charleston’s ’76 Association were not the only ones who were ambivalent. This remained true throughout the war. Celebrations were muted, as one would expect, by the distractions and pressures of the conflict. One young Louisiana woman forgot all about the Fourth until she wrote the date, July 4, 1862, in her diary. And anyway, she noted, “we have no time now to celebrate the birthday of a liberty which we had nearly lost and are now struggling so hard to maintain.” Many others forgot the holiday entirely. Although many white Southerners continued to claim the legacy of the Fourth, on the whole their efforts were half-hearted and sporadic, symbolizing a general confusion about the place of American history in the Confederacy.”

      The meaning of July 4th was transformed under the Confederacy: there was a great ambivalence about whether to celebrate the holiday, but for the most part, it was still remembered as a great assertion of states’ rights and a struggle for self government by our forebears shorn of the ideological nonsense about human equality.

      “In 1865, Northern claims to ownership of the American nation — including the Fourth of July — prevailed. For the moment, at least, white Southerners relinquished control of the Fourth. In Columbia, S.C., Emma LeConte reported in her diary, “The white people shut themselves within doors and the darkies had the day to themselves — they and the Yankees.” What was being celebrated that day was the triumph not just of the Union military but also of the interpretation of Independence Day that white Southerners had strived to resist. The sight of former slaves openly celebrating the Fourth signified a fundamental transformation in the meaning of the holiday. This became especially clear when the Emancipation Proclamation was read out alongside the Declaration — dual symbols, in this newly triumphant version of Independence Day, of the radical ideals of the American revolution.

      . . . . Tensions between region and nation long persisted, of course, and well into the 20th century some white Southerners refused to celebrate the Fourth, seeing it as a Yankee holiday.
      But beginning after the war, and certainly in our own time, white Southerners have mostly had to worry about which fireworks display to attend or whether they can manage one last hot dog — not, as they once did, about whether they should be celebrating the Fourth at all.

      The darkest day in the history of the celebration of July 4th in the South was unquestionably July 4, 1865 when free negroes and Yankee soldiers paraded through the ruins of cities like Charleston and the Emancipation Proclamation was read alongside the Declaration of Independence in front of starving White people.

      It wasn’t until well into the twentieth century that July 4th came to be celebrated in the South as it has been in recent decades. Many Southerners never celebrated July 4th again after the scenes of that day in 1865. July 4th was considered a Yankee holiday or a negro holiday.

      Note: Consider this a “Civil War Memory” post:

      The moral of the story is that the cult of Americanism collapsed in the South in a decade, the celebration of July 4th was transformed under the Confederacy, and it didn’t recover its present meaning in Dixie until after World War II.

      The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
      I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
      I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


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        Let's Talk A Little Treason

        Let's Talk A Little Treason


        (The perfect July 4th re-post. - HAC)

        In Ireland, when a man has an old friend over for dinner, after the meal is over he will generally tell his wife the traditional Irish tale: “Love, Seamus and I are going down to the pub and talk a little treason.” (Brendan Behan, I think.)

        Oh, hell, let's come right out and say it. Us White boys need to be talking a little treason.

        I notice that the great state of Oregon is about to pass more grotesque “hatecrime” laws in favor of sodomites, making perverts who commit the filthiest acts imaginable (people don't seem to realize what it is that homosexuals actually do) a politically and legally protected class. Better than me, in the eyes of the law. Better than any white man who likes girls, because they will have specific legal protections that we are denied.

        No More Equality

        There is no more equality under the law. Some states are even worse; in Idaho all women, period are considered a special politically and legally protected class under these deranged hatecrime laws, effectively meaning that only heterosexual white males are without legal protection against “hate” and only white males can be victimized only on the lowest level, as mere Americans. Less than a woman of their own race, less than a Mexican, less than a faggot, less than a black. Three-fifths of a man, at best.

        I’m going to say something now to all my fellow girl-loving honkies, and I’m dead serious. I think we need to start re-evaluating our relationship with the United States of America, with a view towards bringing that relationship to an end.

        America gives us nothing except ridicule, hatred, contempt and oppression. America ignores our interests, laughs at us and reviles us, picks our pockets, discriminates against us with affirmative action and racial quotas, and kicks us in the teeth when we try to protest or petition for the redress of just grievances. America rigs the electoral process so that no one without ten million dollars in the bank should even think about running for office, and so that only criminals, incompetents, and mentally unbalanced mediocrities can win. America passes laws that give foreigners who are in our country illegally, and perverts who literally wallow in their own filth during sexual acts, a preferred and privileged status over us.

        Every time we turn on the television we see grinning black and brown monkey-faces mocking and reviling us, mincing faggots waving their limp wrists mocking and reviling us, toilet-mouthed Jews like the loathsome Sarah Silverman spewing hatred and abuse at us, pathological liars in the White House and Congress pissing down our back and assuring us with solemn faces that it is raining. Thanks to the media and the Jews who control the media, when the world thinks of White males they think of revolting cartoon characters. George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Charles Lindbergh have been replaced by Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

        White women are in their own way just as much victims as White men are, although some of them haven’t quite seen sufficiently through the feminist horse shit to understand that. If we can ever succeed in de-programming our sisters and making them understand what has been done to them, so that they realize that their place is by their menfolks' side and not with the Jews who hate them and hold them in just as much contempt as they do white men, calling them shiksas, etc...well, if we can ever succeed in doing that, you kikes had better start running.

        It’s Our Country. Always Was.

        White people do the real work in this country; Mexicans and blacks do nothing that couldn’t be done twice as well and at half the expense by a good cart horse. Robotics will eventually make the black man and the brown man completely obsolete.

        White people pay the overwhelming percentage of the taxes that finance the Grand Guignol horror show that is America. White boys, and increasingly girls, are dragged into the military and come back from the Jews’ foreign wars with their bodies mangled, to rot in the filthy Army hospitals like Walter Reed, because the influx of illegal aliens has taken all the entry-level jobs in their home towns and there is no future for White kids where they grew up.

        White people, especially boys, are denied access to college education, to employment, to workplace promotion and job stability because of their skin color, because of their gender, and increasingly because of their age. I could go on and on, but if you’re White, you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not White, I’m not talking to you anyway.

        Guys—and gals—let me ask you something. What the hell do we owe a society that treats us like this?

        What Freedom?

        The neocons wave their red, white, and blue Masonic dishrags and babble about all this “freedom” we’ve got. Bullshit.
        What freedom? The freedom to never be able to get any kind of decent career because you’re the wrong color and you’ve got convex genitalia? The freedom not to be admitted to college because their quota for White boys was filled by the sons of the wealthy elite long before you even applied? The freedom to spend thirty years in the workforce and see incompetent affirmative action employees promoted over your head year after year?

        What freedom? The freedom to pay one third of your income to support stupid wars in the Middle East to protect the Jews from the consequences of their own behavior? The freedom to “vote” in elections where half the time these arrogant swine no longer bother to conceal the massive fraud?

        What freedom? The freedom to have your children corrupted by the endless tsunami of filth from the television screen and taught sodomy techniques in school? The freedom to have your son and your daughter come back from Iraq in a plastic bag or minus some limbs because all of the jobs in their home town had been gobbled up by illegals and the military was the only place they could get a paycheck?

        What freedom? The freedom to be insulted, belittled, and spat upon every time we turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper? The freedom to eventually be carried off to the living hell of some state-run “nursing home” when the government finally finds some way to steal the Social Security and Medicare fund and piss it away in the deserts of Iraq or blow it on the stock market?

        What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a government that has made us third-class citizens? What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a state that uses us like toilet paper and throws us away?

        Why, exactly, should we respect the “rights” of media garbage people who give us nothing but insults, contempt, and vilification?

        Why, exactly, should we allow our country to be taken over by millions of Mexican mestizos and all the overflow from the Third World’s sewers, and never raise a hand in our own defense because the tyrant’s law forbids it?

        Yes, yes, I know the United States of America is “the law.” Of course it is. Tyrants always are the law. That’s why they’re tyrants and not simple gangsters. The difference between Barack Hussein Obama and John Gotti is only a technicality of paperwork. (Except that Gotti dressed better and killed a lot fewer people.)

        When the law is cruel and uncaring; when the law is vicious; when the law is oppression wrapped up in paper and forced down the throats of the powerless, the coerced and the cowed; when the law is enforced by steroid-popping bullies with badges and jackals with briefcases and reptiles in black robes who use it solely to maintain their own power over other human beings and to squeeze them dry of every last wretched penny they possess; when the law is being used to do you and your family harm, then you are under no obligation to obey it.

        The Social Contract Has Been Broken

        In every society there is a social contract that cuts both ways. The United States Constitution was an attempt to create such a contract, and until 1861 it worked. But we need to be very clear on this: the White American has upheld that contract and is even now upholding it as the blood of our young men is spilled in the Iraqi desert. It is the federal government of the United States and the squamous alien things who have stolen it away from us who have violated that social contract, again and again and again over the past century.

        Like an abused wife, White Americans have put up with it all from our cheating, lying, thieving, murdering government—the beatings, the drinking up the rent money, the lipstick on the collar, the constant bullying and browbeating. But even the most abused spouse eventually decides it’s time for a divorce.

        That time has come. Enough! Fuck the United States government, fuck democracy, fuck America! We’ve seen enough, we’ve had enough, and we want out.

        Yeah, I know. Our ancestors tried this in 1861. Well, it’s time for a re-match. Here in the Northwest, and anyplace else where White males are tired of being treated like dogs, and finally decide to show the Jews that dogs have teeth.

        And you know something? I think if we ever do pull off the old Macbeth trick and “screw our courage to the sticking point,” I suspect the world will discover that as far as the baby-shit brown Barack Hussein Obama goes—well, he damned sure ain’t no Abraham Lincoln.


        Come Home to the Northwest


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          The Meaning of Independence Day

          The Meaning of Independence Day

          In Washington, DC, the U.S. celebrates the dependency of the states on the central government


          I hate July the 4th.

          I consider it the single worst day in our entire history as a people. It was on this day in 1776 that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. In revolting against the British Empire, our ancestors began the process of transferring their allegiance to the ideology and institutions that rule us today.

          The original Southern Nationalists like Rhett and Yancey celebrated the memory of July the 4th as an act of secession. In a longer view of history, the American Revolution severed our ties to a more distant and less intrusive government, severed the Southern colonies from the British West Indies, undermined slavery and set the stage for abolition in North America and the Caribbean, and institutionalized Americanism as the reigning ideology in our national government.

          If we had never revolted in 1776, we would have eventually gained our independence without a fight like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Alternatively, if the British had succeeded in defeating the Revolution in the Southern colonies, a small and impoverished American Republic might have emerged in New England, which would have been contained to the eastern seaboard by loyalist Canada, New York, and Dixie.*

          In this scenario, the British Empire would have remained focused on North America and wouldn’t have shifted toward Asia and Africa in the 19th century. Instead of being divided by the American Revolution, Britain would have retained all of its plantation colonies in the Treaty of Paris, and the power of the slave interest in Britain would have been further magnified by the rise of the Cotton Kingdom and the seizure of the French West Indies and Spanish West Indies from New England’s allies.

          Abolitionism in Britain would have been defeated. By extension, abolitionism would have been defeated in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, as only Portuguese Brazil would have been left standing among non-British slave societies in the Golden Circle. The events of the French Revolution would not have devastated the Caribbean because Saint-Domingue would have become a British colony in 1783.

          The United States (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine) would never have dominated the North American continent, the Western Hemisphere, and by extension, the rest of the Western world. Instead, Yankees would have been contained to New England where their “City on a Hill” would have become the Portugal of North America.

          The Declaration of Independence with its famous claim about the equality of all men would have become a forgotten document after Jefferson’s execution for treason: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          The Federalist Papers with their lies about the distribution of power between the federal government and the state governments would have become forgotten U.S. propaganda after Madison’s execution for treason: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

          In the Southern colonies, the traditional view of things that it is self-evident that all men are not created equal, that all men do not have certain inalienable rights, and that important distinctions exist between races and classes of men which ought to be recognized and left undisturbed in law and custom would have remained the prevailing belief system under British monarchical institutions.

          Were it not for July the 4th, we wouldn’t have had to fight and lose the bloodiest war in our history to reestablish this principle. A vast buffer state based on New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania would have emerged that would have separated us from Yankee influence and domination of our national government.

          The South would be better off today if the American Revolution had been defeated here in 1783. Not only would there be more “liberty,” we could be celebrating our “independence” from the United States, its Jacobin ideology, and the negro president who presides over its failed institutions and vast centralized government.

          * In light of all the trouble the United States would later cause for the British Empire, King George III and Britain would have been much better off just giving the Yankees their independence.

          Update: Conrad Black has an interesting article on the American Revolution in National Review.


          Posted on July 4, 2013 by Hunter Wallace

          The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
          I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
          I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


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            The Meaning of July 4th for the White Man

            The Meaning of July 4th for the White Man

            by Gregory Hood



            3,013 words

            (with apologies to Frederick Douglass and the rhetoric of his century)

            Fellow citizens,

            He who could address this audience without a quailing sensation has stronger nerves than I have. I look over a people in its multitudes, and it seems presumptuous to take upon myself the responsibility of expressing communal feelings. After all, if the white population of this country is characterized by anything, it is characterized by its refusal to consider itself as a people, even capable of collective action and identity. Nonetheless, it is the Fourth, and so it behooves me to at least attempt to give some meaning and organization to this auspicious event.

            The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, the distance between the present and the occasion we aim to commemorate is considerable, and the differences in culture, interpenetration, and circumstance are by no means light. The fact that the Fourth is still celebrated in any matter at all is, to me, still a cause for astonishment, as well as gratitude for those generations that preserved the country bequeathed to us by those we once called the Founding Fathers.

            Certainly, the passage of years and the inevitable alterations in technology, environment, and social conduct could have severed the connection between ourselves and our revolutionary forebears, and the sheer existence of this nominal union between our revolutionary past and communal present speaks to a fortitude and determination that stands us in good stead among the nations of the earth.

            This is the Fourth of July. It is the birth day of our National Independence, and of our political freedom. It was once, to us, what Passover was to those who claim to be the people of God. It carries our minds back to that day, to the act of our deliverance from British tyranny, and to the wonders associated with that act, which, upon revisiting, never cease to amaze even after the passage of centuries. The stand at Bunker Hill, the victory at Saratoga, the crossing of the Delaware, the immortal Washington’s final triumph at Yorktown – looking around at what our country has become, this land of shopping malls and broken families, it’s hard to believe that such men existed, that such events took place, that such heroes trod the very land we stand upon today.

            Our country is no longer young. Our political life as Americans has lasted for centuries, and the patterns are deeply rooted. The waves rise and fall, occasionally a flood breaks over and seemingly washes everything before it. But it always returns, and this pattern of destruction has achieved a kind of regularity. Indeed, talk of “reform” or “change” takes on a wearisome quality, as the cry for change itself is now part of the established order of things.

            America is in a constant process of self-destruction, perhaps even defined by it, and what little sense of continuity remains owes its existence to a kind of benevolent hypocrisy. Real Americans know instinctually who they are and what makes them a distinct people, but they lack the vocabulary to define it. After all, even our independence as a people had to be defined in universalist terms, so that we were not fighting for ourselves but to “begin the world anew.”

            The contradictory and confused set of assumptions that cluster about that summer day plague us still. We were British subjects who sought independence and sovereignty because it was the only way for us to secure the rights of natural born Englishmen. In retrospect, it is so obvious to say our revolutionary forebears were right, but at the time they were threatened with hanging. They pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to a cause that had no guarantee – indeed, little chance – of success.

            Nor was the break with the mother country something approached causally, in retrospect, the Revolution was the result of a series of blunders and misunderstandings, pushing both the Crown and the Congress into a conflict neither really wanted. And now, with the passage of time, this mistake is concealed beneath the trappings of glory, an unnecessary conflict transmuted into a sacred cause, revolutionaries turned into gods amongst men.

            Yet what was really unleashed? The Revolution that even today can inspire the sublime stirrings of pride in the heart of every American contained within it the seeds of its own destruction. The Tories of the time warned of the breakdown of order and authority, the dangerous spirit of malicious “leveling” that the English knew all too well from the excesses of their own bloody civil war. Whatever the high minded defenses of “ordered liberty,” there were those who knew that ideas follow a terrible course of their own, that the heirs in spirit to those rebels who killed a king would not stop there but tear the world down around them rather than let one be above another. Paradoxically, this mania for leveling would lead to a tyranny more absolute and unforgiving than anything that could be contemplated under the House of Tudor or Stuart.

            But amidst all the protest against it, overcoming each rebellion against it, “the alarming and revolutionary idea moved on, and the country with it.” Thus the agitators of a foreign race could condemn Americans for having betrayed their revolutionary forefathers. Thus, armies could be raised to destroy constitutional government in the name of a higher egalitarian ideal that was henceforth to be identified with the very existence of the nation and its democratic form of government. Thus cities could be sacked, thousands butchered, the treasure of generations squandered, and traditional liberties and rights of citizens dismantled in the name of an imperishable ideal of equality that we are told if surrendered constitutes the abandonment of the United States itself.

            And so here we are, and it behooves us to ask, what do we celebrate today?

            Is it our independence as a people from the British Crown? The United Kingdom is ruled by forces all but indistinguishable from those who govern our continent, and the royal house of Windsor is but a symbol, long bereft of lordship. Americans indeed enjoy certain liberties denied to British subjects, but only because the British, perhaps motivated by centuries of more overt confrontation with reaction and aristocracy, have internalized American ideals better than Americans themselves. It is Britain where the mobilization of class against class has reached a greater pitch, Britain where the protection of the alien is even more fanatical than in Washington, Britain where subjects are not allowed to practice self-defense lest criminals from protected classes be denied their “inherent” rights. The restrained autocracy of the British Crown has been dismantled, even in its homeland, to be replaced with a basically American creed that has led to a tyranny even more absolute.

            Do we celebrate some conception of political freedom? Fundamental issues of identity, equal justice, and the traditional family have been removed the people’s consideration and given to unelected and unaccountable representatives of a contemptuous ruling caste. Local governments are legal fictions, powerless administrative units to implement decisions made elsewhere. No tyranny in history would have meddled with the established liberties of family and faith as freely as do the chieftains appointed by universal suffrage.

            Rather than the majesty and dignity of a Crown, however oppressive, we are ruled by small men governing Last Men, bound with a thousand invisible chains that penetrate local governments, churches, schools, homes, and even our consciousness. We know to restrain our tongues, artificially limit our free expression, lest a terrible retribution be unleashed against us. To live in our country is to surrender daily and be denied even the honorable rebellious death that the tyrannies of the past could afford us.

            Do we rule ourselves? Do most of us even have the right to see who rules us, if only to fight back? Has there ever been a tyranny so devious that the masters conceal themselves, taking upon themselves the mantle of democrat while grinding the soul of a people into a pitiable nub?

            What is the people? It is a myth, a lie, a ghost. The logic of the Revolution eventually unmade the people itself, setting as policy what an East German poet proposed as exaggeration – the dissolution of the people, and the election of a new one. The Anglo-Saxon founding stock of the American polity has no sense of itself, and the acronym WASP is used as a slur in the nation that they created. The larger white racial family of which it is a part similarly lacks coherence, identity, and direction. While America has a white majority objectively, this majority does not exist in a political or even cultural sense. The national core is a deracinated mob, throwing itself into desperate indulgence and intoxication to escape what has become of the country it carved out of the wilderness.

            Even the broken remnants of a people are hunted down and persecuted in an insidious tyranny imposed by the state. White communities are deliberately targeted for demographic destruction by powerful bureaucracies against whom there is no appeal. The government hunts for aliens to occupy our land with the deliberate purpose of dispossessing us. Even the ability to leave property or maintain a family home for more than one generation is a luxury undreamed of by Americans, as they flee desperately from cities to suburbs and back. The endless retreat from the government’s non-white clients who devastate communities and schools as they follow reads like a monstrous tale of Gothic horror.

            What is liberty? What is independence? What is sovereign? Is it not the right of a people to govern themselves? Is it not the ability of a nation to perpetuate its own existence? Is it not the freedom of a family to labor for its own improvement through the generations? Is it not the capacity of an individual to achieve what he can so long as he fulfills the basic responsibilities of a citizen?

            Who can say we have any of these? What is a government that actively seeks to exterminate its own national population? It is worse than the tyranny. It lacks even the crude, brutish honesty of a genocidal conqueror. It is the kind of evil that can only be associated with a disease, a virus, a filth born of rats and swine conveyed through the sewers to devastate a people from within their very homes. Would that they would just shoot us – that fate would be more honorable than the slow extinction of a folk, like cancer eating away the flesh of a once strong man.

            What do we celebrate? The independence of a nation requires that the nation still exists as a meaningful entity. It requires that it has a core of identity recognized and defended by those who consider themselves members of that community. It requires that that community has control to determine its collective destiny, the internal unity to determine such a destiny, and the will to defend it against those who would take it away. None of these conditions are present.

            Looking to the past, it seems so inevitable. How can a nation with such false foundations have been expected to endure? Our forebears possessed wisdom and courage, deep political skill and philosophical subtlety. But in their elevated state, they lost sight of the very things that shaped them, the deep reservoirs of Tradition they could take for granted, the kinship of racial community, the morality of self-preservation and upward development.

            This most conservative of “revolutions” unleashed the most unlimited forces of destruction, as ideas were taken to their logical conclusion by pygmies who followed in the footsteps of giants. Like children playing with rifles, we were subverted by sniveling upstarts aspiring to fulfill creeds they did not understand and attaining glories they did not deserve. Perhaps even worse, we were also subverted by those who did understand those egalitarian principles and what they implied – and who used them as a weapon against us.

            By failing to spell out the essentials, by assuming that the core of culture, kin, and Tradition would always exist, our forebears betrayed us, and the Republic betrayed the Nation.

            And yet, the spirit lingers, and this does us a certain credit. The flag of our fathers flies over the continent, from ocean to ocean, seemingly forever. Nor is the polity itself weak, whatever its degeneracy and corruption. No nation can project military power to every corner of the globe, save our Republic. No other economy can generate such innovation and productivity, even that which is directed from the towers of Wall Street and the grim fortresses of the Federal Reserve. Defying all predictions of collapse, all prophecies of decline, the power of United States of America endures, even as its soul has been taken away.

            But what of it? An Empire can survive on accumulated treasures for a time, even centuries. The glory that was Rome was long extinguished when madmen and thieves took up the purple. Nonetheless, the legions marched forward, animated by their faith that once was could be again, that they still somehow preserved something essential of what their fathers left them.

            It does our people honor to sustain the United States. Yet only to a point. The iron law of history decrees that before rebirth, there must be destruction. The gods will not be mocked, what is sown shall be reaped, and every debt shall be paid in the end. Make no mistake, our country endures, because we allow it to and because we still believe in it. Such sacrifice can be respected, but we must admit with a terrible grief that we are priests of a dead god. Has not the world grown colder? To pretend otherwise is simply to deceive ourselves, and make the reckoning that much more tragic.

            What do we celebrate today? We celebrate the dream that was America, a Republic built by our people that was to be free of the dead hand of reaction. It was a Republic that could unleash all that was best within us, and for many years it did, taking our race to the stars themselves. We created it, we sustain it, we fund it, we continue to fight and die for it. It was a beautiful dream. But one must eventually wake from even the sweetest dreams.

            The Negro Frederick Douglass protested on a July 4 long ago, “What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence?” What indeed. For though officialdom now orders that the creed and power of America speaks solely to the non-white others suffered to live among us, it is only our people who ensure the Great Experiment endures.

            For how long? We long boasted of our “love of liberty,” our “democratic institutions,” the tantamount value of all men to society. How else could we live, other than by lies? How could it have to led to anything other than this? How could we finish otherwise than in self-hatred and self-flagellation, doomed to disparage better men while living off the fruits of the sacrifices? How could a society founded on equality give us anything other than Last Men among the ruins? How could a society that survives only through a saving hypocrisy lead to anything other than alienation and suicide?

            Friends, I concede the charges of critics and cynics. Let us admit that our “republicanism [is] a sham, [our] humanity as a base pretense” because we are not fully egalitarian. Let us confess that America can never live up to its founding idea of perfect equality. Must we continue to destroy ourselves because of this? Is the country simply one giant farcical attempt to pursue an impossible dream, a massive empire dedicated to a cause of consummate meaninglessness?

            Let it be said clearly. Let it be said plainly. Let it be said loudly, aggressively, pleadingly – equality is a lie. All men are not created equal. Even Jefferson did not really believe this. How can anyone believe it without condemning himself and his society to self-annihilation? To truly profess equality is to confess oneself not just as foolish, but evil.

            The American people – the real American nation derived from European stock that built this country, created its accomplishments, and hold it back from the abyss – has no moral obligation to destroy itself to defend a lie. We have no moral duty to die for the Other. We do have a duty to ensure the survival of our people, and a future for our children.

            And that can no longer be done through this system, under this state, and with this foundation.

            Independence? Let Americans proclaim it once again, for the real America is in the blood and souls of the authentic American nation. It is not in the corrupt citadels of corporatism and degeneracy. We have had enough of their wars, their taxes, their bureaucrats, their tyrannies, and the Third World masses they inflict upon us. America belongs to us.

            The flag is ours. The Constitution is ours. All that made America great and could make it great once again is ours. But this time, it must be spelled out that we are a nation founded on the liberty to be great, not the embrace of degeneracy, the right to achieve the best within us, not the empty “freedom” where we are pushed to indulge the worst. We remove the dead hand of reaction to reach for sublime heights, not to dig even lower.

            To break with the filth who rule us is not to break with our sires and our country. It is to redeem them. It is swear entirely hostility against the lies that destroyed it.

            “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that have enslaved them to another . . .”

            We are not free. We are not independent. We are not even a country anymore. But the nation still exists, and it can achieve whatever destiny it wills. But first – the nation must once again rise to itself.


            Published: July 4, 2013

            Counter-Currents Publishing
            Books Against Time


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              Independence Lost -- What are we celebrating today?

              Independence Lost

              What are we celebrating today?


              I’m not going to piss on your parade this year.

              Even if you live in Minnesota or New York, I will just say that you are no more “independent” than I am here in Alabama. We don’t control our own borders. We don’t control our own money. We don’t control our own media. We don’t control our own universities. We don’t control our own trade policy. We elect “representatives” to vestigial legislative bodies, but the handful of politicians who can’t be bribed after elections into preserving the status quo don’t have the power to pass any meaningful laws.

              We’ve lost our independence to the globalist elite. They are running this show. We’re strapped in for the ride. That about sums it up. Enjoy your hamburgers, hotdogs, and fireworks and spend the day reflecting on how we all lost our country.

              Note: This July the 4th has a feeling of finality to it. Either Donald Trump wins in November and we have a shot at Making America Great Again, or, Hillary Clinton wins and we go over the falls into the abyss. Either way, I sense we are leaving behind normal times.

              Posted on July 4, 2016 by Hunter Wallace

              The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
              I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
              I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


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                The Daily $permer




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                  Crude, Rude, Blued & Tatooed, butt not screwed:


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                    Fresh Out Of Patriotism

                    Fresh Out Of Patriotism


                    Back in April, I went to opening day for the local sportsball team here in Lagos. I’m not a fan of the local team, but I still enjoy following baseball. That and opening day is one of the great traditions of old America. Like everything else in America, the oleaginous grifters in charge of us have monetize the tradition, turning it into a tacky spectacle. If you can look past that, it is a nice reminder of what it was like to have a real country. What I could not look past or even tolerate, was the endless, over the top appeals to patriotism.

                    Before the game, there were a number of demands to celebrate the armed forces, “first responders” and school teachers, of all things. The claim was that these “brave men and women defend our democracy.” Then there was the singing of patriotic songs and the playing of the national anthem. In the seventh inning, we had more singing of patriotic songs. I’ve always been a bit sentimental with regards to patriotism, but I found the whole thing revolting. I knew what it was like to live in North Korea or Nazi Germany.

                    Now, a lot of the over the top patriotism is the aftermath of 9/11 and the resulting culture war over the response to it. The neocons cleverly couched their schemes in patriotic terms, painting their critics as un-American. That worked, so the Left is now doing the same thing with the great replacement. After all, America is a land of immigrants! You’ll note that most displays of patriotism in the mass media rely on people who “look like America” by not looking anything like Americans. Patriotism has been turned on its head.

                    There’s also the fact that the people in charge have nothing much to offer us, so like any business with a bad product, they have invested in marketing. This is a well documented phenomenon in business. When a company’s product is not selling, they ramp up the marketing, promising that it is new and improved. That’s the vibe I get with our ruling class flag waving. You’ll note they never sell open borders and globalism as something good for you. Instead, they appeal to your patriotism, claiming it is good for the country.

                    The trouble with what they’re selling is it contradicts the sales pitch. If America is just a place where you earn a paycheck and buy stuff, like a big shopping mall, why have any loyalty to it? Who has ever had an emotional bond with a shopping center? If anyone can wander in, become a citizen and vote, citizenship has no more value than a validated parking ticket at the mall. In other words, the patriotism on offer, just ensures that patriotism becomes increasingly worthless, along with tour citizenship.

                    Patriotism, properly understood, is a loyalty to the citizens who came before you. The emotional draw is gratitude for what they bequeathed. That implies a duty to preserve it for the next generation. If citizenship is just a meaningless transaction, then those citizens who came before us are no more important than the next guy who wanders over the border. Put another way, according to our rulers, our ancestors are strangers and so are our decedents. What possible reason would anyone have to be loyal to strangers?

                    It’s actually worse than that. The reason America is descending into a transactional land of strangers is that our ancestors decided to piss it all away. Why should anyone feel loyalty to the people who pushed through the 1986 immigration act? Why should we want to preserve what they passed onto us? If anything, we should take this day to dig up their bones and smash them to bits on the capital mall. That sounds harsh, but is there anything more monstrous than denying your decedents a chance to live the life you lived?

                    There’s another side to patriotism. That’s the loyalty to the institutions. In a liberal democracy, the citizen respects the office, even if he does not respect the man holding the office. Look around at our institutions. They are just as corrupt as the men who are in charge of them. No rational person can look at what is happening with the FBI and not think the entire political class needs to meet Madame Guillotine. After the last chop, send in the bulldozers to flatten the place. Maybe salt the earth afterwards.

                    For most of my life, I was an easy mark, when it came to flag waving. I believed the stuff they taught us in school and preached to us in the media. Despite her flaws, I thought the ideal of America was worth defending. The trouble is, the people in charge had other ideas. Like a lot of people over the last dozen or so years, I’ve had a change of heart about a lot of things. One of them is patriotism. You can be loyal to people, but you cannot be loyal to ideas or institutions. That’s a sucker’s play and I’m not a sucker anymore.


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                      The Final Fourth of jewlie

                      The Final Fourth of jewlie

                      A New Declaration of Independence


                      A New Declaration of Independence

                      When in the Course of human events which impelled our Founding Fathers to form a new Nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created free and equal and endowed by their Creator with the inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, they determined to declare the reasons which inspired them to such a noble cause.

                      Because we hold to these same self-evident truths, we seek to adhere to these same timeless principles and to conduct our lives in a way which shows ourselves worthy of the precious legacy which has been handed down to us by such brave and honorable men.

                      WE are the worthy posterity of our noble Founding Fathers.

                      WE are the ones who have kept their Covenant and Constitution.

                      WE are the ones who recognize and revere the God of nature who has blessed us with the fruits of their labor.

                      All we have ever required of our fellow countrymen is to respect our Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and, in turn, we have respected theirs.

                      Now our endowed Rights have been stolen by those especially entrusted for their protection.

                      Those who were created equal to us now think they have been elevated above us merely due to the office they have acquired solely through our good graces.

                      The Governments which have been instituted among us exclusively for the protection of our Rights, have become destructive of those very ends.

                      Our Safety and Happiness have been abused and usurped.

                      The principles upon which our Country was established are now distorted and derided, if they are remembered at all. As all of history shows, the pursuit of such a Government is designed to reduce us to absolute despotism.

                      Because we understand it is no light thing to alter, abolish or institute new Government, for far too long we have tried to content ourselves while evils were sufferable. But now there is no rule of law and our patience is viewed by our abusers only as consent to more abuse.

                      These are the Facts of the Tyranny we have endured at the hands of our elected Governors, Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs, Police, and various County and City Officials, as well as through their unholy alliance with unelected Unions, Social Justice Organizations, and Bureaucratic Agencies and Social Media:

                      1 We are no longer Equal Citizens before the Law or Society. We are divided along non-existent intersectional fault lines and granted special Rights and Privileges based on perceived grievances or denied them according to the same superficial criteria.

                      2.We have no Right to the Fruit of our Labor. Our property can be seized and our livelihoods destroyed on the whim of a mob or the arbitrary designation of an elected official.

                      3. Our history is rewritten, eradicated, distorted and despised.

                      4. Our elected officials issue mandates and decrees with no rational scientific, economic, or legal basis. Moreover, they themselves do not adhere to the same rules they create and enforce under threat of violence.

                      5.Our law enforcement punishes the law abiding while cowering before the criminal elements of society. Our judicial system protects the guilty while crushing the innocent with all the power at its disposal.

                      6. We are censored, marginalized, and ostracized in the public and private sphere for not championing evil as good and good as evil.

                      7. There are no checks and balances within our political, judicial or economic systems. An unholy alliance between these three segments of society forms a bulwark which allows for no questioning or redress.

                      8. Our religious Liberty is trampled upon, our churches are locked down as “non-essential” and our deeply held convictions are banned as “hate speech.”

                      9. Our families endure never-ending attacks and an uncertain future from the constant upheaval of random interference and overreach. Our children are denied their education, normal interaction with relatives and friends, and every hallmark of childhood itself.

                      10. Our last check on Tyranny, which are free and fair elections, is nothing but a charade. Outcomes are predetermined, fraud is rampant, and there is no recourse.

                      Because of their insatiable thirst for power, ignorance of history, arrogant and incorrect assumptions, intolerance for freedom, and contempt for their own heritage, these Tyrants and traitors within seek to conform us to their own will and unachievable Utopian vision. But because of their rejection of the God of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, they can only create a Hell on earth. This is a vision we reject and an agenda with which we cannot and will not comply. Because our abusers will never relent, they must be ended. We understand what this will entail, what will be required of us, and the personal cost we may well have to pay, but Freedom is so dear and our Legacy so worthy, that we are ready for this great undertaking.

                      Knowing that our God is Faithful, our Cause is Just and our Liberty more precious than Life itself, we take up our Founder’s mantle and engrave on our hearts the words of their Great Seal: Tyrannis Seditio, Obsequium Deo “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”

                      Signed: WES RHINIER

                      I am The Librarian