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The Rise Of The Apro-American

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  • The Rise Of The Apro-American

    The Rise Of The Apro-American

    I don't rant about blacks out of mindless hatred or bigotry. To be a bigot you must hate someone without any justifiable reason. You must hate them simply for the sake of hating someone. On the contrary I like blacks just fine and have absolutely nothing against them when they're in their own habitat aka Africa. It's when they move into my country and inject themselves into my culture and society against my will and the will of millions of other white Americans that hatred comes into play. Blacks are a thorn in the white man's side and always have been. I can't turn on a TV or tune to any channel be it public or pay, that doesn't have some ass ugly plate-lipped jungle ape staring hatefully back at me from my screen.

    And I have to be brutally honest here — there is nothing on this planet more offensive to look at than a close-up of some Apro-American's pimple riddled, nappy-headed, bubble lipped face. Let's face it, they are ugly! In fact they have to be the ugliest creatures in the entirety of creation. And believe me, in all my years and travels I have seen some pretty damned ugly people and things. It's as if after God created life on earth he had a bucket of assholes left over, so he decided to try and see if he could make a spare man out of them. Instead he wound up with a frigging coon.

    And look at TV today. It's supposed to be a form of entertainment and education. Instead it has been twisted by the Jews and liberals into a propaganda tool for their evil agenda to breed the dumbest of our females with these simians. They figure that if they expose these ugly monkeys to our women long enough, they'll become sufficiently acclimatized to them to allow them to screw them.

    And believe me, this is just fine with ole' Rastus, who lays up at night dreaming of "dem white wimmins". God! If it were up to me, I'd create "castration posses" that would roam the streets at night in search of niggers with white women, so they could de-nut them right there on the spot while the buck kicked and screamed and cussed a blue streak. Then I'd have them stuff his balls up his ass and leave him lying there as a warning to all other niggers to leave our women alone or suffer the same fate. Radical? Yer damned straight it is, but that's exactly what this country needs. Action, no more words. We need men and women with the guts and dedication to act.

    Back in California and in every American city now, you have BET and MTV channels pumping vile nigger filth into our living rooms 24\7. And our dumb-ass kids are watching that filth and gobbling it up like candy while it pollutes their minds and very souls. The last time I channel surfed down there, I landed on BET and was assaulted by some naked nigger ho's ass checks smack in my face in a living color close-up as she got her ass cheeks flapping at ninety miles an hour, creating a foul breeze that no doubt killed birds for two-hundred feet around her. After that disgusting performance was a troupe of hateful faced coons wearing sideways ball caps, sunglasses and bling, rapping out some of the vilest profanity a man ever had the misfortune of hearing, and having the audacity to call it "art". Niggers are unable to communicate without every other word being some vile profanity. They have no honor, no character and no integrity. If a coon can steal from you, he will, and if he can lie to you, he will, even when the truth would be easier. A black, be he male or female, will kill you without batting an eye and will sleep like a baby that night. They possess absolutely no remorse, just like a baboon.

    It's like these new liberal pro-faggot adds that are being run as a "public service", warning of the evils of "bigotry" against pole smokers and butt burglars. Is it any wonder the Arabs call us depraved? They're right. I'm flat embarrassed to be a member of Western society. Hell, I don't even recognize it any longer. It sickens me, as it does almost every other white American, save those among us that have fallen under the evil spell of liberal cultism.

    Two Apro-American hos were fighting over two little niglets, not because they love them but because those kids each give the guardian a welfare check for support. That's the whole reason most of these blacks have all those kids in the first place. Uncle Sam gives them more money each month than you or I can make busting our asses at work. I remember once when I was in the checkout line at a local store. I had a few humble items in my cart, while this welfare ho had a huge cart full of the best steaks, chops, roasts, and of course lots of chicken. Heck I remember one skinny coon with a whole shopping cart full of chicken. And I mean overflowing. Dem' food stamps got ole' Rastus a whole month's supply o' frieeeed sheeekin'! Yaazzuuhh!!! He had visions of drumsticks dancing in his sloping, nappy head. That was one happy coon let me tell you! Haaww!

    The hard fact is that blacks have absolutely no business in White society. Period. Ever seen a black in a tuxedo? I can't think of anything more incongruous than that. Here's this sharp looking suit with an ass-ugly, black, nappy head poking out the top of it. Talk about a head turner. I remember once at a wedding reception where some fool was idiot enough to invite one of those apes. And he had to wear a tux. He looked exactly like that. The only people that didn't stare and gawk at him were the rabid liberals, who had to make a real conscious effort to act as if they didn't notice anything amiss. But I mean damn! What's it take to make those morons see that niggers don't belong here? Blacks belong where they originated, the African bush. They were happy there because life was simple and geared to their level of intelligence. When they were hungry they picked something, and when they were horny they humped somebody, just like their smaller cousins the chimps.

    They beat on drums, wore bright feathers and clothes that they made themselves(niggers always love loud colors), and spoke a simple language consisting of clicks and grunts, which hadn't changed in a million years. Their hair was long and fuzzy, causing white explorers to name them "fuzzy wuzzies". The biggest problems whites had with these natives was their unceasing stealing and their almost fanatical drive to screw their women. Thousands of niggers were shot trying to crawl in the "massa's" window to get at the missus.

    And sometimes one succeeded, causing that coon to be publicly executed by slow torture. Too bad we still don't practice that today. But with the help of the Jews and their evil agenda, blacks have been systematically ensconced into main-stream white society, giving these apes access to our women. Of all the evils caused by blacks living here, this is by far the worst part. And to add insult to injury, liberals are now on a concerted campaign to promote their vile "buck n' blonde" agenda. I can't turn on the tube without seeing some snail lipped coon slobbering on some cute blonde girl. It makes me wanna puke in my sock.

    As I said earlier, blacks belong back in the bush. In fact I've heard many blacks make that very statement, saying that their people would be much happier if they were back home in their ancestral stomping grounds. The root of most of black unhappiness, frustration and hostility comes from their inability to cope in our advanced white civilization. They simply do not possess the intelligence or the emotional make-up to function in our world. And of course they blame whitey for this, failing to distinguish between Jews and gentiles.

    After all, to a black a white is a white, period. The difference between our two races is infinitesimal to blacks, and not even worth considering. Never mind it was the damned Jews that brought them here by force so they could make a fat profit selling them as slaves, plus plant the seeds of America's eventual destruction at the same time. A master stroke of evil.

    Between the almost complete corruption of our culture with their vile language, sexual promiscuity and complete lack of morals, white culture has become an acute embarrassment for all Americans that still honor and practice traditional Aryan values. And to add insult to injury we have become the laughing stock of the whole planet, with our entire society becoming a nest of degenerates, sexual deviates and homosexuals, which incidentally is now being forced down America's throat with a proverbial broom handle.

    Liberals are on a concerted public campaign to "normalize" this vile practice, calling it "wholesome" and "healthy" and condemning any and all who reject it as bigots and homophobes. This is deeply horrifying to millions of conservatives whites in this country, as it well should be. In fact this evil and corrupt government has now passed laws making it a felony for churches in this country to preach against it! Where will it all end? With the utter and complete destruction of the Aryan way of life, outlawing it was "racist" and bigoted.

    We are responsible for the rise of the Apro-American in our country, because we failed to act. We should have used brute force to bring a stop to this Jew plot long centuries ago. But as the decades slowly passed, each succeeding generation failed to do what's necessary, and now our children are paying the price. The only way we are going to salvage the situation is by spilling blood—lots of it.

    This is no longer an option but a necessity, if we as a race and a nation are going to survive. For blacks are destroyers. Albert Schweitzer warned us direly of the consequences of allowing those apes into our culture, warning that they would destroy America. So far he's been dead on target. Liberals and Jews have tried very hard to erase his name from our history books, but the truth still survives, being passed down from father to son whether our enemies like it or not. Revolution is our only hope at this point. I pray there are still enough whites left willing to fight the tidal wave of evil engulfing our people.


    "A Jew looks upon the Gentile race as cattle, to be used and abused as he sees fit."--Joom

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    The Day America Died

    The Day America Died


    Yes, died. The America I knew and loved died the month that niggers won their right to mix in white society. Few of you were alive back then to see it go down, and I myself was only a boy. But the images I saw back then branded themselves into my psyche forever. Even though a boy, I was still old enough to know what was being taken from us, by force. Force that was being applied not by the niggers, for they could do nothing on their own. They were as troublesome and as powerless as they always were, thank God.

    No, the force was applied by our so-called government, that had just been taken over by the communist liberals. They had been working from within our government and media for decades, slowly but surely insinuating themselves into every level and department of our leader-ship until finally they tipped the scales in their favor. And the moment they did, they struck without hesitation, just like communists always have. And like all communists, they were ruthless about it.

    They fired hundreds of lower level leaders and bureaucrats, replacing them with hand picked flunkies and boot-licks. And if you think the nigger riots of the late sixties were a spontaneous event, think again. The whole thing was staged, orchestrated and financed by the Jews, the ones that were and still are behind the liberal takeover of America.

    Just this afternoon I heard that a teacher was called on the carpet by his rabid liberal bosses and canned for giving a child the Bible he asked for. Whether I believe what you do or not isn't the issue here. If you want to worship a picture of your own a-hole it's your business and I will defend to the death your right to do so. This country was founded to escape from religious persecution so people would have the right to worship as they saw fit. Well we've lost that right now. But if he'd given the kid a copy of the Koran, they'd have probably given him a plaque of appreciation.

    That's how sick and evil and twisted this country has become. A so-called Christian nation that fires teachers for believing it.

    The point is that all the evil crap we suffer today at the hands of these bastards began back then during the nigger riots of the mid and late sixties. Martin Loser Koon was only a point man for the push they engineered. Sure our media, albeit as primitive as it was at the time, was happy to show all sorts of scenes of the poor, downtrodden and oppressed nigger being abused by those mean old white cops, who were fire hosing them off the streets for smashing out shop windows and looting (though the media was calling it "venting their pent up frustrations".

    Hmmm. Where have we heard that tripe before I wonder? But nowhere did any of us see the footage of what the National Guard really the whites who were counter protesting. That was quickly and quietly swept under the rug.

    Remember seeing the old file footage of coons being shot and beat with billy clubs to get them under control? Yeah, some of that did take place, but only in some of the southern states, and only in the very beginning. Once the liberals got their footing, they ordered the Guard to start beating and shooting the whites. That's because there were vast marches and protests and counter riots by whites, fighting against giving niggers the freedom they wanted. Because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that if those apes ever got their "cibil rights", they'd instantly start chasing our girls. And brother, that's exactly what those bush monkeys did.

    The liberal\Jew media censored the crap out of all the news back then, and the public only saw what they wanted them to see. They were being manipulated expertly. In reality there were thousands of whites that were forcibly subdued by government troops and cops, getting the crap kicked out of them and some even killed. All so Rastus could get at our females. You think that's a bunch of paranoid tripe, spewed by some racist kook, eh? Then try to refute this:

    Every single year there's a meeting in the auditorium at Berkeley college in Frisco, that bastion of liberal evil. And at that meeting is the dean of the college, hundreds of black "leaders" and a load of powerful, influential Jews from all over the country. They spend the entire day discussing their progress in their interbreeding program, and talk about ways to improve their results.

    Their goal is to breed us out of existence by getting to the dumbest among us, namely our young females. And brother, there is nothing on this earth more gullible and stupid that our girls. They are bombarded from birth with liberal propaganda about the desirability of black males over whites. Never mind that almost none of them ever hold a job, or that almost 90% end up in prison by the time they're twenty.

    Never mind that they will knock up a white girl then leave her and go find another one to screw. This is a feather in the cap of all bucks, and they brag to each other about their conquests. Knocking up a white girl is a status symbol to niggers. Never mind that they almost always pass on some nasty assed venereal disease to her, then go spread it some more. There are a lot of cases where bucks are deliberately and knowingly giving AIDS to white girls. Some states now charge these evil monkeys with murder. They should. If I ruled this country, it would be a mandatory death sentence with no appeal.

    Most whites today just don't have a clue as to what's really going on right under their noses. America died the day it gave civil rights to niggers. It was the death knell for America and our way of life. Some of us remember what it was like before the advent of the nigger, but most of you don't know what's been stolen from you.

    Yes. stolen! You have been robbed and you should be mad as hell about it. We didn't have to lock our cars or homes. It was safe for our kids to play outside at night, and we could send our wives to the store alone at ten at night and they would return unmolested. Nobody with an ounce of class ever said "muthafukka" and shacking up was considered a nigger and white trash practice.

    Music and movies both had class and didn't have or need all that raw sex and profanity. Our kids could watch any-thing on the tube and we didn't worry.

    Not anymore. Crime was so low that we had small police forces in every town and city. The niggers were kept under control on their side of the tracks and forced to stay there because we knew that if they ever got loose, they'd run to our women and start stealing us blind. Well, both happened almost at once the day they got their "civil rights". Now the Jews control everything, and we now live under their iron rule. If anyone dares to say anything against a Jew or nigger, he is in for a lot of trouble.

    And yes of course the Jews know it's all a damned lie because they started the lie and they keep it going under pain of prison and ruin for being a "racist". In fact the Jews are the most racist bunch on the planet. Anyone smart enough to read their Talmud will quickly discover how they feel about whites and what their plans are for us. Our Founders warned us to keep them out at all costs, and while the Founders were alive, no Jew was allowed in the country.

    But slowly they bribed their way back in, and you know the result. America is dead. We must create a new nation in the ashes of the old...a tough and unforgiving nation of whites that are hard as steel and ruthless in their purge of all enemies of the white race. The time has come, and I am watching and hoping that my people will finally step up to the plate. It's time men, it's time.


    "Cowards do not deserve freedom." -- Joom

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.


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      Piss In The Milk

      Piss In The Milk


      It only takes one single drop of piss in a glass of milk to make it poisonous and unfit to drink. Back before Vietnam, sailors, marines and GIs were welcome in any port. They were greeted with cheers and open bottles of beer, the inhabitants always glad to see our faces. No longer. When Vietnam rolled around, signs like "Dogs and Americans keep off the grass!", and "Our daughters are not for American dogs!". These signs and "Yankee go home!" littered the streets in every port.

      Why? What changed? We did or should I say, our leadership did. They forcibly, against the vigorous resistance of an angry nation, crammed worthless niggers down our throats, forcing all the branches of American military to take on a ten percent quota of niggers to satisfy the Jew agenda we call "civil rights". And the first thing those apes did when we hit a port was to start breaking into homes, raping twelve and thirteen-year-old little girls, and killing people in dark alleys. Crime was almost unheard of in many of these places, but our niggers quickly changed all that. And it continues to this day.

      And just what, if anything has our leadership done to address the problem? Why, they found scape-goats--white scapegoats--to hang it on. After all, their commanding officers were the ones ultimately responsible for their men, right? And after all, blacks will "act out", "venting their frustration over slavery and decades of oppression by whitey", and we must make allowances. God.

      The hypocrisy of it all must stink all the way to heaven. Everyone knows niggers will behave like niggers, I don't care how many lies they pump at us on the tube, or how many books they write about black equality, it's all horse sh*t and even the writers know it.

      I once heard a man portraying a senator say, "The secret to gaining power is to tell a lie loud enough and long enough that you get people to go along with you. And once you get them to accept as the truth what they know deep down is a lie, you've got them by the balls." And that folks, is the nigger problem in a nutshell. Deep down even the hardcore liberals know they're nothing but lust filled animals, but they go along with the Great Lie because the Jews control them now, and they say it's the truth. And whatever they say goes because they sign the paychecks and they control who gets a future and who dies in the gutter. So Hollywood sold its soul to the Devil for wealth and fame, and the American whites sold out because they were too damned stupid to realize what a whopper the Jews were telling until it was too late.

      I blame the American housewife and the American white male for this fall. The females for praising and supporting this vile lifestyle, and the men for tolerating any woman stupid enough to buy into it. The men should be shunning these women like a plague, making them understand the only way their thick skulls will see it, that unless they go back to the old ways of our fathers, the men will look for mates in other lands, leaving them for the niggers and lowlifes.

      They must be made to suffer, to feel total rejection until they turn around and crawl out of the filth they are now wallowing in. I am ashamed of our women. They scream and applaud faggots like Helen Degenerate and all the liberal propaganda shows like "The View", both of which are tailor made tools of the Jews to further brain-wash our youth.

      You know, when Obama was re-elected, a line from Keats came to mind: "What rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born". I had an epiphany yesterday about the 2012 predictions and why they didn't come to pass.

      Well they did, we just didn't see it. That's because we misinterpreted their warning. What they were warning us of was that the beginning of the end would start on that day.

      I now believe that decisions were made on that fateful day by the evil powers in control of this world, to implement a plan long in the works, a plan to end civilization as we know it. How do I accurately convey what I'm trying to tell you here? When someone gets their throat cut they don't die instantly.

      It takes a while for them to bleed out. And at first they don't even realize they've had it cut, or that they're already dead. Sometimes they'll even keep on fighting, oblivious to their injury. Well I think that aptly describes America and for that matter, all of Western civilization.

      We're still going to work, shopping at the store, sending our brats off to school in the morning to get their daily dose of liberal brainwashing, but almost nobody knows what's happened. But the really wise among us have been keeping abreast of the subtle activities of our government and the Jewish cabal in control.

      And every last activity and movement of every single government agency and department of every nation on earth is a small part of that great beast.

      For example, how many of you knew that Homeland Security has gone on a maniacal ammo buying binge? How many more know that it's not just them, but every other security agency on earth? Because when the hammer falls it's going to be a global assault on the peoples of the earth.

      Every race and nation on earth will be cripple almost overnight by an orchestrated and long planned coup, the likes of which this world has never seen. For a long time I thought that the entire idea was totally preposterous and nothing but the fears of paranoid nut jobs and kooks. It was only after a lot of research and digging that my skin turned several shades lighter.

      And don't forget that those boxcars, guillotines and coffins are real as it gets and are still there, waiting. They didn't make all those for decorations in a Halloween show, now did they? Heads are going to roll folks, if you'll pardon the pun...ours included if we continue to sit on our collective asses, waiting for something to happen. Because I guarantee you that when it hits there will be damned little time to react. We need to prepare now, now tomorrow, or our own heads will be rolling down Obama's disposal chutes.

      The piss in the milk isn't just blacks, or wetbacks or any other invading race, it's those that are in power that shouldn't be, and those among us that are allowing this atrocity to continue. Sure there's going to be bloodshed, and pain and suffering and death and loss. But if we fail to act the suffering we will experience fighting these monsters will seem like a stroll in the park compared to what they have in store for us. The choice is yours and yours alone. I think some of you have already come to the conclusions I have, and you're trying to come to grips with it. Good for you. Just don't take too long thinking about it.


      "I once met a Jew I could trust. He was dead as a mackerel." -- Joom

      NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.


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        The Truth About Segregation

        The Truth About Segregation


        I continually get all kinds of crap about my calling blacks by their proper name, aka niggers. Liberal bitches pompously tell me things like, "One of the important things about the civil rights movement was that blacks were recognized as black men, not niggers!" I usually retort back with something along the lines of, "I have a sure-fire method of telling a black man from a nigger. Want to know what it is?" Of course her curiosity always gets the better of her and she'll say yes, and that's when I say, "I ask him one simple question: "Do you chase white women?"He'll invariably grin and say, "Hell yeah man!" And then I tell him, "Yep, you're a nigger alright." This usually gets me a string of profanities and insults from said liberal bitch, at which point I bust up laughing and make a hasty exit while giving her the bird. I have absolutely no respect for any liberal of any type. To me, liberal and brain-dead are interchangeable words. Any person that believes any of the tripe the liberal lie machine pumps out is a fool out the gate.

        To be a liberal means you deny the facts in front of you, and ignore reality when it's staring you in the face. How can any sane person honestly say a black is a man? All men look and behave a certain way. It's a given. There are accepted modes of appearance and behavior that have been in place since the very dawn of civilization. Blacks do neither.

        A black man will lie to your face without blinking. In fact they would rather lie when telling the truth would be easier. Oddly, chimps behave just like them, though they can't talk. I have seen videos taken by anthropologists who study chimp behavior, and they have shown repeatedly that all chimps lie to each other continually. For example they'll cheat on their mate, then act as if they don't even know the one they just had sex with, when they are with their assigned mate. Or one will steal a banana from another one and hide it so the one that owns it won't know who has his fruit.

        Black behavior was passed down to them from their furry ancestors. It's really ape behavior. And a black child will start lying even before it can talk, same as a chimp. A white child on the other hand has to be taught how to lie. This kind of primitive behavior is not instinctive in whites as it is in blacks.

        The same thing applies to stealing and violence, though we do have the occasional aberration; a child that's born with sociopathic traits. These kids usually grow up to be homicidal maniacs or the criminally insane. It is not normal behavior for a white, as we all know. But whenever one of us turns on the TV and hears of a murder, rape or robbery, the first thing we think is, "another damned nigger." and we're almost always right. Since the civil rights movement we have seen our crime rate literally go out the freaking roof and steadily increase as their numbers increased.

        Before the wetback invasion, we already had a crisis on our hands thanks to liberal stupidity.Liberals feel sorry for the poor oppressed blacks. They forget to feel pity for the victims of these animals ever since they got turned loose on white society. Before the civil rights bowel movement, niggers were forced to use blacks-only facilities. That meant stores, restaurants, restrooms and even drinking fountains. And there were damned good reasons for this segregation. It wasn't some arbitrary thing that was instituted because of something as asinine as skin color, as the liberals and Jews would have everyone believe.

        It was because blacks don't conduct themselves in any of these facilities like whites.When a nigger enters a restaurant, he's loud, argumentative, rude, demanding, will usually raise hell over the check and try to get them to give him a free meal. He'll also eat like a pig, slopping food all over the place and even onto other customers. He almost never leaves a tip, but is well known for stealing them. And on the way out he'll usually steal something to boot. This is why all waiters and waitresses watch black customers like a hawk. They have to, even now. In a restroom he'll piss all over the floor and the toilet, leave toilet paper everywhere and in many cases deliberately crap on the floor or smear feces everywhere before he leaves.

        And this kind of behavior isn't a random, rare event but the norm. It's a way they show their hatred for whites without getting caught. Drinking fountains are another nightmare. Niggers have absolutely no concept about the necessity for good hygiene. I've lost count of the times I've seen some plate-lip do a complete lip-lock over the mouth piece of a drinking fountain as he guzzles water like a hog.

        Never mind that the mouth piece is loaded with all sorts of diseases and bacteria, not to mention nasty communicable viruses, a nigger will go to it without a single thought about any of this. And when the next person comes along, he gets any bug that coon may have had. All these practices have been the norm for niggers since the white man first brought him over and introduced him to our civilization and its amenities. As soon as he did, it became painfully obvious that niggers would have to have their own separate facilities. Comically, even other blacks don't like using their own facilities, but would usually try to sneak and use the white ones when they thought they could get away with it, and they still do it.

        But now they're allowed to use anything they like and brother, we are paying dearly for it. Almost every public restroom I go into is not fit for a white man to use. The same goes for the women's side and to be honest, a lot of time the girls have it far worse. Black females can be the nastiest bitches on the planet. And if one is in a bad mood, look out. She'll leave that bathroom a holy nightmare. I pity our girls,
        let me tell you.

        My kid brother used to manage a large shop and gas station, and I mean large. He told me that there were multiple occasions where he had to go in the girls' side and take a fire hose to it because some worthless ho' had gotten it so damned filthy and vile. No, I won't go into descriptions. Use your imagination. I guarantee it won't be bad enough. No matter where niggers go in our society, they leave a trail of theft, trouble, destruction and filth behind them. And this has been going on ever since Martin Loser Koon got them, dey "cibil rights".

        You know what really kills me? It's that niggers call him "De Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King". Gimme a damned break here! Two titles? Nobody is called both! Nobody but a nigger looking for prestige he doesn't rate. King was not a doctor of anything.He was given an honorary degree posthumously by some coon university. And as far as "reverend" goes, he never went to a seminary or divinity school, and was no more a reverend than my frigging cat! It's just another case of liberals twisting the living hell out of the truth to appease the spoiled natives. I do know a few people who are men that happen to be black, but unfortunately they are a very rare breed. I truly wish that blacks could and would conduct themselves like civilized beings.

        But I realize that's impossible. Creatures behave according to their design, and niggers will always and forever behave like niggers. It's about time whites acknowledged this fact and started dealing with them accordingly. Our forefathers and their fathers before them, going back to the very beginning, knew the nature of niggers and instituted social barriers to protect their women and families from these animals.

        Civil rights doesn't work. It never worked and never will. We need to reinstate our father's barriers whether the niggers like it or not. I can guarantee you they'll chimp out, but we need to be ready for that with battalions of armed troops to contain them by force. We'll have to bust a whole lot of spoiled, angry skulls at first, and bury quite a few as well. But once it's back in place it'll be fairly easy to enforce.

        It's time for major social upheaval in this country. We must put things back the way they were in this nation if we want to see our America survive. And I don't just mean controlling the blacks. There's a whole shopping list of changes that must take place, and we can do it. The only thing stopping us i ourselves.

        NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.


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          Niggers Strike Again

          Niggers Strike Again


          I never seem to be able to escape niggers no matter where I go on this continent. And wherever I find them, they're always up to no good. I'm convinced it's instinctive. They really can't help it because their brains are hardwired for crime.

          When I was at the VA hospital, I was eating in the cafeteria when a great big buck nigger swaggered in. He was built like a gorilla and had a face to match. Mashed nose, huge, jiggling lips, bulbous yellow eyes and a round, nappy head.

          There's a large sign above the drinks station where a coffee and latte' machine, iced tea, and various other drinks were set up exclusively for paying customers and veterans who are currently visiting or admitted to the hospital. It expressly forbids anyone else from taking drinks from there, and tells them to go to the canteen and buy their drinks. Well, Rastus saw the sign and promptly ignored it and helped himself to the largest iced tea he could get, made a "screw you" face to everyone and swaggered back out again. Niggers. I wanted to get up and jam that drink up his darker place, but I was in no condition at the time.

          Niggers think that laws and rules don't apply to them and consequently, our jails and prisons are stuffed to the freaking rafters with the nasty-assed apes. I've been inside dozens of prisons and several federal ones as well, and I can tell you first-hand that all of them are little Africas. Niggers are the vast majority in all American prisons, with wetbacks running second. Whites come in below Asians..if that doesn't surprise you. We are, and always have been the most law abiding race in the world. Want to solve America's crime problem? Get rid of the damned muds. It's that simple. The stinking liberals have done this to us, and are directly responsible and criminally liable for the deaths of millions of innocent whites at the hands of these animals. And they call this progress.

          I was talking to a registered nurse at the hospital, and she told me that she used to work at the children's hospital in Little Rock, which is the best pediatric burn unit in the country. She said she quit because of one incident that finally got her goat. A five-year-old boy was brought in with burns over 80% of his body. There had been a house fire. The doctors and nurses sat down with the child's mother and explained to her that her son was in horrible pain and was in danger of dying from his injuries. They were shocked at how cool her reaction was.

          Then they found out from the cops that she had deliberately locked him in the kitchen and started the fire because she was "tired of putting up with kids". She was going to fry her daughter with him, but she ran. The nurse was a liberal, but I asked her anyway. I said, "Let me guess--blacks.." She quickly said "Yes" then left the room.

          Any time something heinous, lowlife or animalistic happens you can bet your ass it was a nigger. They have absolutely no business in any white society, and if I had my way they would all be locked up in areas much like reservations with electrified fences, dogs, and armed guards. Something has to be done and soon, or there's going to be a bloodbath. White America is finally getting a belly full of liberal horse sh* t and is buying guns and ammo at such a monstrous rate that the liberals in our government are alarmed as hell and looking for ways to restrict their sale to us. Tough.

          Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Mao said that, and that nasty, crazy little chink was dead right. I'll never forget an account I read from a woman that did an interview with that creep years ago. She said he was nasty. He never bathed and he reeked because of it. He also had filthy, rotting green teeth and breath that could croak a dinosaur. His hair was full of dandruff, and he had a bumper crop of black hair growing out of his ears. All in all, a real nightmare to be around.

          He was also a megalo-maniac and a homicidal one as well. And yet this ugly, evil little toad had an insight into politics that we have either forgotten or no longer have the guts to apply. We either do something about this invasion and the criminals instigating it, or we bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. And while you're at it, you can explain to your kids why you're leaving them a such a toilet of a nation to live in. Because if you don't do something, it will be your fault. You will be the guilty party here; guilty of cowardice and apathy.

          There's currently a big stink going on in the black community aka chimp city, about the most recent episode of Law & Order: Rabid Liberal's Unit. It seems that they're chimping out over the fact that the story was about a black woman-beater that continually got off the hook because of his wealth and fame. Sound all too disgustingly familiar? You bet. It seems that these spoiled ass wipes don't like being reminded how lowlife they are.

          Aw, too damned bad. I don't watch the vile show, but apparently a lot of morons still do. Man, blacks are always digging for something to be pissed about. I have a permanent cure for their discontent and anger. It's called deportation at gun point. I sincerely hope that one day soon now the idea catches fire. In the meantime whenever you hear about another black or brown outrage and you want to know who to blame for it, look in the mirror.


          A black kid asks his mother,"Mama, what's a Democracy?"

          "Well son, that's when de liberal government forces white folks
          to work every day so we can get all our benefits. You knows,
          like a fat welfare check every month with fat raises for every
          new chillun I bring into de world, free cell phones for each
          family member, a rent subsidy, food stamps, WIC, free healthcare,
          dental, a utility subsidy & the list goes on & on, you knows".

          "But mama, don't the white people get pissed off about that?"

          "Sure they do! That's called racism!"

          (Never more simply explained)--Unknown


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          NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.