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FAEM 25 Feb 2001: Morris Dees & The Amurrikwan Legal System

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  • FAEM 25 Feb 2001: Morris Dees & The Amurrikwan Legal System

    The Wisdom of FAEM: Feb 25, 2001

    Morris Dees & The Amurrikwan Legal System

    A talented fellow, with an excellent web site, appears unconcerned that Forever Morris might take notice. In a correspondence, he claimed he was not worried. As constructive advice, one of my readers replied as follows:

    I really like your graphics work. You've got real ability. Visual arts talent like yours is something we desperately need, don't have enough of and cannot afford to lose at this time.

    Mr. Metzger acted as his own attorney, making many of the same arguments you've suggested to me that you'll make. (In the event of a Morris attack. RF)

    Now I agree with your arguments 100%. An American jury 100 or even 30 years ago would have agreed with you. Once we've won, it will be that way again. But we're not under white law right now. We're under Talmudic law, which means the law is whatever the rebbes say it is at the moment.

    And Morris will make sure you don't get a sympathetic American jury. He specializes in jury profiling. He will do his best to get any jurors likely to be sympathetic to you struck off and instead pack the jury with negroids and whiggers.

    Morris DOESN'T CARE how little money you have. To him the less the better because it means he won't have to face strong legal opposition. Dees isn't really looking for money from you. If he gets a few thousand, or a garnishment, that's fine. Morris really wants you for one purpose. That's to be the guest star villain in another episode of Multi-Racial Avengers.

    Whenever Morris can get a show organized, he gets all his many friends in ZOGmedia to provide weeks and weeks of free publicity and advertising they call 'news'. What Dees wants at the end of the show is video of you walking out of the court house captioned "GUILTY".

    After that bit of ZOG Theater, Morris will crank up his fund raising machine again. He'll hit his mailing list once more and he'll go on the lecture circuit to colleges and Hollywood-Westchester-Manhattan-West Palm Beach-Miami Beach, shaking his tin can the whole way. And it doesn't matter how 'small' you were. After the event, Morris will build you up until it looks like you were almost the next American F├╝hrer, just barely stopped in the nick of time by kindly Morris himself.

    Take a look at the WCOTC web site sometime and then compare it to how Morris portrays WCOTC on the his web site. On the WCOTC web site it's obvious from the addresses that over half of the 'ministers' are inside state prisons or on probation. On Morris' web site those addresses are deleted, leaving just the towns and states and the impression of something bigger than it is. In other words Morris is over inflating WCOTC. This is how Morris operates. He does this to create fear and shake the shekels loose from his liberal and Jewish contributors. That's where he makes his real money. In many ways Morris is a hustler and confidence man on the other side of a type we know all too well on ours.

    None of this is fair or right, I know. It's just the way the political battlefield is right now. Those courts are not our courts. Oh, when two peasants appear squabbling there's some balance, but that even happened in the old USSR. When it comes to a political matter, it's Stalinist show trial time the whole way.

    Speaking of that, the times are changing. A window of opportunity for us is starting to open up. Y2K was the last 'white' election in the Late Great USA. The GOP is just a walking corpse waiting to be buried. Come 2002 and later 2004 it's going to be completely obvious to millions of white people that they have no place with either the Democrats or the GOP. This time around we have got to be ready to make events work for us instead of reacting to them. Dubya has made it crystal clear he's going to accelerate the mud flood. Waterbugs all over the place are starting to wake up to this.

    We'll need you and every last man available for this war. And it's gonna be a long one, don't kid yourself. I'm fully in favor of galvanizing, energetic visual messages. Just please don't get picked off early by some sniper like hachet job Morris for no real purpose.

    Best Regards to your and yours, and keep up the good fight!


    I am The Librarian