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City of Granby Regime Criminals Lawna Price & Carra Jo Coffer vs Pastor Martin Lindstedt 18NW-CV00410 & 18NW-CV00412

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    I done pissed down my leg and done tun for the tall grass on these two bogus cases

    I done pissed down my leg and done tun for the tall grass on these two bogus cases

    Hi !!! I'm Associate Circus-Kort Judge Grindr-Greggie Stremel -- Faggot Judge

    I'm nearly as evil as Satannic-Mamzer Judge Kevin Lee Selby


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      The Judge Charles Curless 25 July 2018 Dog & Pony & Kangaroo Kort Proceedings Pastor Lindstedt v City of Granby, et. al., 18NW-CV00601

      The Judge Charles Curless 25 July 2018 Dog & Pony & Kangaroo Kort Proceedings Pastor Lindstedt v City of Granby, et. al., 18NW-CV00601

      Sober As A Judge Drunk On Power & Crooked As Hell


      07/25/2018 Notice of Dismissal
      Notice of dismissal sent to parties.
      Request for Records Filed
      Following hearing, Petitioner requests sound recording. Recording prepared and delivered to Petitioner at no charge this date. pak
      Dismiss by Ct w/o Prejudice
      Hearing Held
      Petitioner wholly fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. Court further finds all allegations of said "Petition" are frivolous and without merit. Court grants sanctions against Petitioner in favor of Defendant Attorney in the sum of $4000.00 SO ORDERED. Charles Curless
      Scheduled For: 07/25/2018; 11:00 AM ; CHARLES DENNIS CURLESS; Newton
      Motion Filed
      Motion for Trial to Continue with Sanctions Against Granby Attorney Brian Todd Goldstein for Misstating Both Facts & Law in this Case

      06/25/2018 Notice of Court Hearing Sent
      Notice of Hearing Sent to Parties.
      Case Mgmt Conf Scheduled
      Associated Entries: 07/25/2018 - Hearing Held
      Scheduled For: 07/25/2018; 11:00 AM ; CHARLES DENNIS CURLESS; Newton

      06/22/2018 Motion Denied
      Associated Entries: 06/20/2018 - Motion for Change of Venue
      Judge/Clerk - Note
      Plaintiff's Motion for Change of Venue was filed out of time, and is, therefore, denied. Case is set for Case Managment Conference on 7-25-18 at 11:00 AM. CC

      06/20/2018 Motion for Change of Venue
      Rule 51.03 Change of Venue and if Necessary Rule 51.05 Change of Judge to one Within the New Venue. Emailed to Judge Curless for Review.
      Associated Entries: 06/22/2018 - Motion Denied

      06/11/2018 Correspondence Filed
      Letter to Court Requesting Hearing Dates; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service. Emailed to Judge Curless.

      05/30/2018 Filing:
      Further Evidence Concerning Bad Faith and Unlawful Conduct on the Part of the City of Granby v Pastor Martin Lindstedt in the Six Sundry Civil and Criminal Cases in which Pastor Lindstedt is either a Plaintiff or a Defendant v City of Granby Plaintiffs or Defendants.

      05/25/2018 Judge Assigned
      Cause assigned to Hon Charles Curless

      05/24/2018 Judge/Clerk - Note
      Judge assignment request sent to OSCA.


      Audio Recording of 25 July 2018 Court Hearing: <-- Official Name <--- 2x dynamic range, 32 kps

      Pretty Crooked jewdge


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        Jury convicts Lamar man of pulling gun on police officer

        Jury convicts Lamar man of pulling gun on police officer

        Jeff Lehr
        Apr 23, 2019

        LAMAR, Mo. — A jury at the end of a single-day trial Tuesday in Barton County Circuit Court convicted a Lamar man of felony assault of a police officer and decided he should serve five years in prison.

        A jury of three women and nine men deliberated a little less than an hour before finding William A. Kirch, 39, guilty of the lesser included offense of second-degree assault. Kirch was facing a charge of first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, with jurors given the additional verdict options of second-degree assault (a felony) and fourth-degree assault (a misdemeanor), as well as the option of acquitting him of any offense.

        The charge stemmed from a warrant arrest of the defendant on Aug. 8, 2017. Kirch was wanted for violation of a protection order when Officer Austin "A.J." Eaves of the Lamar Police Department made contact with him as Kirch was seated in a parked vehicle on Poplar Street in Lamar.

        Eaves testified that Kirch asked him as he approached his vehicle why he was there.

        The officer said he ordered Kirch out of the vehicle, and as he was getting out, he told him he was under arrest and started to take control of his arms to handcuff Kirch. He said Kirch pulled away from him and reached for what proved to be a handgun in his waistband. Eaves testified that he pulled the defendant's arms back, causing Kirch to drop the gun on the seat of the car.

        "I clearly believed he was going to hurt me with the gun if I didn't get it away from him," Eaves told the jury.

        Sgt. Dennis Cornell, who arrived on the scene to assist in the arrest, testified that the gun proved to be a 9 mm pistol with one round in the chamber and a magazine containing other rounds.

        Prosecutor Mike Smalley argued at trial that by pulling away from Eaves and grabbing at the gun in his waistband, the defendant took "a substantial step" toward an attempt to cause "serious physical injury" to the officer, the key element of the crime the state needed to prove to obtain a conviction for first-degree assault. The second-degree assault verdict required evidence that the defendant took a substantial step toward causing physical injury of a lesser degree than "serious."

        "I don't know what else this weapon can do except cause serious injury," Smalley told jurors during closing arguments while showing them the gun involved.

        Cornell acknowledged on cross-examination by defense attorney Terra Tecchio that he was never in position to see if Eaves put his hand on the gun in his waistband. Cornell also acknowledged that despite there being body cameras on both officers and dashboard cameras in both their cars, no video of the incident exists.

        Kirch chose not to take the witness stand in his own defense, but a probable-cause affidavit filed in the case states that the defendant said to police that the gun was falling out of its holster and that's why he grabbed it. Tecchio argued to the jury that there was "no evidence that Mr. Kirch did anything but reach for his gun to take it off his person and put it on the seat."

        "Was it a poor decision? Perhaps," Tecchio said. "But in no way was he looking to cause serious physical injury to (the officer)."

        Jurors deliberated just seven minutes in the sentencing phase of the trial before returning their verdict that Kirch should serve five years for the crime. Judge David Munton has set formal sentencing of the defendant for June 13.

        A first-degree burglary charge remains pending against Kirch in Barton County Circuit Court in connection with an incident at a woman's apartment in Lamar a little more than a week before the incident with the police officer.

        Kirch is accused of entering the home of Charity Gordon without her permission and making threats. He was armed with a gun in that incident as well, according to Lamar police.

        Uncle's statement

        A probable-cause affidavit states that an uncle of William "Billy" Kirch told police that his nephew told him that he wanted police to kill him.

        All the shit unfit to print


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          Another nail in Granby's Coffin
          The foolish and evil Granby City Council-Criminals put the nail in Granby's coffin by setting up Fatt Lawna as "City manager" given that she is now skilled -- albeit not in book-keeping but in getting "free money" from Senile Joe's administration to put Granby into debt the next 40 years.

          Lawna Price is a skilled perjurer who ginned up a fraudulent "domestic protection order with the help of corrupt Newton County judges Kevil Lee Selby and GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel absent any jurisdiction given that she didn't have any domestic connection uder Revised Stastutes of Missouri Chapter 456 -- domestic relations and was merely a crooked cituy clerk who didn't want to give me a copy of the public record posted on the bulletin board. So I posted three Sunshine Act Enforcent suits and was assessed a $4000 fine for doing so which Bryan Reo bought for $1000 on Oct. 14, 2019 and the City of Granby Council-Criminals bulldozed my and Roxie's properties on 15 Oct. 2019. Which is why I never condemn all these mass shootings because it is the only time that ordinary people can get revenge upon a dying criminal regime.

          For the next two years I would call up Newton County dispatch at a price of $14.92 at one o'clock Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because the crooked judges of Newton County wanted to pretend that there still was a First Amendment. Now if an evil mean crooked bitch like Fattt Lawna can cause so much damage and tyranny as a City Clerk who can't book-keep unless Taylor-Green does it for $26,000 per year and has gotten out of billing, imagine what crooked crap she can do for $10,000 more per year as "City [mis]manager as the Granby city council-criminals get to blame they's crap on her instead of having to own up to it?

          Enjoy living under a police state paying $300-400 sewer and water bills for the next 40 years of debt while your children move out to Springfield or Neosho and all because Barry Flint wanted to set up a trailer park and didn't want you to live in your own used single-wide trailer.

          Granby-Gomorrah/Flintville is dying and tonight another nail was hammered into its coffin by a witless and wicked city council with Fatt Lawna being the maggot eating the corpse.

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