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    Worst of the Worst


    "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
    -- Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution .

    "The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error."
    -- William Jennings Bryan

    "In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
    -- George Orwell, 1984

    "One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it."
    -- Carl Gustav Jung

    "The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground."
    -- Anonymous

    An Artificial Division We Should No Longer Allow

    The following report is from LibRA member Stevie Swainson, a Colorado prisoner who may be contacted at:****

    Stevie Swainson, 108437
    Colorado State Prison
    PO Box 777
    Canon City, CO 81215

    Further comment is reserved until after Stevie's report. -- JWG


    Worst of the Worst
    By: Stevie Swainson 14/88

    I was first introduced to administrative segregation (Ad-Seg) in 2001, after only three months of being in prison for the first time. One might say I was a bit of a knucklehead when I first fell, but no more so than most 22 year olds fresh to the joint. Right from the beginning though, I was labeled as a part of a “Security Threat Group” (STG). I was given this label due to my racial, political and religious beliefs. The bald head and tattoos were justification enough, I guess.

    This STG label put me in the “ZOG trooper” spotlight and under the proverbial microscope. However, since I was only serving a four year bit, and non-violent, I was sent to a medium security prison. To me, the prison seemed to be overflowing with lowlifes, degenerates, and all around frauds. There were only a handful of Euro-Folk prisoners worthy of any kind of conversation. To be 100% honest, I felt the prison was soft. Being the berserker that I am, I drew a lot of heat and attention which was magnified tenfold due to the previously mentioned "STG" label.

    A couple of unavoidable scuffles and a few tattoos later, I found myself on a bus headed to Colorado State Penitentiary (CSP), Colorado’s super-max prison reserved for the “worst of the worst” according to the prisoncrats. The 750 single cell facility is built to hold Ad -Seg prisoners--supposedly the state's’most combative prisoners. The underlining reason for the prisoncrats to send me to super-max as opposed to maximum security, or what is called closed custody in Colorado, was my "STG" label. Mind you, I wasn’t a member of any prison gang. I hadn’t stabbed or seriously injured anyone. As a matter of fact, I had a total of four write ups, all class 2 COPD offenses, which carry about 20 days punitive segregation. However, as an enlightened heathen, raised to believe in and defend my family, friends, and race, I was deemed to be one of the “worst of the worst”. My principles didn’t coincide with those of the powers that be, so I was cast into the dungeon.

    There I was now 23 years old, one year into my prison term, thinking, “No sweat, I’ll be out on parole in a year.” Well, I quickly realized it would take a miracle to get me out of CSP before my four years were up. Of course, if I would have been in any other prison in the state, I would have been able to earn good time and possibly go to a halfway house. Not from super-max, though. So, I focused on working my program in hopes of getting to a different prison. After two years of remaining program compliant, I was able to interview in hopes of reprieve. However, the thought cops deemed my principles and beliefs were still intact, so I was forced to spend another year in complete isolation. After three years in Ad -Seg, I was released to mandatory parole, no reintegration classes, and no real game plan. I went straight from a complete lack of sensory stimulation to full on sensory over load. Labeled too much of a threat to live amongst other prisoners, but okay to be released upon society. I beg someone to find an ounce of logic in that thought process.

    Because of a few poor choices on my part and a little corruption on behalf of the Attorney General’s office, back to prison I went. This time for 32 years, which I am appealing. Still no violence in prison, and yet I was sent directly back to CSP to begin their "behavioral modification" program again.* Why?* Because I am still labeled "STG," and still hold my same beliefs and friends near and dear to my heart.

    I have been back nearly*five years now, and still I reside in super-max, labeled the “worst of the worst”. I am not whining, nor do I blame anyone other than myself for coming back to prison, that isn’t my intention in sharing this with you. I am merely painting a picture for those interested in the petty tactics that prisoncrats employ to justify or rationalize locking people away for years in Ad -Seg, because there are many proud EuroFolk in my same situation.

    Currently, Colorado has CSP, a 750 bed super-max facility, as well as a 250 bed administration segregation unit at Sterling Correctional Facility, one of the states’s maximum or closed custody facilities. That is 1000 beds filled at all times and the majority of prisoners are labeled "STG." If one was to go from cell to cell and check paperwork, a pattern would quickly emerge. That pattern would show most are in Ad-Seg for thought crimes -- political, racial and religious beliefs, along with a few minor incidents and a whole lot of paranoia on the part of the prisoncrats.

    I wish I could say that with the state being in a severe budget crisis, the Department of Corrections plans to change their policies to lighten the tax payer’s burden. However, that is not the case. On the contrary, Colorado has built a new super-max prison, a stone’s throw from where yours truly sits. This 900 bed facility is said to be open by the summer of 2010. That is a total of 1900 beds for Ad-Seg prisoners in a state that is relatively small compared to states with twice and triple the prison population. States such as Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey don’t have two super-max facilities, yet these states have more killings and more serious assaults per capita per year in their prisons. Not that Colorado doesn’t have any of these problems. We do, but not enough to warrant*two super-max facilities.

    When this new prison opens, the prisoncrats will be forced to fill it, and true to their nature, they will employ the same Orwellian tactics to do so. Regardless of one’s intentions, or what some may or may not be a part of, proud EuroFolk prisoners will be punished for no other reason than their beliefs.

    Colorado’s Ad-Seg program is supposed to have set criteria to get prisoners back into general population. This program consists of a "quality of life" level system, which supposedly determines one’s privileges and one’s ability to progress. There are a set of programs designed to get one thinking about change. These programs take about 18 months to two years to complete, depending on how long your case manager takes to get you started. Once these behavioral modification programs are completed and you have had your "quality of life" level 3 for a period of 90 days or longer, without any negative documentation and no write ups for a year, then you can begin the interview process to progress.

    The interview process consists of three stages:

    1) an interview is conducted by your case manager and another person. You are asked questions about anything and everything in your prison file and about your criminal case. They take the information back to a group of case managers who then vote to see if you’re ready to progress. If so, one passes to stage two.

    2). This is what amounts to an interrogation by “Intel officers” or the STG/gang thought cops. This process is videotaped. You are asked questions pertaining not only to yourself, but whomever and whatever they assume you should know. This is where they want you to admit to being a gang member, whether it’s true or not. The interrogator disrespectfully employs bullying tactics, threats and whatever else he or she deems fair. The intention of this process is to get one to "debrief" and disavow yourself from whatever "threat group" you are said to belong to. Those that are broken and debrief, get a free pass to the yard. For those of us who remain unbreakable, it may be some years before we see the yard.

    3). Once you do get past “intel “and approved for stage three, you will have another interview with classifications, and the head prisoncrats, and again there is a series of questions, and the committee takes a vote.

    It all looks like a straightforward process on paper, as their regulations are written. However, all it takes is one case manager or one “intel” officer to have a vendetta or dislike towards you, and you are shot down, never to see classifications, which translates into a corrupt process. Their set criteria of completing the programs and displaying prolonged positive behavior can be derailed by one thought cop in a bad mood. If you are denied at any time during the interview process, it is an automatic three to six months set back, in turn costing the already over-burdened taxpayers more money. Ad-Seg prisoners cost twice as much money to house than those in general population, because Ad-Seg prisoners don’t contribute to the operation of the prison, whereas regular prisons are mainly operated by the prisoners.

    Colorado is set to free 1000 or more prisoners this year and next to cure their budget crisis. This is like putting a band aid over a gunshot wound to stop the bleeding. It won’t fix anything or help the taxpayer while the policies and prisoncrats that caused the crisis are still intact. The politicians and laws are still the same, therefore this is a temporary fix to fool the masses.

    I am sure that Colorado isn’t the only state in crisis, so I implore all taxpayers in America to take a serious look at their state’s prisoncrat policies and budgets and decide for themselves who is truly the “worst of the worst”. Is it the convict paying his/her debt to society or is it the prisoncrats and politicians fleecing the taxpayers to build prisons that aren’t needed?

    Seize Today . . . . Secure Tomorrow

    Stevie Swainson, LibRA member


    Colorado's prison system is one of the nearly dozen state systems*in the country in which our association has been seeing its largest growth in membership. As in so many other state systems, Colorado prisoners are being made to fight for basic rights, including religious rights, with battles being fought by both Odinist and CI prisoners associated with LibRA. There was a period of time when there was a mass round up in Colorado of Eurofolk prisoners being sent to disciplinary segregation or "the hole," some times with no charges, then transferred to more maximum security prisons. Those affiliated with black prison gangs have been pretty much ignored--a situation duplicated by many other state prison systems.

    The country's gulags provide self appointed neo-marxist thought cops, who manage to get into positions of authority within them, playgrounds in which they can run amok. What used to be called prison gangs are now called "security threat groups," a broader definition under which those with religious or political views deemed "politically incorrect" by Orwellian thought cops, are included. We've also seem the emergence of Khmer Rouge style "re-education" programs or facilities.

    Stevie's report raises some questions. Why is a state with budget problems, already having one supermax prison but with a comparatively small prison population, building another supermax prison? When supermax prisons are much more expensive to operate than lower security ones? Most other states, including those with much larger prison populations, have only one (or no) supermax*prisons. For example, the bed capacity Stevie reports*Colorado has or will have (1000) is nearly double what Ohio has in its supermax prison. Ohio's prison population dwarfs that*of Colorado--as do several others with as much*or less bed capacity for supermax prison in their state. Perhaps Colorado legislators and other government officials outside that state's prison system should be asked these questions?*

    John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
    Liberty Rights Advocates
    PO Box 713
    Johntown, OH 43031

    *The name of our e-newsletter, Brush Fires Online, is taken from our membership newsletter, Brush Fires, which was inspired by the Sam Adams quote you often see us use. We give our political prisoners a forum for their own articles and reports, and this forum is also available to other prisoners who are also LibRA members who are taking a stand against tyranny. In addition to reports on LibRA activities, articles and reports by "free world" LibRA activists and advocates are shared with those on this list. As we grow in strength and resources, we will also address other civil liberties, civil rights, and constitutional rights issues effecting our Eurofolk people outside America's gulags. Those not on this list can be added upon request by contacting us at Better yet, if you are finally ready to actively participate in something positive and effective, become an associate member of LibRA and be part of a growing network of active advocates.




    Liberty Rights Advocates
    P.O. Box 713
    Johnstown, OH 43031
    I am The Librarian