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BFOL - Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings By David Lane

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  • BFOL - Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings By David Lane

    BFOL - - Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane

    Date: Sat. 8 Nov 2008 10:30:06 -0500
    From: "John Gerhardt" <>
    To: "Martin Lindstedt" <>
    Subject: Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane


    "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
    – Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution .

    "Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place amongst them, in the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever!"
    "Cattle die; kinsmen die; you must likewise die; but the voice of honor never dies for him who has earned a good name."
    - Havamal

    "One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it."
    - Carl Gustav Jung

    "The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground."
    -- Anonymous

    "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."
    -- David Lane

    It's now available!

    Victory or Valhalla:
    The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane

    Available Through This Link:

    Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane

    For quite some time an earlier book of a collection of Order POW David Lane's writings had become increasingly more difficult to find, and all too often what was found to be available was being sold for really high or even outrageous prices. Prior to David Lane dying in prison as a political prisoner, he had asked Java of Thor Ink and LibRA's Kortney to put together another more updated edition of his essays and other writings, with the intention and desire that his writings always be available to all of our Eurofolk kindred. Java and Kortney put much work into getting this collection together and have done an outstanding job. This latest book even contains some of David Lane's writings not found in the earlier book. It is now available through, and is sure to become a collector's item and treasured book to be passed down to future generations.

    Java of Thor Ink may be contacted at:

    Kortney, who has been LibRA State Advocate for Arizona and Pennsylvania and an effective activist and advocate, may be contacted at:

    David Lane had designated April Gaede, mother of the Prussian Blue girls, as executor of his estate, and it was to her that he requested his remains be sent by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    April had David's remains cremated, which is what David Lane wanted. Some of his ashes poured in the same location as the martyred hero, Bob Matthews.

    April was inspired to have the remaining ashes divided among 14 pyramid shamed urns to be entrusted to 14 specially selected women, to be passed down mother to daughter or to another trusted and honorable woman of our folk and faith, until the urns and ashes could be reunited in an independent Eurofolk republic in the Pacific Northwest if it ever became a reality (few remember that a separate, free Eurofolk republic, a homeland for our own to be our own for own governed only by our own for the benefit of our own, was what the Order had fought for). The pyramid shape was chosen because David was in to pyramidology. Upon the urns to be engraved David Lane's immortal 14 Words in runes, because David was an Odinist, and because he was the one who coined the 14 Words during his closing address to the 1988 Ft Smith sedition trial (which ended with all defendants being acquitted). When April asked for help in getting the 14 Words transcribed into runes for the guide of the engraver, I was honored to be able to do this for them. Thus was born what April was inspired to call the Sisterhood of the 14 Words. Java is an urn holder, as is also LibRA Advocate Beverly, affectionately known to many prisoners as Rowana the Druid.

    Here is a link to one of the urns being engraved, with a very moving musical piece, Sleep Well My Brother, by Saga:

    Kortney, who is now in Pennsylvania, helped organize and conduct a memorial rite or blot for David Lane in Arizona. We still intend to hold a somewhat belated memorial rite for David Lane in Ohio. There is a possibility at least one and perhaps two if not more of the urns entrusted to some of those in the Sisterhood of the 14 Words along with their holders may be present during this rite. Originally LibRA advocates and others in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee had tentatively planned separate memorials, but with various logistical and other problems and some delays, this memorial may be combined into a more or less regional one for Ohio and nearby or not so nearby states. It is also being considered to combine this with an Odinist martyr's day rite to honor not only David Lane but Bob Matthews and many others of our people who have fought for the survival and freedom of our people over the past years, centuries and millennia. If any one on this list is interested in attending, participating or otherwise helping with this, please contact us.

    LibRA has among the members of our association many current and former political prisoners who know our association is among the all too few who are always here for them, and we are also proud to have within our association six of the suriving and still imprisoned Order POW's. We offer the following links in honor of the memory of David Lane and in honor of all of our fallen or imprisoned, whether former or current political prisoners, or who have already passed from this realm of Midgard into the Halls of Valhalla.

    Viking Battle Prayer

    14 Codes of Eurolk Conduct

    Sons of Odin

    Swords In The Wind

    May It Be

    Lamb Near the Lane (lyrics by David Lane)

    Obtain your copy of Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of the Writings of David Lane today!

    John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
    Liberty Rights Advocates
    PO Box 713
    Johnstown, OH 43031


    The name of our e-newsletter, Brush Fires Online, is taken from our membership newsletter, Brush Fires, which was inspired by the Sam Adams quote you often see us use. We give our political prisoners a forum for their own articles and reports, and this forum is also available to other prisoners who are also LibRA members who are taking a stand against tyranny. In addition to reports on LibRA activities, articles and reports by "free world" LibRA activists and advocates will be shared with those on this list. As we grow in strength and resources, we will also address civil liberties, civil rights, and constitutional rights issues effecting our Eurofolk people outside America's gulags. Those not on this list can be added upon request by contacting us at Better yet, if you are finally ready to actively participate in something positive and effective, become an associate member of LibRA and be part of a growing network of active advocates.




    Liberty Rights Advocates
    P.O. Box 713
    Johnstown, OH 43031
    I am The Librarian