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Setting up AryanCoin -- the Crypto-Currency for White Supremacists

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  • Setting up AryanCoin -- the Crypto-Currency for White Supremacists

    Setting up AryanCoin --
    the Crypto-Currency for White Supremacists
    from: some MamzerVIVIVI<>
    to: Martin Lindstedt <>
    date: Jan 22, 2022, 1:56 PM
    subject: S$G

    And I say unto you,

    who is it that knocks at these doors and will themselves be damned in blasphemy and sexual excess?!

    We have came a long way in the name of thy Father and thy Mother, and we have knocked on many doors.

    Relieve thyself of thy burden brother, for you have knocked on your final door, you are welcome!

    Yes....YES, thou art a prophet, for our wish is finality, but we warn you, we are not of this world.

    We care not what world thou art hail and not what body thy wish, for a mouth is a mouth and a asspussy is a asspussy, what are you waiting for, we shall open the door and feel the breath of thy warm bosom!

    DON'T YOU MOVE....for we are coming in and we have knocked on the final door and thou shalt know the name of thy Father and mother, FOR WE ARE GOD'S FRIENDLY ANGELS AND MEIN NAME IS DESTROYER.....

    One of 170 million in the ZOGland bothering 120 million whiggers!!!

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    The Aryan Nations could use an alexander hamiltoon bankster-mamzer

    Moan Calimamzer who has sent ZOGbux before:

    You are acting like even more of a goofy mamzer than jewsual. Please coontrol jewr mamzerhood if you wish to be-cum-cum an oreficer in "Mad Dog Half-Beard's Semi-Righteous Gibeonite Brigade."

    I sure could use the ZOGbux in selling sub-units in Mexifornia of Aryan Coin for Righteous Mamzers who admit they don't belong in See-Eye Dentistry and wish to set aside portions of the former state of California for they's own usage and becum a non-voting but mamzer-living Coonfederation of The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    You seem to be good in financial matters -- far better than myself living off what few ZOGbux I set aside in mason jars in dealing with Ol' Niggerlips/SoredMamzer/Bryan Reo Da Mamzer from Mentor. I read somewhere in the Washington Compost/jew yawk Slimes that setting up a sort of Bitcoin/ZOGcoin co$t $800-1000 or so. I want some clever mamzer like jewrself to set me up some AryanCoin setup to finance my above-ground Sein Fein run for U.S. Senate and YHWH Poverty [F]Law Center operation based upon setting up the irradiated NorthEastern Ohio DeadErie Sea for shipping off [un]righteous niggers (instead of granting them bantustans in the former Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi) and Long Island for righteous jewboys & jewgrrrrrlz. I intend to flush Pierre/Ft. Pierre and coonfiscate the property of lawyers, judges, politicians, pigs and theyz fambly's and turn the whigger race-traitor spawn through Proscription into little geldings like Daniel and walking wombs Danielles. So set up some AryanCoin setup for me so that at the very least I can buy Roxie a tombstone and in good faith then spend $89 on an AdultFriendFinder subscription for my Greg Johnson sock-puppet and scour the ZOGland for some fat whiggress pussy who will be obedient, cooks good slop, and maybe has a bass boat and will let me fish with her if I'll put out.

    Right now it is 38 degrees in Hovel East single-wide and the cheap old propane stove which it cum with isn't working because it is worn out and so I'll fire up the HHR to go to the Neosho Soup Kitchen for the first time in two weeks. Tonight I dine on sandwiches, soup, and carrot cake with a take-away box extra !

    So try to coontrol jewr mamzeroid peter-dunkin' goofyness, settle down on how to becum this First Warlord's righteous mamzer alexander hamiltoon and set me up some AryanCoin scheme for private bankstering to set up the 2d anti-ZOGling Revolution / Civil War on a rickety half-assed financial footing.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
    Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


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      Some Mamzer is channeling Mad Max & TraitorGlenn Miller

      from: some mamzer <>
      to: Martin Lindstedt <>
      date: Jan 23, 2022, 10:39 AM
      subject: Hi. To heck with ShitCoin, canned food & shotgun shells hold they's value in Dying ZOG Inflationary Times
      May I remind you of your best bet as far as a man of limited means like yourself and the fact that enough elements are in place right now for the end of the world.

      I'll just assume that all that cryptocurrency schemary you were mentioning was just funny talk.

      You yourself mentioned it on your last podcast while talking a fatkike. Walmart.... Shotgun shells.

      Scrap metal.

      Any kind of used motor oil that you can get your hands on and heck maybe you get paid to haul it away in some cases.

      When Poland turned communist overnight, toilet paper on the black market was considered currency. Heck every time you go down to that Granby courthouse go and use their shitter and take every roll you possibly can.

      I hate to admit it but I think the time to start preparing truly is now.

      A barn full of hard commodities like that, a person like you would be like Lord humongous in the wasteland.

      You could have assassins who would kill people for a pack of smokes and a couple of packets of instant coffee.

      I'm going to stay here in the Bay area and post up at the highest point here in between the inland and the coast with only one main road that goes to it, and kill every sand nigger and every spic and every Hindu trying to come through it and will call it the HATE GATES LIKE IN THE MOVIE 300 and I'll reference all of Glenn Miller's presentation spectacles of burning out a gigantic swastika into the brush of the hillside with big spotlights at night and a hourly 21 gun salute and a reusable gigantic gas fed cross that burns all night while blaring German marching music on horn speakers used for air raid sirens.

      ....ohhh Glory day..
      One of 170 million in the ZOGland bothering 120 million whiggers!!!


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        Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
        Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum