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Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization?

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  • Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization?

    A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement -- Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance

    The Great Man Himself

    Of all the self-proclaimed White Nationalist leaders of the past thirty years, virtually the only one who can make any claim to have achieved any degree of success at all was Dr. William Luther Pierce... Pierce's success was not political in nature, although with The Turner Diaries it cannot be denied that Pierce achieved brief blip status on the national radar, which is more than any of his rivals except for David Duke have accomplished.

    Pierce's true achievement was personal, and in some ways more significant than if he had won an election or something of that nature. He lived to the age of 67. He created a profitable small business grossing over a million dollars a year. He lived in personal comfort on 345 rolling acres, in the style of a 18th or 19th century landed gentleman (no mean feat in the 20th century!) He spent his life surrounded by fawning sycophants telling him what a Great Man he was, including a number of attractive women, some of whom he imported from Eastern Europe for his pleasure. He dabbled in the stock market and in real estate and in improving his lands like a good country squire. Finally, William Pierce died peacefully in his own bed without ever having served a single day in prison, in an odor of sanctity.

    No other Great White Leader has equaled this record; even David Duke slipped up once and spent about eighteen months in Club Fed when he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Pierce slithered out of every trap ever set for him by ZOG, and to this day his name is Teflon. Most White Nationalists genuflect and sing hosannas to his name. William L. Pierce committed absolutely appalling acts of treachery, deceit, greed, and vindictive malice-and not so much as a crumb of any of it has stuck to him. After Rockwell, he is probably the closest thing to a Movement saint we've got.

    The organization Pierce led, for all its many, many-many-flaws, was just that, an actual organization, and no one else has ever been able to accomplish that. Virtually all so-called "White Nationalist orgs" have been one-man-bands at best or else simple scams to rip off supporters and put money in Fearless Leader's pocket, a la David Duke. To be blunt, given the generally dysfunctional nature of the American White male in these times, and the severe character deficiencies afflicting our race as a whole, the fact is that the National Alliance under Pierce is probably the best we can do, at least until the White man makes a collective decision to address the issue of character and to impose some kind of discipline and accountability on the Movement, especially on our self-proclaimed leaders.

    To tell the long and fascinating story of the National Alliance could not be adequately done without running to the length of the book; indeed, a book-length history of the NA would be a fascinating project, and we hope that some day someone knowledgeable will undertake it. We can only hit the highlights of Pierce's complex and highly flawed personality.

    It might perhaps be a good way to give readers an overview if we reprint a series of several documents from the later Pierce years, when Pierce was not in the best of mental or physical health and things started to unravel. These excerpts from the record will give the reader some idea of what life in the National Alliance was like:
    A Series of Original Documents
    From the William L. Pierce Era

    Thirty Questions for Dr. William L. Pierce

    1. It has been repeatedly asserted by contemporary witnesses that on the night of George Lincoln Rockwell's murder, Dr. Pierce and Robert Lloyd broke into the Commander's safe and destroyed his political testament. What were the contents of that document, and why was Pierce desirous of suppressing it?

    2. In view of testimony from at least two government witnesses (Zillah Craig and Glenn Miller) that William L. Pierce received $300,000 in stolen money from the Order armored car robbery, given to him by Bob Mathews in the presence of witnesses, why was Pierce not indicted and placed on trial in the 1988 Fort Smith sedition trial?

    3. What was the true story behind the resignation of Gary Gallo from the NA?

    4. What was the true story behind the resignation of Kevin Alfred Strom from the NA? (NB: Strom was later lured back by a $3000 per month salary, which no one ever quite figured out what he did to earn.)

    5. What was the true story behind the 1994 suicide of NA Colorado chairman Theon Tomcheff?

    6. Why was National Alliance involvement in the shooting of two blacks in Fayetteville, NC in December 1995 suppressed by the media, after having been widely reported for the first several days after the incident?

    7. Against what North Carolina National Alliance officer was former NA member Kristin Schroeder forced to take out a court injunction to prevent him from harassing her, making obscene phone calls to her home, etc?

    8. What Virginia National Alliance activist was severely dog-bitten when he crept on to the property of a Pierce critic and was caught in the act of spray-painting NA runes and obscene graffiti on the garage?

    9. What was the true story regarding the resignation of John Milton Kleim from the NA?

    10. In the 30 years William Pierce has been operating as the National Alliance, why has Pierce had no trouble of any kind from the Internal Revenue Service, especially in view of the dubious and criminal sources of some of his funding?

    11. In what way does Pierce justify the purchase of such items for his estate as a $20,000 tractor out of White racial funds?

    12. How many Eastern European mail order brides has Dr. Pierce imported into this country for himself and his associates, and what is the source of the funds which he has used for travel expenses and immigration attorneys for this purpose?

    13. Why did Pierce donate $50,000 to British National Party leader John Tyndall when Tyndall was facing a leadership challenge from Nick Griffin? Where did this money come from? What use did Tyndall make of these funds? Why was this money not kept in America in order to benefit American White Nationalism?

    14. In 1998 two convicted felons (Brian Pickett and Todd Van Biber) testified in open court and also before a Federal grand jury that they had personally handed Pierce large amounts of stolen cash from bank robberies in his office in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Why was Pierce never so much as questioned by the FBI about these publicly reported allegations?

    15. Where did Timothy McVeigh obtain the bulk quantities of The Turner Diaries he sold at gun shows?

    16. What well known National Alliance officer was seen by numerous witnesses hobknobbing with Timothy McVeigh at an NA meeting in Las Vegas in February, 1995? In view of the fact that this is the only known, provable connection whatsoever between McVeigh and any right wing, racist, or militia group, which would presumably be of great interest to the FBI and the prosecution, why has McVeigh's attendance at this function been suppressed by the media?

    17. On April 23rd, 1995, what documents and photographs dealing with Timothy McVeigh did Dr. William L. Pierce turn over to a special team of FBI agents who were flown in by helicopter to the National Alliance compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia? Why were these documents never made public in any subsequent investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing?

    18. Who terrorized Arizona National Alliance organizer Richard Cotten into silence over the NA/McVeigh connection?

    19. Why was witness Richard Isaacson not allowed to testify at McVeigh's trial about McVeigh's attendance at the Las Vegas meeting, and subsequently forcibly "deported" from Denver by the police after refusing to be silenced?

    20. In 1999, why was William L. Pierce allowed to enter Germany, travel freely about the country for ten days, attend political meetings and make political speeches, give media interviews, and then depart unmolested, where all other foreign right wing or racist leaders are banned, where American citizens have been arrested and imprisoned for writings published in America, and where in one case (Gerhard Lauck) the German government actually went so far as to kidnap an American citizen from a third country? What accounts for Pierce's astounding immunity?

    21. In 1992, Pierce purchased for $85,000 a large estate in Otto, North Carolina from a notorious pederast and almost certainly racial Jew as well [Benny Klassen], which he then sold for almost $300,000 several years later. Why is a so-called "White leader" doing real estate business with Jews?

    22. In 1996 William L. Pierce sold the copyright (not just printing rights) to his novel The Turner Diaries to the Jewish publisher Lyle Stuart. Stuart subsequently brought out a limited edition containing an extremely anti-White preface written by a Jew, as well as an extra dollar tacked on to the cover price which would be donated to Handgun Control, Inc. from every sale. The book is not distributed to bookstores and is available from Lyle Stuart only by special order; it has, in effect, been suppressed. All of this was done with Pierce's foreknowledge and acquiescence. In an interview Pierce subsequently gave to People magazine, he stated that he intended to use the royalties from the Lyle Stuart edition to build himself a new home on his 345-acre West Virginia estate. Question: in what way is it fitting or becoming for a so-called "White leader" to do something like this?

    23. Why did Dr. Pierce turn over his mailing list to Morris Dees, who subpoenaed it during the "Church of the Creator" lawsuit, without even the slightest attempt to resist the confiscation of the list through the legal process?

    24. Who stole the National Alliance mailing list from Dr. Pierce's office in 1993 and sold it to Art Jones and John McLaughlin, who then used it to start up the short-lived "WAR Eagle" tabloid and found the ABC Books mail order company?

    25. In 1998, why did Pierce allow then National Alliance member Vincent Breeding to erect a web site containing images of homosexual pornography smearing a Pierce critic, and only order Breeding to take it down once the site had been conclusively traced back to the NA and had become an embarrassment?

    26. In 1999, where did William L. Pierce obtain the $250,000 he paid to Willis Carto for the copyrights and mailings lists and remaining CD inventory of George Burdi's Resistance Records?

    27. Why has Dr. Pierce turned his version of Resistance magazine into a vehicle to attack and denigrate the Skinhead movement and Skinhead rock music, rather than advance it?

    28. Does William L. Pierce speculate heavily on the stock market, as he is rumored to do? If so, what is the source of the money he uses for this purpose?

    29. What is the National Alliance "Special Operations Unit", "Cyber-Cell, " or "Internet Task Force"? Is it in fact a team of several Pierce followers who spend their time on the internet monitoring, stalking, harassing, smearing, and spreading rumors about anyone on Dr. Pierce's "enemies list"? If so, is this the kind of activity that should be supported by White people's donations and book orders?

    30. Dr. Pierce is now 66 years of age. He has spent his entire life living off the donations of White people; so far as anyone knows, the man has literally never worked a day in his life. Given the state of modern geriatric medical science, it is entirely likely that Pierce has another twenty years or so of life left. [Pierce died in 2002] Question: in what way does it serve the Aryan racial cause for all of us to provide this man with a comfortable, bucolic retirement for the next twenty years?

    Why I Broke With William Pierce
    by L. Bradford Davis [2001]

    To All Racially Aware Aryans:

    I have devoted long and careful consideration to the writing of this open letter to the entire White racial nationalist movement on the subject of the National Alliance, and the reasons for my termination of my own involvement with the Alliance. I have decided that it is a duty I cannot shirk, however vicious and hysterical the reaction it will inevitably provoke. Silence can kill, and I am convinced that silence on the subject of the NA's many problematical aspects may yet kill our race.

    It is customary in these kinds of monologues to go into a long and very personal recounting of the whole history of one's involvement, naming names and pointing fingers, and how one realized that involvement was a mistake. I have decided not to do this, in deference to the many fine and devoted people that I met in the Alliance, some of whom are still with the group and who will unquestionably denounce and revile me for breaking ranks and saying out loud what we all know in our hearts: that our precious Emperor Dr. Pierce has no clothes. I am not here to tell my story, but only my conclusions, conclusions I have arrived at only with the greatest of soul-searching, sadness, and reluctance.

    I will simply say that I phased out my own active participation in Alliance activities in 1997, when as a member of the NA's "cyber-cell" I was ordered by then NA cyber-czar Vincent Breeding to devote all of my activities towards attacking [a well-known critic of Dr. Pierce] on the internet, to the exclusion of all racial matters. I resigned from the Alliance in December of 2001 because I could no longer reconcile my continued membership with the persistent and absolute failure of Dr. Pierce to provide me with an explanation of the Hendrik M?bus affair, either personally or through a general discussion with the membership,

    It is time to puncture the deceptive and egregious myth of the National Alliance as being the self-proclaimed "foremost racist organization in the world". It is nothing of the kind.

    The National Alliance is neither a political nor a racial organization. It is a cult, the purpose of which is to provide a comfortable lifestyle and retirement for its guru-like leader. A failed academic named Dr. William L. Pierce originally founded it under the name "National Youth Alliance" in 1970. Pierce makes much of being a former aide to the late Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. In fact, I have learned since my departure that Pierce was in fact expelled from the original National Socialist White People's Party in that year by the then Commander of the NSWPP, Matt Koehl, for incompetence and theft of Party funds.

    Pierce, as I mentioned, has made some to-do about his past as an alleged former aide to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. In point of fact Rockwell disliked Pierce personally as an intellectual totally lacking in the personal, physical courage which Rockwell so admired in men. Veterans of the Rockwell period in Arlington recall Pierce with derision. "He would show up at rallies, when he showed up at all, in his own car and wearing a suit, trying to hide in the crowd," recalled one former ANP Stormtrooper. "We called him Mr. Peabody after the cartoon character. He was an arrogant SOB and looked down on anyone who worked with their hands or who didn't have a string of college degrees."

    Insofar as anyone can determine, Dr. William L. Pierce, who is now aged 66, has never actually worked a day in his life, with the possible exception of waiting tables or something of the kind when he was in college. Ever since 1966, he has lived off the donations of White racial nationalists, which he has collected, through various mail order bookselling schemes, businesses and fund-raising scams. He has other, less reputable sources of income as well, as the record will show.

    The National Alliance has been called "a racist version of Scientology" , and the comparison is not inapposite. A large part of the group's time and effort and resources are devoted towards harassing, annoying, and discrediting former NA members who break with the group, along with anyone who publicly criticizes certain financial wheeling and dealings and general skullduggery on the part of Pierce and some of his clique.

    Despite what they tell you, not only is the National Alliance not the "foremost racist organization in the world", but they are in fact one of the smallest and most ill-regarded of the many sects and factions which make up the American racial right. Pierce and several of the lesser left-wing "monitoring groups" have recently claimed that there has been a dramatic increase in National Alliance membership, but like so many of Pierce's claims, this does not appear to be born out by the facts.

    At any given time, there are less than 400 actual members throughout the world. Their mailing list at its height in 1993 (when it was stolen and passed around the Movement like a bag of popcorn) was only 2,000 names, some of them subscribers to the cult's irregular magazine but mostly of people who simply ordered books from their mail order catalog once or twice. The A.D.L., who claim to monitor Pierce closely, recently stated that even this list was now down to about 1,500 people.

    One recent defector from Hillsboro, Sam Van Rensburg, recently revealed that actual signed-on membership is about 200. According to former NA secretary and Pierce confidante Evelyn Hill (yes, even Ev eventually had enough and left), the NA is mostly maintained now by a core group of about 50 hard-core, wealthy financial supporters whom Pierce has accumulated down through the years, and who continue to support Pierce despite his total failure to produce anything remotely resembling tangible political results in over three decades of the group's existence.

    In actual fact, the National Alliance is regarded with extreme suspicion and derision by the bulk of the Aryan racial nationalist movement, which in its aggregate numbers probably between 50,000 and 75,000 active people. The NA's 400 is a drop in the bucket. Most groups ban NA members from their meetings, and refuse to have anything to do with the NA, often due to the violently anti-Christian nature of some of their rhetoric, but also due to the strange and erratic behavior usually exhibited by their members.

    National Alliance members have gained a reputation for being among the nuttiest people in the Movement as well as the most personally repulsive. Many National Alliance members seem to suffer from the psychiatric condition known as "hebrephenia" , which may be politely described as poor bodily hygiene. More bluntly, one Klan group banned their local NA representative from their gatherings because "he smelled like a goat and no one could persuade him to take a bath." National Alliance members seem without exception to be either extremely thin or extremely overweight, although there are exceptions like the narcissistic Kevin Alfred Strom. Strom, indeed, is so proud of his physique that he posted semi-nude pictures of himself in his underwear pulling "beefcake" poses on his own personal web site.

    [NB: In January 2007, Kevin Alfred Strom was arrested for possession of child pornography and for sexually stalking a ten year-old girl, the daughter of a fellow White Nationalist couple in his National Vanguard group.]

    National Alliance members have been involved time and again down through the years in bizarre incidents of neurotic and strange behavior, some of them illegal. One of the more prominent examples of this is the bizarre suicide of NA Colorado state Chairman Theon Tomcheff in 1993. Tomcheff staged a drunken standoff with police in the street in front of his house, waving a gun in the air, then fled inside and blew his own brains out. Hardly an "Earl Turner" style exploit!

    In addition, the National Alliance has developed a reputation down through the years for being-how can I put this delicately?- sexually ambivalent? On one occasion a former National Alliance member wrote,
    "I was in the NA for over a year, until I became increasingly uncomfortable over the fact that I was the only person in my cell who was a married man with a family. All of the rest were strange, geeky men who either appeared to me to be homosexuals or who could barely refrain from ogling my wife, kept on asking me how she was in bed, that kind of revolting behavior. Many of them used pornography and brought it to NA unit meetings to pass around. I think I was probably the only cell member out of a dozen who was sexually normal. There was this aura of sickly misogyny and homoeroticism over the whole thing. I just got bad, bad vibes off the whole outfit."

    William Pierce expelled one NA headquarters staffer, Sam Van Rensburg, for allegedly asking female callers to the HQ for phone sex. However, Pierce maintains as his North Carolina representative a man who is notorious for beating women, and whose abuse of both his American first wife and his Russian mail order bride were notorious and are legally documented in the second wife's divorce papers.

    Van Rensburg maintains that his expulsion was due to his questioning the uses to which donated funds were put and also because he attempted to get information regarding the most forbidden topic of all, the exact legal structure of the NA and what procedures were to be followed in the event of Pierce's death or incapacitation. As in all absolute monarchies, it is high treason to speak of the death of the king.

    One of the NA's most cult-like features is a pervasive dishonesty, a lack of respect for the truth. This, along with their complete lack of respect for the rights of others (most especially the rights of others to disagree with them and criticize them and their leader) leads to excessive and hysterical behavior of the kind we have witnessed for the past several years. Cult members who attempt to leave are slandered, smeared, insulted, harassed with phone calls and threats, their property is vandalized and other acts of petty criminality are directed against them, apparently in an effort to intimidate them into silence.

    The NA like to pretend that they are a "revolutionary vanguard" in the manner of Earl Turner, the hero of Dr. Pierce's fictional novel The Turner Diaries, but the fact is that another outstanding characteristic of the National Alliance in real life is extreme physical cowardice. Dr. Pierce himself has fled into hiding on at least two occasions to rather than accept moral responsibility when someone has attempted to put his book into practice. Nor is the cult's obnoxious practice of filing nuisance lawsuits against critics exactly a shining example of Viking-like heroism.

    Another interesting topic of speculation is the source of an apparently almost bottomless flow of cash into the National Alliance coffers. When Pierce lost a lawsuit to Morris Dees in 1996, in Bryson City, North Carolina, and was assessed hundreds of thousands of dollars in civil judgements and court costs, Pierce simply wrote Dees a check and paid him off! Pierce regularly comes up with huge sums, such as the $200,000 necessary to buy the rights and inventory to George Burdi's Resistance Records (which Pierce then proceeded to run into the ground.) We have already mentioned the "Big Fifty" referred to by Evelyn Hill, but there have also been repeated rumors down through the year that Pierce plays the stock market with his supporters' funds, which is just as much a form of gambling as David Duke's riverboat junkets.

    But worse than all of the above, there have been a number of sinister incidents in the past sixteen years or so indicating that Dr. William L. Pierce has made an active arrangement with the racial enemy. This manifests itself in an apparently near-complete immunity from the ordinary processes of criminal and civil law enjoyed by no other citizen of this country. The examples of this bizarre immunity from the law are almost too many to mention, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain away this long parade of suspicious incidents in any way which is consistent with Pierce's innocence.

    *There is the 1993 incident where one of Pierce's associates, now resident in North Carolina, apparently set up two licensed Class Three gun dealers in Virginia Beach for a bust at the behest of the BATF.

    *The same mysterious Pierce associate was wanted for questioning in two serious incidents of sending explosive devices in the mail to Christian groups. The Federal investigation by the postal inspectors was dropped.

    *The same mysterious Pierce associate was able to quash a state grand jury subpoena in connection with a 1995 multiple homicide in North Carolina. There seems to be some question as to this man's actual identity; recent research by a cult victim with the resources to hire private investigators has revealed that the one he uses in the NA is false. (The investigators were also warned off very sternly by the authorities when they started getting too close.)

    *Dr. Pierce has an inexplicable ability to enter Germany, travel about freely at will, even give speeches to political groups and interviews to news people, a privilege which is granted to no other right-wing "leader". The German authorities have gone so far as to kidnap American citizens for violating their censorship laws. So why does Pierce get to stroll through Germany at will? Interestingly, Pierce's last little German walkabout was followed by a spate of over 100 arrests of NPD members and others, almost all of whom had met with Pierce in the previous weeks.

    *In 1998 two convicted bank robbers, Brian Pickett and Todd Van Biber, testified in open court and also to a Federal grand jury in Tampa, Florida as to how they committed a series of bank heists in New England, and on their way back home to Florida they stopped off at the National Alliance headquarters compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia and dumped paper bags full of stolen cash onto Pierce's desk in his office. So far as anyone is aware, Pierce was never even questioned by the FBI about these allegations.

    The most recent, and in many people's eyes the most egregious example of this startling immunity to the law was provided by the grotesque Hendrik M?bus incident. Leaving aside the question as to whether or not an ostensibly Aryan racialist organization should be supporting and promoting Satanic rock music (that will really rally the masses around us, eh what?), it is more than time that Dr. Pierce gave us all a clear, concise, and detailed explanation as to how it comes about that the United States Marshalls Service knew that a wanted Federal fugitive was staying on the NA property in Hillsboro for a full two months, and yet did not enter the property to arrest him and only served the Federal fugitive warrant when M?bus left the property for a grocery run. Pierce's consistent refusal to address this subject at all is, to my mind, the clearest indication yet that he dare not address it, and that there are skeletons in Pierce's closet which render him morally unfit to hold any leadership position in the Aryan movement, or indeed be associated with it at all.

    Pierce's latest project is of a piece with much of what he has done over the past twenty years, i.e. demanding money from Aryan racial nationalists to improve his own personal property. His latest boondoggle is a demand that we pony up $40,000 to build a "meeting hall" on the compound grounds. How, exactly a meeting hall way out in the back of the beyond, about as far as it is possible to get from anywhere on this continent, will be of benefit to the ultimate survival of the White race, is not explained.

    What, exactly, will happen to all that land and all those buildings and all that computer gear and all those books when Pierce dies, or as now seems likely, when he is no longer able to conduct his own affairs due to his advancing Alzheimer's? This we are not told. Who is Pierce's designated successor? How will the transition to a post-Pierce National Alliance be handled? We are not told. We are simply asked to keep on sending money to a post office box and to trust in some kind of deus ex machina revelation yet to come. It is ironic that Pierce has criticized Christianity as a "pie in the sky when you die" religion. In the case of the NA cult's theology, even the pie when Pierce dies seems a very dubious proposition.

    Ex National Alliance members have come to me since my departure from the cult and asked what can be done. My answer is simple: nothing. And nothing should be done. The National Alliance is a dead end into which we all strayed and in which we all wasted entirely too much time, money, and effort. I wish Dr. Pierce a happy and comfortable retirement, and my genuine best wishes that he may retain his health as long as possible. If others choose to finance that retirement, that is their decision. My decision is that I will no longer have anything to do with this particular dead end, nor will I send William Pierce one more thin dime. You now know my reasons for this decision, and I leave you to yours.

    Regards to all,

    The National Alliance, Incorporated:
    A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell
    by Maguire [2002]

    The key to understanding the National Alliance (NA) is understanding the real structure of the NA. The National Alliance is a private for-profit corporation chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia (not West Virginia).

    The NA has stockholders, officers, directors and customers. Dr. Pierce's 'chairmanship' was always chairman of the Board of Directors of this Virginia for profit corporation. The constant introduction of Dr. Pierce as 'Chairman' started in the days when the 'Chairman' of the Communist Party of the USSR was a political figure of importance. The listener was invited to conclude Dr. Pierce was a political figure with the title of 'Chairman', although his chairmanship was of a corporation he owned and operated.

    The Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth' s corporate data website reports the current 2003 officers as:


    The National Alliance's publicly registered Virginia address is: 1330 GORDEN WALL CIR APT 402, RESTON, VA 20194. The true spelling is GARDEN WALL CIRCLE. The Fairfax County tax assessor's website reports this address is a condominium owned by NA Vice President Katherine Molz... This address is just outside Washington DC in Fairfax County. The NA's registered address in Fairfax County, Virginia gives it many famous neighbors, including the CIA.

    This privately owned corporation is a media company. It has three major profit centers.

    The foremost profit center is Resistance Records, a subsidiary the NA owns as Resistance LLC. Resistance Records markets "White Power Music" and related paraphernalia to young white males. This business is 'Chairman' Erich Gliebe's real focus. It's what he did before Dr. Pierce died and it's what he concentrates on now.

    The second profit center is National Vanguard Books. The NA's secretary, Dr. Robert DeMarais - a former professor of business - continues to operate National Vanguard Books as he did before Dr. Pierce's death.

    The third profit center is 'membership dues'. For all practical purposes these National Alliance memberships are merely 'fan club' memberships in what we can fairly term the Dr. William Pierce Fan Club.

    This is identical to other fan clubs for famous celebrities. These memberships do not confer ownership (i.e. stock). Nor are the corporate officers and directors accountable to the 'members'. This is why the NA even solicits anonymous memberships. What the 'member' purchases is a false sense of belonging to an organization that is doing something.

    The National Alliance, Incorporated, uses two principle forms of advertising to market to its target demographic of young white males. The major advertising channel is the "American Dissident Voices" radio broadcast. Since Dr. Pierce's death Kevin Strom has resumed doing the ADV broadcasts. The American Dissident Voices show was really Kevin Strom's creation. He organized the original shortwave and small town AM/FM network in the 1990s, provided the technical support and occasionally stood in for Dr. Pierce.

    The other 'advertisment' is the midnight 'literature distributions' conducted by the so-called 'Local Units' (i.e. the local Dr. Pierce fan club chapters). This involves spreading NA, Inc approved flyers in neighborhood driveways. The principle objective of these flyer distributions is to get people to contact the National Alliance's main e-commerce website.

    The National Alliance and the
    Anti-Defamation League
    of B'nai B'rith: A Symbiotic Relationship.

    The second morning after each literature distribution the local newspaper always runs an Anti-Defamation League written template article about 'hate'. This boilerplate article serves both the National Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League's fund raising goals. The ADL routinely hails the NA as the "most dangerous organization in America", even though ADL 'investigators' have long known about the NA's true structure. The entire transaction scares up more donations for the ADL from neurotic Jews while also recruiting still more customers for the NA.

    This mechanism is also the major reason why the pro-white movement is teeming with so many criminals and borderline psychotics.[Emphasis added.] The NA's only positive goal is to maximize its own profits, just like any other private corporation. In the furtherance of this profit goal the National Alliance, Incorporated has willingly allowed its ostensible deadly enemy, the Masonic Jewish supremacists of B'nai B'rith, to define the pro-white cause for the American public.

    With minor variations this business model has now been operating for three decades, ever since the National Alliance was incorporated in 1974.

    Failure of the 'Non-Movement'

    There was never any possibility for the NA to progress beyond media operations into becoming a civil and political leadership cadre. The National Alliance, Incorporated collectively can no more participate in direct local politics than can Texaco or IBM. The corporation laws of the State of Virginia debar this. Those in editorial control of National Alliance can exert a background influence on the social and political environment. But this influence will always be proportional to their circulation.

    Since the NA's circulation is very broad in geographical scope, and the content irrelevant to local conditions or people, the resulting influence is also very superficial. Probably non-existent is a better term. Marc Moran in New Jersey recently discovered the illusionary nature of the existing 'non-Movement' when he attempted venturing into local politics.

    Enter Vanguard News Network and ShopWhite

    The Vanguard News Network is currently in the final stages of opening an eBay clone called "ShopWhite". What Bill White and Alex Linder of VNN are doing is making a transparent move on Resistance Records' (the NA's major profit center) consumer base. Presently a White Power Band has very limited options open to it for marketing. They can market through Panzerfaust Records or they can sell through the NA subsidiary, Resistance Records.

    White and Linder intend to use ShopWhite to capture Resistance Records' White Power music and paraphenalia market. As Bill White said recently, ShopWhite will be a sole proprietorship with himself as sole proprietor. We can add ShopWhite to his NORFED redemption center franchise and other commercial internet activities.

    There's a fair amount of money at stake here. The total revenue stream for White Power music CDs and paraphernalia is probably $3 mil to $5 mil per year. To this can added books, tapes and videos of various kinds. Bill White intends to snag 10% or so of this revenue stream for himself. Emphasis on 'so'.

    This underlies all the recent smoke on www.overthrow. com about Kevin Strom, Erich Gliebe and others. The Kevin Strom flap is a secondary attack on the NA's major advertising channel (American Dissident Voices) and an indirect attack on Eric Gliebe and Resistance Records.

    It is crucial to the success of this effort that it not be seen for the commercial ploy it really is. This is because the customers would be awakened to their own real status both with the NA and in under ShopWhite. White and Linder cannot openly admit they are now commercial competitors with Gliebe, Demarais & Company.

    The immediate struggle is a fight over control of existing White Power paraphernalia consumers. It will not add more strength or organization to the unorganized pro-white population, advance them towards political power, or develop subordinate community leaders. Bill White says this will happen but what else could he say? Crucial to the endeavor is maintaining the illusion the 'Movement' as it presently exists is something other than a media marketing scheme.

    Alex Linder (and Bill White to a degree) are more honest about what's up than Dr. Pierce ever was. So this may be a healthy puff of fresh air. We'll see how close White comes to eBay openess. Dr. Pierce always maintained a pretense that the NA was some sort of collective organization. The reality is the NA is and always was a private for-profit media company partly organized on the lines of Amway. But it was not as aggressive. Nor was it as effective in sinking in its roots locally for reasons seen above and below.

    Neither VNN or its ShopWhite enterprise are going to 'overthrow' the NA, although it will probably reduce NA Inc's profits and cut into its market share. The NA is a private corporation incorporated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any thinking person by now is wondering why the government has never taken the simple step of revoking the corporate charter of this 'dangerous terrorist organization' , as it's called by the ADL and its agentur in the FBI and the Department of Justice 'Anti-Terrorism Task Force'. They've always had it in their power to do this but found it convenient not to do so for some reason.

    The Political Persecution of Chester Doles

    Chester Doles occupied a unique place in the National Alliance. He was the most powerful 'NA leader' who was not actually an employee or director of the National Alliance, Incorporated. By his own efforts and dynamism he had raised his particular local unit in Georgia to several hundred members. Unlike the other delivery boy operations Doles' unit was acquiring real independent life and a community character.

    Most notable about this unit was its concentration in a small rural area. These 'members' were thus less useful to the NA's business model, while Mr. Doles himself was a dangerous potential competitor.. . Shortly before his arrest by the ADL lawyers occupying Department of Justice offices, Mr. Doles openly broke with and resigned from the National Alliance. He had complained on several occasions about the large number of Federal, ADL and SPLC informers within the National Alliance.

    Following Dole's arrest the officers and directors of the National Alliance, Inc., tried to abandon Mr. Doles. Alex Linder and VNN initiated the Chester Doles/Goy Genius challenge to raise $50,000 for Mr. Doles defense. This succeeded and former US Congressman and district attorney Robert Barr has now undertaken Mr. Doles' legal defense against charges lodged by Michael Chertoff, a director of the ADL and Bush political appointee to the Department of Justice.

    [NB: NA members eventually raised $75,000 dollars for Doles' defense. They employed Robert Barr's firm, but Barr himself did not take the case and never appeared in court at Doles' side. Doles was fobbed off with a junior counsel who pleaded him guilty after the FBI threatened to indict and imprison Doles' wife Teresa as well, thus depriving Doles' large family of young White children of both parents at once and possibly having those children seized by the state and dispersed to foster homes.$75,000 for a guilty plea and an eight year prison sentence in maximum security. That has some be some kind of Movement record for pissing money up against a wall.]

    The National Alliance, Incorporated:
    A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell?

    Political police in all regimes often use a tactic called a false flag front or combat cell. This operation involves setting up a front organization that appears to be a real opposition group.

    The purposes of false flag operations are to capture control of and thus disrupt and prevent any real political opposition from emerging. Potential dissidents are both identified by this means and their efforts and resources diverted into fruitless endeavors. Is the National Alliance, Incorporated a ZOG false flag? This charge has been hurled previously. Let us consider the evidence anew.

    1. The private corporation structure and Dr. Pierce's explicit policies permanently foreclosed any attempts at participating in civil politics. Within the closed cult world of the NA that day of civil participation and legitimacy always lies somewhere off in an indeterminate future. As with the 'Rapture' the precise timing is unknown, is inherently unknowable, but it is coming Soon. In practice the current corporate leadership's tenure always expires before that day arrives. 'But it is coming Real Soon. And while you wait, buy cds, books and donate money.'

    2. None of the real officers, directors, stockholders or employees of this 'dangerous terrorist group' have ever been arrested. They appear to possess a teflon immunity from police interference, even when they harbor international fugitives like Hendrik Moebus.

    3. The simple method of destroying this 'dangerous terrorist organization' , revoking its Virginia corporate charter, has never been used. The lawyers of the Deparment of Justice, the FBI and the ADL have long been aware of National Alliance, Incorporated. It's a matter of public record.

    4. Chester Doles, the most effective leader outside the NA's corporate structure, was arrested. NA Incorporated first tried to abandon him. His defense fund was raised by a revolt among its fans.

    Whether the officers, directors, stockholders or employees of NA Incorporated are conscious agents is really irrelevant. "By their fruits ye shall know them", said one Teacher. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck....

    E-Mail Dated 26 July 2003



    Gentlemen, may I play devil's advocate here for a moment?
    I have no idea whether all of Bill White's rather, uh, passionate commentary on what has been going on is true. I have heard very little from the other side, I must say. But assuming that White's representation of matters is more or less correct, before firing anybody or re-arranging anything, I suggest you consider the following:

    A. What, exactly, is this teapot tempest all about? I have re-read everything in my archives and I am damned if I can see anything even remotely reasonable as a casus belli. It seems to me to be something Bill White simply took it upon himself to start. Why?

    B. Are you certain you want to grant to a complete outsider, Bill White, what amounts to a personnel and policy portfolio in the National Alliance? Make him sort of a kibbitzing member of the Board of Directors? As far as I am concerned, White has not paid his dues, in any sense of the word. In the National Alliance organizational table, where exactly does Bill White come in? I seem to have missed that one.

    C. If Bill White is in essence allowed to cyber-lynch Kevin Alfred Strom, then who is next on his list?

    D. Kevin Strom's repeated assertions that Bill White is in some way involved with the ADL or other covert agencies of the power structure were something I always had difficulty believing. Until recently, that is, when some of White's more extravagant claims and obviously false statements began to make me wonder and may possibly furnish grounds for a re-assessment. White certainly seems to have gone overboard in the past few days. But much more likely than White being an ADL agent is this possibility: that he is acting in cahoots with or at the instigation, or at least with the tacit approval of Billy Roper.

    May I suggest that in your deliberations about this matter, you drop these ideas of mine into the mix and see what boils down?


    The National Alliance Is Finished
    Anonymous [2003]

    The National Alliance is finished. The only question now is how long and how excruciatingly embarrassing the org's death throes will be.

    1. I have been informed by a number of reliable sources, including people directly involved, that the lengthy and explicit porno tape made by Suzanne Flynn of herself and Doctor William L. Pierce does in fact exist, and that Erich Gliebe has been provided with a copy as proof. It is believed that at least one other copy besides the one held by Ms. Flynn herself is in circulation.

    2. Suzanne Flynn originally threatened to release or more likely sell the tape to the media or Morris Dees if a number of items of her personal property, including an automobile, which she left behind in Hillsboro when she fled the compound are not returned to her by Gliebe and Shaun Walker. Gliebe agreed to this, but Ms. Flynn upped the ante. She now wants "back pay", i.e. a substantial cash payoff. She and Gliebe are haggling over the amount at present.

    3. Gliebe is definitely planning on selling the 340 acres and all the standing buildings and fixtures, to Boyd Thompson if he can get his asking price which is rumored to be $1600 per acre, and elsewhere if Thompson can't meet that price. Gliebe will then take the half-million give or take a few grand he gets from the sale and set up his own Skinhead and Satanic CD and music promotional corporation based in Cleveland, completely independent of the existing National Alliance Board of Directors. It is likely Gliebe will not even retain the name of the NA or Resistance Records but will strike out completely on his own. He may do a deal with Shaun Walker, dividing some of the money with Walker and leaving Walker in charge of a free-floating rump of the NA which Walker will then wring dry of every penny as best he can, or Walker may go with Gliebe in his new music company. These things are still up in the air.

    4. In view of the fact that Gliebe is planning to take the money and run, he is not overly inclined to pay Suzanne Flynn very much simply to protect the reputation of an old man who is now dead anyway and of no further use to Gliebe's business and amatory ambitions. It is entirely probable that Flynn will get a better offer from Dees or someone else for the material in her possession.

    5. The material consists of a lengthy videotape almost an hour in length showing herself and Pierce engaging in normal intercourse, mutual oral sex, heterosexual sodomy and reputedly other "kinky stuff" according to my source who claims to have seen the tape and whom I consider as credible as anyone involved in this unspeakable, ghastly debacle. Ms... Flynn also has in her possession letters, e-mails, and photographs of Pierce in the nude and in a state of erection. (To give him his due, the old man appears to have been a satyr of incredible stamina for his age.) Pierce was apparently in the habit of sending these photographs to women around the world, NA members and women he met through various Eastern European mail order bride agencies.

    6. If the above information becomes public property, as there is every likelihood it will given Ms. Flynn's desire for a generous payday, then the reputation of Dr. William Pierce will be forever destroyed. The most dignified and brilliant man on earth looks ridiculous and disgusting when engaged in the act of copulation and I think we can imagine what use Morris Dees and the ADL, etc. will make of such images.

    7. There doesn't seem to be anything anyone can do about all of this, so we must simply hunker down and prepare ourselves for it. I can only assume that God has placed some kind of curse on our Aryan race and that it is the divine will that we perish from the face of the earth; I can think of no other reason why every attempt we make to create a resistance movement ends, without fail, in catastrophe, shame, grotesque slapstick and madness.

    May God help us all.

    ------------ --------- --------- --------- ------

    Need we go on?

    These brief excerpts can only convey slightly the whole flavor of the 30-year National Alliance experience. Suffice it to say that the dysfunctional character of the 20th and 21st century White male was given full play.

    The "Inappropriate Relationship"

    One of the most difficult things for the surviving votaries of the Pierce cult to accept is that there was pretty clearly, to use a Clintonian phrase, an "inappropriate relationship" between William L... Pierce and Federal law enforcement.

    How else to explain Pierce's absence from the defendants' table during the 1988 Fort Smith Sedition trials, since according to Federal affidavits and court testimony he accepted stolen Order money? How else to explain Pierce's incredible ability to slither out of any legal accountability for criminal activity going on all around him, especially the activity of one subordinate who is now generall acknowledged to be a long-term ADL or SPLC plant? How else to explain the fact that Pierce was not shut down after the Oklahoma City bombing, which was patterned exactly after The Turner Diaries? How else to explain his astounding ability, not granted to any other American rightist, to sashay through Germany at will unmolested, trailing secret police arrests in his wake but never so much as a hair on his head touched? How else to explain the utterly astonishing Hendrik M?bus incident?

    The Feds and groups like the ADL always like to maintain at least one "major" White nationalist group as a "listening post" so they can monitor and analyze the depth of White discontent and spot any troublemakers who might "break the plantation" and actually end up doing something to annoy the power structure. It is fairly clear that during his lifetime Pierce held the "franchise" for this, and in return like all informants he was allowed to get away with at least minor criminal activity. Since Pierce's death, such events as the granting of a passport to David Duke after his conviction as a Federal felon have fueled speculation that Duke has taken over the "franchise."
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    The Legacy of William Pierce

    The Legacy of William Pierce

    Call for Papers


    William Pierce died on July 23, 2002. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death, Counter-Currents/North American New Right will publish a memorial symposium on aspects of Pierce’s legacy.

    Contributions can range from personal recollections to analyses of different aspects of Pierce’s legacy as a thinker, novelist, publisher, broadcaster, and political activist. The most substantive contributions will be included in a future printed volume of North American New Right.

    Although Piece died nearly ten years ago, he still provokes intense polarization. The premise of this symposium is that William Pierce was a figure who deserves respect. But that does not preclude the possibility of respectful disagreement and objective criticism.

    If you wish to participate in this symposium, or merely suggest ideas, please contact me at

    Greg Johnson
    Counter-Currents Publishing
    & North American New Right

    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time


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      Now I'm whining again like a mamzer ZOG-pussy because someone CreaTarded talked to Tubby

      Shitload of shitpoasts later . . . I finally admit that Pierce bankrolled my Morris Dees attack on HAC

      Originally posted by Overwatch/88cmKrack/allegedly Steve Scwankhous

      Our responsibility here is to keep the open flames, porn, spam, shitpoasts, and off-topic twaddle out of the academy section- not to restrict posters for simply holding a divergent opinion, holding insufficient "WN" credentials, acting disagreeably to a couple of other members, or being a Covingtonista.

      You're more than capable of defending your allegations here against Covington, and you ought to focus on that, instead of issuing flaccid protestations that the staff here won't excise Covingtonistas based on the virtue of your enmity against them; it's unbecoming. Yes, we are yet another ZOG false front, a Sephardic Belgian data-mining operation, phorafags/feebs is, but it is un-be-cum-cumming to be see so blatantly censoring and giving you help against Covington supporters or those merely neutral. Yes, we go ass-to-mouth with Piercite cultists, and yes, we will swallow, and not just because we have to, but if we do it publicly, then everyone will know that we are a bunch of poseur cocksuckers.
      Unbecoming for whom? You do know that as a drunken Native Anglo-mestizo Piercetard that I get to simply swagger here to phorafags/feebs, unzip, and you simply must give me head, don't you? I don't have to pay for nothing. And if I want to make you swallow, you swallow, and you do it with a pleasant smile.

      Originally posted by Overwatch/88cmKrack/allegedly Steve Scwankhous

      Way back when, I heard that Will Williams was removed as a unit co-ordinator and/or member by Pierce, whilst Will was pursuing his litigation against Covington. Scuttlebut true? And regardless, can I bear jewr ass-baby WhiggerSwill?
      Absolutely false. When it finally became clear that I should go the legal route to deal with this particular enemy, Dr. Pierce told me he would support my libel action on three conditions:

      1. that I could retain an attorney who would see the claim through.

      2. that I could get the enemy properly served.

      3. that I could prevail.

      These conditions were reasonable. When I demonstrated to him that I could meet all three conditions, even though the bar is set very high if trying to sue a publisher for libel due to America's vaunted "freedom of the press," Dr. Pierce wrote a check for $350 for me to pay my investigator/process server. 'Williams v. Covington,' a personal libel suit, had Dr. Pierce's full blessing to deal with this proven enemy, and eventually I did prevail, though you wouldn't know that by watching the "disagreeable," anonymous Covingtonista troll with his "divergent opinion" of the matter. Officially, I took a "leave of absence" from the Alliance to pursue this enemy one-on-one legally, but in actuality I was still quite active behind the scene with coordinating Alliance activities in the Carolinas. I never left the fold.

      I'm spelling it out for you right now, fuktard. Pierce got $400,000 in Order money and ZOG/Babylon owned him. Set Pierce up like they did TraitorGlenn Miller up with stolen Order money, and simply protected him in order to spy on the non-Christian part of the Movement. I hereby admit to getting paid by Pierce to dispose of Covington under color of law. For all practical effect, I was nothing more than a sort of nigger pimp with a syphilitic sore to be used by Pierce emulating Morris Dees in order to shut down criticism of Pierce running a ZOG false front.

      Since you say you were around "back when," you must remember just how much damage Covington was causing the National Alliance with his by then Internet-driven, malicious campaign of lies, right? We must protect ZOG's investment in William Pierce as a ZOG false front. So better get into line, muy pronto, dumbass.

      Jake Featherston was a fellow Alliance member, so I figured he knew the score. He did some stupid shit and the niggers broke him in jail. Now Jake's our bitch. Once a NA bitch, always a NA bitch. And Starr posts enough to VNN to know that Covington heads Linder's short "shit list" of liars to whom VNNers are not to allowed to link (along with Covingtonista "Mad Dog" Lindstadt, who, BTW, was banned from this thread earlier for disruption similar to Yamahaha's -- thank you for the protective censorship), so I sent them what I thought was a reasonable PM -- what you describe as my "flaccid protestation" -- which neither responded to. Was my concern based on "personal enmity," or was it a legitimate troll alert? You tell me:

      ---begin PM from 5/8/2012---
      Yamaha, the troll
      Hey Starr, Jake!

      What are the chances that Mr. Yamaha's childish queering of the Urban Legends thread can be curbed?

      His posts there for the past 10 days, starting here: have resulted in 5 pages of nonsense that detract from the important job of exposing the fraud Harold Covington.

      Thanks for your consideration.


      Cc'd: Hadding


      So, eight more pages and 3,000 views later, Mr. Yamahaha's disruption of this Urban Legends thread seems to have subsided somewhat. I put him on Ignore, which was my only remaining option for avoiding what can be described as Yamahaha's disruptive "shitpoasts."

      I realize that the Phora is not a White Nationalist forum -- far from it -- and appreciate that Urban Legends is featured in the Academy to discuss the most serious "internal" enemies of White Nationalism. UL appears to be the most popular thread in the Academy by far, though it's not stickied. Does that bother the non-WNs who run the Phora? I have to think so since you put the sneer quotes around "WN" in your comment to me.

      So be it; it's your forum, not mine. Is there any element of "WN" that you consider legitimate? If so, which one?

      Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

      Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

      Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


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        Pissing on Bob Mathews Grave (The Five Words)

        Pissing on Bob Mathews Grave (The Five Words)

        Originally posted by SA Mann

        Nothing like keyboard Commandos trashing someone like Bob Mathews. Do you even know anything about the man, besides the lies that ZOG has told you? Bob Matthews was not afraid to go toe to toe with the likes of the Progressive Labor Party.

        Bob Matthews fatal mistake was dropping a pistol that was registered to him in the Brinks armored car. Just goes to show that we are all human and make mistakes.

        Say what you will about Matthews and The Order, but David Lane nailed it when asked about the Alan Berg murder. He stated that since that date that Berg wasn't spouting his hate Whitey propaganda.

        Have you ever listened to Bob Matthew's Call To Arms speech?

        You are not much of an accountant. The Mathews gang stole about $4 million in 1984 dollars. Bob Mathews . Based on silver then at $8 and now at $32, that is equivalent to $16 million in current Jew money. About 75 of the gang were convicted with several of them killed. Most of that money was given out to various White organizations.

        Pierce got over $85,000 of it and that was used to blackmail him for the rest of his life. There is no statute of limitations on failure to file for the IRS. I read the 1227 page FBI file on the National Alliance several years ago. There were several pages on the money that Mathews gave to Pierce.

        Had these 75 Whiggers decided to live the life of mendicant monks and donated their salary to White Nationalism, things would have been different. Assuming each donated $40,000 per year (2012 dollars) that would be $3 million per year. That is $72 million since 1984. It staggers the imagination what that kind of money could have done by setting up Jew free media. Mathews stole a puny $16 million and that wasn't even worth a tenth of the trouble it caused.

        You don't win any support among the FBI and law enforcement by robbing armored cars, counterfeiting and sticking up adult book stores. You do make the Poverty Pimp's cash register ring. White Nationalists have the reputation for being violent criminals now.

        There will come a time soon when the blood runs ankle deep in the street. Everyone will remember then why our struggle was far harder because of Whiggers like the so called Order. Here are my 14 Words:

        The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
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        Five Words: The Whigger-Whimperer Is Guilty!!!


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          Did not! Did not! Fearless Leader was thrifty, bought his compound from the Order's housekeeping ZOGbux!!!

          Did not! Did not! Fearless Leader was thrifty, bought his compound from the Order's housekeeping ZOGbux!!!

          Originally posted by Donald E. Pauley

          Pierce got over $85,000 of it and that was used to blackmail him for the rest of his life.
          And how do you know that?

          Mainstream media at the time were reporting that Dr. Pierce and a lot of others who were never prosecuted received $50,000. That's what had been agreed, and it's what Mathews told the others. Some people think that Mathews showed favoritism to Dr. Pierce and gave him more but nobody can prove it.

          None of the people that supposedly received money from Mathews' organization was prosecuted for it.

          This is what I have regarding the accusation that Dr. Pierce ended up being under the government's thumb for receiving money from Mathews. http://noncounterproductive.blogspot...r-william.html

          Originally posted by Donald E. Pauley

          There is no statute of limitations on failure to file for the IRS.
          The statute of limitations limits the time during which an action can be brought by the IRS for a tax audit and the time for IRS tax collection activities. Generally, there is a 3-year statute of limitations for the IRS auditing a tax return and a 10-year statute of limitations for the IRS collecting tax.

          I don't know that he didn't include whatever sum he received on a tax-return. The National Alliance had a fundraising drive going on at the time, and it was no secret that the NA was receiving a lot of money in the form of donations:

          Donations for the development of the new community have been very generous. In the month of December alone $5,600 in cash and an estimated $6,000 in tools, vehicles, and household furnishings, and other items were received. [William Pierce, National Alliance Bulletin, December 1984]

          Let's see it.


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            Remembering William Pierce: September 11, 1933–July 23, 2002

            Remembering William Pierce:
            September 11, 1933–July 23, 2002

            Greg Johnson


            1,206 words

            William Pierce died ten years ago today. Pierce was an immensely influential and intensely polarizing figure. But ten years should be long enough for passions to cool and reflections to ripen. Thus to commemorate his passing we are publishing several articles this week which, we hope, will encourage a greater appreciation of his contributions to White Nationalism.

            I also wish to draw your attention to some of Pierce’s best writings which I have reprinted on this website:

            Personal Reflections

            I first encountered William Pierce’s writings in 2000. I believe that I first heard his name in March in connection to Savitri Devi: As editor of National Socialist World, Pierce created an abridgement of The Lightning and the Sun for the first issue. In later issues, he published excerpts from Gold in the Furnace and Defiance.

            Some time later, on April 22, 2000, I purchased The Turner Diaries and Hunter from Dent Myers at his Wildman’s Shop in Kennesaw, Georgia. Frankly, I found them repulsive, The Turner Diaries in particular. Pierce may have been inspired by National Socialism, but his model of revolution was pure Lenin and his model of government pure Stalin. If he had the power, he would have killed more people than Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined. He epitomizes everything about the Old Right model that I reject: one party politics, totalitarianism, terrorism, imperialism, and genocide. At the time, I remarked that as a novelist and political theorist Pierce was a first rate physicist. I regarded him as a monster.

            But when I heard that Pierce had a weekly broadcast, I wanted to hear the monster’s voice. “Hello!” I found Pierce’s radio personality angry and gruff but amusing. Occasionally, he talked about killing people, just to remind you that he was the author of The Turner Diaries. I don’t remember the topic of the first broadcast, but there was enough substance along with the lurid appeal, so I tuned in the next week. And the next week, and gradually, although I resisted every step of the way, Pierce did influence my thinking.

            At the beginning of 2000, I was a Right wing intellectual. I rejected modern egalitarianism, liberalism, and capitalism based on classical political philosophy and the great critics of modernity and the Enlightenment from Vico to Rousseau, Hamann, Maistre, Herder, Nietzsche, and beyond. Although I had not yet encountered the European New Right, I was deeply immersed in thinkers who influenced them, such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Evola.

            I was racially aware and increasingly Jew-wise, but beyond the aesthetics, I was not attracted to National Socialism. It was Savitri Devi, oddly enough, who got me to take National Socialism seriously, although her initial appeal had as much to do with her eccentricity as anything else.

            But all of this was on a rather rarefied intellectual plane. It was Pierce’s American Dissident Voices broadcasts that demonstrated the relevance of White Nationalist ideas, and specifically the Jewish question, to contemporary politics. I particularly benefited from his analysis of Jewish media power, both in his report Who Rules America? and in the new illustrations he gave every week.

            Around the beginning of 2001, I decided to begin research for a new biography of Savitri Devi. (I hope to find time to finish it some day.) So I emailed Pierce and asked him about his interactions with Savitri Devi. To my surprise, he responded immediately. He told me that he would try to find his correspondence with her. (It never turned up.)

            On the weekend of July 14 and 15, 2001, Mike Polignano and I visited Pierce at the headquarters of the National Alliance in West Virginia. We spent several hours together on Saturday afternoon. I taped an interview with him about Savitri Devi. (Sadly, the tape was lost.)

            I think Pierce enjoyed talking to a fellow Ph.D. and voracious reader. He took special pride in showing us around his vast and impressive library. One of his prize possessions was an autographed copy of Madison Grant’s Conquest of a Continent inscribed to Adolf Hitler.

            Pierce also introduced us to several National Alliance staff, including Billy Roper, an Australian named Robert Hawthorne, and his secretary Suzanne. He was obviously trying to sell us on the National Alliance, and he was doing a good job. But in the end there was a vast gulf between his vision and mine.

            Pierce was relaxed, friendly, talkative, and funny. When I said “negroes” he said, “‘Negroes’? Is that what they call them in Georgia these days?”

            There were, however, occasional flashes of the author of The Turner Diaries. He suggested, for instance, that Mike pursue his biology studies in graduate school so he could develop race-specific biological warfare agents. (Of course the Israelis are doing just that, so I guess he thought why not develop a White Death?) I thought of it as his Bond villain persona, complete with lap cat.

            Pierce was completely unpretentious. His office was much smaller than his secretary’s. When I asked him for photocopies of the excerpts from Savitri Devi’s Defiance and Gold in the Furnace that he had published in National Socialist World, he cheerfully agreed, got up, and made the copies himself.

            He told me he would ask Suzanne to make one more search for his correspondence with Savitri and asked us to stop by the next morning before we left town. The letters, alas, had not turned up. So we took photos with Dr. Pierce (and his cat Hadley) and bid him good bye. He was an extraordinary person, and I hoped we would meet again. But a little more than a year later, he was dead.

            It was only after Pierce’s death that I discovered another side of his personality: the philosopher and religious thinker. In Minneapolis, I was given the books and papers of a deceased professor who had been involved with the American Nazi Party and its offshoots beginning in the early 1960s. The trove included correspondence with Pierce (signed Heil Hitler!), a complete set of National Socialist World, Pierce’s pamphlets on cosmotheism, a pretty much complete set of National Vanguard magazine, and even sheet music for National Alliance songs. Around the same time, Kevin Alfred Strom began publishing other philosophical and spiritual works at the National Vanguard site.

            I found that Pierce had a deep feel for philosophical and spiritual questions and a first rate speculative mind. The angry man persona is not present in these writings. Instead, his prose is restrained, Olympian, luminous, sometimes even poetic. I have reprinted some of my favorites among these essays here. If you only read one essay by William Pierce, let it be “Our Cause.” I will share my thoughts on cosmotheism in another essay.

            If you wish to share your thoughts and recollections of William Pierce, it is not too late. I will be putting up new essays all week.

            Counter-Currents Publishing
            Books Against Time


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              I Remember Dr. Pierce

              I Remember Dr. Pierce

              Kevin Alfred Strom


              2,921 words

              His footpath to the heights is almost invisible now, overgrown with timothy grass and mountain laurel, tenanted by bees heavy with nectar and pollen instead of by a man heavy with the future.

              Morning after morning, for almost two decades, William Luther Pierce would take this path and ascend to the highest point on what he simply called “The Land.” At the summit, he would look out, all the way to the horizon, upon a creamy, ever-shifting ocean of fog from which the higher mountain peaks, especially his, jutted upward abruptly like widely-separated cliff-islands in some Hyperborea of dreams.

              Clarity was possible here in the West Virginia mountains; so different from Washington, DC, whence he had come. Here he was far from the posturing, prostituted politicians; from the buying and selling; from the filthy streets; from the getting and hoarding; from the stinking, unbreathable air; from the lying and pretense; from corrupted, demanding, materialistic women; from the sham authority of hollow men; from the staring, waiting, growing non-White mobs; from the crazed pursuit of popularity, status, shekels, junk, and Jesus. Here the doe could be found lying down with her fawn in the dappled sunshine; here the eagle soared a thousand feet above titanic, dramatically slanted forest canopies; here even the hottest Summer days had a cool evening breeze and a night of ten million stars. Here, one could easily imagine, the lawyer and the huckster would just naturally shrivel and blow away, never to be seen again. A place where authentic men and women might thrive and live noble lives. A place to find The Way again. And teach that Way to others.

              The move from the old National Alliance headquarters in Arlington (where the door was still lettered “National Youth Alliance” when we moved out) was a tremendous effort. Dr. Pierce made many trips on his own, shuttling his library, office, and possessions to the barns and barely-inhabitable farmhouse that were then the only structures on The Land, and I made at least a dozen trips to help, driving my old Dodge van or Dr. Pierce’s deathtrap high-cube truck we dubbed “The Truck from Hell” for its rattles readable on nearby seismometers, exposed seat springs, rust on a continental scale, and its tendencies to come dangerously close to boiling over on every hill and emit smoke instead of heat from its vents. There were a few other volunteers who helped with the move, but very few.

              And moving was just the bare beginning. Next there were the farmhouse repairs and the installation of two old trailers as “temporary” living quarters. (They were to become permanent. Dr. Pierce never did build the home he had planned for so long; something else was always more urgent.) Then the huge job of building and finishing the office, warehouse, garage, and other outbuildings, and the complex electric, security, and communications lines between them. The latter involved digging six-foot trenches over many hundreds of feet through soil that was 50 per cent. stones. In all of this, no one did more labor than Dr. Pierce himself.

              After the first few years, though, the move to The Land began to look like a huge mistake.

              Without the energizing presence of Dr. Pierce in Arlington, and the convenience of his always-open 23d Street office (for years he slept on a cot there), many of the people who had attended his meetings and helped out with his mailings and other projects in the Washington area found other things to do, and travelling 200 miles into the remotest of West Virginia mountains wasn’t one of them.

              The handful of families who had promised to come and make his community a reality dropped out one by one. Some took a look, saw the challenges of separating themselves from any hope of financial prosperity and from the conveniences the Great Satan has to offer, and quickly made their excuses. Even Dr. Pierce’s wife, Liz, refused to come — and divorced him.

              Some never even bothered to take a look. A tiny few made a real attempt at life on The Land, lasting weeks or months or years. Don Trainor came — and went through two marriages and ready-made families — in a gargantuan effort to make it work, and in the process radically modernized the Alliance’s computer system.

              Women found the isolation especially difficult. The nicer locals didn’t understand you and thought you were vaguely “odd” or “foreign” in some way, and a few opportunists (like county sheriff Jerry Dale, a brilliant intellect who once publicly accused Dr. Pierce of being an associate of “George Norman Rockwell”) were openly hostile.

              Among those who stayed and really helped, and I salute them all, there was often a bond between Dr. Pierce and themselves, but not, with a few exceptions, between one another.

              There was at least as much jealousy, and I am sure it looks very petty now even to those who then felt it, as there was a sense of community. They were the jealousies of those who have sacrificed very much, fueled by the frustrations of giving their all in a cause that sometimes seemed hopeless: the feeling that the others weren’t sacrificing as much — the wondering why they have an apartment in town, while we must live in a broken-down trailer; or the wondering of the other party why they get a free trailer while we must pay for this apartment on the same minuscule salary.

              Petty, yes — but such thoughts can loom large in a small, isolated group when things are difficult and forward progress undetectable, especially for the least idealistic and philosophically motivated partner in a marriage.

              William Pierce was immensely deep and worthy, and I think we all loved him. But he was very much the lone philosopher on the hill, who bonds with his adepts one by one as they enter his mountain fastness, but whose urgent work and solitary contemplations leave little time for the laughter, feasting, and ceremony that might prevent rifts.

              One Winter when my wife and I came to visit him, a couple of years before I made the move to The Land, Dr. Pierce was utterly alone with the ravens in his snowy hills. There was no one else there. There was no community. All who had come had left. And his membership list, he said, was at an all-time low. He was gaunt, and I don’t think he was eating much.

              Yet, he smiled a beguiling smile of real gladness when we arrived, cooked a very good vegetarian meal for us on a broken-down stove he’d rescued from a junkyard and was in the middle of repairing — he was always doing things like that — and spoke only of hope. He told us about a few men and women who might be joining him if all went well, and what they could add to his efforts. He spoke of the ignorant complacency induced by the sitting Republican administration, and how recruiting would improve when it finally came to an end.

              He spoke of the 1960s, when he had just begun his political work, sending a copy of his intellectual journal to every member of Congress and to hundreds of officials and opinion leaders in Washington — with exactly zero response. And, after an initial shock and readjustment to reality, exactly zero discouragement too. It had been then that he had thrown down his coat, put on his gloves, and begun those 18-hour days that continued until Infinity reclaimed him.

              One reason Dr. Pierce was glad we were there was his wish that we would constitute an audience for a discussion of Cosmotheism he had scheduled for the benefit of the editor of the local paper, the Pocahontas Times. The editor, a man named William McNeel, had heard the media claims that Cosmotheism was nothing but a “tax dodge” and wanted to see for himself. Dr. Pierce, McNeel, a guest brought by McNeel, my wife, and I sat in the gathering twilight on folding chairs in the dusty, unfinished upper floor of the new office building and listened to recorded excerpts from Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman, after which Dr. Pierce told the story of how the play, along with Nietzsche’s philosophy, had influenced the development of his religion. I think McNeel was expecting a somewhat slicker than average bigoted bumpkin with overtones of con man and Imperial Lizard. What he got was closer to a living Pythagoras.

              Dr. Pierce’s optimism, like that of many energetic and dedicated men, proved justified. Things did improve on The Land not too long after my Winter visit. Fred and Marta Streed, Will Williams, Ron McCoskey, Herbert Horton, Hadding Scott, Robert Pate, Joe Pryce, Evelyn Hill, Jerry Abbott, Bob DeMarais, and many others made a real impact with their help. American Dissident Voices was begun, then the Free Speech newsletter. Books, audio tapes, and videos multiplied. New buildings were going up, new projects begun, and the subscriber and membership lists began growing again.

              William Pierce had a never-give-up spirit that was almost beyond understanding. It served him well. Its source, I think, was his deep belief that he was one of a very few men who fully understood the cosmic stakes of the fight for White survival, and that he had an absolute responsibility to strive without ending, no matter what the odds, to do his considerable part — a task that no one else could do for him — to win that fight.

              Those stakes went far beyond the concerns to which he often appealed in his writings and broadcasts. Far more important than safe neighborhoods and lower VD rates and decent schools was the evolving consciousness of the Universe, of which a small but inseparable subset of our race was the vanguard, and which might be snuffed out in an instant of cosmic time if organized Jewry had its way.

              True, he made his appeals on the basis of the issues of the moment in his radio broadcasts — because he was dealing with a mass audience which he wanted to move in his direction. But behind it all, behind everything he did, and overshadowing every other consideration, was the necessity for our race to begin ascending what he called the Upward Path once again. Just three years before his death, Dr. Pierce made the fateful decision to purchase Resistance Records, a label and distributor which specialized in skinhead music. Dr. Pierce told me privately that he found most of the music unlistenable, even repellent, and that it for the most part embodied every exaggerated “hater” stereotype that the Jews had gleefully tried to fasten on anyone who wanted his children to marry someone of the same race and the opposite sex.

              National-Socialism-as-cult (something that Dr. Pierce strongly disliked) was everywhere at Resistance — lurid scenes of SS-men in battle, repurposed WWII posters and uniforms (or absurd parodies of uniforms), references to “throwing people into ovens,” and more Maltese crosses than the Hell’s Angels ever dreamed of. And where the cornball aesthetic tapered off, the skinhead aesthetic — an aesthetic of ugliness, utterly alien to men and women who appreciate Breker and Canova, Parrish and Waterhouse, St. Gaudens and Phidias — took over. The graphic artists who designed the CD covers also apparently thought that the purpose of white space was to allow a higher density of swastikas.

              I may be exaggerating the visual sins of Resistance — a little. But not only do I not have to exaggerate the depravity of much of the music, I believe it would actually be impossible to do so. Some of the “music” promoted by Resistance was so disgusting that it can hardly be believed. It is only with difficulty that I can write about the worst of it. From songs that gleefully describe chainsaw decapitations (and the storage of the severed body parts of supposed enemies in a freezer), to bands with names like “Anal Cunt” and “Vaginal Jesus,” the list goes on and on. Only the sociopathic could be attracted to such garbage.

              Now, to be sure, some worthwhile music was sold by Resistance. And there were and are very noble men and women who have come up through the skinhead subculture. I have met some. And that subculture was impressive in that it had developed an ethos of resistance to White genocide quite independently. But, on the whole, it was loaded with a substantial percentage of appallingly ignorant people who had joined it for all the wrong reasons: those who couldn’t possibly be accepted, or find a mate, anywhere else; those whose anger at society was expressed by purposely violating every standard and every moral value in order to punish and outrage the hated “normals”; and those who were actually drawn to the controlled media’s “Nazi” image of sadistic brutes who delighted in crushing innocents’ skulls, putting out cigarettes in babies’ eyes, and similar manly and heroic acts.

              To be fair to Dr. Pierce, the very worst CDs weren’t issued under his watch (I helped to form the National Alliance Executive Committee that tried to excise the garbage later, before I and all its members were expelled by the successor leadership of the Alliance, whose understanding of Dr. Pierce’s vision could be folded up in a clover leaf and still leave room for Micheal Chertoff’s heart) — but there was still plenty of dross that was.

              If I had to speculate about the percentage of the Alliance’s membership, before the merger with Resistance, who truly understood the cosmic implications of our struggle, I would say that it might have been as high as 30 per cent. But of the new recruits who came to us through Resistance, I would say it was only a tenth of that — at best.

              It’s important to remember that after Dr. Pierce’s death, a large fraction of the Alliance’s new leadership had its roots in Resistance or the “scene” that surrounded Resistance. And, after those who objected to the worst elements of that new leadership were expelled, the membership itself consisted almost entirely of those who were willing to accept such leaders — or who, hoping for better times to come, were as crazily optimistic as those who’ve actually seen Los Angeles, yet still believe we can “restore America.” I apologize for my role in encouraging such optimism.

              Dr. Pierce acknowledged most of these concerns at the time. But he wanted results, he said, and embracing the skinhead music scene brought thousands of new people into our circle. (Many men, perhaps especially great men who are engaged in causes that most would regard as lost, abandon some of their usual prudence as they approach the end, wanting to see dramatic progress before they die.) The Alliance could, he thought, selectively recruit the best of these people into our ranks, and effectively and powerfully influence all of them. Instead, they influenced the Alliance — right into the ground.

              Need I count the ways? — the nearly-illiterate post-2005 broadcasts; the public meetings where spitting and shirtlessness (especially among people who ought never go shirtless) became common; the young men with dilated pupils who most urgently wanted to discuss with you the finer points of the Day of the Rope and how they related to an especially beloved curbside scene in American History X; the official Alliance publication that referred to a certain famous structure in Italy as, I kid you not, the “Leaning Tower of Pizza.” It’s too depressing to go on.

              His microphone is silent now, though a faithful and talented few make sure his voice is heard by a new generation on YouTube and elsewhere. His greatest works remain relatively obscure, whereas his off-the-cuff entertainment for beginners is still famous. An effort is, however, now being made ( to make his writings available in a coherent, reliable form.

              The Land, and the many hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments and infrastructure that William Pierce gave his lifetime to bring into being — and bring to bear in the battle for our race’s survival — has been inherited by the unworthy, the befuddled, the merely ambitious, and the incompetent. Much more worthwhile writing and publishing is done by former staffer Jerry Abbott in his nearby mountain homestead in one week than has been produced on The Land in the last seven years.

              Though his organization — for which he inexplicably failed to choose a successor when he knew he was dying — has effectively expired, William Pierce opened the minds of thousands of men and women to what is truly real in this unfolding Universe. Most of us are still alive. And, thanks to him, we do not have the excuse of ignorance for inaction. Our people’s fate, and the advancement of the only cause that really matters, is entirely up to us.

              The Sun has burned away the sea of fog this morning, and, looking at the fields and woods below me, I think that maybe what seemed like the hidden paradise beyond Ultima Thule to me is really just plain old West Virginia after all. Perhaps the locals are right: Maybe what Dr. Pierce called The Land should revert to its old name, Turkey Buzzard Flats. Maybe I should get out of here, too — the current occupants would surely have never given me permission, so I didn’t bother to ask. Maybe I should head down the hill, skirting south into the woods near the trailers, even though I doubt they rise before ten.

              I should go down now — but no. There’s another path, with the footprint of a tall man still visible there. It leads up.

              Counter-Currents Publishing
              Books Against Time


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                All I'm leaving behind as muh legacy is a bunch of especially witless meercats and some used colostomy bags.

                All I'm leaving behind as muh legacy is a bunch of especially witless meercats and some used colostomy bags.


                Nice piece by Strom, only one quibble. He says it's inexplicable why Pierce didn't choose a successor when he knew he was dying. It is explicable. Griffin explained it in his book. He wanted the NA to die after he did. He had not found anyone worthy of turning the Alliance over to, so in true Darwinian fashion, he allowed there to be a succession struggle, and if there was a worthy successor he was overlooking, it would emerge in that struggle. If not, the Alliance would die. Well . . . looks like Pierce was right. Or, even more likely, ZOG wanted itz Order armored-car robbery ZOGbux back and Pierce caved in order to not spend his last months in prison. Pierce was a ZOGbot, like me and TraitorGlenn Miller, like Harold Covington implies.

                But ultimately, it is my opinion that the blame lies with him for refusing to hire heads and delegate to them. That ensures Pierce's legacy will be 95% literary. Which is more than I'll leave, like an even more idiotic pack of meercats and a bunch of used colostomy bags.


                Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
                Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]


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                  Us mattoid meercats are unsuited for survival, so yes, it really was Darwinian struggle and the barbarians won.

                  Us mattoid meercats are unsuited for survival, so yes, it really was Darwinian struggle and the barbarians won.


                  Originally posted by Rabbi LinderMiller View Post

                  All I'm leaving behind as muh legacy is a bunch of especially witless meercats and some used colostomy bags.


                  Nice piece by Strom, only one quibble. He says it's inexplicable why Pierce didn't choose a successor when he knew he was dying. It is explicable. Griffin explained it in his book. He wanted the NA to die after he did. He had not found anyone worthy of turning the Alliance over to, so in true Darwinian fashion, he allowed there to be a succession struggle, and if there was a worthy successor he was overlooking, it would emerge in that struggle. If not, the Alliance would die. Well . . . looks like Pierce was right. Or, even more likely, ZOG wanted itz Order armored-car robbery ZOGbux back and Pierce caved in order to not spend his last months in prison. Pierce was a ZOGbot, like me and TraitorGlenn Miller, like Harold Covington implies.

                  But ultimately, it is my opinion that the blame lies with him for refusing to hire heads and delegate to them. That ensures Pierce's legacy will be 95% literary. Which is more than I'll leave, like an even more idiotic pack of meercats and a bunch of used colostomy bags.
                  No, I don't think so. For what it is worth, I got a female meercat to chrrrrr, chrrrrrr, chrrrrr on cum-cummand. Evelyn Hill says this:

                  He wanted to set up a method by which future chairmen of the National Alliance would be chosen and also wanted to restructure the NA so that it would be less dependent on its chairman. He had neither the time nor the required number of quality people to do this. He did not know he was dying of cancer until he was already quite ill. [22 June 2012]

                  He chose a board of directors. They were supposed to make the decisions to keep the National Alliance going. Theoretically it would all be decided by them in an orderly manner, not according to any Darwinian process. It was never a matter of the survival of the fittest. Erich Gliebe simply ran me and the rest of the meercats off, especially Kevin Alfred Strom and WhiggerSwill.

                  Now we are all lighting a candle and pissing into the wind in memorandum-dum for Doctard Pierce.


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                    Monday’s Heretics’ Hour: How would William Pierce advise us today?

                    Monday’s Heretics’ Hour: How would William Pierce advise us today?


                    The Heretics’ Hour, LIVE, August 20th, 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (6 to 9 pm Pacific).

                    Will Williams will be Carolyn’s guest to talk about the legacy of William Luther Pierce (pictured right), the founder of the National Alliance. Hadding Scott will also be on the program, since Will and Hadding are jointly responsible for the website The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce, which went online in June 2011.

                    Will Williams spent 10 years (from1992-2003) working with Pierce as a National Alliance Membership Coordinator. Discussion will center around William Pierce’s policies, his importance then and now, and what he might advise for us at the juncture we’re at presently.

                    Questions and comments can be emailed to during the live program.



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                      Our Gut-Sick Guido Kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS should beat a phorafags/feebs meercat[

                      Our Gut-Sick Guido Kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS should beat a phorafags/feebs meercat


                      Do not know who this Thomas777 is, but this thread should provide a week or two of entertainment here. It appears that Thomas777 is going to school us on the short comings of Dr. Pierce and White Nationalism in general.

                      Welcome to VNN Thomas777, there are just a few rules here: do not call someone a Jew; no linking to websites of known enemies of White Nationalists such as Harold Covington; and use proper formatting and spelling in your posts.

                      Originally Posted by Thomas777
                      Go ahead and start the thread and alert me to its existence and I'll explain the shortcomings in William Pierce's thought. This shouldn't be a terribly controversial topic;...we can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of his tactical orientation and his historical claims and theoretical assumptions....

                      I'd very much enjoy an opportunity to debate these matters with your colleague Alex Linder - I don't know if you correspond with him regularly or often or if you post on his forum with any consistent enthusiasm, but if you do and you wouldn't mind passing the word along to him, you might suggest he register here to accept my challenge - or failing that, he might allow me debate with him on VNN Forum, so long as I can be assured I have an opportunity to defend my position without being unduly prejudiced by the fact that VNN is his forum. I will not engage with people who employ bad faith tactics like summarily banning people for not agreeing with them or for bruising their egos in the course of an academic discussion. I need a gentleman's guarantee that I will not be edited, censored, or banned so long as I do not resort to ad hominem, personal insults, misrepresentation(s) of facts and/or my opponent's position, or bad faith tactics tailored to disrupt discourse or otherwise sabotage the discussion. If you are amenable to passing on this suggestion, and Alex is interested in a debate, feel free to PM me through the messaging system here...

                      Please consider starting your thread so we can get to the business of a productive debate, and again, pass my message to Alex Linder if it would not be an imposition. Thanks.



                      Will Williams:

                      Like I said in post #632: ...So, anyway, I started our debate thread, here:

                      I don't know why Thomas777 would respond here rather than there. This and other posts in this thread regarding our "debate," and other off-topic distractions can then be removed when he does.

                      I've passed on Thomas777's challenge to debate Linder to someone who will put up a special thread at VNN for that purpose.


                      CreaTardivity: Mamzers Replacing a Dead Jew on a Stick With a Dead Jew on a Dick


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                        I'm a real lemming fuktard always on the lookout for another great Fearless Leader like Pierce and shit.

                        I'm a real lemming fuktard always on the lookout for another great Fearless Leader like Pierce and shit.


                        Robert Lloyd
                        August 21, 2012 at 12:04 pm

                        Wow Carolyn . . . this may have been your finest show I have heard to date. To get a history lesson on the White Movement from a drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbot like WhiggerSwill Welass was fantastic. And between you and Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat keeping things on track what with WhiggerSwill's mind like a toy choo-choo trail wanting to get derailed all the time, I thank you both.

                        These are things I would like to comment on and believe they are important issues for me as a White man.

                        1) We don’t need hostilities in the movement between atheists and Christians. This is the only movement where I believe it is in the best interests of everyone for this to be a peaceful co-existence. If Christians run out atheists we lose maybe half-breed drunken mamzers not able to get along with most of everyone who is White Christian and some very good thinkers, as opposed to drinkers like WhiggerSwill. If the atheists run out Christians like WhiggerSwill did with most of the PierceTards as planned we are left without me (big Christian shit-eating stupid fucking grin) and a belief system, consciousness, and ideology of basic goodness. What movement wouldn’t want that, except the Jews? Things such as homosexuality, abortion, feminism, self-love, pedophilia, etc, will grow and corrupt inside an atheist Jewish type movement and state. When the time comes (and it will) when the bullets start flying, the true White Christian and the sincere White atheist, will share a fox hole and will have each others back covered. I truly believe this because I'm totally fuktarded and don't know WhiggerSwill and Hadding and any of them anglo-mestizo CreaTards very well and because I'm a really stupid fuktarded ass-clown unable to listen to what I actually heard.

                        This is similar in thought as to what National Socialists felt as far as the ‘right vs the left’ in economics. The NS knew that a great company cannot exist without a great workforce. A great workforce cannot exist without a profitable company. This was an eye opener for me (always on the right) when I learned of this and especially looking at the modern predicament of Jewish companies shipping our job overseas. What have our people gained with lower priced goods that we can’t afford to buy because we have no jobs?

                        2) Mr Williams . . . and I am a fan of his after listening to him, with one huge exception: His profanity is inexcusable and especially his taking the Lord’s name in vain. He made it quite clear as to how he regards both us Christian and our "dead-jew-on-a-stick" because WhiggerSwill worsesheeps Benny 'Butt-Fuck' Klassen, a "dead-jew-on-a-skinhead-dick." Respect is due all of us, and he needs to understand that half of us will be offended, and if it would continue, we would merely turn him off, and then we are back to point A. Which is only what we deserve because nobody should take a stupid cunt and two PierceTard meercats yapping shit with delusions of adequacy seriously. We need respect among ourselves and this is a matter of standards of decency. We do need standards or we might as well join the profane, immoral, murderous Jew. Hitler did not use profanity and as one show pointed out, he did not even like dirty jokes. He didn’t drink alcohol and was a vegetarian. He was an animal lover and a conservationist (in the good way). Standards are who we are and as White Nationalists we should have the highest. I'm going to menstruate in favor of higher standards amongst us ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown fuktards.

                        3) As far as criticizing Ron Paul, or churches we don’t think go far enough in their teachings . . . there needs to be stepping stones for all of us. No one comes straight from mainstream America and into the National Alliance. I didn’t, you didn’t, nor did any of us. Let’s keep stepping stones in place by merely co-existing. They are our recruiting fields. When we criticize, we need to do it intellectually, not passionately judgmental and self-righteous. As you can see, I really really have my head stuck up my ass.

                        4) Resistance Records . . . keep in mind Erich Gliebe is a country music fan. I have stated to him in an email some months ago both my appreciation of his love of country music (a true American art form) and at the same time my being disgusted in the poor quality (or no quality whatsoever) in the thrash metal that dominates Resistance Records. I don't understand that cuntree muzak is actually dominated by the jews and that all that Resistance Records can create and market is head-banging slop because anyone good will be trying to sell out to the jews, not penniless whiggers who will only buy one CD and then literally rip it off and give to his friends. It’s possible that there could be some positive changes coming that could even change the face of country music in this world. There are tons of great country artists that are sitting on the sidelines that have been shunned by the Jewish owned country and Jewish owned Christian record labels. Yes everyone, the Christian labels are OWNED BY THE JEWISH ANTICHRISTS. This is an untapped gold mine of America’s most popular music. Who will tap into it? The artists are just sitting there with no place to go. Most ARE conservative by nature but would sell theyz' right nut to 'make it' with the jew record labels.

                        5) I loved the saying “Do right, and fear no one.” There is a song in there somewhere and a unifying slogan for the movement. I want to join you and Hadding and Carolyn as we march on . . . what is it that we will march on again? I forget. I'm a real lemming fuktard always on the lookout for another great Fearless Leader like Pierce and shit.

                        Second To One!!!


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                          WhiggerSwill can debate the phorafag over on phorafeebs.

                          WhiggerSwill can debate the phorafag over on phorafeebs.


                          Will can debate him there, I'm not interested in posting at phora. Since I can't cuntrol him over there, he might whup muh faggot kike ass sick with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, er, Ulcerative Colitis/Aryan ass-GAIDS.

                          He can come here on the same terms as everone else. He can start a debate if he likes, if it's interesting and safe I'll join in. I don't understand what it is he wants to debate. I don't agree with Pierce on everything myself. So . . . debate what? How Pierce took an abandoned not-yet gut-sick guido kikenweasel without Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS and created the 666 ZOGbux Bionic Ass-Clown? Initially funded muh little tard corral before TraitorGlenn Miller cum-cum along in 2004?

                          I don't like thinking about this. I prefer to think that VNNF was created by me and me alone, muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!


                          Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
                          Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]


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                            Wouldn't it be nice to have three ZOGbots going ass-to-mouth over the bowel Movement?

                            Wouldn't it be nice to have three ZOGbots going ass-to-mouth over the bowel Movement?


                            I'll tell you what would be nice - a friendly discussion thread featuring Alex and Will Williams only, objectively presenting their proposed strategies for VNNers to impliment, that will effectively combat the jewish menace.

                            In the past, hundreds of VNNers have pitched in, both physically and financially, to impliment VNN anti-jew projects, that were, in my opinion anyway, highly effective.

                            Given good leadership and proposals, hundreds of VNNers will pitch in again.

                            I selected Will Williams, because he's not only one of the most experienced WNs on the planet; he's brilliant, deeply insightful, super jew-wise, and honest as the day is long. He doesn't mislead, misdirect, or confuse. We can trust what he says. And the same goes for Alex, of course.

                            So Alex, tell us why not ?? Hell, you can even throw in coupla more V.I.P.s (Valuable Intellectual Properties) into the discussion, if you think it better.


                            NO WAY OUT BUT THRU US MAMZERKIKE RATS

                            My Side of The Story

                            The Whigger Fuktard Party

                            My FBI Ghostwritten Book - "A Whigger Mamzer Rat Sqeaks Out"


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                              Just a few questions for WhiggerSwill Welass Williams

                              Just a few questions for WhiggerSwill Welass Williams


                              Just checked in and saw your comment waiting, Mr. Hadding. Sounds like Dr. Johnson is a regular chameleon, by your description. Have you personally met him? Judging by your comment, it could be that you have. Would like to hear your impressions, if you have. Even if you haven’t, just why has this fellow become such a strange focus with everyone? It even fascinates me a bit, because I just can’t figure how a homosexual would ever get attracted to a group of people who pretty much despise his kind.

                              @Mr. Williams, being as I’ve heard you’re an ex Green Beret officer, how come Dr. Pierce didn’t nominate you over that dumbbell Gliebe to run the NA? Okay, maybe he didn’t actually appoint Gliebe, but certainly he had the power to put you in the command seat. Damn if that wasn’t another big mistake he made, smart as he was. I’ve heard about your legal problems with Mr. Covington, and read the case. You won, hands down. But we both know you’ll never collect because Mr. C hasn’t got a pot to piss in. So let me ask: if he posted a public apology and admitted he did you wrong, would that bury the hatchet? If he said, “Look Will, I ain’t got a nickel, but I want everyone to know you were in the right and I wasn’t.” Would that close the issue down? Trust me, I don’t know the man and don’t give a hoots holler about him. I just am curious why we in this movement can’t seem to gain any traction on anything.

                              I am The Librarian