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The [bowel] Movement Turd, Dec. 2009

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  • The [bowel] Movement Turd, Dec. 2009

    The Movement Turd

    December 2009

    The Word on the Turd

    ZOG is creating plenty of show trials of their own rats and snitches, like Hal Turner. These rats and agents provacateurs actually 'think' that they are doing something useful, like deal with dangerous radicals, such as myself. The actual matter is that most of this provocation is merely jews running frightened whigger animals around in order to try to break up any unrest coalescing around a largely false-front 'leadership' as provided by the likes of David Duke's/Don Black's $permFront and TraitorAlex Linder being bankrolled by TraitorGlenn Miller still trying to send idiot whiggers into a ZOG jewlag. Nothing much gets accomplished, because the mechanisms of decay and death are beyond the control of jew and shabbes whigger parasites. These parasites can indeed steal, but they cannot create. So when whiggers are milling, looking for leadership, even if this natural leadership is imprisoned, what results is mostly a fizzle, but every so often an uncontrolled explosion which is then beyond anyone's control.

    The purpose of these rats and snitches is because ZOG knows that there is a lot of social combustables lying around and what ZOG fears is that some leader will emerge and create an ordered revolution which will topple the jews from power, put them all in extermination camps and eliminate all the current whigger regime criminals in power and put them in prison, shooting a few of the most egregious offenders, and re-edjewcating the rest. In short, what ZOG fears is a sort of domestic Hitler.

    The other side of the coin is that the bowel-Movement wants them a Hitler, a tame nice polite little Hitler, who will take care of the jew, nigger and beaner problem without anyone really getting hurt. And, to be honest, there are a lot of bowel-Movement whigger feebs who think that they are just the little Hitlers who can step up to the plate and get they's dysfunctional, if at all functional, whigger feebs in jewniform to accomplish just that.

    Well the reality is quite different in the field. Yes, the whiggers are all hurting because they have lost their pensions, 401Ks, homes, aand jobs. And thus the whiggers don't have the ability to take care of theysselfs much less the niggers, beaners and jews any more. But what can they do? They are not overtly racist or violent. All that whiggers can do is to whine. At least until the niggers and beaners get hungry, hence violent.

    So the result is a sort of Charlie Manson's dream. Discontent. Hunger. Real pain in the streets. And it is going to get worse. And thus will things fall into chaos.

    Today has little budding warlords who will gladly go 'Mad Max' on the whiggers when the Great Die-off occurs. Us Christian Identity types have been expecting this to happen for years, and are largely psychologically ready. But the skinhead offal simply are not. For now they will play around in jewniform under some fathead skinhead shithead, but their 'leaders' have not a clue.

    And neither does ZOG. All ZOG's army of rats and snitches and agents provacateurs do is to fulfill a sort of Darwinian function of removing the worst and most idiotic of the bowel-Movement feebs and they's leaders leading them in circles.

    The Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church knows what is coming down because YHWH has informed us that a Great Tribulation is not only inevitable but necessary in order to dispose of 150 million whiggers. After all, the one in one thousand Church of CI believers is still dwarfed by the 999 whiggers who simply cannot and will not understand why they die. It no longer is simply a matter of replacing a decaying head and grafting on a DSCI aristocracy of rulers, but rather an understanding that we cannot control 150 million idiot diseased whiggers (not to mention 140 million muds and jew cruds). We cannot jail or enslave worthless idiot whiggers. But die or learn the whiggers must, which is why YHWH is allowing this Great Tribulation to take place. The DSCI Church thus is the racial religion which will survive and bring about order to the surviving no-longer whiggers who had to be chastised before being able to learn.

    So, what is necessary is a sort of series of forum entries every day as to what is happening for whiggers to find out not only what is going on in the Bowel Movement, but why things are going as they are. Most of the false profits and baal-priests and rats and agents provacateur are most definitely not going to be honest as to their motivations, past history, and what they hope to accomplish. There are so many ass-clowns, each with their own agenda.

    What The Movement Turd intends to accomplish is to let everyone get to see the shit and smell the stink in real time.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Heard on the Turd, Dec. 11, 2009

    The Movement Turd

    December 2009

    Heard on the Turd
    Dec. 11, 2009

    The big news of the past few weeks has been ZOG's show trials of its discarded rat Hal Turner and Bill White. Both show trials involve reining in whigger nutsionalist blowhards who live in a time wherein the paper 'protections' of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods are essentially discarded by regime criminals doing whatever they please as they loot the ZOGland and the ZOGling whigger herd animals.

    Having looted the ZOGland and made it so that whiggers no longer can feed theysselfs -- much less the alien jew, nigger and beaner parasites -- the [d]ruling regime criminals are scared shitless that there is somewhere another Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin or especially a Hitler to rid the White People of the entire class of regime-criminal parasites who have brought them to the verge of dispossession in their own country. These parasites understand that when the People rebel that there will be no mercy extended to them simply because those who would rule in the name of the People must permit no leaven of corruption left in order to do the harsh and stern things necessary to remove those who would feast upon the People. An entirely clean slate is what is necessary, not a corrupt pretend 'reform' of the Babylonian System of Evil. When the slate is wiped clean, no dissent steeped in sanctimoniousness will be tolerated, for it was toleration of evil and calling it good by regime criminals and baal-priests which has brought this formerly White nation to its current degraded state.

    So the entire bowel Movement is full of ZOG false-fronts leading whigger fools in circles. Given that since it is a dygenic Movement of largely sheep-like whiggers lead by criminals and fools, what difference does it make when a few dispensable rats and fools surplus to ZOG's efforts are sacrificed in order to put fear into ZOGlings that ZOG has redrawn the line in the toilet-paper 'protections' of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods?

    Having never had anything to do with Hal Turner other than peripherally through the idiotic Sci-Fi Faber, who is likely another ZOG rat, and since even the stupidest whigger sort of caught on that Hal Turner wasn't legit, the fact that Hal Turner is facing trial in a ZOG-kort even though Turner is a disposable rat, really means nothing except as an object lesson to other traitors, rats and snitches. If ZOG is willing to use you and then claim that you exceeded your permissible lies and provocations and as a rat and then try you for exceeding your bounds, then what of it? Even if the show-trial is not a complete farce who cares whether the Hal Turner rat is destroyed or merely used up and cast aside? Hal Turner has as much chance of getting back into the Bowel Movement as . . . . TraitorGlenn Miller.

    Of course the Hal Turner show trial may well be suspect. It ended up with a hung jewry deadlocked with the majority for acquittal 9-3. So a new show-trial is to be held on March 1, 2010. There is no guarantee that any corrupt verdict ZOG may gain from a stacked jewry will stand, but the whole process of dragging people in a ZOG kort is to wear them away into inability to further fight and to make an example of those who would dare fight. Thus a ZOG kort is never what it pretends to be, namely an instrument of justice against ordinary criminals but rather a means of legitimizing terrorism practiced against the People by connected regime criminals. Thus the result shows both the weakness of ZOG in that it cannot accomplish what it set out to do even with both thumbs upon the scales, yet at the same time that it is too corrupt to take the result with equinamity. There is nothing which makes ZOG an object of derision more than the fact that it can't win outright even in its own criminal regime kangaroo korts, because this is no way to run a railroad.

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      The Movement Turd

      December 2009

      Heard on the Turd
      Dec. 12, 2009

      The second show-trial of a suspected agent provacateur who ZOG is persecuting is that of Bill White.

      Now it is a fact that Bill White has indeed been tortured insofar as ZOG tortures political prisoners. Not as openly despotic regimes under jew Bolshevikism did under Stalin and Mao in which torture in order to elicit an open confession is openly practiced under a revolutionary regime, but rather the sort of psychological as well as physical discomfort as practiced by a decaying degenerate criminal regime wanting to pretend to be concerned with human rights because it no longer has the military or civil power to put down a revolution once it is provoked and burning out of control. And thus prisoners are doped up, subject to discomfort, fear of rape and murder by niggers, and denied the ability to defend themselves by themselves against the regime. Rather, the pressure is put on and delay is made as the solitary confinee is driven insane. The only contact is from knuckle-dragging prison guards who think, correctly, that their job description involves mental and emotional torture in order to elict a confession. Such prison pieces of shit show the prisoner that he has no right to due process of law by making up rules and then enforcing them at whim and punishing 'presumed guilty' prisoners without benefit of due process. All it takes is some guard to accuse, judge guilty, and punish any detainee for any alleged violation of these made-up rules.

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        Bill White Found Guilty On Four Counts Out Of Seven

        The Movement Turd

        December 2009

        Heard on the Turd
        Dec. 18, 2009

        Bill White Found Guilty On Four Counts Out Of Seven

        Originally posted by Roanoke Times blog

        Bill White Found Guilty On Four Counts Out of Seven

        A federal jury has found William A. White guilty on four counts and not guilty on three counts.

        The jury found White guilty of: threatening Jennifer Petsche, a Citibank employee in Kansas City, Mo.; intimidating several residents of a Virginia Beach apartment complex with the intent to prevent their testimony in a housing discrimination case; threatening Kathleen Kerr, an administrator at the University of Delaware; and threatening Richard Warman, a human rights lawyer from Canada.

        The three counts that resulted in acquittals were: threatening Petsche, the bank employee, with the intent to extort; threatening Leonard Pitts, a nationally syndicated columnist in Bowie, Md.; and threatening Charles Tyson, the former mayor of South Harrison Township, N.J.

        White faces a maximum of 35 years in prison on the four convictions. The lawyers involved are given 10 days to file post-verdict motions and to note appeals. After that, White will be sentenced.
        Again, this goes to show that being a bowel-Movement ass-clown and running your mouth may well get your ass in trouble.

        Was there any need for Bill White to even get arrested in the first place?

        Did anything good get accomplished by this behavior?

        Does it not simply go to show that most whigger nutsionalists are idiots who do not understand political and revolutionary activity?

        Bill White/Weiss simply let his costumed nutzi bullshit go to his fat pointy head.

        There was absolutely no need to threaten bank clerks. Due to the fact that niggers are a 'protected feces' there was no need to threaten she-boon project niggers. And while threatening whigger twats forcing 'dievershitty' in kollidge and some lying 'hue-mamzer rights' lawyer in Canuckistan might feel good, Bill White won't find it funny at all to pay the price in prison time.

        Probably actually killing the above-mentioned vermin would probably not get Bill White as much time in prison. But Bill White will probably be spending time in prison for nothing more than running his mouth.

        Look, whigger nutsionalist fuktards: The CONstipation and Bill of Goods are not worth the toilet paper they are written on. Never were. What keeps a People free is the willingness to show the [d]ruling regime criminals that they are ever ready to engage in civil warfare and exterminate the regime criminals and parasites absolutely. So if you are wronged, plan your revenge and make it a bloody one, but you need not make threats, the policy of the weak and stupid. Justice does not require advance notification. Bill White is going to spend more prison time simply because he ran his mouth over nothing.

        That said, while I despise Bill White, I do not take any pleasure in his punishment at the hands of ZOG/Babylon. Bill White was arrogant and thought that he was above punishment by ZOG, much like Hal Turner. These rats are finding out that they are easily rendered down by ZOG. They don't have much, if any, value any more. And if Bill White turns out to be a rat and agent provacateur, then let him rot in his ZOG's prisons.

        Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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          Cunter/Fade/Brad Gets Bitch-Slapped/Pussy-Bit By a Giles/LinderMiller jewttlesnake

          The Movement Turd

          December 2009

          Heard on the Turd
          Dec. 19, 2009

          Cunter/Fade/Brad Gets Bitch-Slapped/Pussy-Bit By a Giles/LinderMiller jewttlesnake

          Originally posted by Cunter/Fade/Brad

          Mea Culpa/Mein Twattt

          Dec 19th, 2009 by Hunter/Cunter Wallace/Wall-ass/Fade the Bitcher/Brad Griffin
          Editor?s Note: I?ve been prevailed upon to tone this down. The edjewmacated idjits told me to get used to becumming a eunuchoid pussy and not to fight with them bad boyz of the bowel Movement. I had considered doing so. I thought I might have overreacted. When us whiggaz play at this Rabbleooshun, we never know how to play our roles properly. All we can do is to act like whigger pussies when it cums right down to it. Never rational, but never insane, either. Just typpycull. In light of Jim Giles? unhinged, batshit insane rants this morning though, screaming at the top of his lungs into his microphone, denouncing everyone on this site and beyond, I have decided not to do so. He is over six foot tall, outweighs me by at least 100 pounds, and might beat my spoiled little whigger pussy ass to a pulp. Discretion is the better part of chickenshittery/whigger pussyousity.

          A small sample:

          ?Fuck you little pussies. Fuck you intellectuals. Fuck every last one of you. You chickenshit. Where is your fucking honor. You anonymous sorry shit. Fuck you Occidental Dipshit. God damn. I feel embarrassed for having associated myself with some of these people. There is something wrong with your courage, manhood, mental stability, faith. That?s why I talk about Wyatt Earp. Gambler, brother-keeper and kikess-humper piglice criminal with a badge who hid behind it in order to murder cowboy cow and horse thieves who stole from Mexicunts. Legal Wyatt Earp. I've been watching too many Tombstone Western pictures. I think I need to follow a jew like Kevin Costner or one humping jew-tang pussy like Kurt Russell. None of this horseshit. You don?t care enough about your own to protect them.?
          - Jim Giles

          Yesterday, I appeared as a guest on the Jim Giles radio show, Radio Free Mississippi. It would be an understatement to say that the interview was not what I expected. Jim Giles sent me an email, requested an interview, and I agreed to talk with him about Alex Linder, who I had been carrying on a civil but spirited debate with on Occidental Dissent and VNN Forum. Now maybe I should have been suspicious about it because if I had listened to the shows, then I would have known that Giles has a man-crush on Alex LinderMiller and gushes about the wonders of Linderism. That, and Giles has been evading an interview with Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity faction of the Aryan Nations.

          I was under the impression that this interview would be like previous ones. I thought Giles would just ask me a few questions, we would carry on some friendly banter, a few relevant points of disagreement would be addressed, and that would be the end of it. I thought my interview would be like the ones Giles had conducted with Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Elizabeth Whitcombe, Robert Campbell, Simon Darby, Arthur Kemp, Harold Covington, Soren Renner, James Bowery, Kievsky, etc. I thought (at the very worst) that my interview might be like those with Jewish anti-racists, open and avowed enemies of the movement, such as Mark Potok (SPLC) or Tim Wise.

          Gosh, was I ever mistaken. What happened was like in Rocky III where that stupid Rocky Balboa gets into a exhibition fight with Hulk Hogan and gets his stupid wop ass beaten until he ends up fighting back. Well, being a pussy whigger, all I could do was to limp off with a whupped ass and pussy/mangina. Ouch, ow, ow, owie!!!

          Within minutes of raising me on the phone, Giles announced that this interview would not be like previous ones. Unlike Mark Potok or Tim Wise, Jim Giles said that he was really going to grill me. He was going to ?shift gears.? Danger, Cunter Wallass, Danger!!! is what I should have thought before pissing down my leg and running for the tall grass. Pastor Lindstedt warned me long ago what would happen if I got into a debate with a Piss-Froth Linder type. But I was then a fuktard whigger. Okay, I think to myself: you have been a little too easy on previous guests, so that?s fine, ask me some tough questions, I am willing to answer them. I was about to get ass-raped butt good!!!

          For the record, this was my first interview ever. And, like every whigger skank that has squeezed out a nappy-haired big-headed niglet, I think I'll say "Never Again!!!" at least until my mangina gets wettt. I went on the Jim Giles show because I thought he was making a useful contribution to the movement. I thought to myself: gee, the White Nationalist movement could use a talk radio show, Giles has done a number of great interviews, I should ?do the White thing? and appear as a guest to help spur along his blossoming project. I had been promoting his interviews for over a month and sending traffic to his site. Appearing as a guest on his show struck me as a logical extension of that. I had encouraged others to make appearances. I've been living in my own little world for years and I was about to lose my whigger nutsionalist mangina cherry.

          For a week or so now, I had been debating Alex Linder on various issues. I had been carrying on a friendly, collegial exchanges of views with him. This was in spite of his abusive personal attacks on Greg Johnson, a good friend of mine, and Jared Taylor, another friend of mine, not to mention his long history of attacking others in the movement. Linder was slinging mud at both of these gentlemen, whose commitment to the movement is unquestionable, but I was willing to look the other way. It wasn't happening to me -- yet -- and I thought I was so 'special' since I put the 'special' in "Special Edjewmacation." I tried hard - damn hard like a steer - to separate the good from the bad. I actually thought that I was not gonna get bit by the Rabbi LinderMiller jewttlesnake.

          Unlike virtually everyone else in the movement, I was trying to see the best in Alex Linder. Which goes to show what a fuktard I am 'thinking' that I am so special that I am going to be treated differently than both Linder's enemies AND Linder's 'friends' -- if any are left. Previously, Alex had argued that White Nationalists were people who 1.) named the Jew, 2.) were explicitly racial, and 3.) who endorsed the ethnostate. For this reason, I had been calling him an ?ally.? That and Linder and Rounder were pretending that I was worth flattering -- and I ate that shit up. What I forgot was how very many honest whiggers got hung out to dry by the kikeamic-rat duo.

          Lately, Alex has changed his position: in his mind, everyone who doesn?t endorse genocide of the Jews is now a ?paleoconservative,? not a White Nationalist. Actually I am still so fuktarded that I still believe that treasonous self-absorbed whiggers like Commander Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss, TraitorAlex Linderwitz, and TraitorGlenn Miller have any loyalty to anyone and anythang other than theysselfs. As such, they are outside the ?in-group,? where Gentile ideals such as decency, civility, courtesy, honor, and morality are applicable. The paleos believe in these things . . . . what a powerful criticism. I am still so effin' fuktarded that I still believe the 'intellecshul edjewmacated' whiggers also have any interest in anythang other than theysselfs, and actually have a plan other than 'eating the other Julia-whiggers first,' starting with the green-toothed redneck whiggers in flyover cuntree that us edjewmacated whiggers despise worse than niggers and jews. jews are smart and edjewmacated like us edjewmacated whiggers. Can't kill D-g's Chosen Piss-pul!

          Dr. Kevin MacDonald is now a paleocon, Jared Taylor is a paleocon, Greg Johnson is now a paleocon, I am a paleocon, everyone who writes for TOQ Online or Occidental Observer is a paleocon. Actually, like Rabbi LinderMiller says, more of 'a faileo-khan' as in shabbes whigger faileo-khanned-servantive. We?re all of the same point of view as Sam Francis or Pat "I think I'll denounce for 'racism' anyone running for office who repeats what I say and choose a looney-toon she-coon for running [pri]mate" Buchanan. In his latest posts, Linder started to gleefully entertain the possibility of destroying the TOO/TOQ community. He posted that minutes before the interview. This should have set off red sirens in my mind. It did not. Not even then. I am so into myself that I am oblivious to danger from a known jewttlesnake.

          So, I go on the Jim Giles show, and I find myself discussing genocide, or exterminating the Jews (and possibly homosexuals), with one of Linder?s bloodthirsty fans. I also found myself on the racialist equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show discussing Greg Johnson?s personal life. Like every single on of them whigger feebs, I'd do 'jewry Springer' in a fartbeat. In the beginning of the interview, I was uncomfortable. In the middle, I was getting sick to my stomach. By the end of the interview, I was furious. I was getting my ass kicked.

          I challenge anyone to listen to this interview and say otherwise. Everyone listening to the show as it happened seen that I was getting hosed.

          It has been a long time since I have experienced moral outrage. As an intellectual, I am emotionally tone deaf. Us 'intellecshuls like to think we are like the jew Leonard Nimoy and forget that it is passion which makes for leadership, because if we cannot understand and manage our own emotions we will not be able to take even the first steps in managing and manipulating the emotions of others. That is my major weakness: feeling or empathizing with others. That and being a typpycull self-absorbed ZOGling whigger ass-clown. I tend to evaluate everyone and everything from a detached, analytical perspective. Just call me Cleopatra, everybody, 'cause I'm the Queen of DeNial. I value reason, tolerance, and openmindedness. I believe in looking at the other guy?s point of view, critically analyzing it, and letting him speak his mind. I?ve tried real hard not to be quarrelsome like I was in the past. No wonder my pussy's sore.

          I had a delayed emotional reaction to what Linder was actually saying. Somewhere in the Giles interview, the magnitude of the atrocity being advocated, the hinting around that I really believe innocent people should be exterminated (like cockroaches or animals), but that I can?t say so in public . . . . it sunk in, it finally hit me square between the eyes. Deep breath, I'm just about to render myself and my latest pose for the past five years irrelevant by now claiming to be a jew-lover . . . . and I am so fuktarded that I don't even realize that I've essentially proven to everyone's satisfaction that kollidge edjewmacated rich whigger kids can never make real Racial Revolutionaries. Nope, I'm about to declare that I'll always jewst be a whigger.

          In my entire life, I have rarely felt so guilty or ashamed, or embarrassed: I had been carrying on with these people, apologizing for them, promoting them for months. I found out that I do have a moral sense. I went into the interview convinced that denouncing those to my right was a bad idea. I left the interview with the opposite point of view. It also occurred to me that I have been wrong about a lot of things.

          For starters, I have been unfair to Guy White and Ian Jobling. It is clear to me now that the extreme anti-Semitism within the White Nationalist movement promoted by genocidal maniacs is a serious problem. At least in this respect, Guy White and Ian Jobling have a valid point. I?m not ready to go as far as friedrich braun has, but I am not in the least surprised by the path he has taken. Not at all.

          I want nothing to do with Jim Giles or Alex Linder ever again. This will be the last post about either of them on this website. I have delinked their websites, banned their IP addresses, and added both to the comment filter. I want nothing to do with those associated with either of these men. They are free to spew their sick, disgusting, evil ideas on their own websites, but they will never again find a platform on mine.

          I?m also taking a small break from blogging. I need a few days to sit down and seriously reflect upon everything else I may have been wrong about. I?ve spent way too much time on the internet lately. I?m exhausted and want to enjoy the Christmas season. I won?t touch the Jewish Question again before examining it with a moral eye. How did I become so morally broken that I was willing to engage these degenerates?

          In the future, I won?t waste my talent making life easier for Jim Giles or Alex Linder to spread their hateful message ? of that much I am certain. I?ve already advised others to do so as well.

          Notice: This will be the last thread in which discussions of Alex Linder, Jim Giles, RFM, or VNN will be allowed. In future threads, references to any of the above will airbrushed out or deleted. We?re going to move on to more productive topics. Those who want to engage either Giles or Linder know which rocks they can be found under. I?m also locking this thread at 100 comments.

          Also: I know that I will be criticized ?for sounding like a leftist? and ?using enemy rhetoric.? That?s fine. It is worth considering that Jim Giles and Alex Linder were able to push those buttons even in me. That is almost impossible. Giles deliberately set out to elicit an emotional reaction. He got one.

          Normal people ? they don?t analyze these issues like I do. They only hear a Neo-Nazi psychopath talking about murdering Jews or a Klansman from Mississippi plotting a lynching. That?s not the image White Nationalism needs to project.

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            The Mouth of Mississippi Vs. The Occidental Dipshit

            The Movement Turd

            December 2009

            Heard on the Turd
            Dec. 23, 2009

            The Mouth of Mississippi Vs. The Occidental Dipshit


            Originally posted by Reichsmarshal
            The Mouth of Mississippi Vs. The Occidental Dipshit

            Jim Giles, Radio Free Mississippi

            Thanks to a feature Orion did over at Access St. Louis about Jim Giles and his radio show I have been immensely enjoying as many interviews and broadcasts as time will allow. I had not been aware of Giles before, but, enjoy his demeanor and interview style, making me want to hear more.

            Then, this weekend, things got kind of bizarre. Some character of dubious credentials came out of the woodwork last week claiming to be an associate of Bill White. The details can be seen at Radio Free Mississippi, but, the long and short of it is that Giles felt a Fed trap was being laid for him, so, he essentially came forward to authorities to protect himself. A reader took notice, and forwarded it to Tom Metzger, calling Giles an informant. Metzger, whom Giles had recently interviewed, simply stated in reply ?Giles is a coward.?

            Giles responded on his radio show. I was kind of taken aback by the voracity of the attack, which was an unhinged expletive ?F-bomb? laced rant. Prior to this I had been listening to reasoned interviews with Arthur Kemp, Jared Taylor and a few others.

            My affinity for Tom Metzger is not a secret. But I worship no man, and so I took no particular offense at the heated comments, just quite surprised at the usually mild mannered(as far as I knew from limited exposure) man making them. I have learned since about the attempts by local Mississippi authorities, who have had it in for Giles, to rail road and imprison him. His explanation for his actions, given this additional information, is sufficient for me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tom should know better.

            This out of character behavior then set the stage for the following day?s interview, with some geek going by the name ?Hunter Wallace? who runs a blog called ?Occidental Dissent?, a gathering place for hand wringing intellectual egg heads(and, as it turns out a hot bed of faggottry) .

            As part of the subtext for this next debacle, there is some kind of feud between Alex Linder of VNN and this egg head and his cohorts at Occidental Dissent. Giles, who also interviewed Linder recently, seems to have made it his mission to drop Linder?s name every other sentence. Linder, apparently, made inference or an out right declaration on VNN that jews will have to be exterminated.

            This notion of a theoretical(and that?s important to keep in mind in reading this post and listening to the broadcast) ?genocide? of the jews was one of the things Giles pressed ?Wallace? on. Wallace seemed more concerned about ?jewish girls? being killed. Giles countered that niggers are killing White girls and not a damned thing is happening to jewish kids. Hunter Wallace would not acknowledge that there is a genocide against Whites being prosecuted. At least four more times he voiced concern about how horrible it would be to ?kill jewish girls.? Giles tried to get him to admit that in publicly denying a ?genocide? as retribution, we still had to acknowledge privately that removing the jew would be necessary and not be a bloodless prospect. The interview did not go well for this goofy kid. Basically, Jim Giles bitch slapped the fuck out of this kid.

            And it?s the aftermath of that bitch slapping that really is my purpose in even doing this post at all. You see, I?d maybe seen ?Occidental Dissent? on a few blog rolls, but never actually ventured there myself. After all of the ?hulla-balloo? I had to have a look to see what this ass wipe was really all about. I did not like what I found.

            The first troubling thing is that Hunter Wallace, as a result of his being verbally man handled first by Linder on the VNN forum and then by Giles on live radio, is now calling into question his own beliefs. How weak and irresolute can one be if a harsh word can spin your head around on the core fundamental issues facing our race? I would have packed it in a long time ago if all it took was a less than kind word from some of our Kindred.

            Take a gander at some of these pussified statements:

            Originally posted by Hunter Wallace/Fade the Butcher

            ?I won?t touch the Jewish Question again before examining it with a moral eye. How did I become so morally broken that I was willing to engage these degenerates??

            ?In my entire life, I have rarely felt so guilty or ashamed, or embarrassed??

            ?I?m also taking a small break from blogging. I need a few days to sit down and seriously reflect upon everything else I may have been wrong about.?

            ?It is clear to me now that the extreme anti-Semitism within the White Nationalist movement promoted by genocidal maniacs is a serious problem. ?

            ?Here is the major issue that we need to address: does blogging about the Jewish Question, that is, drawing attention to the issue, is that aiding and abetting the exterminationist anti-Semites? Are we making their job easier? Are we making people more receptive to the idea of killing Jews and non-Whites? What are the moral implications of that?? [Don?t you feel good knowing these intellectual pin heads are hand wringing and furrowing their brows contemplating such questions while niggers rape and murder White women and children?]

            ?I?m suspending my activities here for a few days. I need some time to consider the moral implications of anti-Semitism. Is this project aiding and abetting exterminationists? I will return to posting when I have answered that question.? [this emasculated eunuch makes me fucking sick]
            His head has been completely twisted by a theoretical notion(fantasy) about ?exterminating? jews, but seems unmoved by the genuine atrocities our Folk face every day. Oh, and one blog is not enough for writing bland essays, navel contemplation and intellectual masturbation. He's got a whole blog dedicated to analysing to death the "Jewish Question":


            As if that were not bad enough, there seems to be an over all air of trying to extend an olive branch to jews in order to peacefully co-exist in an all White society that permeates this wretched blog, or otherwise bring them into White Nationalism. Here are but a few of the too numerous examples to post, by one of their most revered posters ?Friedrich Braun?:

            Originally posted by F(*ck) W(it) Braun(-eyes)

            Longtime VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF poster hiding under a Hitler Avaturd who showed itzself kike back on July 1, 2009.

            "We need to appeal to the Right-wing (Orthodox or other), Islamophobic Jews. Priority number one. God knows there?s a lot of them out there!"
            ?By working with Jews and including them in our ranks we will have, among other good things, polarized the Jewish community and successfully inoculated ourselves against charges of a Nazi-like hidden agenda.? [It?ll never fucking happen, Shlomo. -- Reichsmarshal]

            What we need to do is to adapt to post-modernity by couching our case as a defence of liberal democracy, the way Geert Wilders has done, thereby stealing from liberals their rhetorical weapons and showing them to be the true illiberal ones. The ultimate rhetorical coup! [Braun probably re-read his own statement 10 or 20 times, smugly satisfied with his own "brilliance" at having churned out such a pretentious line of utter bullshit]

            ?Israel is on the first front defending the West from Islam? This has the advantage of being factually correct. Have you been to western Europe? Islamic immigration is the number one problem. I have noted that the JDL has praised and defended the Swiss vote. I want to work with the JDL. [Are your red flags going up yet, friends?]

            [Jared] Taylor?s hobnobbing with known neo-Nazis and Holocaust-deniers is problematic. [to whom, exactly?]

            Let me be clear, I want Jews inside the tent. They can be an incredible asset and appeal to the eugenicist in me. They are a people of immense talent, energy, organization, skill, work ethic, determination, drive, intelligence?I want to extend my hand in genuine friendship and love and say: ?I want you to work with me for a better future for us!? I want White Nationalism to not only include Jews, I want them at all levels of power and authority. [?friedrich? is obviously a kikejew hasbarat who has infiltrated this blog and is leading these dupes by the nose on what amounts to a fool?s errand]You got it in one, Reichsmarshal.

            A random post I picked out:

            "70Race Realist Rick":

            ?The main problem is White Liberalism, not some nutty ?ZOG conspiracy?!?
            Jim Giles, who ended the interview on a pretty congenial, friendly note, even offering to have Wallace back on again, went into another rampage on the following day?s show. Here?s only a small sample of his choice words for these clownish goof balls:

            Originally posted by Jim Giles
            ?Fuck you little pussies. Fuck you intellectuals. Fuck every last one of you. You chickenshit. Where is your fucking honor. You anonymous sorry shit. Fuck you Occidental Dipshit. God damn. I feel embarrassed for having associated myself with some of these people. There is something wrong with your courage, manhood, mental stability, faith. That?s why I talk about Wyatt Earp. Legal! Wyaat Earp. None of this horseshit. You don?t care enough about your own to protect them.?

            Other than denouncing these Occidental Dipshits as frauds , I don?t and won?t take sides in any of this insanity: Metzger hates David Duke, Giles hates Duke and Metzger, David Duke is out for himself, Linder hates pretty much everybody, but has unleashed particular scorn against Jared Taylor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and Patrick J. Buchanan(?!) and at the end of the day, we?re no further than when we started. Maybe this is all by design?

            I like Jim Giles and will continue to listen to him, but I can?t help but wonder if his credibility hasn?t been destroyed beyond repair with the last 4 or 5 broadcasts. His latest few shows have him delving into these long buried nigger on White rape and murders dug up from the Mississippi court system. He sits in his ?$16,000 trailer at the end of a gravel road? gulping down black coffee by the pot, pondering each and every word of these atrocities recounted in court documents and police reports, working himself up into a rage. He might be damaged goods at this point, after a winning streak of interviews with some pretty influential, serious people.

            I will say, I?m beginning to see what others have been saying about David Duke. I wont denounce him or the great work he?s done in exposing the jew, but, I?m a little less enamored with him as many of the rumors floating around out there turn out to be substantiated.

            I don?t consider myself a part of the ?Movement?. I despise the term, in fact. It?s clear, just from this mini-soap opera, which is but a microcosm of the discord and tribal warfare going on, that there is no ?movement?. Any (serious) talk of a ?movement? is dead on arrival. It?s an impotent, disjointed, and often times fraudulent paper tiger, much like the ?militia? movement. I put absolute zero faith in charlatans, money changers and mad men. A veritable circus side show.


            I usually detest whigger nutsionalists using Hitler avaturds who have blogs written with hard-to-read white type on a black background and all the Net-nutzi fetishes which usually I attribute like most rural Christian Identity types to urban skinhead whigger shitheads. However I read this article over on my favorite 'Free Speech for Whites' StumbleInn Forum where this sturm&drang formatting was not evident. And thus the commonsense article struck a nerve and everyone read it with interest. Hunter Wallace/Fade the Butcher put the critique of 'Reichsmarshal' on his blog. The idiot whiggers on that blog were all congradjewlating Hunter in his 'Cunter' persona. And Fuck-Wit Braun was going all out with the 'we need to suck kike cock' line.

            Of course that is an effort doomed to fail. Hunter Wallace/Fade the Bitcher/Brad changes his persona every six weeks or so but becumming a jew apologist within the bowel Movement like the probable jew F*ck-Wit Braun-eyes isn't going to happen because then Fade/Cunter/Brad will be out on his ass with his nose pressed against the plate-glass window wanting back in, and nobody will let him in.

            The problem is that Giles, Fade, and this Reichsmarshal are all people who either don't know about the History of the bowel Movement or someone who doesn't belong and is trying to hide under the stereotypes of what they think that they should act as opposed to actually being what they are supposed to be. They remind me of Sci-Fi Faber trying to play at being the Pope of the Aryan Nations and within four months breaking his alliances and agreements simply because he was a dishonest phony or probably a ZOG false-front. They put on an act on auto-pilot and not being able to land where it is safe in friendly territory they inevitably crash and burn.

            They bring all of their problems with them and, most importantly, who they are and by the time you reach Fade's age, much less Jim Giles' age, there is no possibilities of change of personality.

            There is indeed a Movement, which I call the bowel Movement, and it has all sorts of wannabe chiefs and idiot indians. My preferred comrades are the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity kind since they are of my racial religion. If they pretend to be CI, but are not, like LiarBill DeClue(less) or Klunt (Debbie) Downey and her pasturd Meercat Markkk, then they will face more contempt and hatred from me than even TraitorGlenn Miller and TraitorAlex Linder simply because I defend little CI lambs from jewkal posers whereas what happens to whiggers playing at whigger nutsionalism means nothing to me. There are 150 million whiggers running wild in this open-air coast-to-coast free-range NutHouse and I think that these diseased animals need to die, so what if TraitorGlenn Miller/Sgt. Snitch and TraitorAlex Linder/Corporal Snitch kill and eat and imprison a few, especially if they put away some possible kike shit like Commodork Bitch-Tits Bill White/Weiss away by their snitching?

            So for now, I think that this Reichsmarshal is doing good because his instincts seem good. And I don't have a problem with him because he is behaving himself, seems to not be one of these Linder worsheepers, and is friendly sorta to Christian Identity. So I hope that he will get rid of the Hitler stuff and the nutzi imagery and in time write an article which did have to be addressed -- and was, if nothing less than by Hunter Wallace/Fade the Butcher.

            To Hunter/Fade let me say this: If you want to hang around the bowel Movement and pretend to be an edjewmacated intellecshul, then you will get your ass handed to you by the pretend Unter-shiessenkopfen-feeben-fatten-fartin-fuerhers and little gut-sick guido-kikenrats with jew ass-cancer and their lackeys from the ZOG false fronts making fun of you. Now I have never valued you as a stormtrooper or someone with a lot of raw physical courage. In fact, with your dithering and running around like a possum in the middle of the road, you have demonstrated that you don't have much moral courage either. The roadsides are full of dead dithering road-killed possums.
            Why did the chicken cross the road?
            To show the even more chicken-headed possum that it could be done!

            Your value to the bowel Movement was your inherent White decency in opening up your phorafags/feebs forum to the White Nationalists after TraitorAlex Linder/Corporal Snitch kicked off everyone who could not stomach the ZOG rat TraitorGlenn Miller/Sgt. Snitch after the failed Christmas Coup of 2004.

            So what your value is lies in providing a 'Free Speech For Whites' blog and forum. NOT in trying to be some intellecshul tard. Not in getting huffy and hurt when the whigger nutsionalists get mad at you. Not for getting jewr ass scragged in an ambush interview by someone who acts like he is suffereing from roid-rage. Not is acting like Jim Giles took jewr nuts. You are a 29 year old kid who needs to get over the fact that sometimes your elders are just plain mean. You need to act tough and then learn to be tough. You need to shit or get off the pot.

            Notice that it is your little kike F*ck-Wit Braun-eyes who calls for censorship of your blog by cutting off the comments section continually. Well, why can't F*ck-Wit Braun make itz own blog and forum and post itz jew-loving kikeshit 24/7? Why not? Because nobody wants to hear it.

            There will come a time when you will have to make a choice as to who you support, and I advise that you choose the side of us unedjewmacated White Resistance Fighters who have no use for jews or niggers or beaners and understand that no People ever had a Homeland without Racial and Holy Warfare driving the non-whites out to the margins to starve and die.

            Choosing the side of the non-whites and the jews means that whatever you do, you will never be allowed to come back into the White Nationalist Movement, not even itz whigger nutsionalist pretend forerunner.

            Jim Giles has my suspicions. For over three weeks I've been trying to get an interview with him. And that interview might well be stormy. Or not. I listen to what Jim Giles says and I hear someone who wants a White Revolution and is tired of jewdayo-khazarinsanity baal-priests. Yet, in the past few days it seems that Jim Giles has abandoned what worked for him -- the urbane 'Dick Cavett of the White Nationalist Movement which got him an interview with $PLC Mark 'Potak is Klingon for constipated lying jew' Potak and this dirty kike named Wise. Instead, Giles seems to be addicted to coffee and roid-rage in which he is looking for 'another Wyatt Earp' who will act with legality. Well, Wyatt Earp was a shabbes whigger gambler and brothel-keeper who humped jew whores and killed whigger cowboys who stole Mexican cattle and horses. Wyatt Earp was despised in the old West, just as his Earp (pronounced 'Arp') relatives are despised as piglice and sheriffs two counties away in Delaware County, Oklahoma. It was Hebewood/Chutzpawood which made Wyatt Earp the model of the Western lawman when it was actually Bill Tilghman who was honored by those of his time.

            So, getting away from what you do well, as opposed to letting your emotions run wild like you are doing now, means that you will pick a side which will end up making yourself irrelevant.

            I've listened to the last four or five interviews of Jim Giles, unlike most of those who have commented. There is no percentage or future in fighting with Tom Metzger and siding with TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller of VNNF. You should listen to Dr. Kevin MacDonald who gently asked you what Alex Linder had ever accomplished. Now Dr. Kevin MacDonald is definitely no stormtrooper -- but at least he never claimed to be. Whereas TraitorAlex Linder is simply a lying punk who snitches out dumb young and not-so-young skinhead whiggers who infest his VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF data-mining & snitching operation.

            You cannot afford to fight with Tom Metzger because Metzger doesn't pretend to have any love for anyone calling the ZOG piglice or feds for any reason to complain. You could have simply told this Daniel Jones punk that you refused to have anything to do with him and chewed his lying ass over the air and let it stay at that. But the piglice are never your friends and there is no legal way to overthrow ZOG, massacre millions of jews and 140 million muds and set up a White Homeland. Just because the CONstipation and Bill of Goods claims you can run jewr yap all day about wanting it doesn't mean that it will ever be legal in implementing such policies. Ask Commodork Bitch-Tits Bill White/Weiss about that! Why, his former 'good friend' TraitorAlex Linder/Corporal Snitch testified against pore dumb ol' Bitch-tits Bill.

            So doubtless Metzger will respond in kind and Giles will lose that propaganda war. The bowel Movement consists in the local barons each at war with the other little gaulieters. Get used to it.

            And, I certainly must wonder why, when I have been held on hold for over three weeks wanting an interview why it is that 'Hunter Wallace/Fade' whose contribution to the bowel Movement has been so chaotic, dithering and modest got an 'ambush interview' and was treated some unnecessarily meanly.

            I used to have the same problem back in my Militia Movement days when I tried to pin down some Missouri militia 'leaders' who first showed up after April 21, 1995 why they were doing what they were doing. They got into the common-law korts allied movement, screwed everything up, and the reason for their behavior became apparent in 1997. The two of them were Missouri Highway Patrol piglice and they got the idiotic Bradley Glover Militia put into prison on weapons violations and rolled up the Missouri common-law kort movement, creating the 'Missouri 20' and ended up putting seven of them in prison for 18 months to two years. THAT is why they were doing what they were doing which made no sense at the time and for which I wanted explanations at the time. They avoided me for over a year and I simply wrote them off until the news got out that they were insinuated pigs.

            So I am well past beginning to get my suspicions concerning Jim Giles. If Jim Giles has a problem with jewdayo-khazarinsanity baal-priests, well so does DSCI. If Jim Giles has a problem with edjewmacated whiggers smarter than God and dumber than dirt, then so do I.

            If Jim Giles is looking for White leadership, then I want it to remain hidden until needed. If Jim Giles is looking for a Great Whigger on a White WHorse, then Jim Giles is looking for something that don't exist. If Jim Giles is looking for a Racial Hate Religion that has no problem with killing the jew spawn of Satan, exterminating the soul-less animal 6th Day Beast of the Field niggers, and running off all the mud mamzer gooks and beaners, well, I would like to make the case for Dual-Seedline Christian Identity which offers the true White Man's Racial Hate Religion and how Genesis 3:15 gives permission to create not a White Homeland, but an entire White Continent and a New Jerusalem, with maybe spaces reserved only for a few docile muds who know their proper place.

            Jim Giles needs to read a lot more Dr. Robert Frenz, as the third book he has maybe read in his life. Feed the hounds, feed the cows, and go back to doing what he used to do best, being a sort of Dick Cavett for the bowel Movement. Jim Giles needs to get over hisself.

            If Jim Giles wants to have a lawman who humped kikesses, then what we need as a People is a lot less Wyatt Earp and a lot more 'Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky' -- none of whose political police actions were ever overturned in a Revolutionary Kort. 'Iron Felix' killed all the ancient regimes' piglice, lawyers, jewdges, and regime criminals and thus safeguarded his revolution.

            Originally posted by Iron Felix

            "We stand for organized terror -- this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of the Soviet Government and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases only a day passes between the apprehension of the criminal and his sentence. When confronted with evidence criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a criminal's own confession."
            Felix Dzerzhinsky, interviewed in Novaia Zhizn (14th July, 1918)
            Felix Dzerzhinsky was a 'legal' lawman. None of the regime-criminals he rounded up, tortured into making a confession, and throwing to the mob and sending their families to a death camp ever won a single civil rights lawsuit in a Stalinist Revolutionary drumhead kort.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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              Jim Giles -- Fruitcake or Fed? -- HotT122409

              The Movement Turd

              December 2009

              Heard on the Turd
              Dec. 24, 2009

              Jim Giles -- Fruitcake or Fed?

              Jim Giles' Radio Implosion


              To Reichsmarshal: I myself have read your post and commented on it extensively. StumbleInn Forum has a thread with a poll as to whether Jim Giles is a Fruitcake or a Fed. And, like most of the popular wisdom, sometimes the proles sense the political earthquake ahead.

              I just don't know about Jim Giles. He has gone off to where he is in love with TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller and seemingly thinks that these ZOG false-fronts are the future of the bowel Movement. It is admitted that Alex Linder testified on behalf of the Prosecution at Bill White's trial concerning information that he had no business keeping after banning Bill White and after Bill White was going to trial. I think that TraitorAlex Linder runs a ZOG observation post paid for by TraitorGlenn Miller since before the Christmas Coup of 2004. And thus by any definition, VNNF is a ZOG data-mining outfit meant to keep tabs on 'radicals' on the racist right.

              I now notice that Jim Giles is making a bigger deal over what goofy overedjewmacated whiggers like Hunter Wallace/Fade the Butcher is writing on his beat-off board and whether some other egghead is a faggot. But as Tom Metzger correctly notes, snitches are a bigger threat to the Resistance than faggots. Egghead faggots can be ridiculed and ignored, but snitches and rats need to be exposed remorsely.

              And Jim Giles is siding with the known snitches and rats against these idiot eggheads who tolerate faggots. Or eggheads who rats claim might be faggots.

              Having no independent knowledge as to whether this Gregg Johnson might be a faggot, and since I really don't have much to do or time to waste with edjewmacated eggheads trying to make dirty spawn-of-Satan jew-hating 'intumallecshully respectabull' I don't really know how to find out for sure that he would be a faggot. What I do know is that Rabbi Alexis LinderMillerwitz is a snitch and a rat running a ZOG false-front data-mining operation with a known traitor and snitch paying the bills named TraitorGlenn Miller. So when these liars, sneaks and traitors make any accusation, I certainly would not believe anything that they have to say unless it concerns something I would need to investigate for my own operational security.

              Traitors, informants, agents provacateur like Hal Turner and TraitorGlenn Miller have ruined a lot of Resistance lives and shut down a lot of White Nationalist operations. Accused, falsely or not, egghead faggots have never been even on the radar screen as a threat for some reason. I think that most eggheads might as well be faggots for all the good they have ever done for the Movement, with the exception of William Pierce. All this kike alarums & excursions from Rabbi LinderMillerwitz and his lackeys about edjewmacated faggots superfluous to the Movement is merely a means of deflecting attention from the fact that TraitorAlex Linder ratted out and snitched on Commodork Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss at his Ft. Smith Sedition Trial in Roanoke.

              Having seen with the militia movement what happens when known ZOG snitches and rats are allowed to run wild, the problem is that the so-called 'leadership' lets this happen. The end result is that some idiots go to prison and the rest, sadder and wiser, go back underground. ZOG creates chaos and 'lone wolves' out of above-ground bowel-Movement organizations going nowhere.

              Jim Giles seems to have destroyed what he used to do best -- act as a sort of Movement 'David Cavett interviewing those who have something to do with the Movement.' His roid-rage rants and abuse of his guests makes him unlikely to get very many other interviews except from people like me who will be likely acting in an adversarial position. I want to do an interview with Jim Giles. But I am reminded in Jim Giles' avoidance of this of the avoidance of some Missouri Highway Patrolmen in the militia movement in Missouri who didn't want to be found out.

              "Hunter Wallace" is a little edjewmacated whigger with a rich daddy who pretended to be George Wallace's grandson who runs these forums and blogs for the amusement of other edjewmacated whiggers. He is useful for providing a platform. What he says is usually the dross of whiggers wanting to seem 'respectable.' Hunter Wallace and his faggot friends are not dangerous, but rather they are laughable. And we have had our laugh.

              What is dangerous are those who, in a demented desire to claim to be 'legal,' take the part of rats and snitches. They will ALWAYS end up on the side of ZOG and betray their followers. There must be no tolerance for collaboration with ZOG. And so I must confess that I have my doubts as to whom Jim Giles is loyal to. I think Jim Giles is loyal to only his delusions of CONstipational government right now. Jim Giles reminds me of so many so-called 'leaders' whose flight was high, then made a compromise and an accommodation with the FedZOG or StateZOG or CountyZOG authorities which disappointed their little 'true believers' and then these true believers then were shattered for the minute finding that their 'Great whigger on a Whorse' were not only human, but deeply flawed. And thus this 'fearless leader' for the moment just fades away, and is seen no more.

              I've been around for 15 years now. I am not going away except feet first and belly up. There are not too many people from back then who are still here now in 'The Movement.' They had no lasting power.

              Listening to the last few days, Jim Giles reminds me more and more of the nuts in the NutHouse who went off theys' meds -- and I sure saw a lot of nuts as well as criminals pretending to insanity at Fulton State Hospital. And Jim Giles' choice of allies, with caught, despised rats and snitches, shows which side he will fall down on.

              Hail Victory!!!

              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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                ?ReichsMarshall? Provides Cogent Analysis, Observations Of Moralistic Little Queer, HW

                ?ReichsMarshall? Provides Cogent Analysis, Observations Of Moralistic Little Queer, HW


                [I submitted below-copied essay on, but the stupid punk didn't want to publish--so I figure I'll submit it here for the record for us. A.]

                * * * * *

                ?ReichsMarshall? Provides Cogent Analysis, Observations Of Moralistic Little Queer, HW
                (Apollonian, 23 Dec 09)

                For once, it looks like ?ReichsMarshall? (RM) makes some serious sense?and useful observations, in this case upon the pretended ?intellectual,? who?s actually a subversive, ?Hunter Wallace? (HW). See, ?The Mouth of Mississippi vs. the Occidental Dipshits? 23 Dec 09. The give-away for HW is his pretended moralism and protestations against ?evil.?

                Linder/VNN ( is simply a psychotic buffoon who condemns Christianity, saying it?s mere version/variation of Judaism -? which is simply lie (falsehood). Linder/VNN is constantly challenged for his false assertions, esp. for citations fm New Testament (NT), for example -? or any references at all?which he hysterically ignores like a girl, and he?s followed this idiotic anti-Christ act since I?ve known about him (about 2003), and never, never changes.

                Christian aesthetic is necessary as people can agree upon a general artistic symbology (aesthetic) which might stand for slightly varying particular ideals?as long as it remains anti-semitism at root and base?this is what people forget so easily?as when they imagine Christianity is merely/only about ?love??it isn?t, though ?love? is a distinct element for its proper place.

                For Christianity is really, basically and FIRST, about TRUTH (as esp. in Gosp. JOHN), this truth contrasted to Jew LIES and conspiracy. And greatest Christian ethic, therefore, is HONESTY, appropriate to truth, naturally. Thus Christianity is properly and accurately understood as most sublime ANTI-SEMITISM, the most profoundly successful sort of anti-semitism in all history?it?s why Jews so intensively HATE Christianity.

                HW, like Linder/VNN, also wants to avoid this Christian symbology/aestheticism -? as he?s too stupid (like Linder) to understand it, even as he pretends to ?intellectuality? -? and this anti-Christianity is also what attracted the little queer (HW) to Linder/VNN, I?m sure, in first place.

                As far as ?genocide? and ?extermination? are concerned, the relevant necessity is to wage appropriate warfare against Jews no less than Jews do to all gentiles, esp. whites and Christians. ?Morality,? properly understood is mere logic btwn ends (white survival) and means. So if genocide is appropriate and necessary, then it?s ethical, ipso facto.

                HW is actually closely associated with other ?moralists? -? esp. the stupid punks over at, and then perhaps another at These moralistics and mystics all pretend to ?white nationalism? by which they hope to subvert white, Western, and Christian society, divorcing and separating white folk fm that necessary integrating, unifying Christianity and reason (against mysticism, esp. in moralistic form). For moralism-Pharisaism is anti-reason mysticism which asserts a perfectly ?FREE? human will, equating and amounting to hubristic Godliness -? in typical Jew fashion.

                For note moralism-Pharisaism is precisely the very thing?the particular vehicle par excellence -? which has disintegrated white and Western society/culture in the CYCLIC ?Decline of the West,? by Oswald Spengler, this moralism proceeding fm at least J.J. Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians of 18th cent.

                Thus by means of this moralism excuse are Jews allowed to run their great COUNTERFEIT scam, the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed?see, and for expo/ref.), by which they own, control, and dominate practically all aspects of our very lives?and by which they intend to exterminate us presently.

                CONCLUSION: Such then is the sociologic/psychologic place and function of scum and pretended ?intellectuals,? moralists, and agents like HW and Linder/VNN, et al. -? they work for Jews to destroy white political and cultural unity/integration whether they know it or not.

                Honest elections and death to the Fed.


                Hello Apollonian:

                I seen your posts on my blog and will answer them at length on my forum and then answer these posts as well. What I will do is to provide a link to the forum poat on my blog.

                So I opened up an account and will send the details to you right now. If you wish to change the password on your account you will be free to do so. Below is the username, your password to log in, and you of course know your own password.

                I write at length on my own forum more than I post on the blog. I do not always or even usually agree, but I think you make good points in what you do write.

                A forum is a far more interactive form than a blog. It allows far more posting, but even more importantly, it allows the use of hyperlinks to material which proves your position made. This is why my v-bulletin forum has largely replaced my web page.

                So if you want to post to my forum, then you can. and if you do not, then no need to do so, I'll simply cut and paste what you say as time allows.

                Hail Victory!!!

                Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN


                Hello Apollonian:

                I've taken the liberty of opening up for you an account and will answer your post at length on my Christian Nationalist Forum at:


                With this account you can post not only on this blog, but on the forum as well. If you wish to change your password, then you are at liberty to do so, or you can keep that password and post as you wish.

                Now insofar as Alex Linder is concerned, Linder and his VNNF is a ZOG false front paid for by TraitorGlenn Miller and the Department of ZOGland InSecurity. Linder has been caught data-mining and testifying like TraitorGlenn Miller against Bill White on Dec. 15, 2009. As a result Linder got that idiot Jim Giles to invite, then attack Fade the Butcher/Hunter Wallace and Greg Johnson, concerning irrelevancies as to whether Greg Johnson was a homosexual or not. What does it matter even if it could be proven. It is not closet homosexuals who are destroying White People, it is ZOG/Babylon, run by jews and shabbes whiggers out to destroy White families and the White race. jews do this because they are the literal spawn of Satan.

                Now insofar as 'Hunter Wallace' is concerned: He has been of some benefit to us White Nationalists because he opened up a place for discussion AFTER a lot of us were banned after the VNNF 'Christmas Coup' of 2004. and since then he has opened up a place for us of the Christian Identity religious persuation to discuss our beliefs. Is Fade/Hunter insufferable often for his whigger notions that he is so edjewmacated and an intellecshul that thinks he is 'smarter than God' while 'dumber than dirt?' Certainly.

                But the bowel Movement is not made up of SS or Crusaders or the cream of the crop. Rather it is mainly populated by whiggers, mainly, who are chaotic and cowardly, with a lot of jews and mamzer trolls running them in circles. So the problem is in making them over as best we can.

                Which is what I am trying to do.

                Because Linder has attacked Fade/Hunter and Greg Johnson without good reason other than to displace attention as to Linder being a ZOG rat, then a number of the better VNNF people left to join Fade/Hunter over at Occidental Dissent. And, recently, Fade/Hunter has decided to 'play nice' with Christian Identity.

                So there is some use and hope for Fade/Hunter and so I am polite enough to Fade/Hunter because Fade/Hunter shows progress. And that is useful to the overall White Nationalist [usually bowel] Movement.

                So, if Fade/Hunter goes beyond hope, then it will be because of his own solipsistic foolishness common among whiggers. But beneath the whigger there is a little White Man trying to get out. When or if Fade/Hunter ever grows up, I think that Fade/Hunter/Brad can amount to something fine and good. And so, for now, I wait patiently, trying to spin whiggers into White men and women.

                Please feel free to post as you please on my forum, as well as this blog, Apollonian.

                Hail Victory!!!

                Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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                  ?White Nationalism? Is Too Broad Abstraction By Which Jews Try To Manipulate Gentile Confusion

                  ?White Nationalism? Is Too Broad Abstraction By Which Jews Try To Manipulate Gentile Confusion

                  (Apollonian, 29 Dec 09)


                  Pastor: I clicked for the link to the interview w. u given in text above, but didn?t get anything; pls provide guidance for my lost, confused soul.

                  Regarding ?white nationalism,? I think folks ought to consider it?s horribly, miserably, pathetically infiltrated w. Jews and their goyim accomplices (like the guy at trying to pretend Jews ?are white too,? trying to get white gentiles fighting against other gentiles.

                  After all, there?s essentially one large problem for the world, and that?s kikes, masters of the lie, and then that particular insidious fraud which gives them all their worldly power, COUNTERFEIT scam of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)?see and for expo/ref.

                  So instead of ?white nationalism,? it really ought to be called something, nearly anything, else??patriot? movement, or ?anti-semitic,? or ?gentile liberation,? or even ?Christian? would be far better than mere ?white? nationalism?as ?white? is an abstraction by which Jews try to worm themselves for inclusion.

                  Second, by specifying ?white,? it tends to ISOLATE Aryans against all other gentiles which is another thing Jews want. Ideal is the great Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great. And consider any gentile can agree upon virtue of HONESTY by which any non-Jew understands race-mixing is obvious putrid abomination; separatism the obvious virtue in loyalty and pride for one?s race, ancestors, etc.

                  Worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was the mystification which took place by means, for example, of the anti-rationalist understanding of buzz-word, ?faith.? For ?faith? properly means simply LOYALTY, I hold?there?s nothing necessarily or especially mysterious about good old Christianity which simply upholds, first of all, TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, according to good old Gosp. JOHN, most philosophic of New Testament (NT) books. ?Christian? MUST ALWAYS stand for anti-semitic, first, last, most, and always?just in order to make even basic sense.

                  And in fact, another aspect of the great conflict/battle is precisely btwn Christian reason vs. Jew mysticism?by which, for example, filthy kikes pretend and insist Christianity is ?superstitious??which is actually the very reverse of actual reality, esp. considering the putrid mysticism of Jew Cabala, for example. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

                  But then the very most definitive anti-theses are Christian OBJECTIVITY vs. Jew subjectivity?the essential crux to things, in strictest philosophical-type terms?by which everything else can be best analyzed, contrasted, and understood. For TRUTH necessarily requires that objectivity for criterion/verification.

                  And this strict rationalistic-styled delineation of concepts and ideals is excellent way all gentiles can UNITE against Jews?though of course, as most people are not ?intellectuals,? they need that aesthetic (artistic-type) styling to guide themselves.

                  And we actually have a good, short-and-sweet audio (soon to be full-fledged vid) on this series of parallel contrasts/anti-theses/dichotomies at; see ?Cultural Smoke and Mirrors,? 19 Dec 09?I?ve tried to urge good comrade James to get on w. his usual masterful illustrations in video format.

                  CONCLUSION: And finally, good Pastor Martin, the only other thing I'd rather urge upon u is u're way too harsh on poor Hal Turner--who is guilty of slip-shoddiness and half-assededness, truly, but I don't think he's traitor--at least I say there's no real evidence he's "traitor." Hal just got greedy, I suspect--and u gotta admit, ZOG-Mammon can pay lucratively in those COUNTERFEITED funds by which to tempt a poor person.

                  Keep up ur great work.

                  Honest elections and death to the Fed.


                  Hello Apollonian:

                  I posted your above blog comments to my Christian Nationalist Forum at:


                  To answer your points briefly, the problem is that the Movement is known as 'White Nationalism' for good or bad. Regardless of whether or not you or I or anyone else likes or dislikes the term -- and I like the term because it is descriptive of what kind of racial nationalism we are trying to work on.

                  Insofar as dealing with Hal Turner. Turner is an admitted snitch and an agent provacateur. What more needs to be said? Neither you nor I can or should spend reputation trying to rehabilitate ZOG rats who got paid more than the customary thirty pieces of silver.

                  The five-hour interview can be heard and downloaded off Talkshoe at:

                  William Finck's 'Open Call' Monday Program can be accessed under the following page:


                  The actual mp3 recording on Talkshoe amounts to 128 megabytes and can be accessed here:


                  Hail Victory!!!

                  Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                  Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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