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Why I Broke With William Pierce

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  • Why I Broke With William Pierce

    by L. Bradford Davis

    [Note from HAC: This was written by a friend of mine in Raleigh, N.C. around the year 2000 or so, if memory serves, prior to Pierce's demise.]

    To All Racially Aware Aryans:

    I have devoted long and careful consideration to the writing of this open letter to the entire White racial nationalist movement on the subject of the National Alliance, and the reasons for my termination of my own involvement with the Alliance. I have decided that it is a duty I cannot shirk, however vicious and hysterical the reaction it will inevitably provoke. Silence can kill, and I am convinced that silence on the subject of the NA's many problematical aspects may yet kill our race.

    It is customary in these kinds of monologues to go into a long and very personal recounting of the whole history of one's involvement, naming names and pointing fingers, and how one realized that involvement was a mistake. I have decided not to do this, in deference to the many fine and devoted people that I met in the Alliance, some of whom are still with the group and who will unquestionably denounce and revile me for breaking ranks and saying out loud what we all know in our hearts: that our precious Emperor Dr. Pierce has no clothes. I am not here to tell my story, but only my conclusions, conclusions I have arrived at only with the greatest of soul-searching, sadness, and reluctance.

    I will simply say that I phased out my own active participation in Alliance activities in 1997, when as a member of the NA's "cyber-cell" I was ordered by then NA cyber-czar Vincent Breeding to devote all of my activities towards attacking a well-known critic of Dr. Pierce on the Internet, to the exclusion of all racial matters. I resigned from the Alliance in December of 2000 because I could no longer reconcile my continued membership with the persistent and absolute failure of Dr. Pierce to provide me with an explanation of the Hendrik M?bus affair, either personally or through a general discussion with the membership.

    It is time to puncture the deceptive and egregious myth of the National Alliance as being the self-proclaimed "foremost racist organization in the world". It is nothing of the kind.

    The National Alliance is neither a political nor a racial organization. It is a cult, the purpose of which is to provide a comfortable lifestyle and retirement for its guru-like leader. A failed academic named Dr. William L. Pierce originally founded it under the name "National Youth Alliance" in 1970. Pierce makes much of being a former aide to the late Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. In fact, I have learned since my departure that Pierce was in fact expelled from the original National Socialist White People's Party in that year by the then Commander of the NSWPP, Matt Koehl, for incompetence and theft of Party funds.

    Pierce, as I mentioned, has made some to-do about his past as an alleged former aide to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. In point of fact Rockwell disliked Pierce personally as an intellectual totally lacking in the personal, physical courage which Rockwell so admired in men. Veterans of the Rockwell period in Arlington recall Pierce with derision. "He would show up at rallies, when he showed up at all, in his own car and wearing a suit, trying to hide in the crowd," recalled one former ANP Stormtrooper. "We called him Mr. Peabody after the cartoon character. He was an arrogant SOB and looked down on anyone who worked with their hands or who didn't have a string of college degrees."

    Insofar as anyone can determine, Dr. William L. Pierce, who is now aged 65, has never actually worked a day in his life, with the possible exception of waiting tables or something of the kind when he was in college. Ever since 1966, he has lived off the donations of White racial nationalists, which he has collected, through various mail order bookselling schemes, businesses and fund-raising scams. He has other, less reputable sources of income as well, as the record will show.

    The National Alliance has been called "a racist version of Scientology", and the comparison is not inapposite. A large part of the group's time and effort and resources are devoted towards harassing, annoying, and discrediting former NA members who break with the group, along with anyone who publicly criticizes certain financial wheeling and dealings and general skullduggery on the part of Pierce and some of his clique.

    Despite what they tell you, not only is the National Alliance not the "foremost racist organization in the world", but they are in fact one of the smallest and most ill-regarded of the many sects and factions which make up the American racial right. Pierce and several of the lesser left-wing "monitoring groups" have recently claimed that there has been a dramatic increase in National Alliance membership, but like so many of Pierce's claims, this does not appear to be born out by the facts.

    At any given time, there are less than 400 actual members throughout the world. Their mailing list at its height in 1993 (when it was stolen and passed around the Movement like a bag of popcorn) was only 2,000 names, some of them subscribers to the cult's irregular magazine but mostly of people who simply ordered books from their mail order catalog once or twice. The A.D.L., who claim to monitor Pierce closely, recently stated that even this list was now down to about 1,500 people. One recent defector from Hillsboro, Sam Van Rensburg, recently revealed that actual signed-on membership is about 200. According to former NA secretary and Pierce confidante Evelyn Hill (yes, even Ev eventually had enough and left), the NA is mostly maintained now by a core group of about 50 hard-core, wealthy financial supporters whom Pierce has accumulated down through the years, and who continue to support Pierce despite his total failure to produce anything remotely resembling tangible political results in over three decades of the group's existence.

    In actual fact, the National Alliance is regarded with extreme suspicion and derision by the bulk of the Aryan racial nationalist movement, which in its aggregate numbers probably between 50,000 and 75,000 active people. The NA's 400 is a drop in the bucket. Most groups ban NA members from their meetings, and refuse to have anything to do with the NA, often due to the violently anti-Christian nature of some of their rhetoric, but also due to the strange and erratic behavior usually exhibited by their members.

    National Alliance members have gained a reputation for being among the nuttiest people in the Movement as well as the most personally repulsive. Many National Alliance members seem to suffer from the psychiatric condition known as "hebrephenia", which may be politely described as poor bodily hygiene. More bluntly, one Klan group banned their local NA representative from their gatherings because "he smelled like a goat and no one could persuade him to take a bath." National Alliance members seem without exception to be either extremely thin or extremely overweight, although there are exceptions like the narcissistic Kevin Alfred Strom. Strom, indeed, is so proud of his physique that he posted semi-nude pictures of himself in his underwear pulling "beefcake" poses on his own personal web site.

    National Alliance members have been involved time and again down through the years in bizarre incidents of neurotic and strange behavior, some of them illegal. One of the more prominent examples of this is the bizarre suicide of NA Colorado state Chairman Theon Tomcheff in 1993. Tomcheff staged a drunken standoff with police in the street in front of his house, waving a gun in the air, then fled inside and blew his own brains out. Hardly an "Earl Turner" style exploit!

    In addition, the National Alliance has developed a reputation down through the years for being--how can I put this delicately--sexually ambivalent? On one occasion a former National Alliance member wrote, "I was in the NA for over a year, until I became increasingly uncomfortable over the fact that I was the only person in my cell who was a married man with a family. All of the rest were strange, geeky men who either appeared to me to be homosexuals or who could barely refrain from ogling my wife, kept on asking me how she was in bed, that kind of revolting behavior. Many of them used pornography and brought it to NA unit meetings to pass around. I think I was probably the only cell member out of a dozen who was sexually normal. There was this aura of sickly misogyny and homoeroticism over the whole thing. I just got bad, bad vibes off the whole outfit."

    William Pierce expelled one NA headquarters staffer, Sam Van Rensburg, for allegedly asking female callers to the HQ for phone sex. However, Pierce maintains as his North Carolina representative a man who is notorious for beating the women and whose abuse of both his American first wife and his Russian mail order bride were notorious and are legally documented in the second wife's divorce papers.

    Van Rensburg maintains that his expulsion was due to his questioning the uses to which donated funds were put and also because he attempted to get information regarding the most forbidden topic of all, the exact legal structure of the NA and what procedures were to be followed in the event of Pierce's death or incapacitation. As in all absolute monarchies, it is high treason to speak of the death of the king.

    One of the NA's most cult-like features is a pervasive dishonesty, a lack of respect for the truth. This, along with their complete lack of respect for the rights of others (most especially the rights of others to disagree with them and criticize them and their leader) leads to excessive and hysterical behavior of the kind we have witnessed for the past several years. Cult members who attempt to leave are slandered, smeared, insulted, harassed with phone calls and threats, their property is vandalized and other acts of petty criminality are directed against them, apparently in an effort to intimidate them into silence.

    The NA like to pretend that they are a "revolutionary vanguard" in the manner of Earl Turner, the hero of Dr. Pierce's fictional novel THE TURNER DIARIES, but the fact is that another outstanding characteristic of the National Alliance in real life is extreme physical cowardice. Dr. Pierce himself has fled into hiding on at least two occasions to rather than accept moral responsibility when someone has attempted to put his book into practice. Nor is the cult's obnoxious practice of filing nuisance lawsuits against critics exactly a shining example of Viking-like heroism.

    Another interesting topic of speculation is the source of an apparently almost bottomless flow of cash into the National Alliance coffers. When Pierce lost a lawsuit to Morris Dees in 1996, in Bryson City, North Carolina, and was assessed hundreds of thousands of dollars in civil judgements and court costs, Pierce simply wrote Dees a check and paid him off! Pierce regularly comes up with huge sums, such as the $200,000 necessary to buy the rights and inventory to George Burdi's Resistance Records (which Pierce then proceeded to run into the ground.) We have already mentioned the "Big Fifty" referred to by Evelyn Hill, but there have also been repeated rumors down through the year that Pierce plays the stock market with his supporters' funds, which is just as much a form of gambling as David Duke's riverboat junkets.

    But worse than all of the above, there have been a number of sinister incidents in the past sixteen years or so which indicate that Dr. William L. Pierce has made an active arrangement with the racial enemy. This manifests itself in an apparently near-complete immunity from the ordinary processes of criminal and civil law enjoyed by no other citizen of this country. The examples of this bizarre immunity from the law are almost too many to mention, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain away this long parade of suspicious incidents in any way that's consistent with Pierce's innocence.

    *There is the 1993 incident where one of Pierce's associates, now resident in North Carolina, apparently set up two licensed Class Three gun dealers in Virginia Beach for a bust at the behest of the BATF.

    *The same mysterious Pierce associate was wanted for questioning in two serious incidents of sending explosive devices in the mail to Christian groups. The Federal investigation by the postal inspectors was dropped.

    *The same mysterious Pierce associate was able to quash a state grand jury subpoena in connection with a 1995 multiple homicide in North Carolina. There seems to be some question as to this man's actual identity; recent research by a cult victim with the resources to hire private investigators has revealed that the one he uses in the NA is false. (The investigators were also warned off very sternly by the authorities when they started getting too close.)

    *Dr. Pierce has an inexplicable ability to enter Germany, travel about freely at will, even give speeches to political groups and interviews to news people, a privilege which is granted to no other right-wing "leader". The German authorities have gone so far as to kidnap American citizens for violating their censorship laws. So why does Pierce get to stroll through Germany at will? Interestingly, Pierce's last little German walkabout was followed by a spate of over 100 arrests of NPD members and others, almost all of whom had met with Pierce in the previous weeks.

    *In 1998 two convicted bank robbers, Brian Pickett and Todd Van Biber, testified in open court and also to a Federal grand jury in Tampa, Florida as to how they committed a series of bank heists in New England, and on their way back home to Florida they stopped off at the National Alliance headquarters compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia and dumped paper bags full of stolen cash onto Pierce's desk in his office. So far as anyone is aware, Pierce was never even questioned by the FBI about these allegations.

    The most recent, and in many people's eyes the most egregious example of this startling immunity to the law was provided by the grotesque Hendrik M?bus incident. Leaving aside the question as to whether or not an ostensibly Aryan racialist organization should be supporting and promoting Satanic rock music (that will really rally the masses around us, eh what?), it is more than time that Dr. Pierce gave us all a clear, concise, and detailed explanation as to how it comes that the United States Marshalls Service knew that a wanted Federal fugitive was staying on the NA property in Hillsboro for a full two months, and yet did not enter the property to arrest him and only served the Federal fugitive warrant when M?bus left the property for a grocery run. Pierce's consistent refusal to address this subject at all is, to my mind, the clearest indication yet that he dare not address it, and that there are skeletons in Pierce's closet which render him morally unfit to hold any leadership position in the Aryan movement, or indeed be associated with it at all.

    Pierce's latest project is of a piece with much of what he has done over the past twenty years, i.e. demanding money from Aryan racial nationalists to improve his own personal property. His latest boondoggle is a demand that we pony up $40,000 to build a "meeting hall" on the compound grounds. How, exactly a meeting hall way out in the back of the beyond, about as far as it is possible to get from anywhere on this continent, will be of benefit to the ultimate survival of the White race, is not explained.

    What, exactly, will happen to all that land and all those buildings and all that computer gear and all those books when Pierce dies, or as now seems likely, when he is no longer able to conduct his own affairs due to his advancing Alzheimer's? This we are not told. Who is Pierce's designated successor? How will the transition to a post-Pierce National Alliance be handled? We are not told. We are simply asked to keep on sending money to a post office box and to trust in some kind of deus ex machina revelation yet to come. It is ironic that Pierce has criticized Christianity as a "pie in the sky when you die" religion. In the case of the NA cult's theology, even the pie when Pierce dies seems a very dubious proposition.

    Ex National Alliance members have come to me since my departure from the cult and asked what can be done. My answer is simple: nothing. And nothing should be done. The National Alliance is a dead end into which we all strayed and in which we all wasted entirely too much time, money, and effort. I wish Dr. Pierce a happy and comfortable retirement, and my genuine best wishes that he may retain his health as long as possible. If others choose to finance that retirement, that is their decision. My decision is that I will no longer have anything to do with this particular dead end, nor will I send William Pierce one more thin dime. You now know my reasons for this decision, and I leave you to yours

    Regards to all,