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  • I am Joe's Insufferable Ass-Clownery

    I am Joe's Insufferable Ass-Clownery

    I must admit that I am unable to help myself.

    I so want to stay on-target with the threads. I so want to say something intelligent. I want to be a grown-up poster to this blog.

    I just am not able to do so.

    Please don’t abort me altogether Hunter. Let me ‘live’ after a fashion around you. Let me be less of a fuktard, an ass-clown, an imbecile.

    jewlag me to your forum, inside a tard corral of my own. Let me be one of your most faithfool ass-clowns in a ‘purgatory’ of your sainted forum tard corral. That’s how I learned Latin, was as the favorite altar boy of my local parish priest. I equate orgasm with Latin for some reason, and as anyone can see, I’ve been quite a bit orgasmic of late.

    Tard corral me, Hunter, until I can overcum my Insufferable Ass-Clownery and learn to cuntrol it. Did you see the episode in the Original Star-Trek wherein that jew Shat-ner got caught in an unfortunate transporter accident was half-good and half-evil and needed to be brought together? Well, same thang here.

    jewlag mich, Hunter, jewlag mich!!! (I’m looking at German porno now.) You know what you need to do until I get better and am worthy to rejoin serious grown-up Aryan superman society.


    Joe’s Insufferable Ass-Clownery


    The Reltney Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum
    Then Shit Fell Apart, Shit Fell Apart,
    Like Shit Always Does, Shit Always Does. . .


    • Fade, the Olympian:

      Fade, the Olympian:

      Parody by FIPS


      ...Fade Not Gently into that good diet,
      Behemothry should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against dying unto the bread light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good diet.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against dying unto the grain light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
      Fade not gently into that good diet.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against dying unto the drink light.

      And you, my son, there ‘hind your treed plight,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good diet.
      Rage, rage against dying unto the life light...


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      I am The Librarian


      • Refurbishing the Occidental Dissent Forum

        Refurbishing the Occidental Dissent Forum

        Hello Fade/Hunter:

        The Holohoax Shitstorm that Greg Johnson ignited three weeks ago has ended in the LinderMiller meercats like Hadding, WhiggerSwill, and phorafags/feebs along with some jew CIers like Carolyn Yeager all running around because they don't like the wannabe mainstreamers, intellectual edjewtards like KMac and book & trinket sellers like Greggie to simply pull the listeners and whiggazmites as well as geezergelt away from the 'vantard meercats.' This is not actually a matter of Holohoax Revisionism because even Pierce admitted that the Germans and Pollacks didn't like jews and that the Nazis killed a mess of them in WW2. Rather it is a matter of gut-sick guido weasels with jew ass-GAIDS running declining v-bulletin forums trying to 'hold-on' to Movement Meercats and letting them 'run wild' in protected tard-corrals from criticism.

        The paramountcy of the v-bulletin forum is over and the cutting edge is at places like your Occidental Dissent blog, Dr. Kevin McDonald's TOO, and Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents which are moderated blogs which center around articles written by the main authors and a stable of their trusted henchmen with a cadre of trusted secondary and terciary posters. Sometimes there are tards who get banned on sight, but the result is that more rigorous articles are written, argued and debated over. With this 'feudalization' of commentary in which every little bowel Movement baron, warlord and tard-herder builds his own little communication fortress, the v-bulletin forums which [d]ruled the roost are becoming a bit threadbare what with losing their first- and second-line talent. There is still some life left in the format, however. But they have been in decline for the past few years as the prime Movement medium.

        What I suggest that you do is to refurbish your forum. Or simply migrate it to an updated v-bulletin forum or buying the cheaper Xenforo for $140. For now I'd simply refurbish your forum by seeing if you can sign in and get an update or by me sending you a BB code so that you can display youtube videos and thus have some interaction with your blog.

        I'm going to also suggest that Linder, in seeking to 'redefine' the Movement as being relevant as to his wants and getting all pissy because Greg Johnson and Kevin McDonald want to make some money and a living and to be relevant to bowel-Movement mainstreamers has overstretched itz declining position as a tard-corral and meercat bed and breakfast operator. Claiming that Linder is anything other than the proprieatard of a meercat tard corral is Linder's latest attempt to claim to be relevant in the Movement. A counter-attack is in order by the aggrieved relevants. Linder should simply be coonfined to itz own tard corral. Linder threatened to ban Greggy for siding with those like Covington who are mean to meercat tards like Hadding the other day. I'm suggesting that Linder be essentially ghettoized over on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF and that everyone have done with it. Linder has been irrelevant to the Old Resistance since taking ZOGbux in 2004 from TraitorGlenn Miller. Now Linder is reduced to living on less than $500 per month and TraitorGlenn Miller's anglo-mestizo rat liver is giving up on the old rat. They may sound shrill, but they are reduced to living ass-to-mouth with theyz' mattoid meercats in theyz' own tard corrals and ghettos.

        I'm suggesting that you refurbish your forum for now by a simple BB-code upgrade to display youtube videos. And later, simply upgrade in part to a newer v-bulletin or Xenforo license when you have guaranteed posters.

        Something to think about.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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        Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
        Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


        • I'm planning to refurbish the forum.

          I'm planning to refurbish the forum.

          I'm planning to refurbish the forum.

          It has been an afterthought for years because (1) I am too busy with the blog and (2) only a few people migrated over here. After several false starts, I can see it really taking off this time as long as I leave the sticky on the main page.

          Facebook has started randomly deleting accounts and groups. Libtards are increasingly successful at locking us up in Twitter gulag. At least with vBulletin we know that we aren't going to long on one day to find our account has been obliterated like on Facebook.

          We'be got a solid group of people here now and the forum is a natural outlet for them to start their own discussions. Ideally, that would drive up traffic to the blog and keep people on the site longer, which would attract more guests to start posting.

          The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
          I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
          I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


          • Suggestions for Improvement of Your Forum

            Suggestions for Improvement of Your Forum


            Originally posted by Hunter Wallace

            I've been deprived of my laptop for a month now and have been updating this site via my cell phone. Now I finally have the laptop back and can get serious about overhauling the forum.

            Glad to hear it Hunter/Fade. You might send more people your way by 'sticking' the forum thread on your blog once or twice a week. You grow the forum by giving it more mention. It is best used as an adjunct to your forum.

            Secondly, there is a BB code by which you can allow this old v-bulletin forum to display youtube videos. I have this on my own forum and perhaps if you wish I'll send you a Private Message with the BB Code and where to place it in your forum settings.

            Lastly, rather than delete spam accounts, I use the last of them from before I disabled registration for sundry sock-puppet accounts on my own forum. You might do the same as well for those who want to join your forum.

            I have two new sockpuppet accounts I'd like you to enable. Give them a password and send it to me via PM here or via e-mail to if you would.


            John Q. Whigger
            The Reltney Identity

            This way I could use some multiple personalities to greater effect/affect.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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            Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


            • Big Dogs and ass-licking yapping meercats -- that's the nature of the Whigger Internuts.

              Big Dogs and ass-licking yapping meercats -- that's the nature of the Whigger Internuts.


              Originally posted by Mikemikev

              How can we explain the mod status of Hibertards like Featherfag and Basilchaun? One theory is that the Phora has been bought out by ZOG. As a means of "population control", the most divisive, butthurt, and above all tarded members (the Irish and Spanish) have been accorded mod status. This is a tactic reminiscent of the Belgian Congo, where the most depraved individuals in the land were armed by Belgian officers and allowed to run amok. "Armed" with mod status, otherwise impotent individuals are able to win "debates" by simply banning anyone that intellectually humiliates them (everyone).

              Originally posted by Harold Covington


              The latest fad appears to be playing on vBulletin boards, the largest and oldest of which is Stormfront, run by David Duke flunky Don Black. Probably the second largest vBulletin board is Vanguard News Networks, run by two alcoholics, Alex Linder and the Federal informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller (q.v.) There are about half a dozen smaller imitators such as White Nationalist Info run by the bizarre and dysfunctional "Francis Playfair," but basically they are all the same. The group owner and a small group of his butt buddies whom he appoints as moderators play "King of the Hill," amusing themselves by conducting endless, pointless flame wars with one another over nothing, and banning people who dare to disagree with them or criticize them. The White internet at this point really serves no purpose other than a cautionary tale as to how so-called White Nationalists would behave if ever they really did gain power anywhere.

              I'm pretty sure that phorafags/feebs is run by three Belgian sephardic jews of which the primary one is Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop Ambulance Chaser. Stan is some government 'worker' and phorafags/feebs used to be out run of the Belgian Telephone/Post in Brussels. Within the past year or so the hosting has been transferred to The Barrenness, Starr/Hitler Hoggess, who is some barren whigger coosh living in Minnesota.

              Both Basil Faulty and Jake Featherstein are Hiberniggers of the Tuatha De Shithead. Jake is now living in Souix Falls South Dakota as a Mexifornia refugee. Jake also was one of Pierce's CreaTard/Cosmotologist fuktards who fucked up by listening to them and made a number of telephone calls threatening some jews, got caught, and spent the better part of the year in jail. In the phorafag/feeb shitbox Jake yapped about being hurt in preskrule by some older niglet back in 1972. Looking at Jake's jewbook page one can tell that Jake now has as big of tits as Jake's mother and wife and is shaped something like a pear. That's what nutzis typpycully look like when in late-middle age: like they were born to be byotch.

              All of these people are defectives. Defectives who want power over others, defective or not. You put yourself at cross-purposes with them, well, like Harold Covington said, you will be banned. What did you think? That the so-called White Nationalist Internuts is about freedumb of speech and fearlessly speaking the troof to ass-clowns?

              By the way, let it be understood that I've been banned from phorafags/feebs, once using my own name and other times as a sock-puppet for making fun of the bowel-Movement dysfunctionals, and sometimes when other lying fuktards figured out that the sockpuppet was myself.

              Sure, phorafags/feebs is full of lying shitheads, jews, mamzers, hiberniggers, spics, anglo-mestizos, mestizo-anglos, jews, and vermin of all sorts. A look at any thread over six months duration will lead to all sorts of piss-pul being 'banned' for whatever arbitrary reason dreamed up by the power-mad ass-clowns that run phorafags/feebs.

              Of course over on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF some secret jew cumplete with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS runs things and that shithole is even worse run. Plus they have plenty of 'ex-' ZOG informants and no shortage of idiots great and small who are spending long prison stretches because they were found and targetted on Rabbi Lender's/Linder's tard corral.

              And insofar as The MamzerBarrell/QueerBarrel is concerned, a usually drunken quarter- or eighth-beaner is running after a beaner cougaress with the clientele being sundy jews and mongrels who decided to becum "Good White Men" without ever becummin Real White Men. What is to be expected when jews and mamzers and whiggers get "the voat" other than an Oligarchy of Ass-Clowns?

              Now this is not to say that my bannings were not deserved. I've gone out on many a Genesis 3:15 foot patrol and verbally skinned out my kill many a time, using these sundry forums as my own hunting grounds. As Overwatch/88mmCrack said, I'm an 'incorrigible' flamer and have little respect for whiggers, mamzers and jews pretending to be White Nationalist.

              What amuses me a lot is that all of these Squalid Outhouses on the [Mis]Information Stupor-Highway pretend to be -- in the words of Rabbi Lender/Linder -- "Free Speech for Whites." They are anything but.

              So your evaluation matches Harold Covington's: Nothing but lying mamzers, jews, and whigger fuktards on Da Whigger Internuts.

              So what to do about it?

              Nothing. Nothing can be done. You can either eat shit, suck dick, and STFU knowing that those who run the forums above are what they are in order to stay there or you can kick ass, knee nuts, and be an asshole as much as you please and get banned until you find some place where you can speak in relative freedumb as long as you obey a few rules of that place. Or you can form your own forum or blog and run it as you see fit.

              Big Dogs and ass-licking yapping meercats -- that's the nature of the Whigger Internuts.

              I've had some disagreements with the owners and admins of StumbleInn, but when it matters they have been Real White Men even when not really White. They have protected my archives when some little shitskinned mamzer faggot was trying to get them deleted.

              All of these places are what they are. Understand that.

              Hail Victory!!!

              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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              Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
              Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


              • Fade/Cunthair Wallass/BradG is a whiggertard fucked by his former jew, mamzer and whigger phorafags/feebs meercats and still hasn't learned anything

                Fade/Cunthair Wallass/BradG is a whiggertard fucked by his former jew, mamzer and whigger phorafags/feebs meercats and still hasn't learned an effin' thing.

                Why bad shit happens to stupid whigger fuktards.


                Originally posted by Mikemikev

                How can we explain the mod status of Hibertards like Featherfag and Basilchaun? One theory is that the Phora has been bought out by ZOG. As a means of "population control", the most divisive, butthurt, and above all tarded members (the Irish and Spanish) have been accorded mod status. This is a tactic reminiscent of the Belgian Congo, where the most depraved individuals in the land were armed by Belgian officers and allowed to run amok. "Armed" with mod status, otherwise impotent individuals are able to win "debates" by simply banning anyone that intellectually humiliates them (everyone).
                First of all both Featherstein and Basil are born hiberniggers. Pastor John Britton told me, a Swede, about Hibernigger husbandry and how they only thrive on a steady diet of potatoes and English brutality. I used to be appalled at Pastor Britton's unflinching Norman brutality, but in my visitations across the Internuts I've found out that basic principles of brutal hibernigger husbandry applies to all the sundry sub-huemamzer types like Mongrollian spam-mamzers, and Balkanoids, red-niggers and Canuckistanis, except for the fact that when working with jews in all theyz' sundry Spawn of D-g variations, like Native AmurriKwan melungeon pisser-possums, you go directly from infraction to Lubyanka Sandwich without even bothering with unfurling the whip.

                Of course Featherstein is a former National Alliance type, who spent some time in a county jewlag, where itz nuts was mentally removed and to where it now is a phorafag/feeb capo. Now it lives after a fashion in Souix Falls where it looks like it is even more pear-shaped than itz mother or wife or whatever it is. Best similarity is looking at the Irish gang-banger in Gangs of jew yawk who becum the half-jew Bill the Butcher's pet hibernigger pig.

                Originally posted by RoughRider99/Kane12345666

                From what I read and heard after inquiring, isn't the actual phora, but the real phora was "" which was lead by Fade the Butcher who now runs Occidental Dissent. "Overwatch" apparently got bluehost (the hosting company) to phish the database and then banned the original creator from the new forum.

                Also, the ADL has browsed the phora before, but I do not think they played a role in the stealing of the phora database.
                I was in the NutHouse when this occurred but one of my stalwarts on the outside told me that Fade had sold phorafags/feebs and gotten his ass banned by Stan and Ebus and the gang of phorafag/feeb ass-clowns.

                Hunter/Fade/Whatever told me recently on my interview with him on the Movement Turd #150


                (Above re-Engineered, Three hours ten minutes in which Fade got to speak for maybe 25 minutes).

                That he made friends with some jewboys and Eurofaggots and that they said that they would respect him in the morning, and after the umpteenth time of the forum being taken down by Caprice (Classics?) of Cunthair's part and because back then Hunter didn't know how to simply use the v-bulletin software to make a database backup that it was hacked and he didn't know how to bring it back. In fact today Brad in the Jim Giles/Linder/Hunter interview #3 admitted that he doesn't still know how to save his WordPress database.

                So Stan and the phorafag/feeb tards did a smart jew thang. They got admin status, made their own backup, bought a v-bulletin license, and shared server space and transferred the pilfered database over, and then banned after show of fuktardation Gaius Cunthair.

                So was this a bad thang akin to stealing candy from a shithead? Well yes. But if it hadn't been done pore Il Fagno would really be chompin' and chimpin over losing his excellent chimpouts and half a million muh-dikklk posts by a couple hundred whigger and mamzer and jew meercat fuktards would have been lost to sub-huemanity forever.

                Originally posted by il ragno

                Previously, I never really had an opinion on you but it's now apparent that you're the moron they say you are.

                Like the jerkoff Daryl B, you insist that the people who write regular checks to the hosting company for the bandwidth usage have somehow "stolen" a site that you feel rightfully belongs to you for some retarded reason beyond my ken.

                Also like the jerkoff Daryl B, you keep getting banned, probably permanently by now, for being an super-ultra-mega-hyper-asshole who won't stop banging his spoon on his high-chair.

                I know, man; I know it's bitterly unfair that Stan and Ebus run a website that they legally own precisely the way they wish to. It's outrageous. There should be a law on the books that cedes Internet defectives like you and Daryl right-of-way in all disputes; also, it should rain money instead of water. In fact no such law will ever exist because a]- without rainwater the Earth would become a parched mass grave incapable of sustaining any form of life within 90 days, and b]- it's fuckin' stupid.

                Actually, you are probably speaking to Kane12345666. But you don't seem to know what sock-puppet is which as you banned one of my sock-puppets for two years from the phorafaggery/feebery thinking it was Clancy.

                Not to worry because I got 6.66 more lurking over there in reserve. Every so often I get the urge to blow off an old feeble sockpuppet and choose death by Belgian sheephardic jew mamzer or Eurofaggot.

                Anyway, Fade/Hunter is still butthurt over phorafags/feebs 'stealing' his forum like them niggers are still butthurt over the Greeks stealing the alpahabet and flying pyramids and shit and leaving them pore niggers in Egypt bereft. Not admitted is that them niggers could still write moar books and scrolls and shit or that them Greeks are a pack of mongrels as well. Neither does Fade want to admit that he could have continued with his own forum with a new pack of meercats and the old forum and old database. He still has a v-bulletin license that Kane12345666 covets.

                Who does intellectual property belong? Fade thinks it belonged to him as Forum owner, even though because of stupidity and arrogance he wasn't able to keep it up. As both a writer and a forum owner, I think that intellectual property belongs in common to both, that the Admin is a steward of such and that there is little excuse for letting past truths or lies be extinguished because of malice or stupidity on the Steward's part.

                If Stan and Ebus hadn't 'stolen' by deceit the database and transferred it to under their cunt-troll then there wouldn't be anything left at all. We both know that is so. I despise Stan and the phorafags/feebs rightly so, but not for 'stealing' the database.

                Originally posted by Uncle Corkscrew

                When Fade had the forum it was down every other month because of his mental breakdowns.

                Fade/Hunter/Brad is mentally weak. On the recent podcast Fade claimed that he was drunk and staying up nights and so his parents sent him to a private NutHouse, put him on forced medications, and this dope messed with his mind for a month until the medication schedule expired.

                But I think it is not so much a matter of mental illness as much as mental weakness. Hunter is simply a rich whigger kid who has never had to worry about the worse part of life for Whites because his parents money keeps him insulated from such. Thus Hunter hasn't developed any sense of loyalty whatsoever. Rather life itself seems to be nothing more than something to be read in a book written by some other edjewmacated ass-clown.

                Following is what was posted taking Fade/Hunter/Brad to task for running in the middle of loyalties between myself and that gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS running TraitorGlenn Miller's Tard Corral. Rabbi Lender/Linder despises pore Cunthair just like Lender despised John DeNutjob and all it takes is for Lender/Linder and Vargina the LinderMiller Colostomy-Bag Likkin' Meercat to bitch and whine about these pore kikes and shabbes meercats to be defamed and Brad immediately does as told and puts an "open thread" blog on moderation.

                So I chewed Fade/Cunthair/Brad out as to the Biblical meaning of loyalty, since Fade now claims to be a Christian:

                Nothing to make of this, Brad.

                I am reminded of what Joab, King David’s cousin and the murderous general and chief of staff said to David about whining over Absalom.


                II Samuel 19:5-7 Paraphrase:

                You have shamed your allies and friends this day who worked to destroy a traitor who would kill you and yours.

                By whining over your enemies and shitting on your friends, you will lose everything if you keep this shit up.

                Now stop being a fucking pussy and censoring your friends because they are mean to jewr gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-GAIDS or you won’t have at the end of this day any more Mad Dogs to rip out another colostomy bag on the Internuts.


                You need to stop acting like a fucking whigger pussy and grow a pair, Brad. You don’t help your friends and destroy your enemies, it doesn’t matter what the hell you have to say about strategy and tactics because everyone will know that it is all bullshit and nobody will help you again.

                Hell, even that fucked-up part jewboy Kane has a better grasp of life’s realities than you do, Brad.

                Hail Victory!!!

                Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

                Of course that above was not even remotely allowed to show up.

                Let's understand something: jews like Linder, and sundry mamzers are born evil and there is nothing to be done with such except make sure to exterminate them. But whiggers seem today to be born stupid and weak.

                And thus all this secession talk is just whiggershit. Whiggers begging for freedumb from ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final as if it is a food-stamp card routinely granted to niggers and beaners. And acting all along as if they can and will create something when the future only holds collapse and death.

                That is why my side will win and the Ten Thousand Warlords will do what they must simply even though I offer them only bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed, and tears. There can be rebuilding until all is destroyed, unto the very foundations.

                I was wroth with Hunter when I thought that he had censored all of my past posts. But only the above was deleted. And Hunter, while stupid and weak, is all I really have to work with, and so I must let him 'enjoy' his raping from the jew Linder and a swarm of Linder's jew, mamzer and whigger tard meercats.

                Hail Victory!!!

                Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

                Originally posted by RoughRider99

                I've spoken with kane, and kane's issue was never that he was banned, but the fact that his personal information was spread around the internet while the administrators knew he was about to graduate from college and enter into the business world.

                He also felt that the administrators disciplined him for things that were essentially Azimuth's fault.

                Originally posted by Macrobius

                The Phora version of this thread:

                If someone believes they own a domain and that it has been hijacked by someone else, there is a complaint procedure to get it back. Owning the domain and owning the data displayed at it are not the same thing -- but they do often go together. It is unlikely that the data transfer would be regular, but the domain transfer irregular. No one, to my knowledge, has ever claimed is invalidly owned, without *also* claiming the data located there was stolen -- I think we may simplify and conclude that whoever owns the domain, owns the data, without a great deal of evidence that has never been forthcoming in these accusations. That the domain and data go together seems to be stipulated by the disputants on both sides.

                In the real world, it is put up or shut up about these things. The companies that register domains, make database entries, and host websites are well acquainted with the relevant procedures, including those involving escalation to ICANN.

                The rest you hear on the Internet is, well, just Internet whinging, drama, and puffery for the sake of bloviating.

                Claiming that someone stole something when it isn't the case is libel, by the way. Stealing is a crime, and thus the only defence against speech claiming it has occurred in US law is the truth of the matter. Perhaps you (or anyone who wants to respond further and pontificate on this matter) should add in a few words along the line of 'allegedly'?

                I thank Mikemikev and RoughRider99 for bringing themselves to my heightened attention on this thread. Good job. May your life at this forum be as short as I suspect it will be.

                Work in progress.

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                Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


                • Welcome White Nationalists and friends.

                  Welcome White Nationalists and friends.


                  Thank you for visiting and hopefully becoming a member. We are white and damned proud of it. We ask your help in defending our race against the elements which seek our destruction.

                  The writing is on the wall, 1.6 billion JHP rounds, NDAA, militarization of local police, the list is long, but their message is clear. The governments of all formerly white nations are at war with their own white inhabitants.

                  We must fight back if we are to survive. Unite with us here, help us to move ideas into the real world, to take back that which is rightfully ours. Let's throw out the evil which has corrupted our elite countrymen at the highest levels of power in white countries. Let's learn how to fight them, together.

                  I have a twat and I have a brain . . .

                  . . . I'm told my twat works a lot better than my brain.


                  • It is ever so wonderful to have a Forum for ZOGling Whigger Ass-Clowns banned from Rabbi Linder's Kosher Tard Corral

                    It is ever so wonderful to have a Forum for ZOGling Whigger Ass-Clowns banned from Rabbi Linder's Kosher Tard Corral


                    It must suck to be Linder. A deep mole penetrated his site from its inception and he couldn't see it. It took the "paranoid" Cobb and the "blowhard" O'malley to do it for him and what was their reward? Shitcanned.

                    Originally posted by Rabbi Lender/Linder?

                    Yes, and everyone who disagrees with you will be a kike or a troll, and banned for it. And you'll end up with a handful of people who share a paranoid view. That's the fate of most WN forums.

                    Well, thanks for your support, Fred. You are generous, no matter your other flaws. I'm going to ban you, because I know you won't be able to stay away on your own.
                    May 7, 2013 02:31 AM

                    You Nazis may be insane . . . .
                    . . . . but us whiggers are typpycull!!!


                    • I LOVED them shabbes meercat Tards, let them lick muh Colostomy bags & shit, then they turned whigger on me.

                      I LOVED them shabbes meercat Tards, let them lick muh Colostomy bags & shit, then they turned whigger on me


                      I like these guys personally - Craig, crazy Tony, even Fred, D-g, I LOVED them shabbes meercat Tards, let them lick muh Colostomy bags & shit, then they turned whigger on me but there comes-cums-cums a point, what can you do? Turning rabid non-shabbes whigger meercat tard on me, turning teef instead of tongue to muh bleeding, blistering kike bunghole, ripping colostomy bags and shit. They say and believe stuff that isn't true, like that I'm a jew and a ZOGbot running a datamining forum, testilying against pore Bitch-Tits Bill Weiss/White and Joe Snuffy/Kevin Harpham, eating tons of lox on muh whole-rye bagel, and what is said, albeit sorta true can't be verified to my kike satisfaction, and doesn't even make basic kosher sense and is non-Randian Auntie-Nutzi LibberToonian Talmudic. Let them go their way, and don't talk about them or else I'll get Vargina the Head Colostomy-Bag Likkin' Meercat to ban jewr whigger and mamzer asses from this Kosher Tard Corral paid for outta the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity with Flounder/TraitorGlenn Miller the paymaster. Where is that drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbot rat? Probably getting them expanding liver spots looked into. I would prefer they didn't talk about us, but we don't control other people. The First [d]Rule of Kike Klub is that we don't talk about Kike Klub. The Second [d]Rule of Kike Klub is that we don't talk about Kike Klub. The Third [d]Rule of Kike Klub is that we don't talk about Kike Klub. The Fourth [d]Rule of Kike Klub is that you shabbes meercats lick muh bleeding kike bunghole and clean muh colostomy bags, chop-chop.

                      Take the thing with Donnie. They find some POB that is within ten miles of some jew operative and draw a bizarre conclusion there's a connection. This is nonsense. None of you tards is supposed to name the jew unless it is a jew I tell you to name. And that especially means don't name this jew, cum-cum, cum-cum. If they can't see or be told and accept that it's nonsense, there simply isn't any way to have them around. They need to be banned the first time they show rabid meercat tard teef, and the first sure sign that they are about to turn is theys' daring to think for theysselfs.

                      Fucking ZOGling shabbes meercat fuktard ass-clowns. Can't live with them, and now that they got theyz' own Tard Corral, can't live without them either, oy vey.


                      Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
                      Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]


                      • Mission Statement of WhiteNations.cum Forum

                        Mission Statement of WhiteNations.cum Forum


               was created by ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns for the promotion of the White race, to dispel the misinformation about Whites in the Mainstream Media which is detrimental to the welfare of White people around the world, and most importantly, because the gut-sick guido kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS Rabbi Lender/Linder kicked us off his VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF forum. The most prominent enemy of the White race are the Jews, who view us pathetic retards playing on the Internuts as the only obstacle between them and world domination. Yes, we'z that fucking delusional. Good thang that Fucked-Up Fred and I had a few hundred ZOGbux to buy a v-bulletin license and shared server space someplace. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (which the Jews say is a forgery) is a road map to their dominion over the entire planet. The Jews say it's a forgery, but the proof is in the reality of its tenets. The Jews' denial only reinforces their validity. See?

                        The White race is under attack, in our neighborhoods, countries of origin, work places, schools, and in some countries, even in our very thoughts. Them jews and muds have gotten through the tin-foil hats protecting our pea-sized whigger and anglo-mestizo brains. It is our mission to repel these attacks and to institute an aggressive plan against our attackers. Like moar Internutz posts on our own tard corral of a forum. If you research any act which injures the White race far back enough, you will find a Jew or Jews at the source. Not whiggers. Whiggers have nothing to do with being fucked up in the head. The dark skinned races are being systematically used by Jews against the White race. Plus they have bigger dicks than we do and take all the good whigger pussy. All White countries are enduring forced integration with darker races, to our now critical detriment. We are suffering from "Peter Dunkin'" -- and it shows. Unless the mass immigration is ended, the White race will cease to be. Weeeee'z doomed -- or at least fucked.

                        The Jews worship Lucifer and emulate his evil. But this is NOT a Christian Identity forum, even though we gots Sephardic jew melungeons like Jeromy Visser here and have banned Pastor Lindstedt. If any item has a good and evil side, the Jews will always embrace and promote the evil side. The Jews are responsible for every war, since at least as far back as the Roman Empire. We read that in a book somewhere -- or was it in a blog by Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffer Meercat? Anyway, Adolph Hitler didn't want world war II, he was manipulated into invading Poland (land which was formally Germany and consisted of mainly German nationals), by Bolshevik Jews having invaded from Communist Russia to slaughter Germans living in Poland. Hitler was compelled to defend those German nationals, who were given to Poland under the crucifixion of the Treaty of Versailles, which was authored by communist Jews to crush Germany. The White race has been under attack by Jews since at least WWI which was around the time of the Roman Empire, we think. We are here to return the favor.

                        Give us a "c". Give us a "u". Give us an "m". Then a hyphen. Then another "c", a "u", and an "m." What's that spell?


                        What's that spell?


                        What's that spell?

                        Cum-cum, cum-cum.

                        Oh well, I think we's all done shot our wad for the day.

                        Frenz' Law of White Nationalism:

                        Whiggers are always replaced by mamzers playing whigger.


                        • We is on a higher plane of Coonsciousness

                          We is on a higher plane of Coonsciousness


                          Originally posted by Lizbean

                          [SIZE="3"]Maybe the gracious thing to do would be to build your forum on it's own merit and not as some virtual soup kitchen for those banned from VNN.

                          If you can form a community that rivals VNN without riding on Linder's coattails . . . now that would be impressive.[We're /SIZE]

                          I'm not riding Linder's coattails, the differences between White Nations and VNN are major.

                          1) We will not allow trolls here, they do. You have to be a ZOGling whigger or mamzer ass-clown to post here.
                          2) We don't allow jews here, they do. Unless they are Sephardic melungeon jews like Jeromy Visser.
                          3) We don't allow infighting, they love it. You really need to lick muh ZOGling whigger ass-clown ass.
                          4) We welcome fresh ideas of every kind, they don't. As long as they agree with us, that is.
                          5) This site is calm and ordered, theirs isn't. We can lick our own bungholes -- and do so
                          6) We want religious people to come here so we can show them the light, they don't. Cum-cum on down and drop jewr dollar into the collection plate.

                          I could go on, but the picture is pretty clear, we aren't a mirror of VNN and we are hardly riding Linder's coattails. We are on a higher plane of awareness and tolerance than they are. And since you want to lick Rabbi Lender's Crohns-infested bunghole and not our ZOGling asses, then jew'll be banned quick enuf'.

                          You Nazis may be insane . . . .
                          . . . . but us whiggers are typpycull!!!


                          • New VNN

                            New VNN



                            Here’s the link to a new forum created by banned VNN Forum members.


                            Posted on May 15, 2013 by Hunter Wallace

                            The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
                            I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
                            I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


                            • None of this Circle of Crust shit ever ends

                              None of this Circle of Crust shit ever ends


                              Originally posted by JimtheLizardKing

                              So your solution is to make forum posts about everything he does and attack him at every opportunity you get?

                              He came here in response to things posted about him, just like he did at TBB.
                              When I truly hate someone and don't want anything to do with them anymore I do not call them over or post nasty shit about them on a highway bulletin board.

                              Again, I like a good fight now and then but this whole fight between you two gangs has been way out of control for years.

                              Stop instigating them here.

                              Maybe if you said something nice once in a a while like "I hate your fucking guts but congratulations and best wishes on your marriage" might calm things down a bit.

                              Jimbo, you don't git it. That's why you got banned for three months for gloating by Il Ragno over on phorafags/feebs and for a while over on phorafags/feebs niggertown daughter Da MamzerBarrell.

                              None of this shit on the Circle of Crust ever fucking ends. Never Fucking Ever

                              That is why Fade/Hunter/Brad just had to give up something that should have been far more important -- and we all know what that was -- in order to get in his own little counter-dig. Here on the Circle of Crust, all of us fucking maniacs would far rather fight when we should be doing something sane and useful, like fucking.

                              Why last week, yet another of my 666 sock-puppets set in as a skirmisher to get detected and banned got banned over on WhiggerSwill Welass/Will Williams and Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat's "Sheltered Workshop of the White Nationalist bowel Movement." Ankanuttin/The Grreen Mamzerizer banned my ass for the umpteenth time. Hell, I don't know how many times I've got banned over on phorafags/feebs since the first time after the Farce of jew-lie of 2009. I'll just go over to my "Domesday/Doomsday" spiral notebook wherein I create sockpuppets from another ISP and activate yet another sock-puppet from the five or six "mole" sock-puppets activated, wait a couple of weeks, and itz back to trolling for an allergic reaction for no other reason than because I like to put the lie to phorafags/feebs claiming to be a "free speech" zone and to listen to WhiggerSwill Welass bitch and accuse the phorafag/feeb admins (who are all mostly Slavic Balkanoid mongrollian spam-mamzers, or Belgian sephardic jewboys, or adipose hibernigger whiggerlings, with one Kwan heifer working in the Cougartown truck stop, and with the only one with a writing wit being Il Ragno) of working for Harold Covington. Listening to the yelps and bitching from mongrels and jewboys makes me grin. Then I drag the shit over to my virtual lair so that the fuktards can "enjoy" munching down on that shit some more. Itz not like sock-puppets ain't a renewable resource. Now I think I know why dogs chase and kill chickens. Not because of hunger but because it is fun to chase and pounce and fuck something up. As Harold Covington said in one of his RFN podcasts, this bowel Movement horseshit is more addictive than crack or meth.

                              Now why did that gook-fucking phorafag/feeb ass-clown administard Ankanuttin ban one of my sock-puppets? Solidarity with another gook-fucking ZOGbot tard like WhiggerSwill Welass? Hell no. For no other damn reason than because the phorafag/feeb ass-clowns suspected that anyone who isn't a Balkanoid mongrollian spam-mamzer, or a sheep-fucking Alabama fuktard like Clitoris Ann Goober/Clinton Adoofus Seeber, or a crouching jewboy/hidden mongrel like Nude Yawner or Thomas777 who is giving the phorafag/feeb assclowns a shit-fit has to be me, if not Harold Covington. So thus it doesn't matter whether or not I disobeyed any [d]rules or not. Hatred always triumphs over sense. Not that there is any sense.

                              Now Macrobius knows that the Circle of Crust is pretty much doomed, as are all works of ZOGling Whiggerdumb. But he can't rise above or go below or around Circle of Crustitus/Crust-tight-ass. Itz a Circle of Crust thang, Jimbo. You simply wouldn't understand. Because you ain't part of the madness.

                              Count yourself lucky. This shitstorm has been around since "The Original Phorafags/feebs circa 2005" after the "Christmas Coup of 2004" spawned the very first wave of VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTC&CBNNF "Boat Pisspul" that cum-cum as "Wretched Offal" to Fadeberg's phorafags/feebs. Why the very first jewlag was set up for myself and the rest of the CI-nUtJoBS at my suggestion to Fade, and there was never any hint of banning. Not under Fade's administration. The place was an exercise in giving the unruly a place to shit all over each other while the rest of the tards and everyone else looked on. The place was a fucking zoo.

                              Now itz a nursing home and Colostomy Bag for fuktards, the Circle of Crust, Itz. Especially since all it takes is one butthurt tard sticking his moderaturd finger into banning one of his old enemies under any pretext whatever. No wonder the place is all plugged up! But it was Chaos Incarnate when the Circle of Crust was new. Now itz but jewboys and mamzers and whiggers just going through the motions of life such as itz, oh my.

                              I'm sorta sad to see Hunter got banned again. But not surprised. Not surprised at all. I hope he's allowed back, after attending to his proper business, along with the rest of the opposing tards who made the Circle of Crust so much fun. There needs to be a general amnesty and federalism tard-corrals so that the Circle of Crust may survive and prosper.

                              The Circle of Crust sure ain't what it used to be.

                              Hail Victory!!!

                              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

                              Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
                              Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum