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  • The [Bowel] Movement & Itz V-Bulletin Forums

    The [Bowel] Movement & Itz V-Bulletin Forums

    I am starting this thread to discuss what has been the forefront of White Nationalism propaganda activity since 2003 or so -- the V-Bulletin Forums.

    This thread will be more than a discussion of $permFront, VNNF, the Phora, and even StumbleInn and the other White Nationalist forums, but rather what (little) they accomplish and what they mean. They are the real newspapers of the Movement, having displaced the e-mail trees and jewhoogruppen which used to function as the source of discussion, debate and propaganda dissemination. Thus discussion concerning them belongs, not in the SI Circle of Crust, but rather here in my sub-forum, as I am the one who is bringing the matter up.

    The purpose of this article is not to decry the fact that real-life activism has declined -- in the old days there seldom was much in the way of real-life activism and what there was often degenerated into a farce or a dangerous riot as in Greensboro North Carolina which put a lot of White men in danger. The fact of the matter is that these White Nationalist v-Bulletin forums exist and they take up a lot of time of both activists and the ZOG spies and the mass of whiggers out to play games. That they not only exist, but 'thrive' after a fashion, and that more and more have sprang up and act as a sort of Movement 'network' and can be the foundation for Internet radio and TV means that what they are, what they do, who they are is of importance. They exist, and they are prominent on the fruited & nutted ZOG-plain and thus should be analysed, now, as opposed to by doctrinal graduate students after the fact.

    These forums promise such power but can be created so cheaply. I myself will set up a White Nationalist (with a strong DSCI flavor) forum sometime at the end of this month. Depending upon whether or not I wish to set up a commercial site for my Church, it will probably be hosted for $4.99 a month and the v-bulletin software will cost $180. Thus almost anyone can set up their own White Nationalist v-bulletin forum for $300 per two years. Take the content provided for free, add a paper newsletter, and one can have a Movement sinecure as $permFront provides Don Black and affiliates and supports David Duke, or Tom Metzger or Harold Covington. Not in luxury, but doing what someone loves to do.

    Now in the entire 15 years of my time in the Movement, I've never even been able to pay for the Internet bill out of the proceedings. It is difficult, if not impossible, to make money off the Internet. In most cases, these v-bulletin forums are a labor of love.

    Regrettably they usually accomplish nothing but to allow for every little feeb dog to have its day and its say. They start out as 'Free Speech for Whites' -- the lie Alex Linder promised until the crackdown after the Christmas Coup of 2004 -- and end up becoming nothing more than the place for 100-1,000 whiggers posting 10,000 whigger 'MuhDikkk!!!' posts. The amount of informed, intelligent, thoughtful debate is truly limited. I'd say that only one in twenty threads even start out well, and they almost always are hijacked by trolls and ass-clowns. Driving these listserver pigeons can have the effect of drying these forums out. There have been many of these forums which have essentially 'burned out.' Some of them have become nothing but toxic waste dumps generating much wretched-refuse refugees like VNNF boat piss-pul. Others by their tyranny and sanctimoniousness create refugees like $permFront.

    So many of these v-bulletin forums were set up in reaction to Movement whigger (not jew or mud) censorship and tyrannical ass-clownery and they become worse than what they did protest against upon their founding. A look at the history of Puritan New England is in order here. Paradoxically, because of their closed-mindedness towards ZOGling whiggerdumb, Christian Identity forums tend to be more tolerant of debate, allowing their 'training jews' or 'training whiggers' to be theysselfs. But there are no CI v-bulletin forums except for $permFront's CI forum run by Klunt Downey, who bans every DSCI man that she can, as she is a fraud. (Note of June 9, 2009: The Theology sections of $permFront have been shut down and Klunt is out on her ass. Also, Pastor Visser has set up a an overtly DSCI v-bulletin forum for his Covenant People's Ministry in the past two months. -MLDL CJCC/AN)

    Note of Sep. 28, 2010: Visser's forums have been deleted as this criminal is in hiding. Klunt Downey was let back onto $permFront in order for it to act as a ZOG false front pretending to be Christian Identity. ODES went to blog format. Phorafags/feebs bans genuine White Nationalists as a Belgian sephardic jew data-mining operation out of Brussels.

    Original Dissent was set up in reaction to censorship from the Zionist neo-khannedservantive F[r]ee Repub[l]ic. It soon became interested in censorship of its own -- I myself was banned for my profane language -- and so I gave it the nickname it holds today of being the Original Dissent Embalming Society for its love of embalming the ossified ideas of conservative reactionaries who would rather die than to think an original idea. They should call theysselfs 'Reactionary Dissent' and keep the Embalming Society moniker as this is what they sell -- Movement reactionary bourbonism.

    White Nationalist Forums was set up in reaction to some of its members being banned by $permFront. They claim to be interested only in discussion of White Nationalism, but have all manner of arbitrary rules to stifle dissent as well. Their forum seems pretty much dead.

    Billy Roper's White Revolution used to pretty much run Alex Linder's VNNF until the Christmas Coup of 2004. Last time I looked at it, it seemed pretty much a dead forum without any posts in the past few days.

    There are a number of sundry White Nationalist forums, devoted to either saying that swarthy mamzers like Diablo Blanco is White Aryan, or to those who say that they are White and nothing else. I've not seen much, if anything, in them worth reporting or spying upon. Note, 28Sep10: Diablow Niggero's Pan-Aryan/Mamzer Alliance went belly up in early 2010. Not enough shitskins wanting to claim to be whigger.

    Phorafags/feebs, when it came out in 2004 and run by Fade the Butcher, used to be the predominate free-speech forum for Whites and so I went onto it after losing out on the Christmas Coup of 2004. A number of my CI friends arrived as well. Since us middle-aged religious Whites didn't like or respect the young kollidge whiggers and ridiculed them for their pretenses, we were subsequently removed to a subforum wherein we were free to post, but no where else. At my suggestion, this subforum was called a 'jewlag.' The jewlag, where any real debate was allowed, often had more interest in it than the rest of the forum. Fade the Butcher, the whigger 'intellectual,' was displaced by balkanoid and spic mamzer 'intellectuals' and as a result, I'm back in the phorafag/feeb jewlag. I go over to phorafags/feebs in order to fight with Movement whiggers, mamzers and jews, which dominate phorafags/feebs. Note 24Nov09: This fighting with the phorafags/feebs/fuktards led to my being banned by Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop an hour after the Forth of jew-lie. Which goes to show that for all of Fade the Butcher's mercurial ways, the phorafaggots/fuktards who replaced him were second-rate in terms of not understanding White nature.

    Lastly, StumbleInn, which is an off-shoot of phorafags/feebs. As a reaction to so-called whigger 'intellectuals' without intellect jacking themselves off and calling their unibrow tanning salon 'high-brow' discussion, they set up their forum as a working-class bar in which all matter of things can be discussed. The end result is probably the most free-wheeling forum of the lot on the Internet. Note: 28Sep10: Censorship and ZOGbot moderation has come to StumbleInn. The Title of White Nationalist Free Speech Forum has now migrated to The Beer Barrel, a breakaway colony of StumbleInn.

    What happens whenever there is real 'Free Speech for Whites' is that people (Actually, not 'people' but rather whiggers, mamzers and jews) immediately have a fit as to what is actually said. Old scores are brought up and immediately aired, and the end result is a lot of pissing and moaning. Skewer the Administrator's sacred cattle and like Odysseus whose men killed and ate scared cattle it is back into the boats with a curse and the injunction to keep moving to someplace else.

    V-bulletin makes the best forum software. phpbb is free, and they both run atop the same server software, but v-bulletin is lighter and stronger. It's output can be put onto a blog without much, if any, formatting. So because of its strength, these v-bulletin forums have pretty much taken over the jewhoogruppen forums because jewhoo routinely censors away White Nationalist content. Therefore, these v-bulletin forums are run by jealous Movement warlords who understand that they need creative White Nationalist content, but creative people and fellow warlords are none too controllable.

    This thread's purpose is to transfer to other White Nationalist forums -- if allowed there -- and to bring about some true debate as to the purpose of these forums. Here at StumbleInn is like Muhammad at Medina -- a place wherein Muhammad could create an Islamicist community and show that it worked before being allowed back to Mecca and then conquering the Arabian subcontinent and then within 50 years from India to Spain.

    White Nationalism, as its leading men build it, will be a political movement which takes advantage of a collapsing ZOG and use it to advance themselves as well as their race and People. One cannot and should not divorce ambition and the desire for revenge from our leadership, which shall make itself known by their actions. But before these actions can have any success, the political ground must be tilled and sown with White Nationalist propaganda oriented to both a whigger and a White Nationalist audience. Yes, we need our 'whigger-whimperers' like Edgar Steele, but we also need our White Nationalists like Louis Beam and myself, who appeal, not to the whiggers and those whiggers/mamzers/jews amongst us, but to the truly hard core looking for the word to know when the Revolution is at hand, it is time for open revolt and revolution, time to destroy ZOG by exterminating ZOGlings.

    I shall put up a poll, but not here just yet definitely leading, to which all can vote. I am propounding a thesis towards a certain point, so this poll obviously has its thumb on the scale. Yet the purpose of this article is to stimulate thought and debate, and to allow partisans of these forums to in turn make their own points.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    10 March 2009

    Originally posted 03-10-2009, 09:30 PM
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    Why No Truly 'White' Nationalist Forums?

    Why No Truly 'White' Nationalist Forums?

    Originally posted by Cockatoo

    Post by Cockatoo on SI of March 10, 2009

    It seems like most forums are a mix of some WN oriented news and serious items of discussion, bitching, fighting, ego tripping, stalking, trolling and gossiping. The latter items seem to be among the most popular reasons for posting at most. Each forum has its own style, but they all have them to some degree and die if they try to cut it off completely - except Stormdrain where teaparties reign and Phora where pseudo-intellectualism rules - all without anything too, too excessive in the way of drama.

    As for censorship, I guess every forum at some point decides what crowd it is catering to and why and then they begin to oust anyone who threatens the happy posting habits of that group. They seem to find that some forum drama is a plus but a completely unhindered free-for-all is too unwieldy and counterproductive to maintaining a membership since eventually most everyone seems to get in a huff and leaves. I suppose it is hard to avoid some limitations without having the whole place implode.

    I'd like to know, however, why, in the midst of all the censoring and banning, it seems almost impossible to find a "White" forum that is devoid of muds, leftists and jews.
    Post by Cockatoo on SI of March 10, 2009 Post #6
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      HAC's Take On V-Bulletin Forums -- And the Movement

      HAC's Take On V-Bulletin Forums -- And the Movement

      Originally posted by Harold Covington
      A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (Conclusion)

      The Present Status of The White Nationalist Movement

      The present status of the White Nationalist Movement may be simply stated: there isn't any.

      The Movement as it has been known for the past fifty years has in essence ceased to exist. There are one or two Hollywood Nazi groups who still put on quasi Third-Reich costumes and stage 'rallies'? of ten or fifteen weirdly-garbed dysfunctionals, who are pelted with garbage and missiles by hundreds of 'anti-racists'? and assorted scum, and who must be protected from serious bodily harm by the bored and hostile police. These groups, however, are more of a psychiatric phenomenon than a political one. They have no relevance to anything in the real world.

      What White Nationalist Movement there is exists 95% on the internet; physical activity of any kind has virtually ceased. The internet satisfies the need for White males (and a few females) to believe that they are accomplishing something, when in fact they are simply squabbling in a small playpen where the Jew allows them to shout and scream and eat bugs and make mud pies.

      The latest fad appears to be playing on vBulletin boards, the largest and oldest of which is Stormfront, run by David Duke flunky Don Black. Probably the second largest vBulletin board is Vanguard News Networks, run by two alcoholics, Alex Linder and the Federal informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller (q.v..) There are about half a dozen smaller imitators such as White Nationalist Info run by the bizarre and dysfunctional 'Francis Playfair,'? but basically they are all the same. The group owner and a small group of his butt buddies whom he appoints as moderators play 'King of the Hill,'? amusing themselves by conducting endless, pointless flame wars with one another over nothing, and banning people who dare to disagree with them or criticize them. The White internet at this point really serves no purpose other than a cautionary tale as to how so-called White Nationalists would behave if ever they really did gain power anywhere.

      Harold Covington is still soldiering on up in Washington state, trying to get people interested in Northwest Migration. He is a lone voice trying to make himself heard in the middle of a cackling, gibbering insane asylum, where the raving and cursing and babbling of the inmates to themselves drowns out any attempt to speak or think coherently. Covington is the last of his kind, he is in poor health, and no one is paying him any mind. When he goes, there will be nothing left of the old Movement.

      The question is, can a new one arise?

      What The Hell Is Wrong With White Nationalists?

      Despite the fifty-year record of madness, criminal incompetence, deceit and perversion, the barest tip of which iceberg we have just barely touched on in the past 100 pages, the astonishing fact remains that millions of White people, probably the majority of them, actually agree with most of the central tenets of the White Nationalist belief system, when those tenets are presented calmly, coherently, articulately, and devoid of symbols and language which Americans have been conditioned from birth to reject.

      So why does White Nationalism not have millions of adherents? Why is there no Movement to save God's most beautiful and noble creation from extinction? Here again, this is a subject so complex that we can only skim the high points:

      1. CRIMINAL AND INCOMPETENT leadership of the kind we have just spent 100 pages describing;

      2. WHITE TRASH MEMBERSHIP. No normal person wants to associate with the kind of weirdos, dysfunctionals, borderline (and not so borderline) psychotics, petty criminals, homosexual perverts, snake oil salesmen, and emotionally disturbed children of all ages who congregate in the White Nationalist movement;

      3. THE BAD DRIVES OUT THE GOOD. White Nationalism will never attract the kind of solid, mature, dedicated, and committed people needed to stage a revolution in this country until the Movement as a whole cleans up its act and refuses any longer to tolerate the kind of pathological behaviors that we have just described in this report. Nor should decent and real people be asked to associate themselves with a freak show like the present White Nationalist movement. For every Harold Covington, Richard Butler, Louis Beam and Kirk Lyons, there are a hundred David Dukes, Buford Furrows, Greg Withrows, Kirsten Kaisers, Matt Koehls, Andrew Greenbaums, Frank Collins, Benny Klassens, Kevin Alfred Stroms, Bill Whites, Hardy Lloyds, 'Francis Playfairs'? and other just plain kooks. It is possible to change the world with a small and dedicated and disciplined minority. It is not possible to accomplish anything with kooks.

      4. THERE MUST BE A PLAN. Right now, the only actual plan or strategy which exists in the White Nationalist movement is Northwest Migration, advocated by Harold Covington but also by many others. The Movement as a whole has responded, not with support for the Northwest or by producing an alternate plan or plans, but by intensifying the already unspeakably vicious personal smear campaign directed against Covington. This behavior will either change, or the White race will perish from the face of the earth within the lifetime of infants now born. It is time for serious people in White Nationalism, what few such people there are, to either A) Quit talking shit about Covington and get behind Northwest Migration, or B) Produce a viable and realistic alternate plan.

      5. DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR MUST BE DEALT WITH. The White Nationalist gene pool needs a massive dose of chlorine. Since we lack the physical courage or the competence to deal with this legion of kooks and assholes who claim to speak for us, they must be dealt with verbally and morally and however else can be done within our limited means. The kooks and creeps must be exposed, subjected to massive ridicule, shouted down and slapped down whenever they show their faces on the internet. We must stop looking the other way and stop tolerating their lies, their bullshit, their smears, their public hissy fits, their weird psycho-political head games on the internet. They must be confronted even if only in cyber-space, and later on when the White man mans up a little they must be confronted physically and driven from our ranks. The future of our race and the existence of our kind depends on this. We must stop trying to get mileage out of creeps.

      IF the decks can be cleared, then it may be that even at the eleventh hour, the fifty-ninth minute, and the last second, it is possible that some genuine leadership may step forth and save our race from extinction, so long as they are allowed to proceed on the basis of real-world politics and not be forced to wallow in a cesspool with kooks, weirdos, pathological liars, thieves, and middle-aged emotionally crippled children. But no serious person in his right mind will become involved with the White Nationalist movement as it is today. Before a new tenant can move into the premises, the house must be cleaned and the trash must be taken out. It's a matter of life and death.

      Hey, hey! Ho ho!
      Movement dysfunctionals have to go!
      That's what I like about Harold Covington -- he states the obvious so well. What I especially liked, and around which I tailored this thread, is [bowel] Movement v-bulletin forums, which have overtaken e-mail trees and jewhoogruppen forums as the places which the Movement communicated from 1995 to 2003 or so. Essentially the Movement feebenfuerher and his feeb friends form a forum for a few hundred dollars per year and try to make for theysselfs a little kingdom from which dissent is first jewlagged, then banned. What is accomplished? Little or nothing. What is forgotten? That this forum medium can be used for propaganda and communication, and that the effective communicator can use it accordingly. (And whigger and mamzer flaming is fun. Verbal combat teaches you how to deal with hecklers and feebs.)

      This phenomenon arose with $permFront and then VNNF. Their forums essentially destroyed their web pages, as $permFront's is essentially dust and Alex Linder has farmed it out to some feeb named 'Socrates' who often has links to VNNForum or to old William Pierce re-runs. The thing about these forums is that the web page invariably dies or never exists on the same domain name as the V-Bulletin Forum.

      The former home of Internut activism used to be the yahoo groups. But jewhoo censored out Nazi or WN content and so they had to go secret and non-public. That ended up with smaller jewhoogroups filled with spies and feds keeping an eye on these net nutzis and any complaint ended up with the removal by jewhoo of the offending jewhoo gruppen.

      At the same time, the rise of phpbb, but especially V-Bulletin Forums like $permFront and VNNF meant the Movement migrated from censorship by jews to . . . . censorship by bowel Movement feebs. $permFront actually provided a modest living for Don Black and funneled traffic towards David Duke's web pages. Alex Linder and his VNN, never paying for its own upkeep, was actually run by Billy Roper and Roper's White Revolution group until TraitorGlenn Miller provided federal funding. The very cheapness of the v-bulletin software and web hosting led to where rich kids like Fade the Butcher with a bit of money could set up their own private forum, and claim to be sympathetic to White Nationalism, and pretty much set up a toy for himself and his college buddies to play with. Never mind that dissent was often jewlagged -- placed into a confinement sub-forum like a zoo for the posting animal -- it allowed White Nationalists to post as they did please before a bigger audience than the jewhoogruppen allowed and without the immanent threat of censorship by jews.

      As web hosting got cheaper, essentially anyone in the Movement who had time and allowed some degree of freedom of speech brought up his own forum. Upon getting a core audience, the Movement forum feebenfuerher could then afford to jewlag, then ban his opposition or dissent under the very same excuse used by jewhoogruppen -- a terms of service violation. As Covington points out, bowel Movement forums teaches anyone who looks how these whigger nutsionalist feebs will treat their own people each and every time they have power.

      Christian Identity forums invariably use phpbb forums because they are free software, often on free hosting, but because they are more austere than v-bulletin forums and thus attract a more serious poster. But v-bulletin with its light strength and power and beauty, is the Movement choice for forums.

      Covington doesn't have any v-bulletin forums, not because of his poverty alone, but because Covington himself doesn't take criticism well. Covington has been in the Movement for over 30 years, but is utterly incompetent at leadership and administration. Covington's forte is attacking other Movement leaders -- who need attacking -- but one always gets the impression that Covington would make the same mistakes if in a position to abuse his power. Covington cannot control a v-bulletin forum -- not with his 666 sock-puppets and 6 followers. And thus Covington sticks to his blogs and his jewhoogruppen where he can control it through censorship and logging on yet another sock-puppet to worship Tubby, saying, "jew're the greatest, HAC." I myself was banned from one of Covington's jewhoogruppen and then got to watch while Covington created a 'Martin Lindstedt' sock-puppet which posted "George, George, George of the Jungle" posts and Covington pretended it was me doing the deranged posting.

      Additionally Covington loved to post how crazy I am, while Covington's family tells the SPLC that Covington suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. But both our families have turned out to be disappointments to us. And it is far better to be deemed crazy in a whigger world than to be typical -- something Covington should keep in mind.

      The [bowel] Movement is full of whiggers and muds and jews playing at Revolution. It is also full of whigger feebs who make their own claim, while anonymous, as to how their rivals and those who are actually do something need to be kicked out of the Movement.

      This is idiotic. There is no licensing boards for White racists. Every little feebenfuerher has his own little following. Otherwise Covington would have been purged from it long ago.

      Whenever I said something that some other militia general would have a fit over, I'd simply tell him that my militia gang could whup his militia gamg because they were more violent. If anyone bitched about my advocacy of violence, then they would be ridiculed as liars, fools and cowards, much like the Bolsheviks ridiculed the Social Democrats. White Nationalism has always been making fun of whigger pussazoids because [s]elections and korts have always been destructive of our goals and we have no choice but to use violence to achieve our ends.

      I've talked at length to Louis Beam and David Lane via his wife Katya, and they were dubious about Harold Covington, other than as a writer. It is presumptious for Covington to place himself amongst them. Nor is Covington going to confront anyone at all, either via the Internut nor certainly in person. Most Movement 'leaders' like Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are noted physical cowards. It is far more likely that a fight will break out between undisciplined followers than rival leaders. Every Movement leader finds out that the first order of business is to get a forum or place where he can safely shit upon his rivals. That is the first order of business. Not White Nationalism. Not creating a functioning Movement. Rather collecting funds from the feeble-minded followers and flunkies.

      How is Movement Leadership decided? ZOG wants to have it decided by their false-flag operations like $permFront and VNNF and the tame anti-immigrunt and anti-dem or Flush Rimblow operations. This is how you figure out the genuine Movement article: jewlagged or killed by ZOG. Covington shows that he is the genuine article because of his poverty. Some of that is Covington's fault, but ZOG hasn't helped Covington out any.

      Movement leadership is determined by survivorship. Standing against ZOG and fighting for our People. Never allowing a jew or a mud or a whigger regime criminal to run over Whites. Sifting out loyalties. Never compromising an inch over the necessity to exterminate the jews, niggers, mamzers and whiggers who support ZOG/Babylon. Going after any 'White Nationalist' leader or follower who has anything good to say about jews, muds, whiggers or who sells out or compromises with ZOG.

      Things are going to turn rough. So one needs a forum in which to posit the hatred and antipathy which heartens our side and disheartens the enemy. If one does not exist, then one forms a forum. $permFront and VNNF have degenerated quite a bit in the past year from a degenerate beginning of 10,000 whiggers posting a million whigger 'MuhDikkk!' posts. Places like StumbleInn and the forum I am creating is a place for true 'Free Speech For Whites.' VNNF promised it, then reneged after the Christmas Coup of 2004. Phorafags/feebs promised it, but imperfectly delivered it to where jews, balkan mamzers, and whiggers have the free speech and the White man is jewlagged. StumbleInn delivers on free speech for Whites because it doesn't have pretensions of being high-brow.

      A free speech forum for Whites tends to not have very many jews and mamzers. After all, such cannot exist for long in a hostile sterile environment. This is why I often go to where the jews, mamzers and whiggers are on phorafags/feebs and fight with them over there. It is carrying the fight to the enemy which wins victories.

      So I am going to open up a v-bulletin forum of my own, overtly White Nationalist in orientation. I already have such a forum in phpbb which I use as a blog which allows the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) clergy to have their own subforum in which only the Pastor can post. They also have a place where their church members and others can respond to their announcements, sermons and other places. The goal of this Aryan Nations forum is a place where each DSCI pastor can post and have exclusive control over his own content. This is what suits a networked DSCI confederacy of aboveground pastors each working together but separately and with full sovereignity on their own subforum.

      Likewise, I shall open up a White Nationalist v-bulletin forum in which each White Nationalist personality can have complete control over his own subforum and the attached subforum, can ban or exclude those who they do not wish to let post but must live with whatever occurs in the main and other subforums run by other WN leaders.

      And so, I wish to extend Harold Covington an offer for his own subforum which he can run as he pleases, but has no control over others running their subforums or over the main forum. I think that HAC has some sharp elbows and can fend for himself. His writing, both his own and his sockpuppets, is superior in most respects (although I think it comes to a wrong conclusion). By giving him a chance to post his old content he can put it to a process of debate -- if he dares.

      Likewise the same offer will be extended to John DeNugent for his subforum. He has the option of removing subforum pigeonshit from Captn Mamzer or banishing a thread to his own private jewlag if he wishes.

      The goal is to attract attention by posting higher quality White Nationalist material for debate on the article's merit. This benefits all concerned as it brings both an audience and something better worth reading -- a Cagle Post for White Nationalists.

      The question is whether there is room for a White Nationalist forum run with advocating Resistance policy in mind, which policies forged by debate and tempered with consensus, or whether yet another whiggroid 'MuhDikkk!!!' forum shall result. It depends upon the courage of the posters that they are right for them to chance ridicule and opposition when placing their little brain child to scrutiny.

      Dare you try it, Covington?

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      (Originally posted Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:19 pm)

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        Covington's Law of White Nationalist Forums With Lindstedt's Corollary

        Covington's Law of White Nationalist Forums With Lindstedt's Corollary

        Originally posted by Jett Rink
        I gotta say, School Marm is an apt description. This is very much like in school when someone fucks with you until you blow up and then they suspend you instead of the instigator.

        I was in the shoutbox over there and Crazy Mike from VOR (Mike the Kike as he is known around here) would constantly whine and moan over the last 6 months for me to be banned because he didn't like me. Starr was in the s/b a few times when he was going at it and saw his behavior and she had the gawl to blame it on me, as if I was somehow able to control his insane lunatic ravings. One night Crazy Mike called her (while she was there in the s/b) a cunt, a whore, and trash for not banning me ....he wasn't banned for that. However, I threaten to kick some punks ass because he was fucking up the s/b by posting a huge pic over and over and over again, and I get banned by Starr (of all people) who stabbed me in the back.

        Who is this Azimuth prick anyway? His account functions as little more than a newbot. Why is he golden there? I don't get it.

        Mainly, these admins on the Phora are threatened by the presence of people who might overshadow their popularity, and they systematically target and remove those threats passive aggressively. They are like a gang of nerds who have carved out their own island where they can feel the power and wield control over something, a feeling that is lacking in their real lives.

        Personally, if I had my own forum I wouldn't have some grandiose title in old English lettering under my name to feel speshul. If you need that you pretty much should log off and seek counseling, cuz you got issues.
        Mikey Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor is a hybernigger whigger who is the resident kikesucker over on Voice of Retards/Reason. Just about any and every high-dollar effort in the bowel Movement has to have some way of paying for itself, and Voice of Retards doesn't go the Paytriot route and sell wheat-berries and colloidal silver like the shortwave bunch does. This means collecting ZOGbux from the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity. Mikey Kikey knows full well that he is being given power over White Men to protect a ZOG false front organization for pseudo-intellecshul whiggers. Being a typical hybernigger whigger who hates the Western Anglo-Saxon and Nordic White men who oppressed and turned a race of them drunken hybernigger peasants into even more drunken hybernigger peasants having the excuse for being stupid cattle, of course brings its infantile kikelike hybernigger whiggroid demands that anyone and everyone conform to its whiggroid demands. In a well-run White society, the first offense would bring a tongue slitting, and some finger breaking, and a second offense a blinding and castration and removal of hands. The third strike permanent removal from the social order that such infests. But phorafags/feebs is anything but White society, being rather comprised of whiggers wanting to be balkanoid mongrollian spam-mamzers.

        phorafags/feebs has always been about Whigger Nutsionalist pretense. Pretense that these whiggers are particularly smart and well-edjewcated, and that whatever they say should be listened to with any degree of respect. StumbleInn is a working-class phorafags/feebs without pretense, and thus as much freedom as it gets for White Nationalists without becoming an overtly DSCI forum. phorafags/feebs is all about pretense to intelligence and edjewcation and thus is actually pretty rigid in what is allowed, sort of like the English, Social Studies, Edjewcation and Afreekunt/Femnishevik History departments in the kollidges and jewnivershitties within the ZOGland.

        I recently got permabanned from phorafags/feebs on sundry pretexts. Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop decided that I was much too abrasive to phorafag/feeb pretensions, even while confined to their jewlag away from their unibrow tanning&tweezing salon & circle-jerkerie and so this beta-faggot lawyer sent his faithfool beta-gook mamzer Ankhnuttin/Green Mamzer to deliver the good news to Job, i.e., myself. It is an annoyance, but really nothing more than my friends wanted, as they too have been banned from phorafags/feebs.

        Starr is simply an Alia with a little bit more sanity. Really, she is another Susan in the making, looking for White Nationalist pecker, but hoping to castrate it into meercat status given the wonderfoolness of her pussy/pouch/burrow. "Desperately Seeking Whigger Nutsionalist Meercats -- The Starr/Hitler Hoggess Story." Given time, the Cinderella chick inevitably morphs/ages into a kikeazoid whiggress hen harpy. Such get so pissed when the prospective White Man puts into practice the last of the Four F's -- Find, Finger, Fuck & Forget about it -- right Mandalore? The smart White Man knows when to pull out and beat feet in retreat, leaving the whiggress meercatless, shedding tears over their mythical lost virtue, which, that along with 50 cents can buy a cup of coffee in some lowly places.

        I don't have too much sympathy for those twats wanting new prices for slightly used pussy. After all, my public vagina stepdaughter never lacks for a meercat. I never have been able to see where she gets them without missing a stroke or more than two three days finding some whigger to fuck her. I'm especially grateful now that she has gone through all the Granby, Neosho, and Newton County talent, found one at the Christian Mission over in Neosho, and moved to SouthWest City with the last one, over on the McDonald County/Oklahoma border 60 miles away. Not as good as if she had moved to California with the meercat daddy of one of her March meercats, but at least a definite improvement. She probably will ply her trade after she gets out of jail. I hear that she stole the paycheck of her latest meercat after nosing through his papers and finding that he got convicted for child molestation. If found and convicted, then she will stand trial in McDonald County at the closest, and that is far enough for my liking.

        So she is presently hiding somewhere in Oklahoma, and I can only hope that she is giving venereal warts, chlymidia, and herpes to some deserving whigger meercats for them to give to whigger vixens at least several counties away. Whiggers, being solipsistic, deserve social diseases received while being sociable.

        My point is that if my 350 pound public vagina of a stepdaughter can always find a meercat, why can't Starr or Susan or Alia? The answer is that my stepdaughter is smart enough to shut the set of lips men don't want to hear from and to always keep open for bizness the set of lips that whigger meercats want to burrow in. Thus a slut is ALWAYS smarter in terms of knowing what men want as opposed to tippycull whigger edjewcated uppity twats.

        What you say about the [d]ruling phorafags/feebs has already been said by Harold Covington: Covington's Rule of Whigger Nutsionalist Forums says that whiggers set themselves up, along with their butt-buddies as moderators, in order to show that they have power over other whiggers. Nothing much is done except to show ordinary whiggers that Whigger Nutsionalists are theysselfs petty tyrants altogether fucked up in the head. Lindstedt's Corollary to Covington's Law says that censorship by jews is replaced by censorsheep by whiggers, and thus nothing much is improved. phorafags/feebs certainly follows Covington's Law and Lindstedt's Corollary concerning Typical whigger Behavior --TwB -- on Whigger Nutsionalist Forums.

        Originally posted by Harold Covington

        Covington's Law of White Nationalist Forums

        The latest fad appears to be playing on vBulletin boards, the largest and oldest of which is Stormfront, run by David Duke flunky Don Black. Probably the second largest vBulletin board is Vanguard News Networks, run by two alcoholics, Alex Linder and the Federal informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller (q.v..) There are about half a dozen smaller imitators such as White Nationalist Info run by the bizarre and dysfunctional 'Francis Playfair,'? but basically they are all the same. The group owner and a small group of his butt buddies whom he appoints as moderators play 'King of the Hill,'? amusing themselves by conducting endless, pointless flame wars with one another over nothing, and banning people who dare to disagree with them or criticize them. The White internet at this point really serves no purpose other than a cautionary tale as to how so-called White Nationalists would behave if ever they really did gain power anywhere.
        However, you Jett Rink, have a reputation of being a disruptive ZOGling whigger ass-clown asshole, so if there is any problems, chances are that the moderators are absolutely correct in just cutting to the chase and banning jewr ass and having done with it.

        When you got banned from VNNF, you yapped about setting up jewr own forum -- which was all yap. You set up a blog and don't write to it for two months, then wonder if anyone is reading it. I offer you Mayorhood of Hogtown/NotVNNF over on Christian Nationalist because I could use another little furtive weasel to be my anti-Linder. You could sign on and run wild trashing out Linder, but you are all whining whigger yap.

        The problem with whiggers is that they's whiggers. And you can't make a White Nationalist gladiator out of even 666 ZOGling whigger ass-clown cripples.

        The only good in these forums is dissemination of propaganda and getting Whites to work together. Like the prevalence of white leadership, it is a one-in-twenty thing, if that. You gots to pan out a ton of gravel and shit to get an ounce of gold out of the deal.

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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          phorafags/feebs: Bizness ass jewsual

          phorafags/feebs: Bizness ass jewsual

          Originally posted by The Green Mamzer

          Originally posted by MartinLindstedt

          Actually both VNNF and phorafags/feebs have declined as has $permFront. The admins at every supposedly WN Forum end up getting used to having a false power given to them on the Internut and they end up banishing dissent, especially acerbic, harsh, impolite dissent.

          Quote:Originally Posted by MartinLindstedt
          Mike Jahn and Jett Rink are merely whigger and mamzer offal capable of posting only whiggroid 'MuhDikkk!!!' posts, nothing more. And few things are more sterile. Forums end up attracting such offal and then the place becomes so toxic that these flies are repulsed.

          These two quotes (from within the same post no less) illustrate perfectly the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't position that forum moderators and admins are in. If we didn't ban Lindstedt we would be deemed to be big pussies scared of Lindstedt getting rough on our whigger nutsionalist manginas and if we did ban Lindstedt then we would be made fun of being pussies because we got tired of Lindstedt getting rough on our whigger nutsionalist manginas, even though we always moaned and pissed on schedule.

          On the one hand we are labelled power mad ego-maniacs who can't stand "acerbic, harsh, impolite dissent" (a.k.a. trolling) aka making fun of whigger and mamzer poseurs whenever someone is banned. On the other hand everyone who is a natural born phorafaggot/feeble-minded jew, mamzer or whigger ass-clown typical of those to be found on phorafags/feebs whines about how the quality of the forums is declining from an influx of poor quality members and we are blamed for not doing anything from the natural degenerate coonstituentcy of phorafags/feebs.

          People "dissent" at the Phora all the time. Probably the majority of the posters there disagree with one or all of the admins on either religion, politics or sunnyside up versus sunnyside down. The sheer amount of Catholic bashing that goes on over there is proof of that. phorafags/feebs is jewniversal in its ZOGling pussifuckation in advancing its inner solipsistic whigger/jew/mamzer. People who are banned are usually egregiously obviously trying to be. That doesn't stop the "banned for daring to disagree with the mods" dissent-martyr posts springing up like toadstools in the aftermath of every troll flush however. However, being Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's little mamzer delta-male delivery boy, I'm going to whine like a pussy and phorafag/feeb shitting dog that phorafags/feebs isn't treated right over here on StumbleInn, which takes on those that phorafags/feebs has banned.
          Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's little mamzer or whigger mamzerizer delivery boy forgets an ancient adage: You can't both have your cake and eat it too. You eat your cake, then you don't have it. If you have your cake, then it comes at a cost of not eating it.

          The adage is meant to illustrate issues of self-discipline involving issues of whether to consume or to save. But typical Eurowhigger faggots and ZOGling whiggers/mamzers/jews don't have any such thing as self discipline. They want it all, right now, and they want someone else to pay for it.

          The above item came from a post concerning White Nationalist Forum Decline. Actually, it isn't so much a decline as opposed to simply chickens coming home to roost, because VNNF and $permFront is really nothing more than ZOG false front organizations meant to advance confidence men or agents provacateur like David Duke and TraitorAlexis/Glenn Linder/Miller. The posters are either naive whiggers as at $permFront or bowel-Movement debris like VNNF. phorafags/feebs is viewed as VNNF v2.1 in which a motley crew of mamzers, idiot ZOGling whiggers, sundry jews pretending to be 'good jews' and Balkanoid mamzers or wannabes are led by a thirty-year old ambulance chasing Eurowhigger flandersfaggot named Stan who essentially stole it from the mercurial Fade the Bitcher, who had the virtue of at least dimly understanding White behavior.

          To understand supposedly 'White Nationalist' forum behavior, I'm going to invoke Covington's Law of White Nationalist Forum Behavior:

          Originally posted by Harold Covington

          The latest fad appears to be playing on vBulletin boards, the largest and oldest of which is Stormfront, run by David Duke flunky Don Black. Probably the second largest vBulletin board is Vanguard News Networks, run by two alcoholics, Alex Linder and the Federal informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller (q.v..) There are about half a dozen smaller imitators such as White Nationalist Info run by the bizarre and dysfunctional 'Francis Playfair,'? but basically they are all the same. The group owner and a small group of his butt buddies whom he appoints as moderators play 'King of the Hill,'? amusing themselves by conducting endless, pointless flame wars with one another over nothing, and banning people who dare to disagree with them or criticize them. The White internet at this point really serves no purpose other than a cautionary tale as to how so-called White Nationalists would behave if ever they really did gain power anywhere.

          Lindstedt's Corollary to Covington's Law states:

          Originally posted by PastorLindstedt

          Censorship by jews is invariably replaced by censorship by whiggers.

          phorafags/feebs follows the above law and my corollary: An immature moral imbecile like a typical ambulance chasing Eurowhigger faggot named Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop and his host of mamzers and whiggers got tired of criticism and so they jewstified it forst by putting me in their jewlag, and the hour after the Fourth of jew-lie was over banned me. They sent you, Green Mamzer, as their flunky to deliver the 'good news for Job' and to be their little hatchet-pussy.

          Now phorafags/feebs has to live with the fact that news got around that "Them stupid imbecile phony phorafags/feebs banned Pastor Martin Lindstedt! So much for 'free speech for Whites.' Must be another ZOG false-front run by jews, mamzers and whiggers."

          That perception is indeed reality. A bunch of you were playing at running phorafags/feebs five years ago, now you without Fade the Flake are running your forum into the ground. You only got one real writer of the entire lot, Il Ragno, but the fact of the matter is that you don't really have any writer who knows the [bowel] Movement who isn't a snitch or rat or agent provacateur and so you faggotty phorafeebs are simply milling about.

          Now I knew that I might be banned given the low quality of poseurs and frauds pretending to be White Nationalists so I waited a month or so after getting out of jail before joining phorafags/feebs. At first phorafags/feebs was happy to see me but that paled when it became quite clear that I wouldn't kiss jewr asses and so I was duly jewlagged out of you feebs' unibrow tweezing&tanning salon and circle-jerkery. But I have an obligation not only to myself, but to lurking others to honesty, and pretty much ridiculing you ridiculous feebs.

          Now I can't expect an honorless idiotic morally bankrupt whigger or mamzer feeb without any sense of humor or self-analysis to understand or appreciate correction imposed from myself. However, a whining phorafaggot/feeb pussy should expect from myself the standard treatment for such: a stick made from pallet wood with a rusty screw that I've pissed on to deliver many sturdy twacks about the snout and haunches until like a beaten sow you run back off into the phorafag/feeb woods and thickets.

          By banning your betters you idiots have ensured that your forum has become pretty much a wasteland of whiggers and mamzers posting thousands of whiggroid 'muhdikkk!!!' posts. Fine by me. Within the past month I've gained subforums in new DSCI forums in which to post, without censorship, to an audience quite willing to hear what I have to say. So, the only thing I miss about phorafags/feebs in a slightly larger audience of more degenerate composition and first-hand ability to fight with really idiotic ZOGling whiggers and ass-clowns infesting phorafags/feebs. Something I can definitely live without.

          So, you can cease whining and putting on the Camille act, Green Mamzer. phorafags/feebs can be as big of ass-clowns as they wish -- over at phorafags/feebs. Cummming over here to StumbleInn to bitch about it and jew'll be treated as a phorafag/feeb shitting dog and have jewr shit smeared on jewr rump by a jackboot whenever you hunker down to squat here on StumbleInn.

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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            Let's Not Destroy SI History

            Let's Not Destroy SI History


            Originally posted by il ragno


            Permabanning is insufficient. Not while all of his Niccolo photoshops stay up, while mine of him are pulled.

            Delete all Ike Turner posts in one fell swoop, and flush the motherfucker down the toilet altogether. Assuming all those copies of WISDOM'S MAW haven't backed up the plumbing beyond repair.
            This morning I and 6Killer was wondering what happened to SI. So now we know.

            I was wondering what happened to the pictures of Ike. So now I know.

            OK, I don't really need to see pictures of Niggollo the Croat mamzer. But I did find some posts by Ike amusing. I know that Il Ragno didn't like Ike -- at all -- but I really don't like the idea of deleting all of Ike's posts. I think that what is history of what happened at the time it occurred should be kept up for people later to make sense of why something happened. Old forum history from say, Pastor Visser's old forum was invaluable in dealing with a certain thieving mamzer like Bryan Wright. This mamzer didn't like being caught thieving Pastor Gulett's church or trying to arrange for 6Killer to get beat up by skinheads from past posts.

            If Ike is simply no good as opposed to being obsessed, then he won't thank you for leaving up evidence of his own villi-ninnery. Yes, he caused trouble by narking on SI, and has been punished for it. Of course he will be able to use proxies and to form a new sock-puppet at the local library, but no longer post freely as Ike. I think that will hurt him enough for shitting in his own sugar bowl and destroying his own source of pleasure.

            This is not a plea for mercy for Ike, whose behavior went over the permissible line that Ike knew about at the time. As someone who is a pub[l]ic figure, I'm never understood the reason for allowing Movement wannabe-fuerhers to play Internut tough guy while hiding they's faces. I always want to find out who is calling me a child molester and siding with ZOG so that someday I can get my revenge upon all my enemies. I am not a fan of Internet anonyminity. Rather, my complaint against Ike stems from his narking SI out to the web server and getting SI taken off-line along with my own posts while Ike is hypocritically posting pictures of some Croat piece of shit who nobody really gives a shit about other than Ike.

            Rather it is meant to be saying that SI should keep its forum history intact. What gives a forum value is the past record of the interactions between different people. Yes, I know that most posts are whiggroid 'muhdikkk' whiggershit, but taking all of Ike's posts will reduce the context of some of my own posts. Ike usually backed me up for his own reasons, although I don't know why. I doubt Ike, with his gook-miscegenational ways, would have liked living under a warlord theocracy under DSCI law for a few short days until caught for past behavior and texecuted. I'd say that Ike never thought things through but rather lived his obsessions which were his downfall.

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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              You don't need to chisel off Faro Ike-a-nuttin's very last post or reference

              You don't need to chisel off Faro Ike-a-nuttin's very last post or reference


              Originally posted by il ragno

              Like you, "Ike" is an attention whore and self-promoter. Unlike you, "Ike"'s first resort whenever someone slaps him back..... is to narc to the authorities.

              This nonsense started when he ran scurrying like a rat fuck to Photo Bucket and Centrine to have my accounts there kiboshed, so that he could post people's images free of the nagging worry that someone would repay him in kind.

              Fuck him with the leg of an oak table. The worst nightmare of any attention whore is that he'll be made to disappear into nonpersonhood. So let's do exactly that.

              He doesn't have any kids to grind into dogfood and have fed to him, Lucky, and I'm not about to wait for some Day of the Rope, that ain't comin', to settle his hash.
              And you're NOT yourself an attention whore and self-promoter?

              Now in order to get things accomplished, it is in some ways necessary to promote a sort of 'cult of personality' in order to get accomplished sufficient ruthlessness to cut out whigger cancer and eradicate it absolutely otherwise the fearsome death toll coming will have been in vain. Have you not read "A Canticle for Liebowitz?" Every little two-bit Ahab and Jezebel amongst the criminal regimeist element from the smallest hamlet to the entire nation needs to understand that the rest of the population are not weak-minded Naboths to steal from and destroy using the power of the social order. If 99.999 percent of whiggers need to die before they learn to live under YHWH's Law and so that the .001 percent who are lawful can live and replentish the Earth, then so let it be done.

              Insofar as grinding up whiggerspawn to feed to the dogs in the city and birds in the field, this is simply a 20th Century update on the reality of the 9th Century BC. Wouldn't it be foolish to leave the dead spawn of regime criminals to rot and fester in the open and infect the 'innocent' spawn of whiggers? Now of course this is mere sophistry. This is exactly what will happen in the Great Tribulation given the breakdown of all order, even the vicious ZOG/Babylon order as animals with brains revert to their jungle ways. Organized terror by the likes of DSCI warlords grinding up the spawn of regime criminals is a sign that ORDER is being restored with the imposition of JUSTICE over the survivors. This is why DSCI is understood instinctively by White Christian Israelites is because as a minority which has long lost power in this ongoing civil war we cannot seize power or maintain it over 150 million whiggers and 140 million breeding burgeoning mamzers given license by jews.

              You are quite intelligent, Il Ragno. And, when in dealing with whiggers, you get a pass because they don't know what is going on and want to 'think,' deep-down that there is some sort of peaceful solution if only 'we' will work together like the whigger and mamzer animals before the Flood and in Nimrod's Babylon, if not for that naughty naughty YHWH the Tribal Deity and Ultimate Attention Whore. This is a common failing within the Movement and not even the CI element is immune to wishfool thinkin'. Well, things are coming to an end quick enough and even though you might be the smartest dodo in 'Ice Age' who knows that it is going to take "at least 20 melons instead of merely three to get through the cumming Ice Age" the fact of the matter is that you don't know jack about what is going on here in flyover country. Things are hopeless but not serious. I aim to get to where things are serious, but not hopeless.

              I don't know why I am out instead of still in the NutHouse. I think that decaying White Evil Empires instinctively allow their Revolutionist wolves out because they know that they are stricken and hope for an infusion of Revolutionary DNA to help them survive as opposed to being absolutely destroyed in the destruction which follows decay.

              But understand this: I have absolutely no lawful remedies to destroy through civil or criminal litigation those regime criminals who destroyed my family. None. None to punish those who placed me illegally in a NutHouse, demanded excessive bail, doped me up, broke off four of my teeth, and violated countless times the very foundation of Anglo-Saxon law, that of habeas corpus and a fair and speedy trial. You 'think' that the precious Ashkenazi Criminal Liberties jUnion will do something? I got a friend to get them to send a letter of inquiry which essentially told me that I was one fucked goyim.

              The solution to preventing my family and any other White family from being destroyed is this: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR TAMPERING WITH A WHITE FAMILY. NONE. Any regime criminal who does this will be destroyed along with its family and along with anyone siding with the regime criminal. Which, by the way, is YHWH's Law NOW! Doubt it? Look at what happened to Saul's family and Ahab's House.

              Any false arrest can be punished by summary execution by the proposed victim. Any judge or lawyer -- and there will be no 'professional' piglice, lawyers or jewdickiary in a White Nationalist state -- caught violating the law they swore to uphold shall be skinned.

              It was determination fueled by HATE which got me through the past five years. I could have given up. Most whiggers would. You simply cannot understand until you are in the same position, faced with the same choices, essentially being forced to undergo the rape of your mind by a evil Sytem Under Satan's Administration every time you were forced to swallow some dope which gives you a splitting headache under the guise of some African muslim nigger who will go running to the nigger psychiatrist like Alicia Thompson or V. Marvelene French who will give you a ten&five of Haldol and Atavan (the Atavan helped kill the nigger Jackson) which will leave you drooling for the next two days. Forced to undergo illegal doping next door to a Fulton State Prison which puts whiggers in prison for wanting to use drugs. It is only when you figure out that ZOG/Babylon wants to destroy under color of law the White Man that you figure out that this cancer must be cut and burnt out until there is not a single non-white gene, idea, or person left.

              This is why I love listening to such cancer cells as Bardamooch, Maude DeFraud/Karkass. Such tells me that there are plenty of social cancer cells and a dying social body of support which needs to be eradicated. Lots of cockroaches needing eradication. Speaking of which, I'd say that Stevie Buck was a lot more scared of me catching him than you, Il Ragno.

              Now I don't hate Ike as much as you do, no one does. This is because I'm no threat to Ike or yourself. After all, you both are cosmopolitan types who have absolutely no overlap of power. To both of you I am some sort of religious nut out in flyover country who only interacts with you both on this forum. I have absolutely no control over your circles of influence and vice versa. So as a result you can live in some sort of peace with me.

              But Ike is quite a bit like you, just 20 IQ points dumber. But he has written a book while if you have done so, you care not let yourself be known for whatever reason. Competing animals for the same food supply can't peacefully share the same area. This is why the mutual hatred between yourself and Ike.

              I don't see any real insistence for deleting Ike's posts from the other posters. There is no reason for this except your hatred of Ike. I'm not taking Ike's side. Ike is a complete shit in his hypocrisy and I did read his gloat about shutting down StumbleInn. But I do think that this history of dislike and antipathy is part of the History of StumbleInn and that this history should be preserved.

              Also, I think that you would appreciate the cruelty of letting Ike think that somehow he will get back in with, as you put it, with his little snout pressed against the window watching us S'Inners enjoying the roast goose by the fire.

              He has his little forum in exile, you have phorafags/feebs. I have my own DSCI forums. I suggest that we leave the StumbleInn water-hole as it is, intact, even though you hold the field, Il Ragno. You won. You don't need to chisel off Faro Ike-a-nuttin's very last post or reference.

              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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                Let the chips fall where they may.

                Let the chips fall where they may.


                Originally posted by il ragno

                Actually, I'm more your classic solipsistic whiggroid spam-mamzer than an Attention Whore per se.

                The classic AW, at least on "free speech" (read race-baiting/neo-Nazi) fora, usually has something he's pushing: a book; a website; a religion; a plan for world domination, etc. First and foremost they're trying to get a Cult of Personality off the ground. They almost always use their real name as though it's some sort of political act of defiance (instead of the constant self-aggrandizement they breathe like oxygen), and endlessly make clucking sounds at everybody else for being too "cowardly" to. Almost all of them end up either going to prison (after the standard-issue kiddie porn plant) or they're beset with troll-based headaches that follow them wherever they go. All of them crack up, though.

                Let's take, for instance, you, Linder, Miller and Bill White. On the one hand, you're all trying to whip up an army of true believers via the Internet. On the other hand, as time passes, you spend as much or more time spewing venom at the very people who bother to pay attention to you in the first place as "stool-sitting, keyboard-tapping, do-nothing Internet cowards" (you'd phrase it more colorfully, of course). Which is like saying Goddammit, I've been on the fucking Net for ten years now and I still don't have an army of followers exhorting me "lead, master and we will follow"? What the fuck is wrong with you idiots? You're all worthless and weak, that's what the problem is!

                And then the cops surround your house and start talking to you through a bullhorn.

                Now I may have an ego; I may like my little podium to vent from; and I sure haven't self-published any magnum opii yet. (Or designed my own racialist spaceman suits a la Ward Kendall.) But I'm not all the way crazy either. Not yet. But if I ever start my own online religion, or run for Congress from a minivan - under my actual fucking name yet! - you'll know the spirochetes in my skull are munching away and getting there little by little.

                I think we all thought, ten years ago, that this whole Internet thing was going to be the key to something....I dunno...transcendent. Me included! Turns out it's not, though. The average shmoe in the street knows more useless trivia than ever before, sure, but otherwise people are - if anything - getting dumber, faster. They're plugged into the Eternal Now and wonder how anybody ever managed to put one foot in front of the other before cellphones and flat-screen teevees. Go on, look around you.

                So, me, I'm okay with just being a spam-mamzer and a wiseass who occasionally comes up with a nicely-turned paragraph. Ten minutes after I'm gone, nobody will recall that I was ever here, which is fine by me; I'm kinda appalled and embarrassed to be living in the here and now. If that qualifies as attention whoring, so be it. Maybe they'll keep an eternal flame lit at the Tomb of the Unknown Attention Whore, but I think they'll just throw me in the ground and let the crawly things have at me.

                Point is, at least I never dropped a dime on anyone, to any authority figure, for any reason; "Ike" does it constantly. So he deserves whatever he gets, which in my view won't be enough, unless it's the bubonic plague in conjunction with explosive diarrhea.

                The last paragraph does you credit, and redounds to Ike's shame, if he had any. Which is as it should be. The rest of above is beneath you.

                I'm sorry, whether because of hurt feelings or foolishness, you cannot differentiate between myself and TraitorGlenn Miller, Alex Linder, and Bill White. The problem being is that the latter are simply ZOGlings on the payroll of ZOG whereas I am legit in that I actually believe and live my racial religion and tirelessly work to bring it to pass using my abilities of leadership and organization as best I can. Perhaps I shall post online where I live so that all can see that I'm not getting rich off of my work but live modestly, even frugally.

                Now you don't seem to know me other than in the days before I was imprisoned -- and we did fight like sharks and elephants unable to grapple with each other because we live in such totally different worlds.

                Now what I seek to do is to create a networked decentralized Resistance able to work independently while ZOG falls apart into chaos and from the survivors of that independent network bring about the formation of a theocratic military dictatorship for Christ to return to rule. Now whether or not Christ does return, even so what I am trying to do is both go with the flow of history and to use events to set up a neo-aristocracy of White rulers over essentially idiotic whigger sheep, most of whom are doomed to die by the millions. Decentralized warlords who do as they need to do in their areas of responsibility and power, not set up a ZOG/Babylon-Lite with a new surface scum of whiggers living off of weaker whiggers

                Now I've met both Linder and Miller. I know them and know that they are simply parasites out to live off of Whites, Miller being still an informant and agent provacateur. I suspect Bill White/Weiss of the same. As we now know, ZOG routinely runs rough on their useless defective rats and snitches, like every other mighty Evil Empire on the way down. Evil mever pays the help if it can help it, but leaves its minions to fend for theysselfs.

                Now in dealing with sheep, even the godly ones, sometimes one must speak clearly and distinctly in a tone so that they will get it. Which I do so. Am I mean to whiggers? Sure.

                Now if you wish to lump me in with these traitors because you are angry at me not indulging you in a crusade against Ike, then so so. I can only hope that you will cool off and think things over because I find your opinion worth listening to and hate to think that you are letting yourself slip simply because of your self-admitted solipsism. You are an excellent writer and thinker most of the time, and there is no reason to show that you have a weak point over such as Ike.

                I think it is best from not only a honesty perspective, but in your own best interest to let Ike's posts stand. From where I stand, I never seen a single time where Ike got the best of you and every time you got the best of Ike. Why would you wish for your best waspish invective to be rendered meaningless by people not being able to see what brought that on?

                If I was Ike, I'd hope that you rashly insist that Ike's provocations be deleted so that those who read your response won't be able to see Ike bleed and see Ike's gookazoid coontang-seeking wanger get shredded, and wonder, "Why is that Ill Ragno character ragging on someone who isn't there? What is he, some schidzoid guido of some kind?"

                "Oh, I get it. Somebody named 'Ike' got the best of this Il Ragno character and Il Ragno was a big wop pussy and pissed and moaned so that Admins placated them pussies like they do over at phorafags/feebs and deleted that wonderfully smart and witty character 'Ike Turner.' What a big pussy that Il Ragno and the StumbleInn feebs were! That Ike must have been the smartest whigger posing as a nigger in the history of the world if all the Admins left was this Il Ragno's return whimpers to Ike's deleted posts."

                I suggest that you should want to keep the 'beat-down' of Ike threads intact. All of it. Starting when Ike started asking for it and ending with a two-word 'whatever' whimper from Ike as he tried to somehow save face from the beat-down you gave him.

                And, why you should feel sorry for yourself given your talent -- which you have not used as much as Ike has used his limited talent -- I suppose is irrelevant. But what I know is that one never makes a decision if possible while one is angry sure as I know that honesty is always the best policy, and deleting posts is NEVER honest policy -- or smart.

                I don't see the admins deleting threads and posts any time soon. And I think that when you think it over as opposed to lashing out because you are upset -- Ike did accomplish that much and the best policy is never to let your enemies see you sweat or lose your temper -- that you will see the wisdom on letting the chips fall where they have already fallen.

                Now I really don't need to explain myself to you because you are not one of my flock. You are a goat living on your own. So I won't. My sheep hear my voice and they listen and eventually obey.

                Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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                  Ooops Rabanger Did It Again

                  Originally posted by PastorLindstedt
                  Perhaps I shall post online where I live so that all can see that I'm not getting rich off of my work but live modestly, even frugally.

                  Uncle TraitorRalph Glenn Miller discusses Rabanger insemination from outside his trailer.


                  Originally posted by Starr
                  I agree 100% with the idea that racialist forums can be highly effective. I would take it a step further and say they can be more effective than tossing papers in people's yards and things of that nature. If Glenn Miller were here now he would hoot and holler about that comment, but I do belive it is true, oh well. You have the ability to reach a lot more people who actually WANT to hear the other side of things. I am only arguing against what seems to be Linder's notion, that only the most extreme of the extreme views are worth anything and that everything that falls short of that is "false opposition." You will see all kinds of people on VNN saying that even stormfront is false opposition, jew controlled,etc. Quite proposterous. There is too much infighting, petty jealousy and self appointed leaders (who I think have fantasies about being some kind of supreme leader who calls all of the shots, for lack of a better term) in "the movement.'
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                    I stumbled across your forum through a Google blog search and have read this thread of yours amusement. A few years ago, when I ran the show (2001-2005), The Phora was the premiere watering hole for young, college educated racialists on the internet. There were a number of promising writers and interesting commentators (yourself included) who browsed, posted, or crossed paths there. Ever since it has been taken over by the Yankee custodian and that Belgian spambot (Dec. 2005), it has been transformed into little more than a boring spam list, a vast cyber garbage dump. Nothing of importance or interest to White Nationalists or racially conscious Whites is discussed there any longer. Instead, it is populated by threads such as "How homosexual it is to be attracted by a feminine-looking male?" or "For XeniX: Testicles in My Mouth." If The Phora were to disappear from the web tomorrow, it would be no real loss to our race.

                    What's left of serious racial discussion on the web began to migrate a few years ago (during your incarceration) from the vBulletin forums to the blogosphere. My own solo effort at Occidental Dissent has a higher Alexa rating and Website Outlook value than The Phora. The most promising new site though for intellectual-orientated American racialists is TOQ Online under Greg Johnson. The editor there is intent on occupying the niche The Phora once held in its earlier days. We're building a real life network of racial activists across the United States and drawing together younger college types with the older crowd (Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Michael O'Meara, etc.)

                    I'm pleased to see you made it through your ordeal and were exonerated of the false charges made against you. Spend more time on your blog and less on these poor forum characters.

                    All the best,


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                      Phorafags/feebs' & Fade's Lamentations

                      Phorafags/feebs' & Fade's Lamentations


                      Originally posted by il ragno
                      Well, I'm sort of a founding member here from when Jaybird opened the joint.

                      I don't drink the water at VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF (I don't even know what that last one is an acronym for, but I assume you mean VNN.)

                      Careful if you go play in Fade's sandbox. You were away when most of the mischief went on.
                      No one, least of all myself, is asking that you, who has something to contribute to this forum as opposed to the posting of the typical whiggroid 'muhdikkk!!!' posts common to these 'White Nationalist' forums be asked to leave. Rather, I am pointing out that you seem more comfortable over at phorafags/feebs and don't much care how StumbleInn in run and managed.

                      GFRTCNNF = Greater Free Range Tard Corral

                      What I've seen in the various listservers and forums over the years is that many, if not most of them become places where the dominant personality or members of that forum proceed to ossify their forum to disagreement and dissenting views. Phorafags/feebs and VNNF come to mind. They become ghettos for those of like view and as a result become mentally ossified and inhabited only by their fellow ghetto residents and whatever spies monitor the output, like myself for the CI Resistance and like Bardamooch for ZOG.

                      What Fade the Butcher in his many names and moods didn't seem to understand is that his forum of late 2004-2005 was viewed as being dynamic precisely because it allowed competing views, even where and when it was 'jewlagged.' I think that the way to best control dissent is simply to let it have free reign in its own particular monkey-house.

                      Now I do think that this behavior by Fade was in reaction to being shut out of his own forum and that the second-raters and third-raters who now run phorafags/feebs simply cannot stand dissent. All of which is fine as they will reap the end result of their reactionary foolishness. I do find it amusing that the plotting against phorafags/feebs was deemed to be dangerous, as Fade's alleged making phorafags/feebs look like perverts wouldn't work against the Original Dissent Embalming Society.

                      I do notice that phorafags/feebs, and you are chimping out concerning my allowing Fade the Butcher on my forum and my proposing to join his forum as well. I think/hope that Fade has grown up in the past five years and learned something. Perhaps he will find out that 'intellecshuls' are impotent eunuchs and having them flail at each others with the moral equivalent of wet noodles upon the snouts solves nothing. I don't know whether he is able to learn anything or not. Most people are not. But if he wants to get in a jape at phorafags/feebs as to how hollow phorafags/feebs idiotology has become, it would be to allow the Christian Identity community to have a place to post their beliefs and to allow debate. After all, Christian Identity is alien enough to the 'intellecshul' in its demand for action and racial works, that having myself ridicule phorafags/feebs on another forum created by the phorafags/feebs' Founder, opening for us a sort of 'Brownshirt jewlag' wherein Fade has his own neutral bully-boy section who pay their rent by disparaging phorafags/feebs, would be the best possible revenge for Fade.

                      I think it was quite telling that Fade's post on my Christian Nationalist Forum created quite the chimpout over at phorafags/feebs.

                      Of course the problem that Fade had could have been solved when Fade got kicked off of phorafags/feebs by simply buying another v-bulletin license and server space and by dropping the pretense that it is edjewmacation which drives White Nationalism. White Nationalism has always been associated with violence and terrorism by Whites against jews, muds and scalawag race-traitor whiggers. Saying that you are some sort of edjewmacated whigger faggot running some sort of unibrow tanning salon and circle-jerkerie is pre-emptively proclaiming yourself to be a harmless whigger drone ass-clown. This is why I invariably must laugh at all these chickenshit forums with whiggers hanging on what other whiggers or jews or mamzers have to say, and these feebs who are hiding behind a nutzi or pagan avaturd proclaim that it isn't because of cowardice but rather because . . . . .

                      Fade is suffering like most forum operators are suffering from the influx of spam from Russians in a declining economy and from jews trying to cause trouble. I advised Fade on how to simply put all joiners on moderation for administration approval and to send out invitations to those he knows. But Fade is still a control freak, which is what he suffered from back then and still does, and even so, still enjoyed betrayal at the hands of his second-rate flunkies over at phorafags/feebs. If he gives up the illusion of control and settles for putting the worst monkeys in their cages, he could run a live forum again. But not with only himself as the only moderator and still thinking that he is going to control his peers who no longer trust him.

                      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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                        from il ragno:

                        Martin Lindstedt has been banned for general crudeness, spamming and his over-the-top calls for violence and mass murder. He cross-posts all his postings to 3 or 4 forums, anyone who misses him knows where to find him.


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                          A Colostomy Bag-licking Orc #666 in the Army of ZOG

                          A Colostomy Bag-licking Orc #666 in the Army of ZOG


                          Originally posted by Mandalore


                          Martin, you and Bardamu might not get along real well, but I doubt he's a cop.

                          If he was, I'm pretty sure he would have offered to sell me some illegal firearms when I go on one of my violent rants. The guy seems to be a pretty frank and upfront poster.

                          Can't you just say you think he's an asshole without insisting that he's working for ZOG? In case you didn't realize it, that's a pretty serious charge. Some false charges have been leveled at you, and even some of the guys who despised you were quick to state that they didn't believe you were guilty.
                          I've been 15 years in the Movement, 14 of them on the Internet portion of the Movement, which is most of the [bowel] Movement. Before the Internet there were fax trees run by the elderly in the Movement and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) run by such as Louis Beam and Don Black, and newsletters and zines on paper be it desktop publishing or mimeograph or press by sundry people all different from the new guys to the Movement like myself, to those who had been around like Dr. Fields, Dr. Pierce, and Willis Carto.

                          But the Internet broke the propaganda field wide open. From selling a few hundred copies like myself and Robert Frenz to thousands like Pierce and Carto, the audience went to millions. Then there was web pages, which took over for the printing presses, to the yahoogroups which structured e-mail, to the blogs and forums like this which are actually more interactive blogs and electronic printing presses. So now the whiggers can hear White Nationalism from a bunch of supposed White Nationalist 'leaders' by the thousands and millions when things break apart and scrutiny is brought, like when James Von Brunn cuts loose.

                          But there are bottlenecks given that there is only one-in-twenty natural leaders in the whigger population. Ninety-five percent of the population is whigger sheep, who essentially are lost and wandering about in any given situation. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, because it is under YHWH's Law, both written on the Israelite's heart and enforced by pastoral leadership, has a higher percentage of leaders and disciplined followers who are able to work on its own, but most of CI, especially the OSLer portion of it is underground and unseen. Thus DSCI is quite dynamic within the Movement, but is a minority.

                          Looking over at the VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF thread which started this SI counter-thread, it is to be seen that Linder is becoming pompous and that anonymous pimply-faced whiggers and sundry jews are calling for the texecution of Identity Christians. Idiotic really given that Linder is a cowardly pussy who at every opportunity given to get into a physical confrontation with CI activists like myself are invariably polite and scared that us CI people will seek an excuse to beat his ass. The fact of the matter is that I am self-disciplined and probably wouldn't let Linder get his ass whupped, unless he is helping TraitorGlenn Miller avoid TGM's deserved ass-whupping (and eventual skinning). VNNF is thus essentially the haven of whigger pussies and secret jews running they's mouths. VNNF is essentially a ZOG false front like $permFront and has been that way since TraitorGlenn Miller opened up his purse sometime in 2004 and paid the bills and a sinecure for Alex Linder ever since.

                          Now in this expansion to the Internet there are not only whiggers, but racially treasonous whiggers -- like Bardamooch. Understand that whiggers are almost always ZOGling herd animals. These herd animals cannot understand a world in which things are different than what they are today. They have been deliberately mentally, morally and spiritually crippled by being ground up in the whigger factory -- the pub[l]ic skrewl system. Whiggers cannot understand that they could live in freedom -- because they can't! Freedom to a whigger means starvation, the sun not rising, everything coming to an end, just as a bunch of Tyson's white chickens can't rebel against Don Tyson and Kentucky Fried Chicken. A whigger will react with horror at myself plotting to destroy ZOG/Babylon like a sodomite will react to an angel bringing down the brimstone down from Heaven. YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! Well, watch me do my thang, whigger!

                          That is what finished off the Militia Movement. The numerous rural White militias with a CI or Klan cadre went underground and was replaced by suburban whigger militias run by ZOG informants. And, as it was further dominated by whiggers who were openly run by ZOG, the rank and file whiggers melted away and the death of the Old Militia Movement occurred when Y2Kaos went bust and there was no civil unrest. Sort of made the whining about Christian Identity militias which had gone underground moot, didn't it?

                          Every aboveground White Nationalist Movement manifestation ends up attracting whiggers like Bardamooch who 'think' that they are saving ZOGling whiggerdumb from "psychotic criminals plotting mass murder" or "the next Hitler or Stalin next door." That ZOG is unsustainable is news to them and they will not listen. Remember, the Movement is full of whiggers lead by jews and agents provacateur into circles so that the dangerous element of leadership can be identified and killed and neutralized. If fact, just about every whigger in the Movement will in fact 'betray' the Movement to ZOG if he thinks that there is a serious threat of itz Sun-god ZOG being destroyed by that leader's activity. Listen closely to $permFront, VNNF, Ashkenutzi-Asswipe, Peterless Skank, Voice of ReTards/Reason, Edgar Steele the Whigger Whimperer. Their solution to saving the White Race: Marching in formation in jewniform, holding pub[l]ic rallys, bitching to ZOG, and dumping nutzi litterature on the lawns of pissed-off whiggers. They simply want to do what whiggers do best -- bitch -- and any suggestion as to 'lone-wolf' domestic guerrilla action makes their sphincter clamp down, bisecting a turd of these whiggers full of shit while their little wieners contract, thus creating a collision impacting their lower nether regions and scrambling theys' pea-brains stored there.

                          But knowing the nature of whiggers shouldn't leave the savvy not knowing how to detect probable snitches and self-appointed ZOGling piglice like Bardamooch.

                          The first sign of trouble is when whiggers act more whiggrish than usual. Always know that sanctimony is evil pisspul's way of living with theysselfs and is a necessary part of their make-up like slime is for slugs. Slugs travel on a trail of slime and slime is their armor. Put salt on a slug and cut his slime and the slug is in agony. Likewise sanctimony is the slime that whigger piglice and regime criminals use in order to jewstify their evil and to pave the road by which they attack. Bardamooch infests three, probably four White Nationalist forums: VNNF, phorafags/feebs, StumbleInn, and possibly ODES. If Bardamooch doesn't infest ODES it is because the senile whigger feebs over there are certainly no threat to "the Moocherz'" beloved ZOG.

                          Bardamooch is thus observable because sanctimonious whiggers don't really belong on White Nationalist forums except to lie, meddle, bitch, inform and to try to neutralize the free radicals. One gets to where one can detect these ass-criminals on sight. Bardamooch over here, Bamzer Skorta-Mamzer Kryger over on phorafags/feebs. Sundry whigger colostomy bag lickers like Ron Dogget over on VNNF, "The Moniturd" over on ODES.

                          Bardamooch is also a malicious liar. First itz claim that i was on SSI. Then I was a trust fund baby. Yesterday Bardamooch glommed on to the resident jew drone's scurrilous cartoon claiming that 6Killer and I were homosexual lovers even though we've never met in real life and like a deep-closet faggot pretended to be disgusted. Additionally, Bardamooch loves to make the favorite ploy of the agent provacateur by claiming that the legitimate natural leadership of the Revolution is himself a fed. Given that, I fail to see why I should refrain from calling Bardamooch a lower-level piglice of some sort. Knowing Bardamooch, I have no doubt that it is snitchin' as well as bitchin'.

                          Now whiggers are by nature liars. In previous times, Bardamooch's lies would have led to summary texecution by the aggrieved and then a blood feud which would destroy the degenerate whigger's family. ZOG/Babylon created and protects this imperial offal. And this imperial offal senses that it can't live except in symbiosis with ZOG/Babylon. And thus one has a Bardamooch, a Bamser Sorta-Mamzer Kryger, "The Moniturd," Maude DeFraud/Karkass, StevieBuck, etc., all degenerate whigger vermin who will go to the ZOG piglice when scared that they will get 'outed' and targeted by their former quarry.

                          Another sure sign that I've already mentioned is Bardamooch's habit of deliberately misspelling my name. jews automatically do not want mention made of their White enemies for fear of whiggers doing a Google search and finding and liking free-range White Nationalism from myself. The jews in the $PLC/ADL won't spell my name correctly except on May 10, 2005 when I was arrested for statutory sodomy. They don't mention me today, any more than they mention John DeNugent. Wikipedia deleted my entry after the sodomy charges fell through and I was able to defend myself. Bardamooch, as a possible jew or jew-trained whigger can't help but follow jew doctrine in how to prevent their enemies' message from getting out on the Internut.

                          There are other clues which give Bardamooch away which I will not give up in the interests of counter-espionage. The elephant does not give the leopard clues in how the leopard needs to draw up its tail when lying in wait to pounce from an overhanging limb even when the elephant is not in danger from the leopard (or Bardamooch).

                          You see, whiggers can't understand that things have changed. My false arrest after grabbing my grandchildren and possibly inducing one to tell falsehoods doesn't mean that I am to be nice to whiggers simply because the piglice plot to have me railroaded and murdered in prison for bogus child molestation charges fell apart. Rather, the solution is to use this false charge as an excuse to exterminate the families of regime criminals, piglice, politicians, lawyers, jewdges, and any and every whigger who supports ZOG/Babylon. The tools are at hand, given that every single social order and civilization is prey to civil war destroying everything like cancer destroys any body. No social order is immune to civil conflict, and this decaying mighty Evil Empire living off of its stapped whigger herd animals trying to support jews and muds is certainly no exception.

                          You Mandalore are not a whigger. A somewhat psychotic critter who if dropped into the 5th Century AD when Rome was falling apart would survive and thrive, yes. A ZOGling whigger herd animal, no.

                          So why bother to save some colostomy-bag offal marked for extermination, whose only purpose is to run itz mouth so that the rest of the nest can be found out and eradicated? Bardamooch is actually usefool given that those fooled by it are those whiggers needing extermination by social order collapse in any case. Bardamooch is a usefool foil for such as myself as an archetype for the racially treasonous sanctimonious whigger and local piglice snoop. Bardamooch makes my argument that whiggers are diseased animals needing extermination. John Q. Whigger couldn't delve so deep into showing whigger psychosis and degeneracy.

                          So, understand your enemy. In understanding your enemy and understanding yourself, as Sun Tzu wrote, "One hundred battles fought, one hundred battles won." (And 200 battles not needing to be fought because you won them without even the necessity for struggle.)

                          You do not belong in the Army of ZOG, Mandalore. I'll ignore the screams of your whigger and mud victims. Let me deal with Bardamooch in my own way.

                          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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                            Originally posted by Rabang 'albion' Miller View Post
                            from il ragno:
                            I see that Michael Musto (my dear friend 'il ragno') is now in full retreat after he got caught in his panties over at The Phora. He must have turned pink with rage. It is not the fact that he is a homosexual that makes him so loathsome. There are plenty of gay writers who hang out on the racialist scene. Rather, it is the nasty, sleazy, hypocritical way he conducts himself.

                            This guy has literally spent years hanging out on these online forums bashing non-Whites and Jews. In the real world, he is out there sucking nigger cock and rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. He falsely accuses me of being a homosexual while sodomizing himself and writing about it on his blog for a public audience. But what could you expect from someone who makes his dime trading in tabloid celebrity gossip? It's his fort?.

                            He's a complete phony. We knew two years ago that The Phora was a den of perverts and degenerates. At the time, we nothing of Musto or the sort of material that he writes for The Village Voice and Out Magazine. It turned out to be in line with our suspicions.

                            For the record, it wasn't kane123123 who outed him. He was outed on three separate occasions by his chums Jaybird, Thomas777, and Fuh Fuh Fahey before we caught wind of it. Musto knows this, but that hasn't stopped him from lying about the matter.

                            The mental image of 'il ragno' "standing naked in a freezing Jersey street with nothing but a wig and a cig to distract from my painfully tucked penis" or getting gangbanged on a pool table and enjoying every minute of it, well, I will just say that it totally obviates any possible negative thing he could ever say about me or anyone I have been associated with.


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                              Using Self-Referential Hyperlinks As A Record of Movement Growth And Activity

                              Using Hyperlinks As A Record of Movement Growth and History


                              Originally posted by O'Heebedee


                              Why did you post the link to the thread in the very same thread?
                              Because a 14 year Internut veteran like myself will indeed cross-post the better threads to web pages, forums, e-mail listservers under my control and this embedding the link to the post within the same post is a means of cross-reference.

                              The reason that White Nationalist web pages decline is because v-bulletin is a highly beautiful, highly structured powerful and easy interactive blog format, far more so than any web page is able to be. So HTML-based web pages tend to suffer, and it is hyperlinks which makes up the Internet and makes its content manageable, along with search engines. This is why Google is #1, and the ad money flows to it.

                              So putting in a hyperlink to the post is an advanced archival tool, which is to me second nature. In the subforums and forums I control, I will often edit the work of others by putting in a [self]reference hyperlink so that the arguement can be looked at in the original and referenced. Their work is not changed, but rather emphasised.

                              So the purpose is by superior librarian skills -- and most of the content produced by others is chaotic, mediocre, and not worth looking at twice, being like the majority of VNNF, phorafag/feeb and $permFront posts nothing but the injections of whiggroid 'muhdikkkery' -- to make my original content better read and easy to follow because it is referenced in all aspects. Plus, because I have been banned from so many places, it essentially tells the would-be banning ZOGling whigger or mamzer that regardless of whether it bans something offensive from its forum, that a record exists of both its discomfiture and of its moral and mental cowardice in being unable to debate the matter on its merits. As a result, the wannabe banner isn't able to hide the matter and there is a record of his impotent cowardice and tyranny.

                              I have always argued that it is the height of stupidity to allow non-whites into White countries because they are simply animals who never can keep or maintain White social norms. So when they censor away White Nationalist opinion from the foremost practitioner of White Nationalism's Racial Religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, then they prove the point that they cannot be allowed to live here because they would enslave and exterminate Whites just as they exterminated White free speech. It's a policy of mutual delegitimization meant to make civil war more immanent. So when whiggers side with ZOG, then you treat them as the racial traitors they are, and make sure that they die too. So in order to commit muds and whiggers infesting the [bowel] Movement it is necessary to go on Genesis 3:15 patrols in order to get these poseurs to commit, which is what I did on phorafags/feebs until banned. The purpose of creating a censorsheep response is to force poseurs and provacateurs to openly choose a side.

                              So, after being kicked off of a poseur White Nationalist forum, I treat it as an enemy forum and create a proposed sock-puppet account under some innocuous or trick name and have one of my spies create it under his account so that the IP upon registration won't come back to me. The spy then sends me the username and password and I proceed to lurk, and since I have an account, and since the administrator and moderators have more work to keep out spammers, they can't see that there is a different IP number logging on under that username. After all, maybe the user is at a library using their computers. And having a new username and account, I can use the 'quote' function to siphon off the offending or stupid quote and then go to the membersheep lists to get the link to post onto my forums.

                              So hyperlinks to my postings creates the ability to cross-post at length, which in turn means more 'key words' to get on the first page of Google and other search engines. Getting a hyperlink to the more stupid yappings of bowel-Movement tards and piglice spies means that upon a Google search, the negative things I have to say about them get looked at first. The Internet has matured quite a bit in the time I was unlawfully imprisoned, and so one of my tasks is to add hyperlinks to past posts where possible. As a result, my criticisms of Whigger Nutsionalists and the sundry poseurs infesting the (bowel) Movement end up becoming the very first post on a particular Google search page.

                              I usually take care also to put my own forums as a link first and last in order to bring traffic to them. So, this is how one goes about becoming an 'Internet Personality.'

                              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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