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    I woke up and felt like reflecting on my identity this fall morning.

    I thought about where it has been, how it was formed and where it is going.

    In the 2000s, I was in my twenties and began to develop my identity and political consciousness while I was in college at Auburn. I started out with White identity, race realism and basic paleoconservative views which I absorbed from Pat Buchanan. I’ve said many times that it was his book The Death of the West which was the starting point of my political journey.

    Shortly after 9/11 and reading The Death of the West, I discovered Stormfront, which is where I was first exposed to White Nationalism. I became a White Nationalist and that lasted until 2010. It was during this period that I became aware of the Jewish Question. I spent a decade of my life interacting with White Nationalists on anonymous forums. As time went on, I became increasingly aware and disenchanted with the limitations of White Nationalism, specifically that while it is true that race exists, White identity is legitimate and that Jews are very powerful and influential in our society that this was hardly the sum of life and a greater source of cohesion was needed.

    In the 2010s, I became much more interested in ethnicity, culture and religion. I began to see my own White identity as an ethnic marker. The South has historically been a White Man’s Country. As a Southern White man, I grew up in the Alabama Black Belt in the heart of the Deep South and I felt like and identified as a Southern White man. I came to see the American South as a branch of Anglo-Saxon civilization which is itself a branch of Western European civilization. If anything is true, my views on race somewhat mellowed because the South has virtually always been racially diverse and I am personally accustomed to it. I began to think less about the White ethnostate than the roots of our own peculiar social order which I traced back to slavery.

    During the 2010s, I also got married and became a parent. I became a Lutheran. I was already headed in this direction before I met my wife, but my marriage cemented it. I had started out as a Nietzschean and an atheist in college, but I also grew disenchanted and aware of the limitations of that too. Atheism is purely negative and is not a source of social cohesion. It is a solvent that dissolves the social order. Nietzscheanism also doesn’t offer much in the way of practical moral guidance to the individual much less society writ large. The ordinary person needs to be told what to do and how to live, not be left to his own devices to become the √úbermensch.

    My identity and life became much richer in the 2010s while I was in my thirties. I’m leaving it behind as a White Southern Anglo-Saxon Protestant, as a husband and father, as an analyst and social commentator. I established lots of new friendships which are very valuable to me. I still think of myself as a nationalist and a populist, but I have grown increasingly wary of labels and joining movements. I think it is better to identify as just a dissident and that is what I intend to do here in the future. I only want to be responsible for my own actions in life.

    As the Alt-Right rose in 2015, I threw my support behind the movement and the Trump phenomenon primarily because I saw both as a battering ram which was taking down Conservatism, Inc., which is responsible for enforcing all of the stupid hidebound taboos that have neutered the Right for generations and which have marginalized all of us while allowing the country to decline. The Alt-Right has since fell apart due to its own incoherence and after it was used to elect Donald Trump as president, which was bound to happen anyway. Rather than mourning the demise of the Alt-Right, we should be thinking about how to improve on it because there needs to be a common space for people who support the survival of the West in general in the 21st century. I predict the next iteration of this cause will be better and larger.

    I’ve identified as a Southern Nationalist for almost a decade now. I’m thinking less now about Southern independence than the survival of the White Christian South in any recognizable form at all in the 21st century due to the sheer incompetence, timidity and worthlessness of our conservative liberal leadership. These people have been given almost total power in our region and it has all been for naught. They haven’t fared any better elsewhere. We’re now facing things like the transgender and gender non-conforming front of the culture war because the mainstream Right has been all but useless in conserving the White Christian social order. It has focused on conserving liberalism and capitalism rather than White Christian America. The ethnic core of the American nation is rapidly disintegrating in both the North and South.

    My journey over the past 20 years through identity politics has led me to believe that the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. has been exploiting backlash politics over the ongoing disintegration of our nation as its political booster rocket to get the things conservatives really want like tax cuts, deregulation, Israel’s Zionist agenda, more military spending and so forth. It doesn’t intend to do anything about the collapse of White America except capitalize on the resentment over it. Lately, I have begun to feel strangely liberated from identity politics thanks to conservatives. I don’t see why my sense of identity should conform to the political needs of the GOP when transgenderism has gone fully mainstream while White identity remains taboo.

    A decade from now, we will all be in a very different place. I don’t expect Conservatism, Inc. to survive the cultural and demographic onslaught of the next decade. I don’t think we will be on the outside looking in anymore either. I think we will have been vindicated as just being ahead of the curve and that is when our politics will become interesting again.

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.