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    Klan leaders charged after stabbing ahead of pro-Trump rally

    AFP December 6, 2016


    Los Angeles (AFP) - Two leaders of the Ku Klux Klan group were set to appear in court on charges of stabbing a fellow white supremacist before a parade to celebrate Donald Trump's presidential election, a sheriff's official said.

    William Hagen and Christopher Barker were arrested Saturday in Caswell County in the southeastern US state of North Carolina after allegedly stabbing Richard Dillon, a sheriff's official in the county said.

    The official, who would not give his name, said on Tuesday the men had gotten into an argument with Dillon that turned violent.

    Hagen has been identified as the leader, or "Grand Dragon," of the Loyal White Knights faction of the Klan in California. Barker is the founder, or "Imperial Wizard," of the Loyal White Knights in North Carolina.

    Both were charged with assault with a deadly weapon after Dillon, who was stabbed in the chest, went to police.

    The pair were scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

    The incident took place hours before the Klan held a "Trump victory parade" in Roxboro, North Carolina, during which participants shouted white power slogans.

    Hagen was one of several Klan members involved in a "white lives matter" rally in February in Anaheim, California, that escalated into violence.

    Trump's victory has been widely celebrated by white supremacist groups in the United States and former KKK leader David Duke has expressed support for the Republican president-elect.

    Trump has disavowed the KKK and Duke but some have argued not strongly enough.


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    Nine Klansmen met by 350 officers, 600 counter-protesters at Ohio KKK rally

    Nine Klansmen met by 350 officers, 600 counter-protesters at Ohio KKK rally

    By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times
    Sunday, May 26, 2019

    A rally by an obscure Ku Klux Klan group that drew only nine participants was met Saturday with an overwhelming law enforcement and counter-protest presence in Dayton, Ohio.

    The rally by the Honorable Sacred Knights, a KKK group from Indiana, went off without incident after police fenced off the Montgomery Courthouse Square, placing two police lines, a barricade, and blocks of distance between the KKK and a protest crowd estimated at 600.

    Police said the rally drew nine people.

    “You could barely see them, and definitely couldn’t hear a word they said all day,” tweeted Mr. Fischer, who was on the scene.

    The city spent an estimated $650,000 on security measures, with about $250,000 for personnel and $400,000 for contracts and materials, according to WHIO-TV.

    About 350 officers were on the scene. Joining the Dayton Police Department were officers from the Ohio State Patrol, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo police.

    “Some may be critical of this investment,” city manager Shelley Dickstein told WHIO-TV. “Unfortunately in today’s world where individuals are free to open carry unlimited numbers of guns and where we have seen vehicles driven into crowds of peaceful protesters, we feel this investment was necessary.”

    There were no arrests. Some protesters carried firearms, as shown on social media. Among the protest groups that turned out to denounce the KKK group were Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the New Black Panther Party.

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