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CornCobb Runs Amok -- In Leith as in Kalispell

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  • I am too Whitish sorta

    CornCobb's DNA Results

    ]I returned from a shopping trip to Minot and had an email that my genetic test results were completed. Firstly, I'd like to thank my friends who supported me from the inception when I was defamed by junk science. Those are: James Bowery, April Gaede, Alex Linder, Jeff Schoep, my Rev., James Logsdon, Tom Metzger, Bob in DC (Wall St Wolf of 4th Position), Glen Miller, and James Hawthorne. There are others too. I consider Bowery and Linder very great teachers of mine; I'm appreciative to have been associated with them.

    A relative few remained logical here. The "ancestrybydna" test checks for 176 alleles out of over 600,000. The ancestry.DNA test does over 500,000.
    Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart - ISOGG Wiki
    The former is being hawked at bulk and major discounts to high school sociology teachers to hoodwink and mindscrew young Whites, especially males.

    I'm sure many of my enemies will grasp at the 3% Iberian thing--with the Moor invasion and still try to make much of that aspect. Go ahead. You then basically have to defame everyone in Spain and Catalonia, which some of you will be quite willing to do. Additionally, the Iberian peninsula shared being a homeland of the Solutreans with present-day France.

    I did all this--the original test--because I thought they would use a reliable test. It did occur to me that they might use junk science (I thought the chance relatively small, but there)...and in that event, my mental "pre-algortihm" was that there would be a huge outcry and denigration of myself, after which I would prove to doubters how--in a very personal sense and with the most serious of setbacks--Jew defamations, persecutions and manipulations work.

    I also recall seeing Matt Hale on 80's TV talk shows. Matt's younger than me. I am 63. He made me remember when I was 11 & 12, reading of Hess and Rockwell. I recognized immediately, and thought it amazing that a 19 yr old kid was about the only one if the nation, along with David Duke, to speak truth publicly on the plight of our people. Linder says we all don't do this because it is easy--we do it because it is hard and necessary. I am proud that i have been jailed in 4 countries for speaking openly--Finland, Estonia, Canada and USA and I was convicted in absentia for speech crimes by the Kingdom of Sweden.

    Yes, I "get" that that my echo chamber cannot possibly rival theirs. Bob almost always reminds me when we talk that about 20% of the White population has a broadly general agreement with our takes on things...that is, they "feel" about our present circumstance, intuitively, as we do--those are the ones we wish to reach.

    My family pics are on White Nations. Here is a link my direct paternal ancestor, Henry S Cobb of Plynouth, who was with John Lothrop. They claim six presidents are descended from Lothrop himself. Clint Eastwood too! Cobb died in Barnstable, MA. I am via the second wife, Sarah Hinckley, whose father was for years head of Plymouth colony. Henry was born in Kent, on the Jute side of the area.

    The Sundance movie has played at a festival in Boulder and will soon again in a Dallas festival and in Canada. I think they are trying to get it distributed in theaters by working up positive reviews on tour. On their FB page, a Jew named Kohn (I think it is) has an interesting soundcloud mention at about 19 min into the file. There are teaching aspects in the work which are useful to our cause.

    View image: Screen Shot 2015 03 10 at 12 45 48 AM

    I filmed myself spitting in the tube and held it up so the long sample number could be seen. Then i held it all on cam and dropped it in the Minot PO. Will put it up on You Tube soon.

    I'd appreciate it if honorable men will stop calling me 14% black. It's the Jewized way, if you persist. I wish my Wiki could get edited. They banned me for these most slim of non-reasons. They currently have me listed as part African American. More Jew lies. I hope you can now see that at this late date in the matter.

    I hope Metapedia will write about this Jew ruse. Others will be made even more aware of all we face.
    ================================================== ================

    Mister E.
    2 days ago (edited)

    One thing that strikes me about multiculturalism is that contrary to what might seem somewhat plausible in a fantasy of fairness where, given that whites are to replaced by 'diversity', this 'diversity' would hold whites in high regard for what it has given humanity, the white race is expected to not only give up power to the teeming hordes of aliens (terrifyingly on display at 4:30 in the linked video), but they are expected to be vilified and shamed by their replacements. Not only do we have no right to form ethnic defensive organizations, we no right to take any possession of anything we have ever done ever in our entire history. We are simply to be ruthlessly and pitilessly exterminated and the carcass of our civilization handed to outsiders. And even beyond this, no one is to even know that this is simply a case of genocide. It just is. It just MUST be done without question.


    Horace Gunn
    3 days ago

    The reason media organizations have not responded to your emails and phone calls:

    Western Voices World News defines DYNAMIC SILENCE as:

    Dynamic Silence was invented by Rabbi Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 as a method of closing off all access to the public media - and thus the larger culture - for people or organizations deemed to have an unacceptable point of view. In spite of minor changes and adaptations, it can still be understood as being comprised of two parts. In the first part, unfavored individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public. In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavored individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavored individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that exposure becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas of beliefs of the unfavored individuals.
    Show less

    Solomon Andhil Fineberg

    Rabbi Solomon Andhil Fineberg (November 29, 1896 - February, 1990) was a prominent member of the American Jewish Committee who developed the policy of "quarantine" or "silent treatment" for individuals and organizations the Jews wanted the news media to ignore. Usually the persons or groups in question were opponents of Jewish supremacism. The Jews called their technique "Dynamic Silence" and use it against Gerald L.K. Smith and George Lincoln Rockwell.

    Fineberg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and later studied at the University of Cincinnati. He graduated in 1917 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He served two years in the US Marine Corps during World War I from 1917 to 1919. After the war he became National Chaplin for the Jewish War Veterans. In Cincinnati he studied at Hebrew Union College and was ordained a Rabbi in 1920. In 1932 he was awarded a PhD from Columbia University.

    Solomon Andhil Fineberg - Metapedia

    EVERYONE Needs A Little . . . .

    Kentucky Fried CornCobb!!!


    • Craig Cobb Continues Fighting To Prove He’s Actually White

      Craig Cobb Continues Fighting To Prove He’s Actually White . . .

      . . . CornCobb buys another DNA test result


      • Not Wasting Away in CornCobbville
 (Censored by $permFart)

        Originally posted by Craig Cobb

        Kynan did not testify against me. He agreed to testify truthfully. That is all. He was not convicted of a felony--only misdemeanors.

        Duke, Black and I and many others are felons. So what?

        You hick jackasses with your gay desert Semitic boyfriend are backward, intellectual inepts with low character to boot.

        Put your DNA up here, gay lover boy. Let's see if you are 100% European as I am. In point of fact, considering your fantastical fairy tales, you'll come out 100% jew.

        Palmetto is a decades long right activist--street acitivist, not typist for magick.

        There are already wide swaths of White Nationalists who refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with CI--including even attending the same event.
        This is simply factual. They have learned from experience. Low character is low character; there is no way around that salient fact.


        That's what I like is while the CreaTards are busily working theysselfs into a lather in order to spend the worst parts of the winter season getting free room and board and working really really hard to get another 5-15 years as a guest of the state, them See-Eye Dentists sorta avoid the botheration of it all. You CreaTards really go all out to get into trouble over nothing.

        I'd like to thank you, Craig, for cummin' onto StormFront to tell us how you saved up money over the cold North Dakota winter to buy yourself a whole new DNA test. Most of you CreaTards, especially those who are allegedly 14% of the neggroid and 86% of the Tribe of Heeb, would be spending it on weed or hookers, but not you. Not that there are likely very much weed or hookers to be found on the lone prairie of North Dakota, especially in the cold, cold frosty wintertime. I suspect that Jeff Schoep would have spent his and his followers' last shekels differently. By the way, if you had given over the old creamery building to some Aryan Nations faction instead of the Schoepster, it might still be rotting away in Lieth/CornCobbville. . . But sufficient unto the day is the fuktardivity thereof.

        So can you go back over to Rabbi Linder's Bagel-Bakery & Free-Range ZOGtard corral and Colostomy Bag? Or how about the Stanley Diggs Rape Dungeon / Whigger Notions.cum forum? And if you can get the $10,000 dollars in silver back from Ferd does that mean a Lifetime Membership for you and nine other lucky CreaTards? Why itz gonna be a regular Liethopian, er, CornCobbian CreaTarded invasion.

        And don't worry about Visser. Saint Karl of Gharst, who drove two serpents out from Kalispell but left the camp follower, is a lot meaner and tougher, as you can truthfully attest.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Miss Informed

        I am The Librarian




          • White supremacist wants to take over, rename town after Donald Trump

            White supremacist wants to take over, rename town after Donald Trump


            ANTLER, N.D.--After white supremacist Craig Cobb tried and failed to start a whites-only enclave in the tiny North Dakota town of Leith, he set his sights on another community: Antler, population 20-something.

            Recommended for you
            Northwestern Minnesota hit by second major storm in a week
            But establishing a presence in the town, just a few minutes from the Canadian border, has proved difficult for Cobb.

            Last month, he says, he bought $10,000 worth of property in the town's center from Jim Lozensky, who until recently was an Antler resident.

            The sale included an old bank and two nearby residential lots. Cobb wanted to turn the bank into a church for his racist religion, Creativity Movement, which teaches the superiority of white people. The residential lots would be for church members to settle and start a new community together.

            He also planned to change the town's name to "Trump Creativity," or "Creativity Trump," in honor of Donald Trump, who Cobb admires deeply.

            Needless to say, "Some of the citizens aren't happy with the situation," said Steve Watson, the sheriff of Bottineau County.

            Luckily for them, the properties are going to the city, rather than to Cobb, Mayor Bruce Hanson said.

            Lozensky, the property seller, "took a down payment from Cobb on the property, and the city made an offer also," said Hanson. Lozenksy decided to sell to the city.

            It cost the city about $35,000 to take over more than 20 of Lozensky's properties, Hanson said.

            Cobb, meanwhile, complains that he still has not received a deed to the property. He says the seller wants to reimburse him, but "I don't want the check. We want our church."

            Cobb said Lozensky backed out of their deal because of pressure from Antler residents, a claim Hanson denied.

            However, the mayor did admit that "people were kind of upset" about Lozensky, who recently moved away from Antler. Lozensky declined to comment for this story.

            Hanson acknowledged that the city bought the property to keep out Cobb, who lives in nearby Sherwood. "We don't want the guy in town," Hanson said. "I mean, who does?"

            Cobb said he and others in his church are "not trying to rule over other people at all."

            But he indicated that his intent is to bring in enough people to outnumber the town's voting population, which he estimated to be 20 people.

            Hanson said Cobb targets small towns for that reason. "It's not about democracy," Hanson said. "It's not about the American way."

            Cobb said his community, if realized, would not exclude nonwhites.

            So would he welcome black people?

            "'Welcome' is a strong word," he said. "We understand that they have a legal right."

            Residents of Leith recently attended an Antler town hall meeting to explain what happened in Leith, which Cobb tried to take over in 2013. He gained national attention for the failed effort.

            Hanson says the real driving force for Cobb is just that--media attention.

            "That's the bottom line with Craig Cobb. ... If I was you, I'd just ignore the guy."

            EVERYONE Needs A Little . . . .

            Kentucky Fried CornCobb!!!


            • Plan to create white nationalist enclaves in Kansas and Nebraska roils residents

              Plan to create white nationalist enclaves in Kansas and Nebraska roils residents

              by Judy L. Thomas,
              Kansas Shitty Red Star


              Corn Cobb's former hovel in Leith North Dakota in which CornCobb started the latest mess.

              A neo-Nazi who made headlines when he bought land in a small North Dakota town with plans to turn it into an all-white hamlet is now setting his sights on Kansas and Nebraska.

              Craig Cobb has purchased property in two small south-central Nebraska towns and inquired about property in two north-central Kansas towns, including Smith Center.

              Cobb said in an interview that he plans to sell the property at deep discounts to young white couples as part of an effort called Pioneer Little Europe that would create planned communities for white nationalists. The strategy, which was described earlier this year in a Star series about domestic terrorism, is a national movement.

              Cobb’s actions already have stirred fear in some of the Kansas and Nebraska communities.

              Once Cobb’s identity was discovered in the small towns, word circulated quickly and residents warned owners to be wary of selling property to him. In Red Cloud, Neb., dozens gathered for a town hall meeting.

              “There was a good showing of the people, good attendance,” Mayor Gary Ratzlaff told The Star. “Let’s just say everyone is concerned.”

              Cobb said other white nationalists have been buying up property as well.

              “We have property and people in place in the area,” he said. “I’d rather not speak to precisely what we have and what we bought except to tell you it’s a lot more extensive than just this.”

              Cobb purchased the Nebraska property at a Webster County sheriff’s sale on Sept. 23. He bought a house in Inavale for $3,410 and two properties in Red Cloud for $25 and $100.

              Cobb, who was raised in St. Joseph, Mo., first created a stir when he started buying plots in the tiny town of Leith, N.D., in 2011 and later announced plans to turn the area into a white enclave.

              Cobb bought some of the plots in the names of white supremacists, including Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance, Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement and Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network. He flew Nazi flags on his property and sought to acquire enough power to run the town.

              But in 2013, Cobb was charged with seven felony counts of terrorizing some of the town’s residents with a gun. He was arrested that November in North Dakota, not long after attending a National Socialist Movement rally in Kansas City. After spending several months in jail, Cobb pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor menacing counts and one felony terrorizing charge and was sentenced to four years of probation.

              Cobb, 64, has been living in Sherwood, N.D., near the Canadian border. He’s the subject of a documentary, “Welcome to Leith,” that is now appearing in selected venues around the country.

              In Kansas, Smith County Appraiser Kathy Hansen said Cobb recently dropped by her office to ask about distressed properties in Smith Center, a town of 1,800 about 15 miles from the Nebraska border.

              “I didn’t have any idea who he was,” Hansen said. “I told him we’d just had a tax sale, so a lot of those properties had been purchased.”

              She said she gave Cobb the names of the owners of two properties he was interested in.

              “He asked about the little town of Lebanon, too, and wanted to know how they took care of condemnations,” she said.

              Hansen said Cobb also talked to the economic development director.

              “I knew he was a little different when he came in,” she said, “but I didn’t know like that.”

              Hansen said, however, that there’s nothing preventing Cobb from purchasing property in the county.

              When word spread, Hansen said, “A lot of stories were flying around town. Some had looked him up on the Internet and found out who he was. But at this point we have nothing showing that he’s bought anything in Smith County yet.”

              Still, residents are concerned. Someone posted a warning about Cobb on the Facebook page Discover Smith Center:

              “This man is trying to purchase run down property in Smith Center and Lebanon. Seller beware.”

              Cobb said he also checked out some property in Franklin and Riverton, Neb. He chose the areas in Kansas and Nebraska, he said, because “I’m on the council of the Creativity Movement, and it came to my attention that we have extensive people in that particular area.”

              The Creativity Movement, formerly known as Church of the Creator, promotes what it says is the inherent superiority of the white race.

              Cobb said he paid cash for the Red Cloud property. The money, he said, came from an insurance settlement he received after a tree branch fell on his vehicle during a windstorm.

              Cobb won’t become the official owner until a district court judge confirms the sale in court — something that could happen in the next several weeks. Cobb said he wasn’t sure whether he would move to Kansas or Nebraska or stay in North Dakota. He said he’s not trying to intimidate anyone by his actions and noted that he even called the sheriff in Webster County.

              “He was pretty nice, actually,” Cobb said. “I said, ‘I know you don’t want us in town.’ He heartily agreed.”

              A woman who answered the phone at the Webster County sheriff’s office Thursday said they were declining comment. The Red Cloud city attorney also declined comment.

              Cobb said he didn’t violate his probation by going to Kansas and Nebraska.

              “I went to visit my mom (in St. Joseph), and I asked my probation officer if he cared which way I came home, and he said no,” he said. “So I went directly west and directly north.”

              The Star interviewed Cobb for its domestic terrorism series. In the interview, Cobb described himself as a national socialist and said he was a friend of F. Glenn Miller Jr., the avowed neo-Nazi who was sentenced to death last month for killing three people outside Jewish centers in Overland Park.

              Cobb told The Star in that interview that whites needed to take the country back.

              “We’re literally in a racial war in this country,” he said, “and we’re losing really badly.”

              The Pioneer Little Europe movement was launched more than a decade ago. The movement’s 85-page prospectus describes it as “a conscious white community” that “comes to dominate a geographical area.”

              The manual describes a plan to “swamp” a target area by taking over its local political and economic systems, forcing out those who don’t share their beliefs. White nationalists would live in close proximity to businesses that offer cultural facilities and services, some of which would openly support their political revival.

              The movement has gained some traction in Montana.

              In the past few years, dozens of white supremacists have relocated to the Flathead Valley, where civil rights activists say they are forging alliances with anti-government Patriots because of their shared hostility toward the government.

              Those who monitor the white nationalist movement said Cobb’s actions are a concern.

              “This strategy is recognition that the rest of the United States is becoming too multiracial for these white nationalists,” said Leonard Zeskind, president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. “For this plan to be ultimately successful and build a whites-only territory, it would require tearing the United States apart in a civil war.”

              Cobb said this week that building the Pioneer Little Europe network will “take some work.” He tried to purchase property earlier this year in Antler, N.D., but the city bought it to prevent him from getting control of it.

              “For this type of work, you have to be a zealot,” Cobb said. “I’m a zealot, and not so many are. But the system will create more and more over the coming decade.”

              Judy L. Thomas: 816-234-4334, @judylthomas

              The Kansas City [Red] Star



              • Elsewhere on the Plains: Our Operatard Craig CornCobb is Trying Once Again to Build a Home for Racists

                Elsewhere on the Plains: Our Operatard Craig CornCobb is Trying Once Again to Build a Home for Racists



                • What are this white supremacist's intentions with a tiny Nebraska town?

                  What are this white supremacist's intentions with a tiny Nebraska town?

                  Craig Cobb planned to start an Aryan community in Leith, North Dakota, three years ago but was convicted of terrorizing local residents. Now he’s buying property in Red Cloud, Nebraska – but for what purpose is unclear

                  Adam Gabbatt in Red Cloud, Nebraska


                  In September 2012, Craig Cobb moved to Leith, North Dakota, and started buying up property. Soon he owned 12 houses in the tiny town – population 24 – and announced his intention to create an Aryan community.

                  Plans for the white supremacist town – it was to have been named Cobbsville – fell apart after Cobb was convicted of terrorising residents. The all-white utopia was also dealt a blow when a DNA test revealed that Cobb himself was 14% African.

                  With his dream of a Caucasian conurbation in tatters, Cobb faded from public view. At least until last month, when he began buying property in another tiny town: Red Cloud, Nebraska.

                  The prospect of Cobb moving to Red Cloud has people in the town worried. He has begun posting pictures and details of residents who have dared to criticise him on, a neo-Nazi web forum whose users have been linked to a number of hate crimes.

                  Officials are afraid to talk about Cobb. No one from Red Cloud’s city office would comment for this story. One employee said he did not want to speak on the record – “for fear of my own safety and that of my family”.

                  No one in Red Cloud could be accused of overreacting. In Leith, Cobb daubed his properties with swastikas and flew separatist flags. When locals voiced their disapproval, he began patrolling the streets with a rifle.

                  While Cobb was a high-profile resident of Leith, in Nebraska he has so far been a distant, ghoulish figure. Slim, bespectacled, and with long white hair and beard, he has been popping up sporadically in the Red Cloud area. He has also taken to posting selfies to a Facebook page, in front of a series of local landmarks.

                  Physical interactions with locals have been brief. One man saw Cobb at an auction, bidding on a property. Others have seen him further south, near the Kansas border.

                  Cobb’s secretive nature makes gauging his plans unclear. He told a local newspaper, the Kearney Hub, that he planned to fix up the houses and move in “nice, young white people”. But Cobb is a hard man to get in touch with. His self-taken photos have been posted to a public Facebook account, but it is unclear whether he runs that page himself, or a friend runs it, or both.


                  The Guardian exchanged a series of surreal messages with whoever manages the account while in Red Cloud, but the person purporting to be Cobb didn’t agree to a meeting.

                  While Cobb has not moved to Red Cloud yet – indeed his probation for terrorising Leith residents restricts his movements – his spectre looms large. In the local bar, the Palace, all the talk has been of the white supremacist.

                  “That’s the main topic. Our mayor came in today and the first thing they said [pointing to customers] was, what are you going to do about these Nazis?” says Robin Meyer. She owns and runs the Palace, which has a long, low-slung bar running to the right. At the bar, five grey-haired men are sitting, watching three television screens. One is playing a car programme, the other two are showing Deal or No Deal.

                  While Meyer is talking, the mayor himself, Gary Ratzlaff, walks in. “Our city attorney’s office is right around the corner,” he says when asked about Cobb. He would not answer any questions. Neither would the city attorney.

                  The fear of commenting on Cobb is common. On Webster Street a young man with a beard and baseball cap will not talk: “I have a young son and I don’t want to be targeted by anybody.”

                  The men in the Palace will not talk. “I don’t need any violence.”

                  But there are some people who are standing up to Cobb. Mike Goebel is one of them. He grew up in Las Vegas but moved to Red Cloud 11 years ago. He’s a veteran who has done tours in Afghanistan, and has been a vocal critic of Cobb on various Facebook groups and in the local press.


                  That has caught Cobb’s attention. He posted a link to Goebel’s Facebook page on Stormfront. Then he posted a link to Goebel’s wife’s Facebook page, along with a picture. The website is not to be taken lightly. In 2014 a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center found that Stormfront’s users were disproportionately responsible for major killings.

                  Goebel invited me to talk to him at his house, where he has begun flying a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, as a message to Cobb. Goebel, whose mother is Mexican, says he is not concerned about being listed on Stormfront.

                  “I’ve never been one to run from confrontation and I’m sure as hell not gonna run from it now,” he says over a can of Busch Light. “If they want to come to my house, come on in. Actually don’t come in. And don’t threaten us. Because you will be answered.”

                  ‘A white supremacist running around’
                  The three houses Cobb has bought all have one thing in common: they are barely habitable. He owns one in the south of the town that he bought for $25. He snapped up another to the east, for $100. A third was purchased in the nearby town of Inavale. Cobb pushed the boat out on this one, paying $3,410 at a sheriff’s auction. All had been foreclosed due to taxes owed to the city.

                  The $25 house is the worst one of the bunch. It looks like a $25 house. There are two foreclosure notices, dated 2014, pinned to a rotting front door. There is a partially collapsed porch, sheltering a couple of crushed Budweiser cans and two phone directories, long since turned to mulch by the rain.

                  There is a hole in the roof. At the back of the house there is a toilet leaning against a wall. A door at the side has been broken in two, horizontally, and inside there are more empty Budweiser cans, along with some empty Dr Pepper cans. The floor has rotted away, revealing the pipes underneath.

                  As I look at the house an old Ford Bronco pulls up. The two occupants are staring at me. They ask what I am doing there. A standoff continues for a few minutes. I think they might be white supremacists. It turns out they think I might be a white supremacist. Eventually we realise that none of us are white supremacists. The man in the car is Jeff Russell – he lives next door, and he is with his wife, Lisa.

                  “I really don’t like the idea of a white supremacist running around,” Russell says. He is 52 and has been in his house – about 100ft away from Cobb’s – for 21 years. Cobb’s property has been empty for the past 15 years, he says. At night he sees racoons running in and out of the house through the side door. He doesn’t mind that, but he is worried about Cobb moving in and inviting like-minded people.

                  “What if my grandson or my son or my daughter or somebody has a friend or a soon-to-be spouse or something that’s not the same colour as them? Do I have to worry about someone trying to shoot my grandson?

                  “This town is so small he could take over here in a heartbeat.”

                  Red Cloud is indeed small. The centre consists of one cobbled street – Webster Street – that runs north to south. On either side are redbrick buildings. Only one in three of the businesses are open.

                  It is probably the depressed nature of this little town that attracted Cobb. Property is cheap: there are more foreclosed buildings that could be bought. It is rural: the nearest “big” town is Hastings, population 24,000. Hastings is a 50-minute drive to the north.


                  A 10-minute drive west of Red Cloud is Inavale. Around 400 people live here, according to the sign welcoming you to the town.

                  This is where Cobb bought his most expensive property, at a sheriff’s auction. Like the others, it is a one-storey house that has been seized, and sold, by the city after its owners failed to pay taxes. In this case the owner died seven years ago. The home is in better condition than the others in Cobb’s burgeoning portfolio. The paint on the wood-slatted walls is chipped and faded in places and completely worn away in others, but it looks sturdy enough. And there are no holes in the floor.

                  Virgil Deisley lives next door. His own one-storey home is perhaps 30ft away across a dirt track that leads to a field beyond. Deisley has lived on the street, which is really more of an unpaved, desolate road, for 10 years.

                  “I didn’t want anybody as a neighbour anyway. Let alone a jack-off like that,” he says.

                  Deisley is 73, and retired 10 years ago after a career racing thoroughbred horses. He has a big, bushy moustache and is wearing a beige cowboy hat, flannel shirt, worn jeans and brown boots when I arrive. He is one of the few to have actually seen Cobb in Nebraska.

                  Deisley went to the auction for the house. He wanted to buy it: “Just so no one else could live there”. He was outpriced early, he says, with Cobb determined to win.

                  “There were other people bidding against him and he just kept upping and upping it,” he says.

                  “He told one of the other guys that was bidding: ‘I’m getting it. I’m getting it.’”

                  Like others, Deisley has heard of Cobb’s history in Leith. He said he had not “seen hide nor hair” of Cobb since he bought the property, but the white supremacist is the hot topic of conversation in such a small community.

                  “I do not like to even think about him coming round here packing a gun,” Deisley says. “After I found out what kind of guy he is I just got sour on him and said: ‘No, I don’t want him here.’”

                  Goebel and other residents have begun sharing information about Cobb and his plans on Facebook. There are also plans to raise money, through donations, to pay the taxes on the properties Cobb bought, so he would not be able to take ownership of them.

                  In the meantime, however, Red Cloud’s residents do not know what is going to happen. In this tiny town, surrounded by corn fields in rural Nebraska, there is little they can do but wait.

                  I am The Librarian


                  • 'Welcome to Leith,' the story of Craig Cobb in N.D., to air on PBS

                    'Welcome to Leith,' the story of Craig Cobb in N.D., to air on PBS

                    By Forum News Service on Mar 19, 2016 at 6:02 a.m.


                    LEITH, N.D. — "Welcome to Leith" is coming to a TV near you.

                    The documentary, which chronicles white supremacist Craig Cobb's attempted takeover of Leith, N.D., will air at 7 p.m. April 6 and 1 p.m. April 24 on Prairie Public.

                    Cobb moved to the town of 20-something in 2012 and was met resistance from residents when he started buying up property to create an all-white enclave. He eventually moved from Leith to Sherwood, N.D., after pleading guilty in May 2014 to one charge of felony terrorizing and five counts of misdemeanor menacing for when he conducted an armed patrol of property he purchased in Leith.

                    Cobb made headlines again last fall when he tried to buy property in small towns in Nebraska and Kansas. But Cobb was unsuccessful and was met with the same resistance he did in Antler, N.D., and Leith.

                    The documentary, directed and produced by Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker, was screened Friday at the Fargo Film Festival and has also played at Sundance and South by Southwest.

                    lying jewspapers


                    • Vacancies up, room rates down for Oil Patch hotels

                      Vacancies up, room rates down for Oil Patch hotels

                      By Amy Dalrymple on Jul 24, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.



                      As the Bakken Boom goes bust, the prices of everything goes down, especially hotel rooms

                      DICKINSON, N.D. — The price of a hotel room in western North Dakota has dropped by as much as 30 percent in the past year as hotels see fewer oil workers.

                      Average hotel prices in Dickinson, Williston and Minot ranged from $70 to $85 this June. Most recent occupancy rates were 43 to 55 percent, which is up compared to last winter but far below what those cities saw during the height of the Bakken oil boom.

                      Tourism officials are working to get the word out that unlike a few years ago, cities in and around the Oil Patch have available hotel rooms at affordable prices.

                      "Some people still believe there's no availability and they're $300 a night," said Terri Thiel, executive director of the Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Things have really, really changed."

                      The average Dickinson hotel room cost $77 a night in June, down about $30 from a year ago when the average price was $108, Thiel said.

                      "You're seeing quite a drop," Thiel said.

                      Hotel occupancy in Dickinson was 55.5 percent in June, slightly higher than a year ago, which Thiel said is partly due to an increase in visitation at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

                      Williston also has seen a drop in hotel prices of nearly 30 percent in the past year. The average daily rate for a Williston hotel room was $85 in June, compared to $117 a year earlier, said Amy Krueger, executive director of the Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

                      "With the increased market, it has become more reasonable for travelers," Krueger said.

                      Many hotels in the Bakken at one time served as crew quarters for temporary workers, driving prices up and making it difficult for leisure travelers to find rooms. Occupancy rates dropped significantly as new hotels and housing opened up, the price of oil dropped and many workers were laid off.

                      Williston's hotel occupancy rate was 43 percent in June and about 30 percent for 2016 so far, Krueger said.

                      While the hotels have seen a drop in workforce housing, weekend bookings are up this summer, a signal that more tourists are visiting the area, Krueger said.

                      Visits to Fort Union National Historic Trading Post are up this summer and Williston expects a strong month for hotels in August when the city hosts the Babe Ruth World Series, Krueger said.

                      In Minot, an average hotel room cost $70 in June, down from $90 a year earlier, and the latest occupancy rate was 48 percent, according to Visit Minot.

                      The figures are a stark contrast to 2012, when oil drilling was at a high in North Dakota and Minot was recovering from the 2011 flood. That year, Minot ended the year with average hotel occupancy of 86 percent and average hotel room price of $130.

                      Phyllis Burckhard, executive director of Visit Minot, said she'd like to see occupancy rates get back to at least 70 percent.

                      Her organization is using social media to spread the word that Minot has available hotel rooms during major events such as the North Dakota State Fair, which runs through July 30, and the annual Norsk Hostfest in the fall.

                      The strength of the Canadian dollar also plays a big role for Minot hotel business, Burckhard said, and hotels are trying to offer deals to entice more Canadian travelers.

                      Williston also has started doing more promotion to Canada, including advertisements that Williston is only 180 kilometers away, Krueger said.

                      "We have changed up some efforts to try to reach different people," Krueger said.

                      Visitors to Dickinson are pleased with the increase in hotel options that resulted from the oil boom expansion, Thiel said.

                      "We've gotten some very nice new properties out of it," Thiel said. "We've gotten choices that people are happy for."

                      I am The Librarian


                      • Discarded RVs a nuisance for Bakken salvage yard

                        Discarded RVs a nuisance for Bakken salvage yard

                        By Amy Dalrymple
                        Aug 19, 2016 at 7:05 p.m.


                        Tom J Novak discusses scrapping abandoned campers left in Bakken oil fields

                        ALEXANDER, N.D. — Abandoned campers from across the Bakken line up end to end in a McKenzie County salvage yard.

                        The RVs, some burned or damaged and others with kitchen supplies still in the cupboards, were once in demand for oil boom workers who needed housing.

                        But as oil activity slowed and many workers left the area, the discarded campers wind up at TJ's Salvage along U.S. Highway 85.

                        "We're still getting lots of campers and it's gradually getting worse," said owner Tom Novak.

                        The yard north of Alexander continues to get about five to six campers each week as private landowners seek to get rid of discarded campers. In some cases, the RVs are no longer needed because affordable housing has become available.

                        "They're kind of a nuisance. But they were an epidemic that we knew was going to happen," Novak said. "Why would you drag some piece of junk with you back home 2,000 miles when you can just leave them behind and walk away? So we're left cleaning up the mess."

                        The salvage yard has had as many as 250 campers at one time, forming a perimeter around the yard that's highly visible from the highway.

                        Some say the salvage yard is an eyesore, but Novak said he also hears positive comments because without his business the campers would be scattered throughout the Bakken.

                        The business won't pick up campers, but will accept the RVs for $150, a lower fee than other facilities charge, Novak said. The campers are then crushed along with other vehicles.

                        The Williston, N.D., landfill used to get one or two RVs or trailers each month, but now gets very few because the landfill will only accept them if they've been stripped and broken down, said Williston Public Works Director David Tuan.

                        Salvage yard workers are often surprised at what the residents leave behind, ranging from baby toys to cosmetics to irreplaceable items like photo albums.

                        "If they lose their job and they're broke, they'll just take their personal belongings, pack one bag of clothes and they'll leave," Novak said.

                        Occasionally campers are in good condition, but others are beat up. The salvage yard avoids accepting RVs with signs of drug use.

                        "We get some that are really nice and clean and never been touched almost and we get ones that you could turn a pig loose in them and he'd turn his nose up because it's so bad," Novak said.

                        The campers have little in terms of salvageable material and the parts are a hassle to try to sell because they're often no longer working. Novak would rather concentrate on his main business, selling vehicle parts.

                        "The campers are just a pain," Novak said. "Don't bring no more."


                        Abandoned campers scattered across the Lone Prairie, left behind in Bakken scrapyard

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                        • Corn Cobb plans to start family, turned away from Landa

                          Corn Cobb plans to start family, turned away from Landa

                          Corn Cobb's younger heifer will only ovulate in a better North Dakota hovel, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

                          Lauren Donovan, Bismarck Tribune
                          Jan 10, 2017


                          Fourteen percent nigger & 89 percent jewboy White supremacist Craig Cobb says he plans to file a housing discrimination suit, claiming a Bottineau bank officer recently thwarted his attempt to buy a home and small acreage at Landa, a town of 62, in Bottineau County.

                          Cobb, 65, — who was jailed and sentenced for subjecting Leith residents to armed extremely delusional & fuktarded neo-Nazi-style terrorizing in 2013 — says he is planning to start a family with his 38-year-old girlfriend. He has been living in Sherwood while serving a four-year probation that ends in 2018.

                          “Our plan was to either live on the 1.17 acre property in 100 percent white Landa, or maybe sell it for profit if we had eventually sunk too much into it,” he posted. "As I'm 14% nigger and 86% jewboy we will turn Landa into a 97% whigger area and open up a Talmudic Creatarded yeshiva for me and muh spawn, when muh bitch ovulates and I am ready to spawn, said Da Corn Cobbster.

                          In his post, Cobb said he and his girlfriend, a certified paralegal, negotiated a price of $4,200 for the property and were at the bank to finalize the transaction, when the banker, with the seller’s cooperation, abruptly ended the deal and returned Cobb’s $400 that he’d paid to satisfy property taxes. That is all I had left of the $11,000 in my pocket upon my arrest for running around in Leith with a black shotgun that I got from Cousin Mark Potok of the $PLC.

                          Cobb said this is the seventh time in four years he’d been denied purchase of real estate, including in Leith, Regan, Sherwood, Antler, Kansas, Nebraska and now, Landa. Nobody wants the crazed 14% nigger 86% jewboy and its whigger skank doesn't have the wit to simply buy the property in her own name with no mention of the CreaTarded Cobbster.

                          “I bought my current home in Sherwood by the skin of my teeth back in 2014,” he said. As a jewboy I simply don't have enough skin to further lose off muh pecker, cum-cum, cum-cum.

                          Cobb said he plans to file a suit based on religious discrimination because he is a longtime “Creator” in the Creativity religion founded by a Ruthenian jewboy faggot named Benny Klassen and favored by the most retarded mongrels pretending to be whigger.

                          “It’s pretty bad when an elderly senescent semi-white man and a natural blonde white woman paralegal can’t even buy a humble shanty shack on 1.17 acres in the 'American Gulag’ at 34 degrees below zero,” he said. I'm waiting in my current hovel in Sherwood to either mount an invasion of Canuckistan while muh whiggress ovulates or 2018 cums so I can move back to St. jewseph Moronssouri whence I cum from originally.

                          Cobb attempted to take over the village of Leith and turn it into an all-white enclave in a disruptive and sometimes ugly situation for the Grant County village. He spray-painted swastikas and displayed racist flags and emblems on his property, disrupted city meetings and taunted residents, before embarking on an armed patrol that eventually led to his arrests. His neo-Nazi cohort Kynan Dutton received a lighter sentence and, after living in Underwood during his one-year probation, has since left North Dakota like a good whigger fuktard who run afoul for listening to CornCobb..

                          (Reach Lauren Donovan at 701-220-5511 or

                          I am The Librarian


                          • White Supremacist's Hit List Of Small Towns

                            White Supremacist's Hit List Of Small Towns

                            by C.S. Hagen
                            January 25th, 2017


                            White supremacists Kynan Dutton, from left, Craig Cobb and a woman believed to be Dutton's wife walk through
                            the streets of Leith, N.D., on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. (Photo courtesy of Gregory Bruce)


                            Since the town of Leith’s victory against white supremacists, eleven towns across North Dakota made their hit list. The towns range from populations of 16 to nearly 7,000.

                            Listed by names, pictures, and real estate advertisements by Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota, a white supremacist operation welcoming Nazis, the Creativity Movement, Ku Klux Klan, militants, white nationalists, and racialists, the North Dakota towns are the group’s next targets to become Aryan enclaves.

                            Known targets: Underwood, Carson, Kenmare, Washburn, Tioga, Newburg, Valley City, Antler, Sherwood, Landa, and Leith.

                            Operative concept: Pioneer Little Europes are identified as the “vanguard model for the next form of a white community, a vessel for its cultural revival,” according to white supremacist Hamilton Michael Barrett, a prominent figure and author of the operation.

                            Operative goal: create “arks of survival” for the white race, and prepare for RaHoWa, or racial holy war.

                            Codename: “Stormfronts of the Street” which operated under the radar in North Dakota until wild-haired Craig Cobb’s “100-day Reich” in Leith, in 2013, and his second attempt in Antler, in 2015.

                            Supporters of the operation, who come from all the corners of the white supremacist world, are threatening to begin again, and have been since 2015. The most recent threat came on November 9, 2016: “A return to Leith and Antler, ND, is in our future, comrades. This time there are more of us.”

                            Leith and Antler are permanently marked for takeover under the self-titled Honey Badger Principle. “The Honey Badger Principle states that once an area is marked as PLE-friendly, we will pursue it until we get it no matter what,” page organizers for Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota said on the group’s Facebook page. “In other words: Once we bite, we will never let go.”

                            The operation has expanded, however, and now includes near-ghost towns, townships, and two larger cities in the Peace Garden State.

                            “We are not putting all our eggs in one basket this time.”

                            Pioneer Little Europe’s Facebook pages are deceptively innocent. Profile pictures feature attractive white women, but the threats and rhetoric inside are tiresome to some town leaders, worrisome to others. The Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota page has garnered 1,086 likes, six more than last week. South Dakota’s page has 802 likes. Page organizers frequently post about state and county population growth,

                            “We have a right to create a community for our people,” a page organizer said. “We have a right to purchase property. We will make it as expensive and inconvenient as possible until we get our PLE. We are never going to give up. To give up now would be to disrespect our ancestors who built this world.”

                            Leith, Grant County: population 16, 70 miles southwest of Bismarck

                            The tiny town of Leith made international headlines with its struggle against white supremacist Craig Cobb’s first hostile takeover. After Cobb’s arrest, Mayor Ryan Schock said his town razed abandoned buildings and tidied the village up. Outwardly, the town has had a makeover, but inwardly, the controversy tore the town apart. To this day he said Leith has not healed. The town was dubbed “Village of the Damned” by Cobb.

                            Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” is Schock’s mobile phone ring.

                            “It’s definitely changed, that’s for sure,” Schock said. “It’s 75 percent back to the way it used to be. It drove a wedge into the community.”

                            One reason Leith has not healed completely is that sympathizers live in town, Schock said. “Still a couple people living here that may agree with them. There are also a few of them straggling around here.

                            “It’s not the way it used to be.”

                            The townspeople are now leery of strangers. Hate groups, including the American Nazi Party, or the Nationalist Socialist Movement, still own three barren plots Cobb originally purchased, and there is little the town can do about it, Schock said.

                            “I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled. I’ve heard the rumors saying that they’re always watching you. I’m watching out for them too, but I’m not going to worry about it either.”

                            Leith is listed as a “somewhat livable” town, according to AreaVibes, an online real estate research engine. With a cost of living 22 percent lower than the state average, home values and incomes are also lower. Few amenities are in the area, and according to Mayor Schock, the town no longer has any abandoned buildings.

                            Cobb, now clean-shaven and quiet, was released from jail on probation in April 2014. He deeded the remainder of his Leith properties as gifts to prominent white supremacists, including Tom Metzgar, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and founder of White Aryan Resistance, Jeff Schoeb, National Socialist Movement Commander, and Alex Linder, owner of the Vanguard News Network, an online hate website.

                            Underwood, McLean County: population 778; 50 miles north of Bismarck and 60 miles south of Minot

                            In rural Underwood, City Auditor Diane Schell was unaware of Pioneer Little Europe intentions, and news her town was targeted came as a surprise.

                            “I think we will have to deal with it as it comes,” Schell said. Her town instituted proactive policies in the 1990s for the city to purchase all abandoned buildings, leaving opportunities for cheap real estate difficult to find.

                            Underwood is a “very livable” town, according to AreaVibes, and while the crime rate is higher than the state average, the cost of living and property values are low. Its median household income is three percent lower than the state average.

                            Antler, Bottineau County: population 33; 50 miles north of Minot

                            Antler’s Mayor Bruce Hanson dealt with Craig Cobb’s second attempt at creating an all-white enclave by rallying the town’s people, purchasing the property Cobb intended to buy, demolishing it, and cleaning up the street.

                            “We went through this a couple years ago, and I don’t want to go through it again,” Hanson said. “Nobody wanted these people in town.”

                            After the town won the struggle and Cobb left town and moved to Sherwood, Hanson said he went inside the property. The wood floor was rotted, ceilings were caving in. He didn’t dare walk more than 15 feet inside.

                            “Whoever wanted to move into that thing had to be half nuts and ready to move into the state hospital in Jamestown.”

                            Antler is “barely livable” according to AreaVibes. Its crime rate is higher than the state average. Its median home value and household income are much lower than the state average, and its cost of living is 19 percent lower, making it an ideal target for a Pioneer Little Europe.

                            “Everyone in this town gets along,” Mayor Hanson said. “We don’t want any trouble, we don’t want problems. It’s a nice, quiet, small town and we want to keep it that way.”

                            Sherwood, Renville County: population 256, 62 miles north of Minot

                            The town of Sherwood is situated two miles from the Canadian border, and relies heavily on the oil and agricultural industries for its survival. It has a golf course, three churches, and an active American Legion Post, according to the city’s website. The town also has Craig Cobb, who is on probation and not allowed to leave the state.

                            Sherwood Police Chief Ross Carter said Cobb is living with a girlfriend.

                            “He’s still here,” Carter said. “No problems. I’m kinda expecting it, but I haven’t seen anything. Everybody is keeping an eye on him. Everyone leaves him alone. He just wants attention.”

                            The town’s crime rate is 67 percent lower than the state average; its median home value and income are also lower, but it is listed as “very livable” by AreaVibes.

                            Washburn, McLean County: population 1,324, 40 miles north of Bismarck

                            Washburn and North Dakota’s 13th largest city, Valley City, population 6,699, present challenges for Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota, and may be targeted for their proximity to surrounding smaller towns. The Pioneer Little Europe movement targets small, dying towns, which can easily be “taken over.” The Flickertail State has approximately 114 towns with less than a thousand people and many more townships, according to City-Data.

                            “I guess we will need to keep our eyes and ears open and see what happens,” Washburn Mayor Larry Thomas said.


                            The Oxford Living Dictionary’s meaning of the word terraform is to transform (a planet) so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life. It is a word not included online in Webster’s Dictionary, and its usage by white supremacists is puzzling as it connotes planets other than earth.

                            “We are here to terraform the old white community, not to conform to it,” Barrett wrote in his 2001 book “Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus, a.k.a. ‘Stormfronts of the Street.’”

                            “The uncontrolled white nationalist culture will displace and destroy all the local values that have never really served whites…For it’s in these places, in Pioneer Little Europes, where the old nationalities can align and evolve into a cultural revival for all white Americans, that a new faith and ethical resistance can take root.”

                            Barrett doesn’t preach violence, but little pity will be shown to those who resist. The optimal way to exterminating a race, or taking over an area is to take away the living spaces the people within need to maintain economic and cultural integrity, Barrett said.

                            “Some of the old community whites will not want to live within an area where our numbers are concentrated. They will voluntarily flee this target area. In fact, all who oppose white nationalism will voluntarily quit the area. Many others, however, will welcome their liberators.”

                            One of Pioneer Little Europe’s tactics used in Leith is called “renter’s blitzkrieg.”

                            “The large numbers of white nationalists involved will swamp all the existing institutions in the local target area, and will gain enormous respect everywhere else. They will also occasionally connect with militants, those who have long lacked a community to defend.

                            “Now all will defend their community.”

                            Barrett adopted the methods behind Pioneer Little Europe from watching what he calls competition and adversaries, mainly Jews, the Chinese in Chinatowns, the Japanese, even homosexuals and hippies during the 1970s, he said. Like-minded individuals would target an area, and then “take it over” en masse before opposition had time to respond.

                            He proposed tactics not unlike General Patton during World War II where the decorated war hero bypassed entrenched troops to take control of nerve centers and supply lines.

                            “The faster we build large, powerful communities, the faster our opponent will be inclined to peacefully negotiate beyond their present stingy and condescending definition of what’s fair.”

                            Barrett condemns what he sees as a white genocide, and called on janitors, bartenders, police, lawyers, teachers, artists, security guards, book shopkeepers, theater owners, drivers, and blood bank operators, to prepare.

                            Two more principles for taking over towns are revealed within the Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota Facebook page: the “Tightening Rope Principle” and the “Trojan Horse Principle.”

                            “Those who are hostile at all toward us will be looked upon as tainted,” page organizers wrote. “We will not save them from a heart attack if they have one. We will be like a rope that tightens harder the more you struggle. The only way to escape the rope is to relax.”

                            The Trojan Horse principle suggests that operations are already in place in small towns across North Dakota.

                            “We know certain high profile anti-whites live there. Anti-whites who are with UnityND and attacked the original Leith, ND effort. We tracked them down, and we found out they lived in PLE friendly areas, despite preaching ‘diversity' to everyone else. So we decided to mark those very favorite areas which the prominent anti-whites live in for PLE creation. This will discourage Anti-Whites from attacking an existing PLE effort, because if they do, chances are they will find one in their own backyard.”

                            Why North Dakota?

                            White supremacist groups prefer low-population areas. Guidelines suggest small towns, a meeting place, and a few shops are enough to begin an all-white enclave. Operatives search for isolated areas, towns on the brink of extinction, of which North Dakota has more than a handful.

                            “There is a belief by some supremacists that places like North Dakota are easy targets for starting supremacist movements, like Cobb’s attempt to takeover Leith,” Kade Ferris, the social media director for Unity-USA, said. Unity-USA is a nonprofit organization, an educator, and a direct action organizer against hate group activity.

                            “They think, correctly in some cases, that some people share their racist views,” Ferris said. “They also believe that it would be more difficult for an anti-racist organization to oppose them in such a rural place as North Dakota.

                            “They were wrong on both points as they were opposed by the town of Leith and Unity-USA organized one of the best anti-racist rallies in recent memory.”

                            Gregory Bruce, a Navy veteran, and one of the documentarians behind the Leith controversy, is now the media relations director for the city of Leith, and was an associate producer for the “Welcome to Leith” documentary. He has taken and collected thousands of photographs and videos, and hundreds of documents detailing the ordeal, and keeps some on his website.

                            He said he was one of three people, including the mayor and one other, who actively fought the Pioneer Little Europe operation in Leith, and believes they were surrounded by sympathizers. He was threatened with arrest by the county’s former state attorney, Todd Schwarz, who reportedly told him to stop documenting and bringing attention to the situation as the county was running out of overtime pay, Bruce said.

                            Two years after Leith’s victory, he took down his website, but he’s bringing it back online. The fight isn’t over, he said.

                            ”There’s more trouble brewing in Leith once again, not from the Nazis, but from the Nazi sympathizers,” Bruce said.

                            One way to prevent a takeover is to keep towns clean and tidy, destroy old abandoned buildings or invest monies to spruce them up, both Bruce and Leith Mayor Schock said.

                            The fight against Pioneer Little Europe is also a digital one, Bruce said.

                            “Instead of shooting him [Cobb] that day with a gun, I decided to fight him using his own weapon, the Internet. And I beat the hell out of him.”

                            Leith will one day become whole again, the mayor said, but the town no longer feels like the home residents once knew. Schock is distrustful of newcomers, keeps tabs on hate group message boards. Anyone unknown who wants to buy property in Leith will undergo intensive scrutiny.

                            “I know what they’re looking for, a rundown town, a ghost town, yet still has a governing law,” Schock said.

                            “I tried my best to educate the people in North Dakota, but they just don’t give a damn,” Bruce said. “They want to believe this will go away, but it’s not going to go away.”

                            I am The Librarian


                            • White supremacist Craig Cobb moving into Nome church

                              White supremacist Craig Cobb moving into Nome church

                              By Catherine Ross on Feb 4, 2017 at 7:05 p.m.


                              NOME, N.D. -- The man who twice tried to turn small North Dakota towns into all-white enclaves is putting down stakes in Barnes County. This week, Craig Cobb started moving into Nome.

                              Earlier this year, Cobb said he was filing a discrimination suit claiming a Bottineau bank officer wouldn't let him buy a home in Landa.

                              At that time, he said he wanted to settle down with his girlfriend and not take over the community.

                              But neighbors in Nome worry that could change.

                              Barely 5 dozen people live in sleepy Nome.

                              Linda Hendrickson says, "We've lived here all of our lives. It's been a peaceful town and we hope it stays that way."

                              Some worry their new neighbor could change that.

                              Hendrickson says, "Our hands are tied. I mean he can live where he wants I guess."

                              Linda Hendrickson lives just a stone's throw from Craig Cobb's new home.

                              This week, the white supremacist moved into the former Zion Lutheran Church.

                              It's a place the Hendricksons attended for decades before it closed in 2012.

                              They can see the building through their dining room window and hold onto some of its precious keepsakes.

                              After it was a worship space, the church changed hands several times before Cobb bought it.

                              Cobb is on probation until 2018 after being convicted in 2013 of neo-Nazi style terrorizing in Leith, North Dakota.

                              He tried to turn the town into an all-white enclave.

                              Since then, several other North Dakota towns and places in Kansas and Nebraska prevented him from buying property.

                              And this purchase isn't coming without push-back.

                              Hendrickson says, "I think everybody deserves a chance, but he's been given so many chances in so many different towns. Is it going to be the same situation here as it has been in the other towns?"

                              Nome city officials and the Barnes County Sheriff plan to hold a meeting Sunday night to address concerns.

                              The Sheriff says as long as Cobb doesn't do anything illegal, he's entitled to live where he wants.


                              I am The Librarian


                              • Nome, ND residents fear white supremacist moving to town

                                Nome, ND residents fear white supremacist moving to town

                                By Catherine Ross
                                Feb 5, 2017 at 10:35 p.m.


                                Stained glass windows at former Zion Lutheran in Nome, N.D. and Craig Cobb in WDAY interview from 2013.

                                NOME, N.D.—A small North Dakota town is at odds with its newest neighbor.

                                Craig Cobb has twice tried to turn small North Dakota towns into all-white enclaves.

                                At a city council meeting Sunday night, some desperate Nome residents were searching for ways to keep that from happening in their town.

                                Several people say they've already seen Cobb moving furniture into the old Zion Lutheran Church.

                                At Sunday's meeting, the mayor says technically the sale is not final.

                                Only 1 of the church's 2 current owners have agreed to sell.

                                But that's not stopping neighbors from worrying about Cobb's history of neo-Nazi style terrorizing.

                                The council says he is legally entitled to live where he wants.

                                Some residents say they feel helpless.

                                Nome Mayor Bruce Storhoff says, "I don't know if there's anything we can do until he does something unlawful or illegal to our ordinances or to the county."

                                Nome resident Sarah Rangeloff says, "I'm afraid if he comes out here and lives out here he will be bringing probably his goons with him or his followers and he'll be interrupting everyone's lives, including the kids that live out here."

                                Cobb is on probation until 2018 and prohibited from owning a firearm.

                                The Barnes County Sheriff says if Cobb does move in deputies will likely increase patrols through town.


                                I am The Librarian