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The Racial ZOGbot Fraud That Is CreaTardivity

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  • The Racial ZOGbot Fraud That Is CreaTardivity

    The Racial ZOGbot Fraud That Is CreaTardivity (Cunterre Wallass' CreaTard Robert Campbell censored this post)

    CreaTards. Almost always burnt-cork-eyed mamzers with black mestizo hair on an anglo-mestizo mamzer pretending to be White 'Aryan' but not even remotely close. The followers are almost always inner-city mamzers who are prison bound in any case. Any few white leaders they have are invariably ZOGbot agents provocateur. Having a Genesis 3:15 enmity against the rural and small-town Aryan White Christian Identity man who holds this undisciplined vermin in contempt, the CreaTard invariably claims that the White Man's racial HATE religion is worshipping a 'dead jew on a stick.' The devout Christian Identity believer almost always responds that the CreaTard is worsheeping a 'dead jew on a dick' -- a reference to the dead homosexual self-hating pedophile jew Benny Klassen who turned the Talmudic jew worship of their own jew kind into demented mamzeroid whiggers worsheeping theysselfs.

    For whatever reason, this vermin 'thinks' what normal whiggers find insane and outlandish is something worthy of emulation and worship. Yet they end up going to their natural habitat, which is prison. They seek political power through their outlandish idiotic beliefs which are ridiculous on its very face -- and end up powerless and imprisoned for decades based upon what the ZOGbot infiltraitors that they allowed into their midst set them up in order to elicit that very result. CreaTards go to prison for nothing, yet prison seems to be what they want, cf. Matt Hale, Hardy Lloyd.

    There probably are less than 100 or so of these mamzer vermin running loose, yet they labor under the delusion that they are far more relevant to the Cause of White Revoluttion than several thousand Christian Identity above-ground and several hundred thousand Christian Identity underground in their small family congregations.

    Not to worry. When you hear someone saying that they are a 'CreaTard' then take that mamzer at itz word. Nobody really White wants to be known as a CreaTard.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (Part Three)

    The Strange Case of Benny Klassen

    It is now time to discuss the bizarre and highly dysfunctional "Creativity" faction of the Movement. "Creativity" is a significant development in a negative way. To make a long story short, it has marked the descent of the Movement into pure and simple insanity, in tandem with the general degeneration of the White male character under the influence of MTV and drugs and the internet, etc. which has taken place since the 1980s.

    Many Movement leaders, up until about 1980, where crooks and con men and frankly, in some cases, white trash. Few were outright lunatics, and the homosexuality was always kept in the closet. The story of the "Church of the Creator" is one of fraud, dementia, crime, violence, drunkenness, perversion, suicide and murder, and all of it pretty much out in the open as America went madder and madder. If the Movement as a whole is to real politics what professional wresting is to real sports then the "Church of the Creator" is the Movement's version of Jackass, only with real blood and prison and death.

    In the early 1970s, one of the oddest and most controversial figures ever to become involved in the Movement made his appearance. This was a man whose very name is uncertain. It was (choose any or all of the following):

    A) Bernhardt Klassen
    B) Benyamin Avroham Klass
    C) "Ben" Klassen

    He was born in:

    A) 1914
    B) 1917
    C) 1918
    D) 1919


    A) Vilna, Lithuania;
    B) Somewhere in the Ukraine;
    C) Pressburg, Austria-Hungary;
    D) A remote area in Polish Galicia;
    E) A remote area in Ruthenia province, Austria-Hungary

    It is virtually impossible to discover the true facts about Benny Klassen's early life. Klassen made a number of conflicting statements at various times in his life naming all of the above dates and places for his birth. No documentary evidence of his birth has ever been presented for public inspection and authentication. Klassen at one stage produced some grainy photocopies of what purported to be his family's Canadian immigration documents from about 1926. Klassen's U.S. immigration records are unavailable, they have apparently been conveniently "mislaid" by the INS. It's not even known for certain if Klassen was in this country legally.

    To be fair, in view of the time and place of his ostensible birth (and assuming that there is at least one of Klassen's mulifarious accounts are somewhere within shouting distance of the truth) documentation would be very hard to obtain in view of that fact that at that point in time, that part of the world was being fought over by about five contending armies in the heat of World War One and the Bolshevik Revolution. It has been incredibly difficult even to piece together a hypothetical timeline from his many vague and conflicting accounts, but the Klassen chronology appears to go something like this:

    Circa 1920s.

    Klassen claims to emigrate as a child from

    A) Russia
    B) Germany
    C) Canada
    D) Brazil
    E) Romania
    F) Lithuania


    A) Canada
    B) the United States
    C) An alleged Mennonite colony in Mexico

    During his lifetime Klassen made all the preceding conflicting statements both verbally and in writing. No documentation of any kind is available. FOIA records searches with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service reveal no records of any kind anywhere for either a Bernhardt Klassen, a Benyamin Avroham Klass, or a "Ben" Klassen. It is completely impossible to determine the country of birth, the nationality or race, the religious affiliation, or the date of entry into the United States of the man who called himself Benny Klassen.

    1948 - In November Benny Klassen, Howard Katz, Esther Pollak Katz, and Martin Weissman are indicted for mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and theft from interstate commerce by a Federal grand jury in New Orleans. Details are sketchy but some kind of fraudulent patent or patent infringement apparently was involved. Katz and Weissman serve 20 months in prison, Klassen and Esther Katz are fined and place on probation. Case is known because Klassen had to have his citizenship rights restored before he could run for office. This was done by special grant from President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1965. This is not as unusual as it sounds; presidential restorations such as this happen all the time. It was probably done on private petition of a member of Congress, and no assertion is implied that Klassen and LBJ knew each other.

    1966 - Klassen is elected to a single term as a Florida state legislator. This is the first recorded instance of his using the name "Ben" Klassen. His religious affiliation is listed in the 1968 Florida State Government Who's Who as Jewish.

    1966 (?) - Around this time there are more undetermined legal problems with a bankruptcy fraud probe by the FBI, U. S. Attorney's office, and Florida State Banking Commission involving the liquidation of SKW Realty, Inc. in Palm Beach. SKW are the initials of the partners-Arthur Shapiro, Benny Klassen, and Joseph Weinleben. Interestingly, this is one of the few things in Klassen's shady past that he is ever forced or tricked into discussing or accounting for. When confronted with a series of news clippings on the SKW affair accumulated by the late Dr. Oren Fenton Potito, Klassen wrote in a letter to the NSWPP's William Grimstad that "this experience taught me about the treachery and dishonesty of the Jews" or some such blather. This reference to the SKW scandal was later redacted from The Klassen Letters but can still be found in the first edition.

    1968 - Klassen's career in conservative and right-wing politics begins with his involvement in a local American Party political action committee called "Jews for Wallace." His involvement with right-wing politics results in his losing the backing of the powerful Florida Jewish community, and he accordingly loses his legislative seat. This begins his alienation from Judaism and from his ancestral racial heritage, an alienation which subsequently turns to hatred.

    1973 - Benny Klassen, a former Florida state legislator and state chairman of "Jews for Wallace" during Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign, announces the formation of the Church of the Creator (COTC) in Lighthouse Point, Fla. The tenets of Klassen's race-based "religion," called "Creativity, " are detailed in his book Nature's Eternal Religion. Among its "16 Commandments" : "It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively. " The group's war cry will be "Rahowa," short for RAcial HOly WAr.

    Circa 1973 - At some point in this time period, Klassen is arrested for something, no one is quite sure what. There are rumors ranging from everything to more financial shenanigans to an arrest for homosexual solicitation in a public toilet, but it is known that this incident eventually entails court-appointed psychiatric examinations and some kind of probation or parole. We know this because Klassen needed to get the court's permission to leave the state in 1978, according to the vengeful Oren Fenton Potito who spent a lifetime stalking Klassen as a Jew in the Movement. Harry Kelly found out about this arrest while he was searching Klassen's private office in Otto, and discussed it with Harold Covington and also with COTC members, claiming Klassen was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Pompano Beach and allegedly appeared in court with his Jewish psychiatrist at his side and wearing a yarmulke. These alleged documents have not surfaced since. These documents may be one of the reasons for the murder of Harry Kelly in 1989.

    1978 - Klassen business manager Barry Edwards is murdered in what police call a "gangland style execution." Edwards's body is found on June 12th, 1978 in the trunk of a car parked at a public beach in West Palm Beach. Edwards has been severely beaten, his throat has been cut, and an attempt had been made to mutilate his fingertips and his face with sulfuric acid in order to prevent identification. Klassen is questioned by police detectives but no charges are ever filed due to lack of evidence. No one is ever arrested or charged in the Edwards homicide.

    1978 - In March, Klassen moves COTC headquarters from Florida to 22 acres of land he has purchased in Otto, N.C., building a personal residence, a three-story church, a small warehouse and a "School for Gifted Boys." Later in the year, COTC is granted an exemption from state taxes based on its status as a church. This exemption is later lifted by the state and an investigation for mail fraud and fraudulent conversion of funds is launched by the State of North Carolina around 1990. These investigations are eventually dropped without any charges or indictments, and neither the Southern Poverty Law Center, who investigated this incident as part of the Bryson City lawsuit (q. v.) nor anyone else was ever able to obtain any information as to why.

    1980 - Klassen stages quasi-Roman Goat Dance rituals on his property, resulting in complaints from Shouting Baptist neighbors to whom these offensive rituals are visible from the highway and from their homes. The Goat Dance is apparently an attempt to invoke the Graeco-Roman god Priapus, also known in mythology as Pan. The ritual involves Klassen dressing in toga-like vestments with a wreath of leafy greenery on his head, and a number of young men or boys dancing around a bonfire largely nude except for loin cloths of some kinds, thong type bathing trunks or athletic supporters. A goat is also present, presumably because of the animal's connection in myth to Pan, etc. Macon County Sheriff Homer Holbrooks visits Klassen and informs him of the neighbors' complaints, and the Goat Dance ritual is discontinued, or at least moved indoors.

    1981 - Klassen publishes his second book, The White Man's Bible, which he markets as a "program for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White race."

    1983 - Klassen begins publishing a monthly newspaper, Racial Loyalty. The paper is printed on a very old offset press owned by Klassen, with very poor ink that invariably stains the hands of the reader black, and on some kind of peculiar pulp paper that always had a squamous and greasy feel to the touch. The paper becomes noted for soft porn and homoerotica, including photos of ancient Greek male nude statuary, drawings of women being flogged on the front page, and hand-drawn cartoons of muscular young "Creators" wearing nothing but white cowboy hats with WCOTC emblems and cowboy boots vanquishing assorted enemies. The text consists mostly of Klassen's long and turgid "religious" exposition but also contains such things as lectures on ancient Greek mythology and quickie Latin lessons. What this bizarre material has to do with White Nationalism is never fully explained. Hundreds of thousands of copies of this usually repulsive sheet are distributed by Klassen's followers and also by people he hires to do so.

    1979-early 1980s - Klassen employs as his first "Hasta Primus" a man from Greenville, North Carolina named Richard Becker. Becker is a peripatetic among right wing and racial groups. He is known as a practicing homosexual. Becker was expelled from Harold Covington's Raleigh-based National Socialist Party of America in 1978 when Covington was tipped off by a local contact that Becker was committing homosexual acts at the local YMCA. Covington searched Becker's room at the Nazi headquarters at 1217 Pierce Street in Raleigh and discovered homosexual pornography, whereupon Covington and several associates removed Becker's belongings from the premises and awaited his return, informing him he was no longer welcome in the NSPA. After a short stay with his parents in Greenville, Becker next appears in Otto as "the Reverend Richard Becker". This is the first open association between the Klassen organization and homosexuality, although there have been numerous, frequent, and persistent rumors down through the years, largely due to the Goat Dance.

    1986 - The COTC has its first open brush with criminality in June, when security chief Carl Messick fires 19 shots at the car of a Georgia couple who strayed onto the COTC grounds. The COTC "reverend" is later sentenced to seven years in prison. This incident is eerily reminiscent of the incident which led to the loss through malicious civil litigation of the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho (q.v.) but for some reason, in this case Morris Dees does not file a lawsuit. Throughout his entire career, Klassen will enjoy a strange immunity from Morris Dees' quasi-legal attentions enjoyed by no other major Movement figure.

    1988 - Klassen travels to California to ask John Metzger, son of neo-Nazi White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger, about taking over COTC. Metzger, saying he "wouldn't want to be affiliated with a church," declines. Klassen begins lengthy smear campaign against both Metzgers. The Metzgers reply with pointed comments about Klassen's sexual orientation. John Metzger tells Skinheads, "If you go to [Klassen's ashram at] Otto, make sure you sit down and keep your mouth shut."

    1989 - In July, "Reverend" Harry Kelly is found dead in his New York City apartment of a heroin overdose. Kelly, a former drug user, was believed to have been clean for some time. The last person to be seen with Kelly alive was an unknown white male whose physical description bears a resemblance to known homosexual COTC "Reverend" and suspected government informant Jerry Michael Pace. Interestingly, the witnesses to Pace's presence, the last independent witnesses to see Kelly alive, are Jeff and Gina Krause, who many years later are involved in Andrew Greenbaum's (q.v.) bizarre internet virtual Nazi Party, the "Knights of Freedom."

    1989 - Alabama Klan leader Roger Handley is arrested by the Alabama State Police on gun charges in a nighttime raid. He is found in bed with 17 year-old male COTC "Reverend" Will Satterwhite, thus adding to the general air of homoeroticism surrounding the original Klassen COTC.

    1989 - A review by Macon County tax officials concludes that COTC's North Carolina property does not qualify for religious tax exemptions. (see comments above.) In May, two Milwaukee COTC members are arrested during a brawl with "anti-racist activists."

    1990 - On October 12th, 20 year-old former Skinhead Dennis Witherspoon is found dead in a rural area of Dade County, Florida. He has been bound with duct tape and shot several times in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. Witherspoon was known to have been a former COTC "Reverend" who claimed that in the summer of 1989, a year previously, he arrived in the Otto, N.C. compound and was invited to Klassen's basement rec room for a private showing of Leni Riefenstahl' s Triumph of the Will. He was given drugged liquor and passed out. Witherspoon then claims he suddenly awoke on the floor, doubled up nude with sofa pillows under him, while Klassen was in the act of sodomizing him, with the movie still playing. Witherspoon jumped up and assaulted Klassen, beating him very badly and extorting a promise of money. Witherspoon claims he was given $10,000 in cash next day and a used car, with which he drove to Florida. The only comment Klassen ever makes about this incident is that Witherspoon was attempting to blackmail him. Florida police write off Witherspoon' s death as a drug-related killing, which may be correct.

    1990 - Declaring that church leadership would change "at the top of every decade, on the decade," Klassen announces that Rudy "Butch" Stanko-then serving a six-year sentence for selling tainted meat-will take over once he is released from prison. In August, COTC Ohio leader Matthew Hayhow, 23, is arrested after robbing two banks and ultimately is sentenced to a 25-year prison term.

    1991 - COTC "Reverend" George Loeb shoots black Navy enlisted man Harold Mansfield Jr. in a Florida grocery store parking lot after Mansfield insults and threatens Loeb's wife. Loeb features on America's Most Wanted during his time as a fugitive, and he is ultimately arrested in Buffalo, New York while trying to shoplift a packet of cold cuts, thus earning the Movement sobriquet of "Benny Buttfuck's Baloney Bandit." Fellow COTC member Steve Thomas, who will later edit Racial Loyalty, is charged with aiding Loeb's initial flight from Florida. Thomas had earlier served eight years for raping a Vietnamese woman, an incident upon which the movie Casualties of War was based. In November, Macon County, N.C., officials revoke COTC's tax-exempt status.

    Loeb, whom Klassen had earlier honored as "Creator of the Month," is ultimately convicted, largely on the testimony of Steve Thomas, who turns state's evidence and testifies against Loeb during his trial in 1992, which can hardly be denied since it was seen on live Court TV. During the time when Loeb was awaiting trial, Klassen was sheltering and feeding the main witness against him, providing Steve Thomas with free accommodation at the Otto compound and a salary of $1000 per month as editor of Racial Loyalty. Loeb sits in prison to this day, because the man he worshipped as a god on earth betrayed him for fear of being dragged into the legal case.]

    1991 - Skinhead Steve Martell commits suicide after leaving note describing homosexual liaison with COTC "Reverend" Jerry Michael Pace. Martell's brother Dave vows homicidal vengeance against Pace. Pace disappears; later believed to have re-surfaced in the Movement under several different pseudonyms.

    1991 - British head of the COTC, Tim Hepple, is exposed by the London tabloids as a long-time informer for the British police and for the "anti-fascist" magazine Searchlight. Hepple was never genuinely racialist, but was apparently a professional snoop and agent provocateur who set up the entire U.K. "Church" as a gull on behalf of Searchlight editor Gerry Gable.

    1992 - Klassen's long-suffering wife Henrietta dies of cancer in January. Two months later, Klassen cancels Stanko's scheduled inauguration as COTC's Pontifex Maximus (supreme leader), ostensibly because of Stanko's plans to move COTC headquarters out of North Carolina and back to his home state of Colorado, and names Baltimore pizza delivery man Charles Altvater as his successor instead. Stanko came to Otto on his release from prison, took one look, and left after two days, disavowing the "Church" and its founder. Stanko is known to have been a sincere believer in the COTC "religion" and his behavior has never been explained. Although he has never publicly commented on what it was he learned in Otto, Stanko is believed to have been confronted with something which made it morally impossible for him to continue.

    1992 - In June, Klassen again changes his mind (a fortuitous move: in November, Altvater is arrested after attempting to firebomb the home of a police officer who'd had his car towed), naming Milwaukee COTC chief Mark Wilson, 25, as the next COTC leader. Skinhead Wilson, aka "Brandon O'Rourke," rents a storefront headquarters in Milwaukee which Klassen pays for, and "O'Rourke" and his friends then proceed to literally drink up $50,000 given to them by Klassen in less than a year. That's a lot of beer.

    1992 - In July, fearing a civil lawsuit in connection with the Mansfield murder, Klassen sells most of his Otto compound to William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Pierce "borrows" the money from North Carolina financial supporter Herb Horton, and so the property does not actually cost Pierce anything. (It is not known why Pierce purchased the Klassen property; he made no attempt to set up a National Alliance headquarters in North Carolina, and immediately attempted to re-sell the compound in the local real estate market, so the whole thing appears to have been simply a business deal.) Klassen then flees from Otto to parts unknown to avoid service of legal papers. In December, still in hiding, Klassen publishes his final, autobiographical book.

    1993 - Tired of "Brandon O'Rourke" and his thirsty booze crew of Skinheads, who are literally lying around drunk in their storefront in Milwaukee all the time and have not produced a single Racial Loyalty issue with the money he gave them, Klassen names still another successor: Richard "Rick" McCarty of Niceville, Florida. McCarty is a late comer on the scene; no one seems to know just who he is or how he ended up as Klassen's successor, but by now Klassen is becoming increasingly frantic to sever all contact with the "Church" he himself founded. Rumor has it that George David Loeb is threatening to blow the whistle on the 1990 Dennis Witherspoon murder and implicate Klassen. One thing is clear; in his last months of life, Benny Klassen is a desperate and frightened man.

    1993 - Death of Benny Klassen. In early August, Klassen returns secretly to the house in Otto, N.C. On Aug. 7, Klassen commits suicide, leaving a smoldering pile of shredded documents and a note describing suicide as an "honorable" way to die. Klassen takes an overdose of sleeping tablets, but apparently he changes his mind about suicide after taking them and crawls to the bathroom in an attempt to induce vomiting. Macon County Sheriff's office files report stating that Klassen was found dead with his head in the toilet.

    1993 - In one of his first acts as the group's leader, Rick McCarty moves COTC headquarters back to Florida in January. In April, McCarty is arrested for DUI, and his clearly intoxicated mug shots are distributed to media nationwide for use in stories such as "White Supremacist Leader On Drunk Driving Charge."

    1993 - In July, COTC Washington state leader Jeremiah Knesal, 19, and two other COTC members bomb the meeting hall of the NAACP in Tacoma, Wash.; two days later, Knesal pipe bombs a Seattle gay bar. In his guilty plea, Knesal says the group also planned attacks on blacks and Jews. In California that month, COTC-linked Geremy von Rineman and girlfriend Jill Scarborough are arrested in a plot to bomb Los Angeles' largest black church. Later that year, Toronto COTC leader and Rahowa band leader George Burdi helps form Resistance Records, based in Detroit, to record and market racist rock music.

    1994 - Representing the family of Harold Mansfield, the Southern Poverty Law Center files suit against COTC in March, alleging the group is responsible for his murder. [Note - It has never been explained why Morris Dees waited until Klassen was dead to file this lawsuit, or any other. It has been widely rumored that Dees was ordered "hands off Klassen" by someone in the power structure.] McCarty flees into the night, leaving behind a lasting mystery: the whereabouts and true legal ownership of the last bulk stocks of Klassen's privately printed "holy books," believed to be held in various rented storage lockers around the country. The whereabouts of the Missing Klassen Books have become one of the Movement's "Holy Grails," so to speak.

    1995 - The Mansfield family is awarded a $1 million default judgment when McCarty fails to contest the case. Dees makes search for the Missing Klassen Books to seize and burn them publicly for the media, but cannot locate them and quickly gives up the attempt. Later, the Law Center will sue Dr. William Pierce for allegedly participating in Klassen's scheme to keep the COTC headquarters from Mansfield's heirs. Ultimately, Dees wins a judgment for $85,000-the entire profit Pierce realized after selling the COTC property. Pierce did not appeal, but simply wrote Dees a check and paid him off, probably glad to be rid of the accursed Klassen mess once and for all.

    1995 - Opting to head a "religious" rather than a political group, 20-year-old Matthew Hale dissolves his National Socialist White Americans Party in July and resuscitates the COTC as the New Church of the Creator in East Peoria, Ill., where he lives in his father's basement. Hale tells old COTC members that he is the "great promoter" whom Klassen had searched for. Hale enters law school that fall. In December, he renames the group the World Church of the Creator. John McLaughlin, a man who will become close to Hale, is sentenced to 2 1/2 years' probation after officials discover an arms stockpile meant for the "ultimate race war."

    1996 - After meeting with two old COTC stalwarts in prison, Matt Hayhow and Guy Lombardi, Hale convenes a May gathering at the Montana ranch of COTC leader Slim Deardorff. Hale is elected Pontifex Maximus and Jonathan Viktor, a Klassen devotee "educated" at his "School for Boys," is chosen Hastus Primus, or vice president, of the reconstituted group.

    1996-97 - Rudy Stanko resurfaces, selling a number of Klassen books by mail in various Movement publications. He may have gained access to some of the Missing Klassen Books mother lode, or else these may be books he glommed onto when he was in Otto in 1992. No one knows. A few months later the ads cease and Stanko disappears again.

    1997 - Viktor presides over the May wedding of Hale and WCOTC member Terra Herron, 16. When the couple divorce three months later, many Hale followers, including Viktor, leave the group. Later in the year, WCOTC starts a Web site run by Jules Fettu in Florida. In August, Fettu and WCOTC members Donald Hansard and Raymond Leone are charged with assaulting a black man and his son who were leaving a concert in Sunrise, Fla. (Hansard and Leone later plead guilty to aggravated assault charges, and Fettu, the Florida WCOTC state leader, is convicted of battery in a trial.) In November, William Johnson, an 18-year-old California WCOTC member, is arrested for attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a person who had insulted the group.

    1998 - Four armed Florida WCOTC members, all under 25, rob a Broward Country video store in March, allegedly planning to use the proceeds for the group. (Three will later plead to federal conspiracy charges.) Three months later, Guy Lombardi, now WCOTC's southeast regional director and commander of the group's militant "White Berets," is charged with intimidating a witness in the Sunrise beating case. (He later pleads guilty.) Hale ejects Lombardi soon after for "insubordination, " assuring his followers the dismissal has nothing to do with Lombardi's arrest, which Hale calls "a badge of honor." In May, Hale graduates from law school, passing the bar exam that summer. Later in the year, a state official rejects Hale's application to practice law because of his "character and fitness."

    1999 - At an April hearing, Illinois State Bar Association officials hear Hale's appeal on the rejected law license. Among others, WCOTC member Benjamin Nathaniel Smith testifies on behalf of Hale, who Smith claims has kept him from violence. Two months later, three Sacramento synagogues sustain arson attacks, and within days officials say they are looking at Hale's group for possible involvement. On July 2, headlines announce that bar officials have again turned Hale down. Within hours, Smith -- a Hale intimate whom the leader honored as "Creator of the Month" in late 1998 and then "Creator of the Year" in January-begins a three-day shooting rampage, killing two people and wounding nine.

    2002 - A previously unheard-off group calling itself "Church of the Creator" sues Matt Hale for alleged "copyright infringement, " despite the fact that Klassen's organization has been using the term since 1978. All defense motions and evidence is simply ignored, and a Federal judge named Lefkow (who denies being a Jew) issues one of the most sweeping orders of censorship and suppression in American history, demanding that all books, papers, documents, literature etc. containing the words "Church of the Creator" be handed over to U. S. Marshalls to be burned. The pretense of the so-called "Church of the Creator" to be a genuine religious movement has always been tissue-paper thin, but the fact remains that they officially claim that Klassen's screeds constiture "holy books of scripture." For any magistrate in the United States to issue an order that any religion's holy books be burned is absolutely without precedent and breathtaking in its unconstitutional scope. Needless to say, the silence from the ACLU and freedom of speech advocates is thunderous.

    2003 - "Pontifex Maximus" Matt Hale is sentenced to 40 years in prison under the Patriot Act, the first American citizen so to be victimized, for typing a single sentence in an AOL chat room, specifically "I cannot be involved in this." The Federal government spins this into an alleged conspiracy to kill a Federal judge. Hale to this day is kept virtually incommunicado in the highest grade Federal maximum security facility at Marion, Ohio.

    The Paedophilia of Frank Collin

    In 1979 a man named Francis Joseph Collin was head of the National Socialist Party of America based in Chicago. The NSPA was one of only two significant spin-offs from Koehl's NSWPP that survived much beyond their first year, the second being Allen Vincent's National Socialist White Worker's Party. Vincent, a hopeless alcoholic, remained mired in Rockwell's Phase One until he finally sank out of sight in a sea of whole grain in the early 1980s, and died in obscurity in the late 90s.

    Frank Collin had a lot of strong points, in that he was energetic and dynamic and personally fearless, but it was obvious to anyone who attempted to work with him that he also had a lot of personal and leadership problems. His first Deputy Leader, Richard Tedor, eventually resigned, and in 1978 his position was taken by North Carolina NSPA unit leader Harold Covington. (Among other duties Covington became membership secretary and in that capacity signed would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley's NSPA membership card.) But at the end of the day, the fact remained that other than the loathsome Matt Koehl, Collin was the only other NS game in town for the "orthodox Nazi" set who still wanted to wear the costumes. Years later, Covington would write: "Bear in mind this was when we were all wearing the costume and pretending it was the 1930s in Europe, myself included. We had a sense of history and destiny which, as misplaced as it was, I would give a lot to recover."

    In the autumn of 1979, an NSPA member named Mike Whalen discovered incontrovertible proof that Collin was buggering little boys in the Nazi headquarters building in Marquette Park and elsewhere. This consisted of sexually-oriented photographs of young boys in various poses which were taken in Collin's room at the headquarters, including some with the children posing with headquarters firearms. Whalen notified Covington who in turn notified a group of other Party officers such as Gerhard Lauck, Richard Tedor, and Ray Zidarich. The Chicago comrades conducted a thorough search of the HQ building in Collin's absence and eventually accumulated a mass of evidence including more photos and cassette tapes (Collin actually recorded his perversions, if you can believe that, this being before the days of videocams and digital cell phones.) This evidence was kept in something called "the dirt box."

    An informal group was convened to consider what to do, rather similar to the medieval Fehmegericht. The conspirators acquired the means to physically eject Frank from the Party and the headquarters because Covington spent the last of his wealthy family inheritance to buy the building out from under Collin from the bank that held the mortgage note. (Collin hadn't paid the mortgage in months, apparently spending more and more NSPA funds on his debaucheries, and the Party was facing foreclosure before Covington stepped in.) It should be recalled that this was in the days before "Movement modernization" and the present attitude of "don't ask, don't tell," a time when homosexuality and paedophilia was still unacceptable among old-fashioned White Nationalists. Nick Griffin, Martin Webster, Pym Fortuyn, "Frances" Spivak, and the time when Kevin Alfred Strom would be defended by dozens of people on Stormfront and VNN were still decades in the future.

    The choices confronting Covington and his men boiled down to two, to quote a document of the time directly: "kill the son of a bitch or turn him in to the police." Covington vetoed the death penalty because, despite a surfeit of volunteers for the job, he knew that the White Nationalist Movement simply is not yet capable of carrying out an execution with sufficient competence to keep it from blowing up in our faces. So they turned Collin in to the police, along with the evidence in the "dirt box," and he ended up doing seven years in Joliet and Menard for homosexual child molestation, to which he pleaded guilty.

    As an aside, it should be noted that this is the only occasion in recorded Movement history when the Movement itself has successfully cleaned its own house, and dealt firmly and decisively with revolting misbehavior on the part of a so-called "Great White Leader," and the Movement has never forgiven Harold Covington for it. One of the reasons Covington seems to be so feared and reviled by the Movement's bogus "leadership" is that he has the rep of having taken down several fairly big Movement fish for their misbehavior, including Frank Collin and Benny Klassen whom he allegedly drove to suicide with his acid-tongued articles and commentaries. Not to mention his Movement stock rising precipitately when it turned out that Covington alone correctly sounded the warning on the loathsome Kevin Alfred Strom years ago, kind of like Babe Ruth calling his shots. Movement "leaders" hate and fear Covington, because they have so many skeletons in their closet, and Covington tends to set all those skeletons dancing out of the closet like some kind of weird Pied Piper of the Movement.

    Frank Collin did his time in Joliet, got out, went to live with his parents in Olympia Fields, Illinois. Using the name of Frank Joseph, he formed some sort of weird nut cult revolving around Atlantis which presumably involves Klassen-esque rituals with little boys. He also used to spend a lot of time making heckling phone calls to a short-wave evangelist in South Carolina calling himself Brother Stair.

    Nowadays, of course, what with "modernization" and the Movenent's apparent abandonment of any ethical principles whatsoever, a guilty plea to child molestation would mean nothing. It is always possible that Frank Collin could even yet attempt a Glenn Miller-like resurrection in the Movement-and do so successfully, if Miller's reception on VNN is any guide. Speaking of whom:
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      The Racial ZOGbot Fraud That Is CreaTardivity

      Greg Johnson: The Christian Question in White Nationalism

      Greg Johnson
      May, 14, 2010

      There is a strong anti-Christian tendency in contemporary White Nationalism.

      The argument goes something like this: Christianity is one of the primary causes of the decline of the White race for two reasons. First, it gives the Jews a privileged place in the sacred history of mankind, a role that they have used to gain their enormous power over us today. Second, Christian moral teachings—inborn collective guilt, magical redemption, universalism, altruism, humility, meekness, turning the other check, etc.—are the primary cause of the White race’s ongoing suicide and the main impediment to turning the tide. These values are no less Christian in origin just because secular liberals and socialists discard their supernatural trappings. The usual conclusion is that the White race will not be able to save itself unless it rejects Christianity.

      I think that this argument is half right. I do believe that Christianity is one of the main causes of White decline, for the reasons given above. But I do not believe that discarding Christianity is a necessary condition of White revival. I am not a Christian. But the fact that I am not a Christian might lend credibility to my argument that the White Nationalist movement need not and indeed should not be anti-Christian.

      First, although intellectual debate is definitely part of White Nationalism (perhaps too large a part), we must never lose sight of the fact that White Nationalism is a political movement, not an intellectual one. Intellectual movements require agreement on first principles as well as ultimate goals. Political movements require agreement only on practical goals.

      Our goal is a White homeland in North America. This political goal is, as a matter of fact, shared by Christians and non-Christians alike. To achieve a White homeland, we have to work with our allies, not against them. We might wish that they agree with us on other matters besides the goal of a White homeland. But this is not necessary, and emphasizing differences of opinion is not productive. When one is on the barricades, one does not turn to one’s comrades and start finding fault.

      Not emphasizing differences of opinion is not the same thing as hiding them, however. A mature and healthy White Nationalist movement should cultivate a culture of openness and frankness. We need to be as willing to express our differences in a civil manner as we are to put them aside to work for the common good.

      Second, Christianity may be a necessary condition of White racial suicide, but it is not really the driving force. Christianity has long ceased to be the ruling power in Western societies or individual Christian lives. Instead, the churches preach White suicide and Christian Zionism because they wish to suck up to the real intellectual and political power structure, and today that power structure is overwhelmingly dominated and defined by Jews and Jewish interests.

      This is not a new phenomenon, either. The church has long trimmed its sails to the winds of expediency. When there were absolute monarchs, the church preached the divine right of kings. When there was slavery, it bade slaves to obey their masters. When there was patriarchy, it taught wives to obey their husbands.

      It is tempting to condemn this tendency as mere political opportunism, but that would be a mistake. The church has always been supple at bending to the reigning political and intellectual orthodoxies because, ultimately, its kingdom is not of this world. In spite of aberrations like the Social Gospel movement, the church has always been more concerned with saving individual souls than with social justice. Thus churchmen regard sucking up to the secular powers as a small price to pay to stay in the soul-saving business.

      What this implies for White Nationalism is that the church will resist us less fervently than those whose aims are primarily secular, such as Jewish organizations, non-White ethnic organizations, and the secular left. And when we gain power, ministers will begin hunting for Bible verses to justify the new regime. There is no reason why a White Nationalist regime cannot become a new Caesar, to whom Christians render their secular loyalty while reserving their religious loyalty for God.

      Third, it is a basic principle of political struggle that one should always work to preserve the unity of one’s ranks while sowing division among the enemy. Christian resistance to White Nationalism will be weaker if the churches are divided, and they can be divided if there are Christians in our ranks, especially Christians with personal ties to church leaders. Resistance will be stronger, however, if White Nationalism ceases being a merely political movement and takes on the aspect of an anti-Christian crusade.

      Once a White Nationalist regime emerges, White Nationalist Christians can use their ties with the churches to better bring them into compliance with the new order.

      Although the presence of Christians in the White Nationalist movement will help split the churches and weaken their resistance, their presence will not split or weaken White Nationalism as long as it remains a purely political movement unified solely by the pursuit of a White homeland.

      Today White Nationalism is a movement of the political right. Someday, however, it may become the common sense of White people up and down the political spectrum. To my mind, this would be a positive development, because when it comes to religion and politics, I am very much a liberal: I believe in the separation of religion and politics and in basing political decisions on secular reason.

      To me, it seems fortunate that the separation of church and state in the White homeland may well be necessitated by political reality. The White Nationalist movement must unite Whites of widely different religious convictions in the struggle for a homeland. That means we must build religious pluralism and tolerance into our movement today, which means they will be built into our homeland tomorrow.

      Greg Johnson is the Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd. He can be reached at
      Counter-Currents Publishing
      Books Against Time


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        Greg Johnson On Christianity

        Greg Johnson on Christianity

        Greg Johnson knocks this one out of the ball park.

        This article eloquently sums up my own view of Christianity and its relationship to White Nationalism. The idea that there is “No Way Out But Through the Christians” is retarded. The Church is a reed that has always blown with the political wind. If Hitler had won the Second World War, the Pope wouldn’t be talking about “human rights” and “migrants” today. Here in the South, the Southern Baptists suddenly realized they were against “racism” in 1998.

        As an atheist, I acknowledge there are some people who desperately need religion, not the mere recitation of belief, but the actual experience of living a virtuous life in a peer based support group. There are no shortage of them in Alabama. The decline of traditional religion and values has been replaced less by outright atheism than by the garbage that pullsates through our culture. I would rather deal with an honest Christian anyday than a degenerate secular individualist.

        This website is proof that Christianity and White Nationalism are not necessarily opposed. We have several Christian contributors and far more Christian commentators. It makes more sense for them to work within Christianity to pull the religion in a more positive direction.

        Liberal Democracy is the greatest threat Christianity has ever faced. Look at Britain or the Czech Republic where Christianity has all but collapsed. As I write this post, Christianity is rotting in America. It is degenerating into an unrecognizable brew of Secular Humanism and Unitarianism. This can hardly be attributed to our nonexistent influence on popular culture.

        A victorious White Nationalism can remove the cultural rot at the heart of the present liberal regime. It is the only scenario in which I can imagine Christianity (or any other form of traditionalism) surviving the twenty-first century.

        Note: Check out Counter Currents when the site is ready.

        The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
        I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
        I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.


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          The Passion of the WhiggerSwill

          The Passion of the WhiggerSwill

          Will Williams says:
          May 19, 2010 at 8:49 pm

          That ball you say Greg hit out of the park was a foul, Hunter. Strike two on Greg. He wishes the common sense of WN will catch on and take hold one day among our kinsmen, but he doesn’t want to unnecessarily alarm or offend the hymn-singers by telling them their emperor is naked.

          We’ll either be a White movement or a Xian movement, but not both. WN is to XM as hope is to despair. As world views they are diametrically opposed.

          Our people — the ones we want, anyway — can take the hard truth they need, so why not give it to them?

          Discussion of JQ in WN here:

          Read the National Alliance’s policy that was foolishly removed from the NA Membership Handbook soon after Pierce’s death. That TRUTH policy, that Xianity is an ideology opposed to White renewal, is clearly what had set Pierce’s Alliance apart from the also rans.

          Read also at the OD forum thread another message from Dr. Pierce to his members 28 years ago on this all important issue. He tells them that if they belong to a church that has policies opposed to National Alliance policies, say addressing homosexual marriage or race-mixing, then the member should either resign from his church, or resign from the National Alliance. Makes perfect sense to sensible people.

          The only things keeping organized religions going in the U.S. is the tax-exempt status they enjoy, and the so-called “legitimacy” of all the anti-White Jew-worshipping orgs like Fellowship of Xians and Jews that are herding Jesus’s lambkins. We can’t wish Jew power away any more than we can avoid offending misguided White judeophiles with our hard line racial truth. We must deprogram our judaized kinsmen from the mental poison. Nobody ever said it would be easy.

          Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

          Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

          Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


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            Even More Passion of the WhiggerSwill

            Even More Passion of the WhiggerSwill


            It doesn’t matter a whit that the word “Jews” is not found in Genesis 12:3. Would you deny that the word “Israel” equates with Jewry and the Jewish state in the minds of present-day, gullible Xian goyim? To whom do you think Gen 12:3 refers, Palestinians? The “Adamic” true Jews of Pastor Lindstadt’s Double-Seed line of bs? No. Giving to the “children of Israel” in the “land of Israel” is seen by Bible-thumpers as an obligation to Judaism. Bless Jewry and ye shall be blessed by Yahweh; curse Jewry and ye shall be cursed by Yahweh. That is what American Xian Zionists believe.

            Genesis is the first of the five books of the Jew’s Torah, and accepted among Yahwehists — Jew and Xian alike — as the ancient history of the Jews

            I can’t speak for anti-White liberalism in Europe, notuswind, but I’m pretty sure there’s no mention of that in the Jewish Book of Fables.


            “The Hebrew word for charity is Tzedakah, coming from the root Tzedek, which means Justice. Our sages made it clear that the just thing to do is to give. It is not simply an act of kindness from the giver to those in need. In fact, the giving of tithes ranging from 10-20% of one’s income is an obligation in Judaism. and giving is good for the giver!

            “The Hebrew word ashir (wealthy) is similar to the word maaser (tithe), denoting not only the obligation to give, but the benefit that such giving will have for the donor. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, used to stress that when we are in tough economic times, one should give more! In the spiritual realm, which is not detached from reality, that is the true way to increase one’s wealth!

            “And there is no better giving than to invest in the Children of Israel in the Land of Israel. As it says in the Book of Genesis (12:3), those who bless Israel will be blessed!”

            David Rubin
            Shiloh, Israel

            Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

            Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

            Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


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              Anglo-Mestizo ZOGbots hate Christian Identity

              Anglo-Mestizo ZOGbots hate Christian Identity


              WhiggerSwill as an anglo-mestizo ZOGbot hates Christian Identity, same as all jews do.

              Actually, WhiggerSwill, for all his yapping about worsheeping a dead jew on a stick worsheeps, mainly hisself, but also Benny Klassen, a dead jew on a dick who as a self-hating jew took the worship of jews as a people to be worshipped as gods and turned it into persuading weak-minded telegony-tarded skinhead criminals of the whigger and mamzer persuation into worshipping theysselfs as gods.

              So a thieving jew told anglo-mestizo skinheads to worship themselves while pulling a Richard Barrett on them and getting whigger and anglo-mestizo skinhead mangina.

              Now Christian Identity in its Dual-Seedline variety says that jews are the literal spawn of Satan, born evil, whose only purpose is to beguile whiggers so that they will destroy theysselfs and thus not crowd Heaven. And so jews hate DSCI.

              But so does WhiggerSwill. How to reconcile this? Well WhiggerSwill is an anglo-mestizo 'mamzer' or miscegenated bastard not allowed within the Congregation of True Israel, i.e. the Aryan White Man/Adamites descended from Abraham/Isaac/Jacob-Israel. Christian Identity is a racial religion, as is CreaTardivity. CreaTardivity however is a fraud created for whiggers and mamzers to pretend to be working against jews -- even though the Founder and Creator of CreaTardivity was a homosexual jew named Benjamin Klassen.

              WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller are ZOG/Babylon agents provocateurs/ZOGbots. Since Christian Identity is against ZOG, WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller hate Christian Identity. However, two or three ZOGbots playing CreaTard isn't going to have much effect on several hundred thousand Christian Identity activists deep underground in small family churches.

              In furtherance of this hatred, especially of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, WhiggerSwill is essentially in league with the jews by claiming that Christian Identity is the same thing as jewdayo-whiggerdumb Crapture-Cultist baal-priestism. As witness two previous posts here:


              Now this is the standard trick used by ZOGbots who 'think' that their solipsistic silliness will defeat jewdayo fanaticism and entrenched Zionism. But a whigger and mamzer's wishbone is always stronger than a typpycull ZOGling's backbone. Within the bowel Movement the wishfool thinking always triumphs over reality.

              What is necessary is a White Man's Racial HATE religion which says that it is righteous to exterminate 140 million whiggers and every single jew, nigger, beaner, gook and other mamzer without qualms or reservation or mercy. In my time in the bowel Movement it seems that only my fellow Dual-Seedline Christian Identity fanatics LOVE the idea of a Great Tribulation to do the heavy genocidal moving and lifting. Need I point out wherein TraitorGlenn Miller has always pussied out on advocating exterminating the jews and niggers after the lily-livered drunken rat has named them? Or Fade/Hunter whining about how he couldn't stand to kill little kikelets before they becum big nasty kikes. Auntie-Semitism should be made of sterner stuff.

              I do believe we got a whigger problem.

              When whiggers have no choice but to either dine on roast nigger, jew or mud or theyz' own whiggerlets, why most of them will dine on little whiggers. What White Nationalism needs to do is to go with the flow of History and understand that the only way to get out of a New Dark Age is to make sure that the Renaissance comes early by exterminating by design or by circumstance every single whigger barbarian pulling us down as a race. Nothing more -- and certainly nothing less.

              Neither does it matter what Fade the Butcher/Hunter Wallace or Greg Johnson 'think' about Christianity in general or Christian Identity in particular. As solipsistic whiggers who have cum late to the [bowel] Movement, looking at their bungholes and mistaking it for theys' navels accomplishes . . . . nothing really. Christianity predates them, it was here before these eggheads were hatched, and it will remain here when they go back into the ground -- if they even receive burial in the rough times ahead. Normal Christians need no permission to believe and it is idiotic presumption on theys' part to ASSume that they are in any position to tell anyone what they should or should not believe.

              Whiggers don't believe in YHWH and YHWH says that whiggers will come a cropper in the current Great Tribulation. jews and mamzers believe -- but like the demons they are damned.

              Hail Victory!!!

              Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
              Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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              Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
              Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum


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                Originally posted by HAC View Post
                The Strange Case of Benny Klassen


                Frank Collin did his time in Joliet, got out, went to live with his parents in Olympia Fields, Illinois. Using the name of Frank Joseph, he formed some sort of weird nut cult revolving around Atlantis which presumably involves Klassen-esque rituals with little boys. He also used to spend a lot of time making heckling phone calls to a short-wave evangelist in South Carolina calling himself Brother Stair.

                Nowadays, of course, what with "modernization" and the Movenent's apparent abandonment of any ethical principles whatsoever, a guilty plea to child molestation would mean nothing. It is always possible that Frank Collin could even yet attempt a Glenn Miller-like resurrection in the Movement-and do so successfully, if Miller's reception on VNN is any guide. Speaking of whom:
                this is not about creatardity, but someoine mentioned above.

                When I listened to shortwave radio (I bought one in 1993-94, the year after they burned down the Waco ranch), one of the first people I was told about and listened to was Brother Stair.
                I got a kick out of him making fun of fags on the air, and condemning the New World Order by explaining it with Scripture and info he would get from people like Texxe Mars.

                Brother Stair I later learned had some type of cult.
                The convincing way he talked, in between his yelling Fire & brimstone preaching, and then a more sympathetic tone had many people move to his area.
                He convinced them to give up their possession s and farm there, working in his fields and waiting for the last days. Some people would "wake up" and see they had been cheated and lied to, as he would drive around in some huge luxurious car, and only stop to tell them to work harder,and then drive off.
                He'd keep them up too I heard, like Jim Jones I guess, with hours long church services.

                If they left him, he didn't care, as they had already given him their life savings in exchange for being allowed to live there until the Apocalypse.

                I almost was taken in when I was looking for direction and wrote a letter about moving down there, and he was very cryptic, and gave a negative impression.

                The person who I talked to that gave mje the scoop what was happening there in Brother Stair's town, where Stair paid off cops to look the other way, was Stair only wanted to hear from those that would tell him they would give up their worldly possessions and join him in his crusade.
                the other thing I was told ?
                I was much younger and much better looking than him, so any women there would stop paying attention to him, and give me the once over as they were Christian and would want to get married.
                Brother Stair would be jealous of that.

                I can't remember if I was told he was having sex with the women who were part of his church.


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                  Irreconcilable Differences within the White Movement?

                  Re: Irreconcilable Differences within the White Movement?


                  Originally posted by Another Wallace

                  You may be correct about irreconcilable. What is truly evident is the hatred that exists for Christianity among(most) pagans, non believers whatever. And the desire they have for it to "die" or "wither on the vine".


                  It wasn't always like that. Re-read the original post. Us atheists and pagans were always willing to work with our fellow White Nationalists who happen to be Christians.

                  But we are beginning to rethink that strategy due to the hostility that many WN Christians have directed towards us over the years. The worse ones are those who are Christian Identity who make it no secret that they rate those like me worse than negroes because we do not believe in their jewish religion.

                  I cannot count the number of times that I have attended rallies and other events to show support for my fellow Whites who happen to be CI, only to hear one of their main speakers talk about exterminating the White atheists and pagans once they take over.

                  Two months ago, was the final straw. Cannot talk about it right now. Someone, very well known in our movement, approved a hit list with my name on it. I found out about it when the FBI sent a local deputy to visit me and wanted to know why so and so wanted me dead. Did some research and found that their website listed me as an enemy because I am a Creator.

                  There are some things that I want to talk about and name names, but cannot right now, until the feds finish their investigation. For my protection, the local police gave me enough info for me to protect myself (the police are also patroling my neighborhood in shifts). Two White Nationalist comrades on the hitlist have already dissapeared and are presumed dead. One White female is rumoured to have been fed to alligators. That is all that I can say right now.

                  So do not give me the bullshit line that atheist and pagans are attacking Christians. All we are doing is bringing up arguments against Christianity. It's nothing compared to what insane WN Christians have been doing for years.

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                  CreaTardivity: Mamzers Replacing a Dead Jew on a Stick With a Dead Jew on a Dick


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                    Yet Another Typpycull CreaTarded ZOGbot Ass-Clown

                    Yet Another Typpycull CreaTarded ZOGbot Ass-Clown


                    Originally posted by Biological Racist View Post

                    It wasn't always like that. Re-read the original post. Us atheists and pagans were always willing to work with our fellow White Nationalists who happen to be Christians.
                    Which is a lie. CreaTards would invariably prefer to morph into niggers or jews if it meant that Christianity in general and Christian Identity in particular was destroyed.

                    CreaTards consist mainly in anglo-mestizo/mamzers from the inner shitties of suburbs who take the drivel from a pedophile dead jew named Klassen who changed the jew self-worsheep of these dirty jews to self-worsheep of these mamzers. In line with the Robert Frenz/Eric Thomson dictum that as ZOG becums more racially mixed and mamzerfied these mamzers will then want to pretend to be White -- when they are not.

                    So CreaTardivity being a faggot jew-made religion dedicated to allowing whigger and mamzer scum to claim to being 'saviors of the Whigger Wayce' and a racial religion when in fact it is mishmash of jew faggot silliness, the ZOGbots invariably seek to claim that Christian Identity, with its hatred and contempt of jews as the spawn of Satan, is not the real White Man's Racial HATE Religion. So, this ZOGbot CreaTard with one side of its probable jew mamzer forked tongue pisses and moans about Christian Identity racial zeal and then pisses and moans about how the jewdayo-whiggers are nothing more than the ZOGling gliberal whigger ass-clowns White Nationalism all knows and hates.

                    So, the end result is a lie which cannot be maintained due to the cognitive dissonances induced, but solipsistic whiggers will believe anything. One minute the jewdayo whiggers won't let the CreaTards say 'nigger' -- the next that Christian Identity won't let CreaTards insult them. Pore pore pityfool CreaTards.

                    Originally posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biologically Waycist
                    But we are beginning to rethink that strategy due to the hostility that many WN Christians have directed towards us over the years. The worse ones are those who are Christian Identity who make it no secret that they rate those like me worse than negroes because we do not believe in their jewish religion.
                    Typpycull CreaTard pussy. Whines that Christian Identity worsheeps a dead jew on a stick, then whines when the rural White men who organized the Klan Rally in the first place get pissed at these mamzer skinhead ZOGbot faggots worsheeping a dead jew on a dick and tell them that they had better shut the fuck up before they get their asses whupped. Leave now or fight.

                    CreaTards are invariably whigger or mamzer pussies. Want to dish it out but not take it.

                    Originally posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biologically Waycist
                    I cannot count the number of times that I have attended rallies and other events to show support for my fellow Whites who happen to be CI, only to hear one of their main speakers talk about exterminating the White atheists and pagans once they take over.
                    I can't count the times, when these public rallies are held -- and I'm definitely NOT a fan of these public rallies -- that these CreaTard swine want to try to take over these rallies and tell the Klansmen or Christian Identity organizers what to do, then get all pissy when they are told to go eat shit and if they don't like it, to not show up. At least a third of the attendees are ZOGbots and then the jewsmedia wants to attend, but at least they know enough to not tell those who set the rally up what to do.

                    CreaTards have no such sense. This shithead is indistinguishable from a jew faggot from the ADL/$PLC wanting to tell us what we shouldn't have said after the fact, yet it shows up and pisses and moans about what the main speaker allegedly said. CreaTards seem to have sucked up a sense of jew entitlement along with a gallon of jew spunk from Benny Buttfuck Klassen as to what White Men get to say at their meetings.

                    Now since Christian Identity is the only bunch which seems to know what it wants -- CreaTard and solipsistic whigger/mamzer communities ALWAYS imploding as witness the William Pierce Fan Club -- and doesn't live in a sub-Cunterrean dream whirrrrld in which niggers and jews meekly get on an ark to Madagasgar without the need for shooting a single niglet or kikelet. The current Dual-Seedline Christian Identity religious/political line is that The Great Tribulation will exterminate all of the jews and muds and over 90 percent of the whiggers, leading to where there are less than 10-15 million ex-whiggers in which all treasonous regime criminals and their families are skinned alive and there is no overall central government authority over the continent. Accordingly, I've advocated a Ten-Thousand Warlords Program in which Ten-Thousand Warlords rule over Ten Million surviving ex-whiggers. Since there will be no central authority, then the only source of unity will be religion, i.e. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. Thus the DSCI plan is run according towards living with an inevitable collapse and working with decentralized activists working with the flow of History.

                    Now if the jewdayo-whigger baal-priests are crucified, then why should we allow mamzer CreaTards worsheeping a dead jew on a dick to prosper? After all, if the mamzers are either exterminated or rooted up via 'racial federalism to theyz' Bantustans cf. Matt. 15:13, then there will be no room for CreaTardivity or reversion to baal-worsheep within the ruins, now will there?

                    Originally posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biologically Mamzeroid
                    Two months ago, was the final straw. Cannot talk about it right now.
                    Coongenutally CreaTarded has grown a klassenite kike pussy to take the load off of itz klassenite kike-pounded mangina, as it is suffering from CUNT.

                    Can't Understand Normal Thinking

                    No need to pull a TraitorGlenn Miller on us all by making an accusation, then claiming not to want to speak of it, then after this pretend reluctance to want to speak to do so anyway as planned, but without any proof, you lying CreaTarded mamzer.

                    Originally posted by Coongenutally CreaTarded/Biological jew ZOGbot

                    Someone, very well known in our movement, approved a hit list with my name on it. I found out about it when the FBI sent a local deputy to visit me and wanted to know why so and so wanted me dead. Did some research and found that their website listed me as an enemy because I am a Creator.
                    Proof? How about some proof? If, as this lying ZOGbot says, the FBI is involved, then no harm in proving this whatsoever, is there?

                    I'd say that Coongenitally CreaTarded's willingness to work with the local piglice, the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots and the rest of ZOG proves one fact: Coongenitally CreaTarded is a ZOGbot, like TraitorGlenn Miller, who relies on the Federal Witness Protection Program and Department of ZOGland InSecurity to protect its drunken anglo-mestizo mamzer rat ass, and WhiggerSwill, who got a ZOG-kort order so as to run Covington out of North Carolina.

                    I fail to see how it is possible to invoke ZOG's protection while at the same time claiming to want to destroy ZOG. Coongenutally CreaTarded, however, is a Klassenite ZOGbot agent provocateur: Goes to Christian Identity and Klan rallies, pisses and shits like a skunk whenever the main speakers say something this deranged jew mamzer don't like, goes to forums to spread itz shit, and then tells us that it got a death threat from some noted Christian Identity figure, but can't prove it, but not to worry, ZOG will protect itz ZOGbots.

                    Coongenutally CreaTarded/Biological ZOGbot mamzer is now my oafishul 'Training CreaTard.' I point out our little genetically dubious little dead-jew-on-a-dick worsheeper and can rightfully say: Now there cums/goes a typpycully CreaTarded boil on the stretched-out homophiliac anus of the bowel Movement. I sure hope Coongenutally CreaTarded cums with a ten-month, ten-thousand lie warranty against GAIDS or jew ass-cancer striking our Whigger Nutsionalist forum ZOGbots and that you saved jewr receipt, Cunterre.

                    Originally posted by Coongenutally CreaTarded/Biological ZOGbot mamzer
                    There are some things that I want to talk about and name names, but cannot right now, until the feds finish their investigation. I'm working with the feds, just like my zero, TraitorGlenn Miller. For my protection, the local police gave me enough info for me to protect myself (the police are also patroling my neighborhood in shifts). I'm about to move in with Moreass Dees and go ass-to-mouth with him. Two White Nationalist comrades on the hitlist have already dissapeared and are presumed dead. One White female is rumoured to have been fed to alligators. That is all that I can say right now. I have a FBI dick in my mouth.
                    Itz the perils of Pauline for CreaTarded ZOGbots according to this fool. The body count is up to three and this alleged White Nationalist leader is not yet arrested and his web site taken down. Why Jimmy Von Brunn didn't even kill three niggers and probably not even one and his web page was taken down. The Reverend Mongol-Lloyd Hardy got his web page taken down. The Hutaree Militia was infiltraited by the FiBbIes and they were arrested and held without bail for a few months. Some 17 year old whigger skinhead gets arrested for writing bad poetry three years ago about Obongo and is in jail without bond. But Coongenitally CreaTarded is being protected by ZOG as if it was Moreass-the-Sleezester and TraitorGlenn Miller and working for ZOG.

                    Pardon me, but I don't believe a word.

                    And, I never thought I'd ever say this, but for once I agree with WhiggerSwill. You need to start staying away from Identity Christians, Coongenutally CreaTarded/Biological ZOGbot mamzer. Of course that doesn't include Herrel, who is a Preterist fuktard. He'll suck jewr dick and blow you up.Coongenitally CreaTarded.

                    Originally posted by Coongenutally CreaTarded/Biological ZOGbot klassenite jew mamzer
                    So do not give me the bullshit line that atheist and pagans are attacking Christians. All we are doing is bringing up arguments against Christianity. It's nothing compared to what insane WN Christians have been doing for years.
                    Oy vey, itz a Hollowcost!

                    You sound just like a jew faggot claiming that Ronald Reagan, the senile old dolt, was responsible for GAIDS and all you faggots dying because the old coot never mentioned GAIDS for years.

                    Actually, I really don't care what CreaTards and pagans 'think' as I don't think they even think at all. All they are about is simply living for theyz' own solipsistic whigger and mamzer selfs and are mere animals without souls which the Great Tribulation will of course dispose of. Jesus Christ promises to uproot you from Christian Israel, but mentions nor how. Matt 15:13. When you CreaTards rave on and on about how much you hate Christianity in general, and then deliberately coonfuse jewdayo-whiggeranity with Christian Identity and go on about how like jews you hate Christian Identity, well, I think it helps to know who the Genesis 3:15 enmity cums from. You CreaTards sucked up a lot of kikeishness from Benny Buttfuck Klassen, along with 666 gallons of Klassen kike spunk, you Klassenite Kike Kock-suckers.

                    Crawl off an go die somewhere. YOU deliberately whip up the Genesis 3:15 hatred, then whine like a jew pussy when us Christian Identity snarl.

                    Get this straight, pagan whiggers: If you are genuine a-theists but want to attend a Christian Identity or Klan rally, then shut up or don't attend if you don't like what is said there. I don't go to jewdayo-whigger/mamzer camp meetings. I don't go to NSM rallys.

                    If, you survive the Great Tribulation, if you want to tell Jesus Christ you is an a-theist, then fine by me. And if your ruling warlord is Christian Identity and you want to live under his rule, then a pinch of profession of belief will make sure you get to live in peace within a jew-, nigger- and mamzer-free ethno-tribe.

                    But no, there was never no j[unity] within the bowel Movement, precisely because of stupid ZOGbot whigger and mamzer tricks like above.

                    A racial religion willing to use circumstances as they unfold to seize power when 290 million diseased-animal whiggers and mamzers die in the collapse isn't going to tolerate dissent when it cleans up and wants to make sure that the new order stays cleansed, racially, politically and religiously. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) knows what it wants, knows what is going to happen, and will take over as best as possible when the time comes. We know what we want and we know how we'll get it. And thus there will be nothing remaining of the 'tolerance' which got us as YHWH's Disobedient Servant Nation to the dire place about to collapse where we are today. None whatsoever!

                    You whiggers and mamzers love Sodom/ZOG/Babylon too much. Most of you will never leave, even when it is burning. But those who look back with longing, like Lot's wife, will be marked and branded and staked out on the salt-plains wherein used to exist their former ZOGling lives. Love of ZOG/Babylon is incompatible with racial and personal survival.

                    Hail Victory!!!

                    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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                      I want to bitch, and I want to bitch now

                      CreaTardivity: Mamzers Replacing a Dead Jew on a Stick With a Dead Jew on a Dick


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                        Leave It 2 jewr (CreaTarded) Beaver

                        Leave It 2 jewr (CreaTarded) Beaver


                        Originally posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological kikenmamzer View Post

                        I invite everyone to do a Google search and find out where Martin Lucifer Koon Lindstadt's highly fictional account came from.

                        It happens to be.....

                        Originally posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological kikenmamzer

                        Idiotically assert that 'Lindstadt' (the oafishul WhiggerSwill ZOGbot spelling) plagarized it from the $PLC. (Never admiitted is that the $PLC may have taken parts from the above-published screed attributed to the late Ricl Cooper and others, including Harold Covington)


                        Above link was posted on Da Pisser-Possum's Possum History Forum, back before Jeromy Visser cum into some ZOGbux as a ZOGbot.

                        But all one has to do is check the SPLC website for the real intelligence report....

                        I love to hear these ZOGbot whigger and mainly mamzers worsheeping a dead jew on a dick squeal. You see, they are invariably pussies which know that theyz' jew chickenhawk-derived religion is a fraud and so they squeal like kikes whenever scrutiny is brought to bear.

                        Contrast that with the Christian, and not only Christian Identity response when Coongenitally CreaTarded posted the old Internut fraud about how some so-called Pizza Family wrote the New Testament or some such silly shit. After all, CreaTards rewriting history is akin to niggers claiming that the evil White Man stole the alphabet and other inventions that the nigger invented first and sucked out of the pore congoids' craniums. CreaTards are CreaTarded, and thus worthy, if not of pity, then of close criminal attention.

                        Also illuminating is the response to the edjewmacated intellecjewalls here on Cunterresfags/feebs/f-tards. Coongenitally CreaTarded's posts are allowed to run wild while my posts are relegated here to Cunterre's jewlag. Same with known ZOGbots like TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill. However, if here at Cunterresfags/feebs/f-tards I am to be coonfined to the jewlag, then I must make the best of it, as pore, pore pityfool ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns cannot possibly compete with my wicked, wicked wit, and must be protected in theys' innocence of ability to debate anything which might conflict with their programming in the whigger finishing skrule. ZOGling whiggers are so fragile, which is why they wouldn't last more than a day or two at the NutHouse. Within a week at the prison, even the oldest in years of them would have an eagle & swastica back tattoo and SS runes on both butt-cheeks.

                        But to give Coongenitally CreaTarded its mamzer due, I bet that Coongenitally CreaTarded was and is one of Benny Buttfuck Klassen's Twelve Apissuls, whom Benny broke in personally, and thus like Aesop's foxes without tails, this CreaTards is out to make sure that other little whiggers and mamzers no longer have something as useless as a hymened mangina sphincter.

                        But enough fun at Cunterrefag/feeb/f-tard expense.

                        The History of the Bowel Movement I posted above contains a detailed listing of police events that Coongenitally CreaTarded couldn't explain away whatsoever, merely try to mitigate by posting some claims that the jew Klassen tried to use, unsuccessfully. It shows that CreaTards simply coonsist of a few whiggers and a lot of mamzers wanting to play at having a racial religion and being hysterically obsessed with theys' kikeish Genesis 3:15 enmity against Christianity in general and the White Man's Racial Hate Religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity in particular.

                        But not to worry. What difference does it really make if a dozen Klassenite Apissels and six allied Cosmotologists screetch that we all should worsheep the Whigger Wayce jewst like jews worsheep theysselfs as the Spawn of D-g? Won't they still be ZOGling ZOGbot mainly manzer ass-clowns?

                        Benny Klassen had an arrangement, like Lawyer Richard Barrett, to get itz jew self some Y&D&FofS (Young&Dumb&FullofShit) whigger mangina in itz 'Special Skrule' for budding CreaTards. Instead of dispensing shekels for whigger mangina and kikenknob-polishing, ButtFuck Benny dispensed kikenbabble and some whiggers and mamzers bought it. Only the smartest of the lot, the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy, went from CreaTardivity to being Woden's Only Living Profit That Lived, to Absolute Solipsism -- worsheeping jewrself and cutting out the middle-man/baal-priest. Of course, worsheeping jewrself is doubtless a great source of cumfort to the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy while locked away the past year in a Pittsburg jail cell or Pennsylvania NutHouse the past couple of months.

                        Now I don't really begrudge mamzeroid CreaTards running around in jewniform and vestments and liturgy borrowed from jewdayo-whiggerinanity. They are merely soulless animals with no real future, and if some clever kike persuaded them to part with their pearl of no great price, then what is it to me?

                        Here on Cunterresfags/feebs/fuktards, I LOVE seeing whigger and mamzer edjewmacated intelljewalls cluster-fuck around ZOGbot judas goats like TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill, and thus announce theys' racial loyalties. And if, like Gadarenian swine you all follow CreaTards over the cliff into perdition to drown, is that not a cheap and efficient disposal of jewrself? Someone prepared to fight to the death of 140 million whiggers and 150 million muds shouldn't be dismayed at the self-abasement and self-abuse of a dozen Cunterresfags/feebs/fuktards.

                        Hail Victory!!!

                        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
                        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

                        Pastor Lindstedt's Web Page
                        Pastor Lindstedt's Archive Page & Christian Nationalist Forum