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    A Testimonial (From some ass-clown that nobody has ever heard anything about)

    A Testimonial (From some ass-clown that nobody has ever heard anything about)


    Thomas de Aynesworth
    And yes, he looks like another Meercat faggot.


    Some people, who for whatever reason seem to resent criticism of Harold Covington's false statements, like to try to discourage this activity of setting the record straight by saying that it is a waste of time, that nobody cares, that it has no effect.

    Thomas de Aynesworth is one of several known counterexamples to that claim. Aynesworth was actually the person who suggested to Harold Covington the theme-music that he has been using at the beginning of his Radio Free Northwest podcast for the past four years.

    When I recently referred to Aynesworth as a supporter of Covington's, using some harsh words, he found me in my IRC channel to issue a clarification, which happens to be also a testimonial to the value and effectiveness of this blog. I was initially scared that he would try to de-nut me and get all enraged when he found out that I was already a gelding steer-meercat. Lucky for me that he is nearly as big of a pussazoid as I am. While he says that he was never affiliated with Covington it is evident that he was for a time positively disposed and had some "interactions" with him and some of his associates, which he terminated upon becoming better informed. Most normal people would simply whup my mattoid meercat ass if they ever got wind of me yipping and yapping about them and they even gave a shit, but not this fuktard. Nope, he communicated to me as if either one of us had something worthwhile to say:


    [22:50] Aynesworth: I am not, and never have been affiliated with Covington. When Covington first started his radio show, I was interested, ignorant of his past history. After getting the facts, I stopped interaction altogether. You really made me piss down my leg, Hadding you fucking loveless mattoid meercat.
    [22:51] Aynesworth: Also, meeting with a member of the NWF, I realized that any further interaction was pointless.
    [22:51] Aynesworth: He was messed up. Nearly as fucked-up as us Creatarded Piercetards.
    [22:51] Hadding: Well that was a good insight. Same thing that others have said. At least those who won't whup my loveless mattoid meercat ass on sight and make me piss down muh leg and run for the tall grass.
    [22:52] Hadding: You mind if I copy and paste that? And are you going to eat all of that shit sandwich, and if not, can I have it?
    [22:52] Aynesworth: All I am asking, is that you understand that I am not with him, never have been. When I was in his contact I was totally oblivious to his past. Your own work has helped me realize that he is a dangerous and unstable character. Thanks for making me a famous clueless pussazoid that nobody ever heard of. Now piss off, you loveless mattoid meercat, Hadding. Every ass-clown for itzself!!!

    This text was copied and pasted with permission. I'd like to thank him for not only not whupping muh loveless mattoid meercat ass but he also let me finish the shit sandwich that he got tired of eating.


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      Thomas de Aynesworth called Lender a jew on a different colostomy-bag forum

      Thomas de Aynesworth called Lender a jew on a different colostomy-bag forum

      Originally posted by Another Ass-clown

      Thomas was a cool guy, but his support of HAC leaves much to be desired.
      He does not support HAC.

      And if he was calling Alex a Jew without proof then he deserved to be banned.
      He did not call Alex a Jew. The comments he made were taken out of context, and were on a different server, so technically VNN rules should not apply anyway.

      I was going by this quote that Morozov posted:

      <Thomas_de_Aynesworth> Better to be a supporter of HAC
      <Thomas_de_Aynesworth> Than a sycophant for a Crohn's addled, fed abetting, slum lord like Linder.

      But you're right, it's a comment taken out of context, so it doesn't really prove anything. He could have just been saying that it's better to be a supporter of HAC than a sycophant for... But that doesn't mean he really is a supporter of HAC.

      Anyway, I am glad to hear that he doesn't support HAC.

      He did not call Alex a Jew. The comments he made were taken out of context, and were on a different server, so technically VNN rules should not apply anyway.
      True, he did not call Alex a Jew, and those comments were taken out of context and were on a different server, but I don't think he was banned for breaking any rules per se - I think Alex just didn't want to tolerate that kind of insult.

      Where does Thomas post now, if anywhere?


      Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!


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        I'm back here on Rabbi Linder's Kosher Colostomy Bag of a Tard Corral to sell sum swastika pussy honey

        I'm back here on Rabbi Linder's Kosher Colostomy Bag of a Tard Corral to sell sum swastika pussy honey

        You know that I did run off nearly a year ago, I was scared that Rabbi Lender/Linder was about to ban my Piercetarded fat skankazoid ass like he did WhiggerSwill Welass, but I've decided to cum-cum on back.


        To sell sum April Gaede Swastika Pussy Honey (TM), of course!!!

        Gaede Swastika Brand Pussy Honey
        in the following 11 flavors

        Whiskey Pussy
        Cinnamon Pussy
        Wild Sage Pussy
        Orange Wildflower Pussy
        Cracked Pepper Pussy
        Lemon Sweet Pussy
        Hot Pepper Pussy
        Pumpkin Spiced Pussy
        Smoked Chipolte Pussy
        Mint Pussy
        Smoked Campfire Pussy

        Or, of course the Original All Natural April Gaede Pussy-Flavored Swastika Pussy Honey. Yum-yum!!!

        This honey is raw grade A and GMO free with all natural Pussy flavoring and cold processed to retain its nutritional value.

        It was produced in the Sierra Mountain foothills of Californi a where my father runs his cattle ranch and brands his cattle with the swastika brand which is a symbol that can be traced back to 3000 BC. It has been used by the ancient Trojans, Native Americans, Buddhists and Hindus as well as by American cattlemen, a WWI American Army Division, the Boy Scouts and Coca Cola as a symbol of good luck. This symbol is also considered a sacred symbol for the Nordic people. Plus, it smells and tastes like my very own pussy!!!

        The jars come in 8 oz and are $9.99 each

        The cost of shipping 1-3 jars is Priority mail within the US $5.35 Canada $12.95 and Europe $16.95

        We can ship up to 8 jars at a time to a recipient in the UK. I am not sure about other locations in Europe yet but will check. Please let me know if you are interested.

        We can ship larger numbers of jars, up to all 11 flavors for flat rate Priority $11.35 within the US
        $32.95 Canada and $47.95 Europe.

        Experience for jewrself what WhiggerSwill Welass wishes that he used-to got and what that CI fuktard Karl Gharst didn't want but coulda got, and what is CornCobb's fuktarded North Dakota catnip!!!

        Cum and git it!!!


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          April been rode hard and put away wet

          From that photo of April in the Avatar ol' April sure is showing her mileage she's really gettin long in the blue tooth, the older she gets the more she looks like her Hibernian Negro mammy. I like this pic of Catcher's Mitt better:

          Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 12-25-2012, 12:58 AM.
          I'm Not Nearly Ass Clever ass I Think I Am.

          I'm Proud 2 B a Britton-Okie from Muskogee!!!.

          Listen to my "Cherokee" mamzer-faggot son call in about how I abandoned my mongrel sons:

          Drunken Tonto Death Threats:



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            The Green Mamzer 'thinks' you are Lindstedt

            The Green Mamzer 'thinks' you are Lindstedt


            Originally posted by poitin

            To the Glenn Miller supporters.Your little toerag stood up in a court room and spilled his guts against other Whites.There is no disputing that fact.He can not be trusted.Anyone who defends him and associates with him can not be trusted either.
            The admins and moderators have a long association with Alex Linder of VNNF. Thus of course they support federal informants while pretending to be pseudo-White Nationalist 'intellectuals'. Most of them are neither white nor much in the way of 'intellectuals'.


            Originally posted by Ankanuttin/The Green Mamzerizer via Rep

            Do you really think anyone here doesn't know you're Martin Lindstedt?
            That is what Hadding and Will Williams say.

            Lindstedt routinely spies on Movement forums. While this is not a Movement forum, I am using an old sock-puppet account of his. He sets up a number of them when he visits the library or McDonalds. Then he lets them lie inactive.

            Harold Covington wants people to give out links to his podcasts and blogs. Lindstedt is an ally of Covington as well as Hunter Wallace. This was an old sock-puppet account so when I asked Lindstedt what to do, he said that he hoped that I wasn't as big of an idiot as Pearson who couldn't obey simple instructions. So he gave me this account and told me to keep him informed via e-mail as to what was up. But to more importantly to show the Covington flag, so he composed the signature line I have.

            Then Hadding and Will Williams chimped out and Linstead got this idiot Pearson to join too. Pearson pretty much is on his own.

            I sent an e-mail to the good Pastor. He said that he is busy slurping up on some database found by some jewboy and is reading and downloading this stuff that the jewboy has put up now. Wants to get that shit onto hard-drive right quick.

            However, he and this Jew kid and the old owner are going to put the database onto a proper host and then go through the data. Publicise much of it, but in the course of events go into the membership files and tell most of the posters here to leave or get outed. I don't think you will have much of a forum left after this happens.

            I get the impression that someone who read the database was disgusted and they let the Jew have access to it. So you clowns aren't safe anyway.

            So do what you want about this. Ban me if you want. Linstead has a bunch of other accounts and even if they are purged, nothing keeps him -- or me -- from making other accounts.

            If I were you, I wouldn't piss off the good Pastor like you must of pissed off that Jew or the original owner you stole this forum off of.

            Pastor says:

            Hail Victory!!!


            Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!


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              Discussion about &quot;Protective Censorship&quot; with Lindstedt on the jewskike show 7-8 Sept 2013 Pt1

              Discussion about "Protective Censorship" with Lindstedt on the jewskike show 7-8 Sept 2013, Part 1


              Chat on the jewskike2005 / Peterless Goodmamzer Show of 7-8 September 2013:

              Download link:

              Guest 28 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] The recording has started.
              [4:20:33 AM] newsguy2005 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] newsguy2005 is on the call
              [4:20:33 AM] DogFartsCanPeelPaint is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] DogFartsCanPeelPaint is on the call
              [4:20:33 AM] SolutreanPride is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] Todd_N9OGL is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] Todd_N9OGL is on the call
              [4:20:33 AM] Apocales is logged into the chat
              [4:20:33 AM] Charles Langenberg is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Puffy is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Puffy is on the call
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] SicTheTank is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Hadding is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Mickey McAnus is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] bargepull is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 22 is on the call
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 23 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 24 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 26 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 25 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:34 AM] Guest 27 is logged into the chat
              [4:20:37 AM] <SolutreanPride> Turn his images over to his neighbors
              [4:20:42 AM] <Guest 26> Don't cry toad.
              [4:22:38 AM] <Guest 18> Puffy attracted friends in prison by putting his ankles behind his ears.
              [4:22:38 AM] <Hadding> Suing for libel is almost never worthwhile.
              [4:22:38 AM] <Puffy> Yeah what NewsGuy said.
              [4:22:38 AM] <Guest 23> why is puffy being mean too todd?
              [4:22:38 AM] <Guest 27> anything you need on todd
              [4:22:38 AM] <Puffy> I have kids. I hate Pedos.
              [4:22:38 AM] <SolutreanPride> Get 'em, NewsGuy!
              [4:22:39 AM] <Guest 26> Those toons are a placebo for pedos
              [4:22:39 AM] <Guest 24> BULLSHIT TODD, YOU POST IT
              [4:22:39 AM] <Guest 23> Todd used to be a kid
              [4:22:39 AM] Puffy has hung up
              [4:22:39 AM] <Guest 26> Toods t
              [4:22:42 AM] <Puffy> Thank you NewsGuy. What a sick little man.
              [4:22:47 AM] <Guest 24> Todd is too stupid to use correct English
              [4:22:54 AM] Guest 29 is logged into the chat
              [4:22:59 AM] <Guest 24> Todd uses the word FUCK so much because he doesn't know the words to say
              [4:23:07 AM] <SolutreanPride> Todd is a lisping pedo fagget
              [4:23:10 AM] <Guest 26> Todd's daddy use to tamper with him
              [4:23:13 AM] <Puffy> Todd tells people he has a 140 IQ. Give me a break.
              [4:23:17 AM] <Guest 24> Todd is fucking bi-polar
              [4:23:28 AM] <Puffy> HE is a nasty little man.
              [4:23:30 AM] <Guest 26> 14.0
              [4:25:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> 140 IQ, yet he pushes shopping carts for a living
              [4:25:55 AM] <Puffy> Go Intern. GO 22
              [4:25:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> Artie???
              [4:25:55 AM] <Guest 26> Todd is a cyber bitch
              [4:25:55 AM] <Puffy> Artie. How was Prison dude?
              [4:25:55 AM] <Guest 23> Arty has an IQ of 180
              [4:25:56 AM] <Puffy> I love Arty.
              [4:25:56 AM] <Puffy> Arty got fucked in prison.
              [4:25:56 AM] <Puffy> Arty! Arty! the Drunk
              [4:25:56 AM] <Guest 24> Is this Lovelle from Baltimore?
              [4:25:56 AM] <SolutreanPride> Arty has called in pissed drink many times
              [4:25:56 AM] <Puffy> I wuv me sum Arty.
              [4:25:56 AM] Guest 18 has left the chat
              [4:25:57 AM] <SolutreanPride> God damn, mother fuckin, god damn, fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck
              [4:25:57 AM] <Guest 29> Fucking hilarious! This is better than Leno any day!
              [4:25:57 AM] <Puffy> Arty! Arty! Arty!
              [4:25:57 AM] <SolutreanPride> Arty really sounds like a White nigger
              [4:25:57 AM] <Guest 23> How many times will Arty mention he used to be in College?
              [4:25:58 AM] <Guest 24> Did you see Todd bitching about Newsguy on his own blog?
              [4:25:58 AM] <Puffy> Arty is a Jew.
              [4:25:59 AM] Celtic Brony is logged into the chat
              [4:26:01 AM] <SolutreanPride> yes he is, Puffy. An self admitted jewboy
              [4:26:09 AM] <SolutreanPride> a self
              [4:26:16 AM] <Celtic Brony> ARTIE!!!
              [4:26:25 AM] <Puffy> HE is a smart Jew. Maybe not as smart as he thinks he is....
              [4:26:50 AM] <Puffy> NEWSGUY ASK HIM HOW MANY RX-7'S HE HAS.
              [4:27:05 AM] <SolutreanPride> He's smart enough. But he talks like a drunken sailor
              [4:27:38 AM] <Puffy> IT IS A PIECE OF SHIT.
              [4:27:59 AM] <Guest 24> Hey, I'm going to mail some of Todd's neighbors to help him promote his line of anime kiddie porn
              [4:28:11 AM] <Puffy> Rotary Engines
              [4:28:37 AM] SeaMonkeys is logged into the chat
              [4:28:39 AM] <Puffy> I love the Rotary Engine though. The concept
              [4:28:44 AM] <Guest 23> Arty is Pdemsky's brother
              [4:28:53 AM] <Puffy> Arty's trailer is surrounded by them
              [4:29:08 AM] Guest 26 has left the chat
              [4:29:27 AM] <Guest 23> Arty lives in a hud appartment
              [4:29:41 AM] <Guest 23> with 12 cats
              [4:29:49 AM] <Puffy> Arty lives in a trailer surrounded by RX-7's near a synagogue
              [4:30:03 AM] bargepull has left the chat
              [4:30:07 AM] <Celtic Brony> newsguy2005 please ask Artie if he prescribes of Colonel Coopers Scout Rifle Concept?
              [4:30:17 AM] <Guest 29> Newsguy...your condescension is showing...
              [4:30:21 AM] Puffy is on the call
              [4:30:33 AM] <Guest 23> (t)
              [4:30:41 AM] <newsguy2005> ok
              [4:31:28 AM] <Puffy> Arty puts spy devices in his RX-7's
              [4:32:12 AM] RumpleShitSkin is logged into the chat
              [4:32:19 AM] <Celtic Brony> newsguy2005
              [4:32:24 AM] <Guest 27> Todd Daugherty, N9OGL i love to molest children i got fired from Walmart for finger-banging a little girl in the bathroom
              [4:32:38 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Is this the sex doll show?
              [4:32:55 AM] <Puffy> That is so the Feds can't sneak up on Arty.
              [4:32:57 AM] <SicTheTank> it is now
              [4:33:06 AM] Puffy has hung up
              [4:33:07 AM] <Celtic Brony>
              [4:33:11 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Sweet latex ass!
              [4:33:26 AM] <Puffy> Wife wants me. Hopefully for secks.
              [4:33:31 AM] <Guest 23> puffy is fat
              [4:33:41 AM] <Puffy> My cawk is fat 23
              [4:34:00 AM] <Guest 23> and your stomach and neck and ass too
              [4:34:26 AM] <Puffy> You want my cawk, 23
              [4:34:39 AM] <Guest 29> Is Roger Wiseman listening in?
              [4:35:03 AM] <Puffy> Roger had surgery
              [4:35:22 AM] <Puffy> Arty is the one who calls Marty Chomo
              [4:35:27 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Your thinking about Todd
              [4:35:29 AM] <Guest 23> Are you hitting on me Puffy?
              [4:35:31 AM] <Guest 29> I heard Roger has cancer. Prostate cancer.
              [4:35:55 AM] <Puffy> Maybe, are you female and hawt.
              [4:36:02 AM] <Guest 24> July 5, 1968
              [4:36:32 AM] <Puffy> I wuv Arty. HE is a true Nim buster
              [4:36:37 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Marty's busy
              [4:36:39 AM] <Guest 23> I'm a dude
              [4:36:50 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> he's making icecream
              [4:36:54 AM] <Puffy> Are you a hawt shemale 23?
              [4:37:02 AM] <Puffy> Or a fat Trev?
              [4:37:04 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> peach
              [4:37:36 AM] <Guest 29> Buy this clown another drink! Not that he needs one...
              [4:37:38 AM] <Puffy> I think I will send Roger a get well card.
              [4:38:02 AM] <Guest 24> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
              [4:38:12 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> ramen, lol
              [4:38:23 AM] <Puffy> Roger is a Nimbuster and deserves our respect.
              [4:38:25 AM] <Celtic Brony> At least Visser gets the Feds visiting him from time to time
              [4:38:29 AM] <Guest 24> GO ARTIE GO
              [4:38:35 AM] <Guest 29> Does Roger really have cancer? Can anyone confirm that?
              [4:38:40 AM] Guest 25 has left the chat
              [4:38:52 AM] <Puffy> I dunno. I think it was Delores that was claiming it.
              [4:39:05 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> I'm waiting to see the Lindstedt edition of "Hoarders."
              [4:39:05 AM] <Guest 23> DAM THIS ARTY KIKE IS BORING AS HELL
              [4:39:20 AM] <Puffy> Arty likes to hear himself talk. He's okay.
              [4:39:24 AM] <SolutreanPride> Of course Woger doesn't have Cancer, UF said he does, so right there you know it is BULLSHIT
              [4:39:39 AM] <Guest 24> ARTIE TELLS THE TRUTH
              [4:39:43 AM] <Puffy> I wouldn't be so sure Arty. GOP near met a war they didn't like.
              [4:39:47 AM] <SolutreanPride> But Woger is old enough to develop cancer one day.
              [4:40:00 AM] <Guest 27> woger is a cancer
              [4:40:02 AM] <SolutreanPride> If there is such a thing as KARMA, a scum bag like Woger will go slow
              [4:40:09 AM] <Guest 29> But Roger lies about everything, so who knows?
              [4:40:13 AM] <SolutreanPride> he'll die of cancer
              [4:40:15 AM] <Hadding> Obama is going to look bad no matter how this turns out.
              [4:40:16 AM] <Puffy> We can all get cancer SoltreanPride. We could be dead tomorrow.
              [4:40:26 AM] <Guest 24> Roger got an honorable discharge, is a licensed master electrician. That alone puts him away above Lloyd and Todd
              [4:40:32 AM] <SolutreanPride> If Woger had cancer, he would admit it
              [4:40:38 AM] <Guest 23> Arty is a Forien affairs expert?
              [4:40:44 AM] <SolutreanPride> Woger will never look down on himself.
              [4:40:47 AM] <Puffy> I have to agree with 24.
              [4:40:49 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Todd can fly
              [4:41:03 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> woger can't fly
              [4:41:04 AM] <Puffy> I have never seen the Pedo get off the ground.
              [4:41:09 AM] <Guest 23> ARTY Dodged the draft
              [4:41:10 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> too fat
              [4:41:19 AM] <Celtic Brony> A flying Toad
              [4:41:25 AM] <SolutreanPride> Arty would be smart to avoid a draft
              [4:41:29 AM] <Guest 27> todd also molests kids thats how he stays so young and gay
              [4:41:35 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Please can't we stay out of other people's wars FOR JUST ONCE!!!!
              [4:41:43 AM] <Guest 24> All the trash in their house, Martin hasn't been to the dump in 20 years
              [4:41:47 AM] <Puffy> I agree with the Intern
              [4:41:52 AM] <SolutreanPride> Go fight and possibly die in some jew war? No thank you.
              [4:41:55 AM] <Guest 24> You know full fucking well Martin's house is full of garbage.
              [4:42:31 AM] <Guest 29> Roger is a liar. But he does like his rubber dolls.
              [4:42:33 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Martin's house is about to be converted into the Granby dump.
              [4:42:37 AM] <Puffy> Yeah at least Roger and Geno keep their lawn clean and mowed.
              [4:43:03 AM] <Guest 23> This is going over NewsGuy's head
              [4:43:16 AM] <Puffy> I am not sure that everything Roger says is true but I hope he is alright.
              [4:43:34 AM] <Puffy> I watched my bro go through Prostrate surgery. It was nasty.
              [4:43:54 AM] <Guest 23> Where did you live when you moved out of home at 18?
              [4:43:56 AM] <SolutreanPride> I'm sure it hurt you a lot, UF
              [4:44:14 AM] <Guest 23> fat camp?
              [4:44:16 AM] <Puffy> It did not hurt me personally. But it looked bad.
              [4:44:31 AM] <Guest 29> If Roger has to go through it, the doctor will have to remove his head to get at his prostate.
              [4:44:38 AM] <SolutreanPride> You know they say you can just leave the proste cancer alone, and don't operate on it. If you did that, your dick could still get hard
              [4:45:06 AM] <Puffy> Then you die painfully SolutreanPride
              [4:45:15 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> Little PUSSY (Puffy) send those anime pictures to the FBI. The FBI isn't going to do shit
              [4:45:20 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Oh noses! a ZOG false-front
              [4:45:37 AM] <SolutreanPride> You really fuck yourself over, blobgish. You should hasve kept your prosate. You'll still be a man now
              [4:45:52 AM] <Puffy> WEll You are a Nimbuster Toad. I would never turn you over to any law enforcement agency.
              [4:46:02 AM] <Guest 29> Roger can't use his dick anyway...except for peeing.
              [4:46:03 AM] <SolutreanPride> Toad?
              [4:46:05 AM] <Puffy> I am bound my the honor of Nimbusters.
              [4:46:29 AM] <Puffy> I really don't want to know about Roger's dick.
              [4:46:51 AM] <Guest 23> Arty sits on his ass watcheing 24 hour news all day
              [4:47:01 AM] <SolutreanPride> Both your dicks are forever flaccid
              [4:47:03 AM] <Guest 23> bbc
              [4:47:08 AM] <Puffy> Yeah so does NewsGuy, that is his thing.
              [4:47:10 AM] <SolutreanPride> too old men with dead dicks
              [4:47:11 AM] <Guest 29> Hell. Roger IS a dick!
              [4:47:13 AM] <SolutreanPride> two
              [4:47:24 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> Someone paging?
              [4:47:31 AM] <Puffy> Mine gets hard just fine. Solutrean.
              [4:47:48 AM] <SolutreanPride> Sure it does, Blobfish. Sure it does
              [4:47:51 AM] <Celtic Brony> Todd_N9OGL
              [4:47:59 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> When's NewsRat gonna talk about Japanese Sex dollS?
              [4:48:21 AM] <Puffy> IF I was drunk I would send you a pic SolutreanPRIDE that is what you want, isn't it.
              [4:48:35 AM] <Puffy> The pipeline is not that old.
              [4:48:39 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> I like that picture
              [4:48:59 AM] <Puffy> You need help Todd. Seriously dude that stuff is sick.
              [4:49:13 AM] Guest 27 has left the chat
              [4:49:17 AM] <Guest 29> Wonder if Arty has an Eotech holographic site on his imaginary rifle?
              [4:49:24 AM] <Puffy> I don't approve of my bros spank porn but all his models are at least 18
              [4:49:26 AM] <SolutreanPride> No, I want the redhaired guy to make a 30 second video on youtube where he sounds just like the blobfish/YOU
              [4:49:49 AM] <SolutreanPride> Do that, and I will admit to being your BITCH
              [4:49:51 AM] Guest 30 is logged into the chat
              [4:49:54 AM] <Puffy> I've done that Solutrean. Nothing I do you guys will ever believe.
              [4:50:02 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> no i'm defending material protected by the first amendment
              [4:50:09 AM] <SolutreanPride> You've never done that
              [4:50:19 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> You tell 'em Todd
              [4:50:22 AM] <Puffy> You are a sick, sick man. Todd.
              [4:50:24 AM] <SolutreanPride> Post the clip if you have. I will believe it
              [4:50:26 AM] <Guest 13> How bout getting rid of porn.
              [4:50:30 AM] <Guest 13> Making it illegal.
              [4:50:35 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> you got a fuckin' RIGHT to be a pedo
              [4:50:53 AM] <Puffy> NewsGuy saw it back in the day. How long have you been a Nimbuster?
              [4:51:06 AM] <SolutreanPride> I'm not a conspiracy tard, If I see the redhaired guy talking in your voice, I will believe it
              [4:51:13 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> Porn is protected speech unless it's obscene
              [4:51:14 AM] <Puffy> Russian is not really shit.
              [4:51:27 AM] <Guest 13> How often do you watch porn newsguy2005?
              [4:51:54 AM] <Guest 23> Stan said on the nimboard that this Syria thing feels like 1962 again
              [4:52:01 AM] SicTheTank has left the chat
              [4:52:01 AM] SicTheTank is logged into the chat
              [4:52:05 AM] <Guest 13> I think you all need girlfriends or wives.
              [4:52:15 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> or both
              [4:52:17 AM] <Guest 13> Then you wouldn't be so worried about all of this.
              [4:52:21 AM] <Puffy> Stan has flash backs. He was drunk in 1962 is proabley back on the sauce
              [4:52:28 AM] <SicTheTank> stfu G13
              [4:52:33 AM] <SolutreanPride> America will do whatever its jew masters tell them to do. Nothing we can do about it
              [4:52:45 AM] <Guest 13> Spend your time courting women and doing the right things in life.
              [4:52:53 AM] <Guest 29> Did Todd ever take that para glider off the ground? He posed with it...but that doesn't mean squat.
              [4:53:02 AM] <Puffy> You really believe that Soultrain guy? That is sad
              [4:53:15 AM] <SolutreanPride> All the top jews like Finestein and Kerry/Cohen are calling for a war, so a war will happen
              [4:53:41 AM] <Puffy> Arty confuses his disdane for America to be American weakness. LOL
              [4:53:44 AM] <Guest 23> Arty making up shit
              [4:53:50 AM] <Guest 23> again...
              [4:53:55 AM] <Puffy> Arty is delusional
              [4:54:01 AM] <Guest 23> true
              [4:54:03 AM] <SicTheTank> america needs to ship the kikes outta the country
              [4:54:16 AM] <Guest 29> How does Arty feel about our muslim president?
              [4:54:25 AM] <Guest 24> No, porn is not protected speech, or it would be all over network TV
              [4:54:28 AM] <Puffy> Why don't you do it sicthetank? Is your shipper broke?
              [4:54:40 AM] PaskellParis is logged into the chat
              [4:54:50 AM] <Puffy> Geno is here.
              [4:54:59 AM] <RumpleShitSkin>
              [4:55:02 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> it is protected and tv are a different issue
              [4:55:03 AM] <SolutreanPride> That would save the nation SicTheTank, but unfortunately, it will never happen
              [4:55:09 AM] <PaskellParis> Hello Bitchez
              [4:55:19 AM] <Puffy> Hello Geno, how is it hanging?
              [4:55:39 AM] <Puffy> Fuck you douches. Jews sign my pay check. I wuv them.
              [4:55:59 AM] <PaskellParis> Just spanking some mud honeys
              [4:56:14 AM] <Guest 24> Bullshit, Russian military is complete shit, 1980s technology
              [4:56:20 AM] <Puffy> You are not my bro, Geno.
              [4:56:24 AM] <Guest 29> Does Todd still pound his pud over cartoon porn?
              [4:56:42 AM] <Puffy> When he is not raping kids in a bathroom.
              [4:56:44 AM] <Guest 23> We? newsguy is in Iceland....
              [4:56:45 AM] <Guest 30> yea
              [4:56:49 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> I am a big support of anime
              [4:56:58 AM] <PaskellParis> Guest 13 come to daddy
              [4:56:59 AM] <SolutreanPride> But where do you send the jews? You send them to Israel. Where unfortunately, these smart vipers will start developing biological weapons to destroy u
              [4:57:01 AM] <Guest 24> Russia has one aircraft carrier that doesn't even work half the time and has no blue water navy
              [4:57:01 AM] <Puffy> You are a sick perv Toad.
              [4:57:03 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Toad pounds the stuffin' out his teddy bear
              [4:57:29 AM] <Puffy> Russia up to date? Bullshit Arty
              [4:57:31 AM] <Guest 24> USA is 30 years ahead of the Russians today
              [4:57:36 AM] <Guest 30> toad loves to rape lil boys in the walmart bathroom
              [4:57:47 AM] <Guest 24> 90 percent of Russian subs have been scrapped
              [4:57:48 AM] <Guest 13> Write me a poem Paskell
              [4:57:59 AM] <Puffy> Russia wasn't up to date in WW2
              [4:58:03 AM] <Guest 29> No wonder Todd has carpal tunnel syndrome. Too much wrist action in his mommy's basement.
              [4:58:11 AM] <Guest 23> Iceland has 1000AD technology
              [4:58:13 AM] <Guest 24> Russians can't even afford to paint both sides of their subs, they only show one side to the Americans
              [4:58:17 AM] <PaskellParis> Bend over here it cums again
              [4:58:24 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> In say russia is probably 1990's
              [4:58:39 AM] <Guest 24> 45 years old and still fucking into anime
              [4:58:40 AM] <Guest 13> All 7 inches Paskell?
              [4:58:43 AM] <Puffy> Russia's missles don't hit shit
              [4:58:46 AM] <SolutreanPride> Russians sure knows how to deal with the fags
              [4:58:54 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> I say the russian are in the 1900's technology wise
              [4:59:01 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Russia makes a shitty sex doll
              [4:59:02 AM] <PaskellParis> Watch my videos
              [4:59:07 AM] <Puffy> UF DID not say that. Arty
              [4:59:11 AM] <Guest 23> the sooner as icelamd melts away the better
              [4:59:12 AM] <Guest 13> All talk and no action Paskell?
              [4:59:20 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> sorry 1990's
              [4:59:20 AM] <Guest 13> What videos Paskell?
              [4:59:45 AM] <Guest 30> russia has spetnats and updated jets and anti aircraft weapons
              [4:59:46 AM] <SolutreanPride> Russians are starting to act like REAL White men. I support these people
              [4:59:59 AM] <Guest 29> Damn! Roger is indeed using Comcast!
              [5:00:06 AM] <Guest 23> Arty talking about the 80s
              [5:00:12 AM] <Puffy> Real white men? Do they interbred with their sisters?
              [5:00:15 AM] <SicTheTank> russia wants nothing to do with niggers or faggots
              [5:00:34 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Todd you ever rape a pumpkin in the late Autumn sun?
              [5:00:51 AM] <SolutreanPride> No, Puffy, they don't interbreed like the common jew
              [5:00:51 AM] <Puffy> You are full of shit sicthetank. Russia love rap.
              [5:00:51 AM] <Guest 24> If the Russians didn't have nuclear weapons, they be equal to the Netherlands military wise
              [5:00:51 AM] SW Missouri is on the call
              [5:00:59 AM] <Puffy> Get kelp Soultrain guy
              [5:01:03 AM] <SicTheTank> puffy take the nigger cock outta your mouth
              [5:01:07 AM] <Guest 24> Yea, Russians try shooting own planes with their rifles.
              [5:01:09 AM] <SolutreanPride> jews are so ugly because of they fuck their own family members
              [5:01:19 AM] <Puffy> NO FIGHTER TODAY CAN MATCH THE F-22 OR EVEN THE F-16
              [5:01:32 AM] <Guest 23> man, listening to these 2 jews go ass to mouth is boring
              [5:01:37 AM] <Puffy> Arty needed to be in prison.
              [5:01:37 AM] <SolutreanPride> Hey, puffy, you hate pedophiles, right?
              [5:01:42 AM] <SicTheTank> except china
              [5:01:59 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> Ever Jack-that-lantern, Todd?
              [5:02:04 AM] <Guest 24> It's not retard stuff... Russia has no blue water navy.
              [5:02:08 AM] <SicTheTank> china has every country beat
              [5:02:21 AM] <Puffy> 48 hours after war started Russia would not have an Air Force.
              [5:02:26 AM] <Guest 24> Newsguy, check out how many aircraft carriers Russia has
              [5:02:38 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> you can create an emp without a nucular explosion
              [5:02:38 AM] <Guest 23> yer wrong, DEADWRAONG!
              [5:02:38 AM] <Guest 24> They have ONE and it's half the size of the smallest American carrier.
              [5:02:44 AM] <Guest 28> Listening to jewboys explain about how if Russia attacks Turkey from the rear, Greece will nhelp.
              [5:02:56 AM] <SolutreanPride> Hey puffy, what do you think should happen to orthodox rabbis that chew off baby foreskin?
              [5:03:01 AM] <Puffy> Toad is right about EMP but it is just a technicality
              [5:03:06 AM] <Guest 20> they are both clueless
              [5:03:17 AM] <SolutreanPride> Do you think they should be arrested for child molestation?
              [5:03:30 AM] <Puffy> I don't care what the Jews do as long as they sign my pay check which is large.
              [5:03:36 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> you can download plans off the internet
              [5:04:00 AM] <SolutreanPride> So you give them a pass on chewing off baby foreskin because they sign your checks?
              [5:04:15 AM] <SolutreanPride> Yeah, that's what I would figure from you
              [5:04:24 AM] <SicTheTank> only a jew lover would do that
              [5:04:35 AM] <Puffy> IT is a religious practice. OCD on something else.
              [5:04:45 AM] <RumpleShitSkin> What about a Powered Pedo Glider?
              [5:05:14 AM] <SolutreanPride> You really are good little shaboss goyim, aren't you, UF
              [5:05:22 AM] <Guest 24> That's why Todd likes to fly kites at the park, attracts children to him
              [5:05:25 AM] <Puffy> Are you a Christian SolutreanPride?
              [5:05:41 AM] <Guest 23> I think we should take nukes off America and give them to china
              [5:05:46 AM] <Guest 29> Obama is inept. He wants to ruin the United States as we know know it.
              [5:05:46 AM] <SolutreanPride> I was born Roman Catholic
              [5:05:46 AM] PaskellParis has left the chat
              [5:05:54 AM] <Guest 20> newsguy2005 , Israeli has about a month left , then missiles will rain down on them
              [5:06:02 AM] <SicTheTank> let obongo start ww3 it will be the fastest way to a civil/race war
              [5:06:05 AM] <Puffy> Your religion is based on Judaism
              [5:06:23 AM] <SolutreanPride> No shit
              [5:06:28 AM] Guest 20 has left the chat
              [5:06:28 AM] <SolutreanPride> It is middle eastern
              [5:06:39 AM] <Puffy> Wow sicthetank is a complete idiot. Go back to VNN, little man.
              [5:06:53 AM] <SicTheTank> fuck off puffy
              [5:07:00 AM] <Guest 24> And that one carrier is half the size of any US carrier
              [5:07:10 AM] <Puffy> I am thinking of going fuck my wife.
              [5:07:11 AM] <SicTheTank> at least i dont love kikes like you
              [5:07:16 AM] <SolutreanPride> VNN RAWKS!
              [5:07:21 AM] <Guest 29> Obama is a clear and present danger to our country. He should be impeached.
              [5:07:26 AM] <Guest 23> don't grose us out UF
              [5:07:37 AM] <Guest 24> And their carrier is tied up the Medterrain Sea. They couldn't get out of it unless we allow it
              [5:07:51 AM] <Guest 24> Hell, Turkey can block their carrier from going anywhere
              [5:07:56 AM] <Puffy> Last week sickthetank. TEVA wrote me a check for 13,456.71 and that was for one week.
              [5:07:58 AM] <Guest 24> let's put it this way, ITALY HAS TWO CARRIERS
              [5:08:48 AM] <SicTheTank> wow look at all the fucks i give puffy
              [5:08:53 AM] <Puffy> In single combat Arty would kill Marty in under a minute.
              [5:08:57 AM] <Guest 23> Marty Vs Arty Grudge match!
              [5:09:41 AM] SW Missouri has hung up
              [5:09:42 AM] <Puffy> Make Marty and Arty wrestle in thongs, like SUMMOs
              [5:09:42 AM] <Guest 23> LOL
              [5:09:44 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> scaredy faggot.
              [5:09:49 AM] <Puffy> GO ARTY GO!'
              [5:09:54 AM] FatAss_Mabus is logged into the chat
              [5:10:00 AM] <Guest 28> What is the point of arguing with jew faggots?
              [5:10:02 AM] RumpleShitSkin has left the chat
              [5:10:28 AM] <Guest 28> I'll call back in a half-hour and see if the jews are behaving better.
              [5:10:52 AM] <Puffy> Can you imagine Marty as your neighbor? Oh shit.
              [5:11:03 AM] <Guest 24> Property value drops in half
              [5:11:12 AM] <Guest 28> And what happened to Demsky's show? At least that jewboy knows how to run a tighter ship.
              [5:11:18 AM] <Guest 23> Arty is a lonely ageing baby boomer with no friends
              [5:11:21 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> The firearms would be cleaned immediately.
              [5:11:33 AM] <SolutreanPride> LOL
              [5:11:35 AM] <Guest 29> I wonder if Arty's IQ is as high as his blood alcohol count?
              [5:11:42 AM] <Puffy> YOU WON COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR NEWSGUY2005
              [5:11:44 AM] <SolutreanPride> NewsGuy RAWKS!
              [5:11:47 AM] <Guest 24> Arty is cool. Wrong as shit but cool
              [5:11:48 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> ....and likely fired.
              [5:11:53 AM] <Puffy> THE SAME YEAR THAT I WON NIMBUSTER OF THE YEAR
              [5:11:57 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> city would tear down his house
              [5:12:07 AM] <Guest 28> The three-inch hibernigger mamzer and its nigger wimmen leave?
              [5:12:09 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> LOL Todd
              [5:12:34 AM] <SolutreanPride> You won twice, didn't you, blobfish?
              [5:12:42 AM] <Puffy> LAST YEAR I GO COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR
              [5:12:54 AM] <Puffy> LAST YEAR I WAS COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR.
              [5:12:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> THe Duke won three times if my memory serves
              [5:13:10 AM] <Puffy> I HAVE WON BOTH. NIMBUSTER OF THE YEAR
              [5:13:18 AM] <Puffy> AND COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR
              [5:13:25 AM] <SolutreanPride> But NewzFuhrer won the most prestigious title, wich was White Nationalist of the Year
              [5:13:37 AM] <Puffy> I am voting Patrick Hwang for Nimbuster of the year.
              [5:13:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> White Nationalist of the Year Title belong to NewsGuy!
              [5:14:03 AM] <Guest 13> Who here was calling himself Bill?
              [5:14:08 AM] <Puffy> PATRICK HWANG HAS MY 200 VOTES
              [5:14:20 AM] <Guest 13> And writing poetry and calling me every night?
              [5:14:39 AM] <Guest 29> I think DeLorean should be given accolades for exposing Roger and Lloyd.
              [5:14:42 AM] <SolutreanPride> I on't think you will find anyt poets on NIM Busters
              [5:14:44 AM] <Puffy> We are getting hacked
              [5:15:19 AM] <Puffy> IT IS ACTUALLY TRAYLA AND DAS BUT
              [5:15:22 AM] <SolutreanPride> You won it twice, Puffy!
              [5:15:36 AM] <Puffy> What did I win twice?
              [5:15:51 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Arty lying again/
              [5:15:53 AM] <SolutreanPride> NIM Buster of the Year
              [5:15:53 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> .
              [5:16:00 AM] <Puffy> Men sodomize NewsGuy?
              [5:16:16 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Arty, your nose is growing....
              [5:16:21 AM] <SolutreanPride> OWN the title
              [5:16:42 AM] <Puffy> I did win it twice but Stan took it away from me the first time and gave it to Lloyd.
              [5:16:48 AM] <Guest 29> Enough of this. Arty is becoming boring. Will someone put an apple in his dirty mouth?
              [5:16:51 AM] <SolutreanPride> LOL
              [5:17:11 AM] <Puffy> Arty is right about History Mike.
              [5:17:17 AM] <Puffy> Sorry NewsGuy
              [5:17:18 AM] <SolutreanPride> Stan can't take the title away from you, blobfish, Once you win, it's yours to keep
              [5:17:35 AM] Guest 22 has hung up
              [5:17:41 AM] <SolutreanPride> OWN it
              [5:17:43 AM] <Puffy> HE said I cheated SolutreanPride. Imagine that.
              [5:17:47 AM] <Guest 23> Bye Fatass Arty
              [5:17:55 AM] <Puffy> I wuv me sum Arty
              [5:18:00 AM] <Guest 30> <Todd_N9OGL> Niggers tongue my anus
              [5:18:03 AM] <Mickey McAnus> Todd's playing with his sex doll
              [5:18:14 AM] <Puffy> Hey guys I am going to try and have sex with my wife. LOVE YOU GUYS
              [5:18:21 AM] Puffy has left the chat
              [5:18:30 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Chabbin' svoidy?
              [5:18:36 AM] <SolutreanPride> By "imagine that", you admit that you did cheat?
              [5:18:46 AM] <SolutreanPride> You voted for yourself multiple times?
              [5:18:59 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> No working on a minecraft map
              [5:19:08 AM] <Guest 29> Todd is a 50 year old child...not much between his floppy ears.
              [5:19:14 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> overmodulated.....
              [5:20:27 AM] FatAss_Mabus has left the chat
              [5:20:34 AM] <SolutreanPride> Minecraft map? How lame. But I wouldn't expect any less from a HAM fagget
              [5:20:53 AM] <newsguy2005> Sorry
              [5:21:03 AM] <Guest 22> File complaits on Toad for sexual abuse of his mother!
              [5:21:08 AM] <SolutreanPride> Sorry for what?
              [5:21:15 AM] <Guest 29> I wonder if Roger is watching Honey Boo Boo reruns tonight?
              [5:21:27 AM] <SolutreanPride> The terrible music you're playing?
              [5:21:56 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> shodda foota?
              [5:22:00 AM] <SolutreanPride> Woger wuvs the widdle boys, not the widdle girls
              [5:22:10 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> oh, now I know...
              [5:22:23 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Shabbos Goya
              [5:22:29 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> LOL
              [5:22:38 AM] <Guest 23> no you were not
              [5:22:50 AM] <SolutreanPride> I hope that cunt gets skin cancer
              [5:22:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> tan away, bitch
              [5:22:59 AM] <Guest 30> axis porno
              [5:23:03 AM] SeaMonkeys has left the chat
              [5:23:30 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> puerto ricans eating on saturday.....shabbos goya
              [5:23:41 AM] SeaMonkeys is logged into the chat
              [5:23:47 AM] <Guest 23> FACT Arty is a fat idiot
              [5:24:07 AM] <SicTheTank> how the fuck have you not heard of white rabbit
              [5:24:26 AM] <Guest 29> Todd...wash your sticky hands before you get on this show...
              [5:24:58 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> `oh noooo
              [5:24:59 AM] <SicTheTank> puffy is into bdsm
              [5:25:09 AM] <SeaMonkeys> The INTERN!
              [5:25:13 AM] <Guest 5> i like intern's intro music
              [5:25:25 AM] <Guest 5> like william regal from golden age pro wrestling
              [5:25:43 AM] <SolutreanPride> It wasn't too loud
              [5:25:49 AM] <SeaMonkeys> Talk about your sex doll, INTERN?
              [5:26:11 AM] <Guest 5> *lord alfred hayes
              [5:27:19 AM] Guest 30 has left the chat
              [5:27:24 AM] Guest 31 is logged into the chat
              [5:27:38 AM] <SeaMonkeys> Todd's pimpin' his sex dolls out?
              [5:27:44 AM] <Guest 24> Axis Sally was doing lift and carry also.
              [5:28:24 AM] <SolutreanPride> The Intern looks like a ROCKSTAR!
              [5:28:32 AM] Hadding has left the chat
              [5:28:32 AM] Hadding is logged into the chat
              [5:28:55 AM] <Guest 24> Todd is also into lift and carry, tries to trick women in his town into lifting him up
              [5:29:07 AM] <SolutreanPride> The Intern is donating his goldilocks to a dying Aryan child
              [5:29:33 AM] <SolutreanPride> THat blonde hair just might act as a healing beacon
              [5:32:08 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> Ham operators take ham radio too serious
              [5:32:12 AM] SW Missouri is on the call
              [5:34:38 AM] Guest 32 is logged into the chat
              [5:36:34 AM] Guest 32 has left the chat
              [5:36:50 AM] <SolutreanPride> I don't get Al Jazeera. So I watch BBC
              [5:36:52 AM] Guest 33 is logged into the chat
              [5:37:00 AM] <Guest 33> tt
              [5:37:22 AM] Guest 33 has left the chat
              [5:37:36 AM] Guest 34 is logged into the chat
              [5:37:52 AM] <SolutreanPride> Jew Wise-centric
              [5:37:54 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> I've got it
              [5:37:58 AM] <SolutreanPride> Which is what you want
              [5:38:43 AM] <SolutreanPride> You want the truth, and nobdy looks for truth from a jew
              [5:38:48 AM] Guest 34 has left the chat
              [5:38:54 AM] SeaMonkeys has left the chat
              [5:39:30 AM] <SolutreanPride> Almost all american media is jew-owned. So Al Jazeera is a better alternative
              [5:39:37 AM] SicTheTank has left the chat
              [5:39:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> But most american cable providers don't carry Al Jazeera
              [5:39:59 AM] Guest 31 has left the chat
              [5:42:01 AM] <Guest 29> Fucking idiot...blaming everything on the Jews when our asshole-in-chief is a mucking fuslim.
              [5:42:13 AM] Guest 24 has left the chat
              [5:43:39 AM] <SolutreanPride> Martin needs to calm down.
              [5:43:51 AM] <Guest 29> Shut that idiot up! What a blabbering idiot!
              [5:44:20 AM] <Guest 29> Shut him off!
              [5:44:44 AM] Guest 35 is logged into the chat
              [5:44:50 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is funny
              [5:44:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> If they're jews, Martin, then don't let them get you so worked up. You are better when you are calm and cool
              [5:45:03 AM] SW Missouri has hung up
              [5:45:28 AM] <Guest 28> Fuck fighting with these two jew faggots tonight.
              [5:45:41 AM] <Guest 35> Why didn't you get the two PEDOS at once? Todd and Lindstedt.
              [5:45:47 AM] <Guest 28> Maybe next week, jewboys.
              [5:45:49 AM] <Guest 29> People like him should be sterilized!
              [5:45:55 AM] <SolutreanPride> Martin went to a funny farm. People do need to cut him some slack
              [5:46:09 AM] <Guest 28> Not by you chickenshit jew faggots.
              [5:46:11 AM] Charles Langenberg has left the chat
              [5:46:30 AM] Guest 36 is logged into the chat
              [5:46:33 AM] <SolutreanPride> You went through HELL, Martin
              [5:46:44 AM] <Guest 36> marty chomo hungup yet again what a total coward
              [5:46:52 AM] <Guest 29> Someone left the back door of the short bus open...and he escaped!
              [5:46:58 AM] <Guest 35> Call back in Marty. Newsguy wants you and Todd on at same time
              [5:47:10 AM] <Guest 36> marty is pure coward filth
              [5:47:39 AM] newsguy2005 has hung up
              [5:47:48 AM] <SolutreanPride> Martin always denied the charges laid against him, and in the end; he was fully acquitted!
              [5:47:51 AM] <newsguy2005> I'll be back
              [5:48:02 AM] <Guest 35> unblock Todd Newsguy
              [5:48:19 AM] newsguy2005 is on the call
              [5:48:38 AM] <Guest 29> Ignorance is forgivable. Stupidity is not.
              [5:48:50 AM] <Guest 36> \
              [5:49:34 AM] <Guest 5> it is actually common for fathers to tickle their baby sons' private areas with kisses
              [5:49:42 AM] <Guest 5> this is considered normal in many western countries
              [5:49:51 AM] <Guest 22> Can
              I fuck Lloyd?
              [5:50:10 AM] <Guest 29> Todd is busy with his Japanese doll....had to wipe his fingers off first.
              [5:50:12 AM] <Guest 35> guest 28, Todd just dissed you. Call in and confront Todd.
              [5:50:32 AM] <Guest 35> You scared of Todd Lindstedt?
              [5:50:55 AM] <Guest 35> .
              [5:51:13 AM] Guest 37 is logged into the chat
              [5:51:59 AM] <Guest 29> Lindstedt...a good target...
              [5:52:25 AM] <SolutreanPride> Confrontation always makes for great radio. NewsGuy understands this, that's why his show RAWKS
              [5:52:29 AM] <Guest 35> Todd, needs more experience with Lindstedt before he starts bashing Lindstedt
              [5:53:47 AM] <Guest 29> Lindstedt needs a couple visits from some huge black guys...then watch him piss his diapers!
              [5:54:02 AM] <SolutreanPride> All Lindstedt does is scream over other people when he doesn't think the argument is going his way
              [5:54:15 AM] VISSERS_METH_LAB is logged into the chat
              [5:54:51 AM] <Guest 35> Jim Giles screams at Pastor Martin Lindstedt 7-3-2010
              [5:55:13 AM] <Guest 29> I wonder if Lindstedt's daughter dates black guys?
              [5:55:56 AM] <newsguy2005> "Phonetically, you sound retarded" - Jim Giles to Marty Lindstedt
              [5:56:06 AM] Hadding has left the chat
              [5:56:17 AM] <Guest 35> Lindstedt, I reuploaded Jim Giles clip
              [5:56:22 AM] Hadding is logged into the chat
              [5:56:27 AM] <newsguy2005> thanks G35
              [5:57:01 AM] <Guest 35> The original one is too loud. I boosted the audio up using a software.
              [5:57:29 AM] <Guest 35> I reuploaded a new one without messing with the audio volume.
              [5:57:41 AM] <Guest 29> Almost as good as Todd's rant on 20 meters two years ago...
              [5:58:24 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> this is better
              [5:59:00 AM] <SolutreanPride> You play good clips, NewsGuy
              [5:59:02 AM] <Guest 29> Agreed, but equally as stupid.
              [5:59:10 AM] <Guest 35> "in a fist fight who would win, me or you?" "you (Lindstedt's response)"


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                Discussion about &quot;Protective Censorship&quot; with Lindstedt on the jewskike show 7-8 Sept 2013, Part 2

                Discussion about "Protective Censorship" with Lindstedt on the jewskike show 7-8 Sept 2013, Part 2


                Chat on the jewskike2005 / Peterless Goodmamzer Show of 7-8 September 2013:

                Download link:

                5:59:10 AM] <Guest 35> "in a fist fight who would win, me or you?" "you (Lindstedt's response)"
                [5:59:13 AM] <SolutreanPride> Your show always RAWKS!
                [6:00:14 AM] <Guest 29> This is a hoot!
                [6:01:07 AM] <Guest 36> Lindstedt the faggot submitted to Giles the Alpha
                [6:01:09 AM] <Guest 29> Does Lindstedt's IQ even come close to room temperature?
                [6:01:25 AM] <Guest 35> Jim Giles rant on Edger Steele 7-3-2010
                [6:03:53 AM] <Guest 35> newsguy2005, post a link to that
                [6:03:58 AM] <Guest 35> THats another Nimbusters classic
                [6:04:16 AM] <Guest 29> Lindstedt is a fucking goon....
                [6:05:00 AM] Todd_N9OGL has hung up
                [6:05:08 AM] <SolutreanPride> NewsGuy's a PRO
                [6:05:27 AM] <VISSERS_METH_LAB> Lindstedt talks too much about sucking dicks not to be a faggot himself
                [6:05:29 AM] DogFartsCanPeelPaint has hung up
                [6:05:32 AM] <Guest 29> Off and clear...
                [6:06:01 AM] <SolutreanPride> Cheers, Intern!
                [6:06:03 AM] <Todd_N9OGL> N9OGL SHOW 128923
                [6:06:08 AM] Apocales has left the chat
                [6:06:09 AM] <Guest 35> give me the link Newsguy, I will upload it to picosong myself
                [6:06:37 AM] <SolutreanPride> My new Homepage!
                [6:06:53 AM] Guest 29 has left the chat
                [6:06:59 AM] The recording has ended.
                [6:07:05 AM] <Guest 28> Looks like these two jewboys gave up on sucking each other off tonight. what happened to the Demsky show?
                [6:07:13 AM] <newsguy2005>
                [6:07:19 AM] newsguy2005 has hung up
                [6:07:37 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Hej Solutrean....God Kvall!
                [6:07:58 AM] Guest 37 has left the chat
                [6:08:10 AM] <SolutreanPride> Don't know what that means
                [6:08:16 AM] Guest 5 has left the chat
                [6:08:22 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> U need to hang a-swingin' from a tree, Lindstedt!
                [6:08:37 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> God Kvall.....Good evening
                [6:08:38 AM] <newsguy2005> Jim Giles meets James Golden (Rush Limbaugh Show)
                [6:08:48 AM] Todd_N9OGL has left the chat
                [6:08:50 AM] VISSERS_METH_LAB has left the chat
                [6:09:01 AM] Guest 13 has left the chat
                [6:09:10 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Hej=English Hey and is pronounced the same.
                [6:09:29 AM] Celtic Brony has left the chat
                [6:10:08 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> there are many similarities between Swedish and English....
                [6:10:23 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> both are Germanic family languages.
                [6:10:52 AM] <Guest 28> The epileptic retarded jewboy faggot needs skinning and gelding. Then a inal strangulation with jewskike's kike guts.
                [6:12:07 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> Norwegian, Swedish and Danish speakers can pretty much understand each other....the differences would be how each languages words are spelled.



                [6:12:10 AM] <Guest 28> So Hadding, what are you doing here listening to these kike faggots? Want to attend tomorrow night's Movement Turd?
                [6:12:41 AM] <Hadding> I wasn't listening the whole time.
                [6:12:50 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> visualise chomos a-swingin' from a tree, bitch.
                [6:13:07 AM] <Hadding> I'd be more inclined to listen to your show if it had a less unsavory name.
                [6:13:14 AM] The Call has ended.
                [6:13:29 AM] <DogFartsCanPeelPaint> God Kvall, all. Off to bed.
                [6:13:42 AM] <Guest 28> You didn't miss much. Just a number of kikes discussing whether if Russia attacks Turkey from the rear if Greece will help. That and matzo reciepes.
                [6:14:39 AM] <Guest 28> I prefer to imagine making jewskike bite off and swallow itz epileptic retarded jewboy faggot's nutsack.
                [6:15:38 AM] <Hadding> Marty I am also put off by the fact that you are so devoted to Tubby.
                [6:15:49 AM] <Guest 28> Anyways, did you hear that phorafag/feebs banned my last sock-puppet over there? And that Kane has given me access to the private messages?
                [6:16:16 AM] <SolutreanPride> A lot of Drama
                [6:16:26 AM] <Hadding> I am not worried about ThePhora anymore.
                [6:16:33 AM] <SolutreanPride> Demsky is right, why do you care what these losers think about you?
                [6:16:40 AM] <Guest 28> Well, you are the KAS-Fluffer Meercat, Moan Hadding. We all end up being a disappointment somehow to each other.
                [6:16:58 AM] <SolutreanPride> Is it male-menopause that makes you act like an old woman
                [6:17:17 AM] <Guest 28> But not bthese jewboys. They are jewboys after all.
                [6:17:32 AM] <Hadding> I have basically no connection to KAS except that I used to talk to him occasionally when we were both in the NA.
                [6:17:46 AM] <SolutreanPride> Anyone who disagrees with you is a jew in your World
                [6:18:22 AM] Guest 36 has left the chat
                [6:18:27 AM] <Guest 28> Well, Soultrainean Pride, you always were a eunuch and a mongrel unable to understand how to act white, so I gave up on you six months ago.
                [6:18:54 AM] <SolutreanPride> When have I ever acted NON-White?
                [6:19:51 AM] <Guest 28> So, reduced to working with Carolyn Yenta, are you? No posting on pointless v-bulletin forums ant more?
                [6:20:21 AM] <Hadding> I cut way back on forum activity when Linder banned me from VNN.
                [6:20:35 AM] <Hadding> I did a lot more blogging instead.
                [6:20:38 AM] <Hadding> That's better.
                [6:20:50 AM] <SolutreanPride> I have nothing to do with Caroyln Yenta.
                [6:20:52 AM] <Guest 28> Sometimes you have attained partial whiggerdumb, Soultrainean Pride. Most of the time you have no idea of how to act.



                [6:21:17 AM] <Guest 28> I'm interested in talking to Hadding right now.
                [6:21:37 AM] <Guest 28> Linder banned you again?
                [6:21:39 AM] <SolutreanPride> Understand
                [6:21:51 AM] <Hadding> No I am referrring to back in 2010.
                [6:22:06 AM] <Hadding> I haven't done very much posting on fora since then, relatively speaking.
                [6:22:26 AM] <Guest 28> Yeah, but that was when Linder needed to be seen supporting Edgar Steele.
                [6:23:11 AM] <Guest 28> Did you read WhiggerSwill's private messages wherein WhiggerSwill thinks Linder is a jew?
                [6:23:19 AM] <Hadding> After that and a somewhat similar experience at SF over the same thing, I decided that I don't need to compete for space and attention with dummies.
                [6:23:28 AM] <Hadding> I can say whatever I want on a blog.
                [6:23:44 AM] DogFartsCanPeelPaint has left the chat
                [6:23:53 AM] <Hadding> No I did not see that, nor have I ever heard him say that.
                [6:24:08 AM] <Hadding> He thought Bill White was a Jew.
                [6:24:18 AM] <Hadding> which seems possible.
                [6:24:29 AM] <Guest 28> That's true Hadding. Your blog you get to say whatever you please on it. Pity you can't extend the same courtesy to Covington.
                [6:24:50 AM] <Hadding> He was upset because Linder was protecting BW while letting him say all kinds of shit against him.
                [6:25:16 AM] <Hadding> Aw is Tubby complaining that I don't let him speak?
                [6:25:29 AM] <Guest 28> Susan begged WhiggerSwill to give her $300 to fix her abscessed lower jaw. WhiggerSwill demanded that Susan get Linder to let him and you back on VNNF
                [6:25:32 AM] <Hadding> That would be a strange complaint.
                [6:25:53 AM] <Hadding> I don't know about that stuf.
                [6:26:03 AM] <Hadding> I just focus on a few things.
                [6:26:37 AM] <Hadding> Did you see my most recent post about Tubby's lying?
                [6:26:40 AM] <Guest 28> Then Linder let you back on, but not WhiggerSwill. So I don't think that WhiggerSwill gave Susan the money.
                [6:26:55 AM] <Hadding> I have no idea about that.



                [6:27:42 AM] <Guest 28> Yeah, but look Hadding. Everyone sees your private messages where you beg the phorafag/feeb admins to censor me and my sockpuppets, then you look
                [6:27:47 AM] <Guest 28> just like a jew.
                [6:28:00 AM] <Hadding> Everybody knew that already.
                [6:28:03 AM] <Guest 28> Whining that the Holohoax is true.
                [6:28:14 AM] <Hadding> That's the Academy. There's supposed to be some censorship.
                [6:28:27 AM] Guest 23 has left the chat
                [6:28:40 AM] <Hadding> That would be a fabrication. I never whined that the Holohoax was true.
                [6:28:51 AM] <Guest 28> Yes, but does truth really flourish if some jew or you gets to censor away dissent?
                [6:29:06 AM] <Hadding> Truth does better if Tubby is in a coma.
                [6:29:47 AM] <Hadding> Hitler really had the right idea by putting political troublemakers into camps.
                [6:29:52 AM] <Guest 28> No Hadding. My point is that you seem no different than some jews whenever you and WhiggerSwill demand that those who agree with Covington get censore
                [6:30:09 AM] <Hadding> I am not an unconditional advocate of free speech under all circumstanes.
                [6:30:34 AM] <Hadding> That's liberalism.
                [6:30:45 AM] <Hadding> I'm a national-socialist.
                [6:31:04 AM] <Guest 28> No, you are not. When it comes right down to it, you are no different than jews whining that they need "protective censorship."
                [6:31:30 AM] <Hadding> I was less bothered by your John Reltney posts than by that necrophile Thomas777 later on.
                [6:32:33 AM] <Hadding> It was the moderator who said that you were John Reltney and decided to ban you. I didn't know until after.
                [6:32:33 AM] <Guest 28> Thomas777 is a Skokie jewboy. Stupid kikeling spent two hours in Kane's shitbox trying to claim that I was a diabetic nigger.
                [6:32:55 AM] <Guest 28> Which moderator?
                [6:33:17 AM] <Hadding> It's openly stated on the Urban Legends thread.
                [6:33:41 AM] <Hadding> I was saying that it didn't come across as Pope Marty and the other guy was saying yes it is.
                [6:34:15 AM] <Hadding> Anyway the standards of moderation on that thread went way, way down after the first year.
                [6:34:23 AM] <Hadding> So I gave up on that forum.
                [6:34:31 AM] <Guest 28> You had two years to lie about Covington and eventually the rest of the phorafags/feebs got tired of protecting you and WhiggerSwill.
                [6:34:52 AM] <Hadding> Please please indicate a LIE that I told about Tubby.
                [6:35:14 AM] <Hadding> I was correcting his lies.
                [6:35:49 AM] <Guest 28> My point exactly. You and WhiggerSwill need "protective censorship." If you are not protected from skepticism, then you simply can't make it.
                [6:36:31 AM] <Guest 28> No Hadding. You were making up new lies and nitpicking over fine points.
                [6:36:33 AM] <Hadding> Censorship is a given in "The Academy."
                [6:36:33 AM] <Hadding> It's supposed to be controlled.
                [6:37:04 AM] <Hadding> The reason why I wanted that, was explained in my first post on that thread.
                [6:37:09 AM] <Guest 28> By who? jews? Or weak-minded whigger and mamzer ZOGbots?
                [6:37:28 AM] <Hadding> It's because Tubby seriously disrupted a similar thread on Kelso's forum.
                [6:38:01 AM] <Hadding> He kept trying to divert it into rumormongering about Don Black etc.
                [6:38:15 AM] newsguy2005 has left the chat
                [6:38:27 AM] <Hadding> You know perfectly well how that works.
                [6:38:33 AM] <Guest 28> My point exactly. Neither you nor WhiggerSwill nor Rabbi Linder or Don Black nor the rest of the tards can handle free speech. You have to control it.
                [6:38:47 AM] <Hadding> I believe you are familiar with the term LOGROLLING?



                [6:39:08 AM] <Hadding> I have the posts from Tubby's blog where you and he talk about how to disrupt discussions.
                [6:39:48 AM] <Guest 28> "Disrupt"? Or try to get our message out?
                [6:40:06 AM] Guest 35 has left the chat
                [6:40:38 AM] <Hadding> http://noncounterproductive.blogspot...ange-from.html
                [6:40:47 AM] <Guest 28> And, thanks to Kane, I have the private messages to show that neither you nor WhiggerSwill can handle free speech.
                [6:40:54 AM] <Hadding> Some nice truth there countering some of Tubby's lies.
                [6:41:15 AM] <Hadding> The Academy is not supposed to be about free speech.
                [6:42:00 AM] <Guest 28> I doubt National Socialism is about letting pencil-necked dweebs censor free inquiry.
                [6:42:31 AM] SolutreanPride has left the chat
                [6:42:49 AM] <Hadding> Did you look at how I exposed Tubby's false history of Frank Collin?
                [6:43:20 AM] <Hadding> Tubby tries to blame Matt Koehl for the story that Collin's father was a Jew, when it was the father himself who was saying it.
                [6:43:39 AM] <Hadding> Documented with a mainstream journalistic source.
                [6:43:39 AM] <Guest 28> You are one camel-swallowing gnat-straining meercat, Hadding.
                [6:44:14 AM] <Hadding> Why do you think Tubby tries so hard to obscure the fact that Frank Collin is a half-Jew?
                [6:44:55 AM] <Guest 28> So if you get to censor contrary opinion, then how does anyone know whether or not you are taking advantage of this by hiding inconvienent facts?
                [6:45:01 AM] <Hadding> He even edited a Metapedia article to eliminate that fact.
                [6:45:11 AM] <Hadding> I documented that he did this.
                [6:45:26 AM] <Hadding> That's Tubby doing censorship.
                [6:46:05 AM] <Guest 28> You make all these accusations and nit-picks while demanding censorship of dissent. How does anyone tell where the lies begin or end.
                [6:46:35 AM] <Hadding> Well everything that I just said is documented.
                [6:46:38 AM] <Hadding> on that blog.
                [6:47:05 AM] <Hadding> Meanwhile you support a man that you know perfectly well tells the most outrageous lies.


                [6:47:54 AM] <Guest 28> Not really. Whenever something becomes inconvienent you censor away criticism or dissent. And you 'think' that this is acceptable!!!
                [6:48:23 AM] <Hadding> Your idea of freedom of speech is to march back and forth with a bullhorn shouting so that a man on a podium can't be heard.
                [6:48:39 AM] <Hadding> That's really what it boils down to.
                [6:48:54 AM] <Guest 28> Same thing with Carolyn Yenta Yeager. She censors away any discussion of Rabbi Finck being a murderous jew pig that murdered a prisoner in the Jersey
                [6:49:00 AM] <Guest 28> City Jail.
                [6:49:27 AM] <Guest 28> Then she wonders why nobody thinks that she is credible?
                [6:50:04 AM] <Guest 28> She and CornCobb were all scart of me asking CornCobb some questions last week.
                [6:50:17 AM] <Hadding> I think Cobb just hates you.
                [6:50:28 AM] <Guest 28> And then she whines about what I say about her on my forum?
                [6:51:07 AM] <Guest 28> No, CornCobb has had some bad experiences with Christian Identity pastors, especially Karl Gharst.
                [6:51:26 AM] <Hadding> Okay so it isn't just you that he hates.
                [6:51:38 AM] <Guest 28> Karl ran CornCobb out of Kalispell.
                [6:51:58 AM] <Guest 28> Karl ran Axis Skanky out of Kalispell.
                [6:52:32 AM] <Guest 28> Karl is one lean, mean mamzer-dispelling machine.
                [6:54:31 AM] <Guest 28> I think that CornCobb and TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill are ZOGbots. You Hadding, are a mere useful meercat.
                [6:55:04 AM] <Hadding> Ah okay. That's mighty White of you to give me the benefit of the doubt.
                [6:56:12 AM] <Guest 28> Anyway, Hadding, you are welcome to visit my show tomorrow night at 9:30pm. Better than listening to jewskike.
                [6:56:32 AM] <Hadding> If I am bored and have nothing else to do and I think of it, I might.
                [6:57:15 AM] <Hadding> You should change the name to something less revolting.
                [6:57:33 AM] <Guest 28>
                [6:58:11 AM] <Guest 28> Why? What do you think a bowel Movement produces other than a Movement Turd?


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                  Where We Stand: September 2013

                  Where We Stand: September 2013



                  [Excerpt from the September 2013 issue of Northwest Observer.]

                  I don’t want this to turn into one of these endless rants about the problem itself which comprise most right-wing and racial material, while never mentioning any solutions. But I turn 60 years old in a few days and we need to figure out exactly where we stand at this point in time, before we can start to assess any possible pathways of escape from this outhouse. I’ll try to keep it as brief and to the point as I can.

                  The good news is that as lazy and terrified and buffaloed as White Americans are, the Jews still haven’t closed the sale. Even if they won’t admit it, the majority of the hapless White people in this country see what the dictatorship is doing, they see what is coming, and they don’t want it. If they don’t see, then the onrushing train wreck of Obamacare will wake up their ideas in a hurry.

                  The most impractical of all liberal policies is diversity, or multi-culturalism. One of the main mantras of liberalism down through the years has always been the inexplicable idea that somehow a chaotic mix of races, cultures, and nationalities in one big tossed salad provides “strength.” This idea is utter rubbish, as the quickest glance through any history book will prove. This may be one reason why liberals are doing everything they can to re-write the history books.

                  Even today in Obama’s Amurrica, Whites are still voting with their feet and fleeing the mudflow. We have to make sure that most of them flee Northwest. Despite the most massive propaganda campaign in history and despite a few glaring public examples, the Jews and liberals simply have not been able to sell diversity to the majority of the White American public. Now we hear the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is talking about buying up foreclosed homes and making the federal government the country’s largest landlord, using their ownership of millions of empty homes which will become rental units in order to “impose diversity in housing” (their words.)

                  The sub rosa agenda here is not just to force blacks and beaners into White neighborhoods but to break up red-state voting blocs and assist in the destruction of the Republican Party, another prominent item on the dictatorship’s agenda. It will be interesting to see how far they can get with that. The fact that White Americans have learned not to express their dislike of diversity for fear of legal and economic retaliation does not mean that they do not despise it. Given the first opportunity and sufficient money, Whites still flee diversity like a thing unclean, stampeding into the suburbs.

                  Then when the reeking mudflow follows, Whites who can afford it move on to the “latté towns” out in the hinterlands, the liberal élitist communities like Napa and Boulder and Burlington, Vermont and Chapel Hill, North Carolina—organic enclaves of Birkenstocks, bicycles, and granola with low-key, highly efficient police forces and the smallest non-White population necessary to provide nannies and gardeners and garbage men, said non-Whites being kept as discreetly in their place as if they were living in Soweto under apartheid.

                  White couples will work two and three jobs in order to send their children to exclusive lily-white private schools. Whites are fleeing to gated communities which are in fact fortified villages almost like medieval castles or ancient hill forts, ringed with restrictive covenants designed to keep blacks and browns and yellows out (without, of course, openly admitting that’s the idea.) Despite enforced association for the past sixty years in schools and in the workplace, actual integration of the races out here in the real world is still almost non-existent. Bear in mind, under the liberal social engineering scenario of the 1950s and 1960s, the entire generation of Americans born in the 1990s were supposed to be brown-skinned.

                  But actual miscegenation is not the major threat to the White man’s continued existence. That threat consists of two things: the way in which we are ageing, and in feminist White women’s refusal to bear children, which means we are not replacing ourselves. The problem lies not so much in our women producing brown babies—only a statistically insignificant number are doing so despite six decades of brainwashing—but in the fact that they are producing almost no new babies at all.

                  What we have to do now is to make a serious, adult effort to try and figure out how much time we have left before events spiral out of control to the point where liberal democracy is actually undermined, i.e. they lose their blue-shirted, black-body-armored, and silk-suited muscle men. The police, the FBI, the spooks, the military, the army of prison guards—in other words, the muscle men who keep the dictator in power for money—these are absolutely necessary for the survival of the regime.

                  The muscle men are the key. When their direct deposits stop hitting their banks on the first and fifteenth of every month, or when the money won’t buy anything, then that is when the dictatorship will be vulnerable. So long as the muscle men are still getting their paychecks, and the money will still buy stuff, direct action for change will not be impossible, but it will be very difficult. Direct action for change pre-Balloon-Going-Up will require a level of organization and character transformation which White people don’t seem to be capable of now.

                  When the muscle men are no longer getting paid, or they are getting paid in worthless government scrip, or when the economy becomes so bad and the supply infrastructure becomes so broken that the pumps at the gas station and the shelves at the Wal-Mart and Safeway are empty, and the muscle men have to turn free-lance to feed their families and to feed themselves—this will be the true benchmark of when The Balloon has Gone Up.

                  This isn’t to say that when the first direct deposit fails the Balloon will have Gone Up. There must be repeated missed paychecks or a systemic monetary failure making those paychecks worthless. It must reach the point where the muscle men begin abandoning their posts, leaving the wealthy élite unguarded in their mansions, the judges alone in their chambers, and the bureaucrats alone in their cubicles. The muscle men will probably go foraging or marauding, like Soviet soldiers in Eastern Europe of the late 1980s, and they will no longer be around and available physically to protect those who are responsible for all this horror—or indeed, inclined to protect these people if they are, since they are no longer receiving their hire, or are getting it in worthless scrip that buys nothing.

                  When we see that those responsible for the horror are all alone in their plush offices or cubicles, and have no steroid-pumped primates they can call on for protection from the consequences of their behavior, or at least only a small number of remaining muscle men who can be dealt with on the ground without massive backup from the régime flooding the area—then that is the window of opportunity for change.

                  In 1983 the FBI threw an army of 800 agents into the Northwest to track down the dozen or so men of the Order. When that 800-man backup army is no longer available, that’s our moment. When the mayor of Seattle or the governor of Oregon can no longer pick up the phone and call D.C, for the 82nd Airborne, then our time will have come, if we are ready for it.

                  Hopefully the chaotic economic and social conditions which Obama and the Democrats will bring on as part of their attempt to transform America into a Marxist one-party state, will also help many White males throw off the past 60 years of Judaeo-liberal social engineering and make them capable of affecting direct change.

                  You will ask, “So, Harold—how likely is it that the Balloon really is going to Go Up any time within the next few years?”

                  Seriously? With many disclaimers and caveats, right now I’d give it about 70-30 in favor of a continuing shaky “stability” for the next five years. After that all bets are off. It depends on when and how the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” finally catches up with the régime and destroys the money supply. The deterioration will get worse as the Democrats attempt to impose a Surveillance State under one-party rule. Depending on the events of 2016, which right now can’t be predicted with any certainty, I’d say that by 2023 this country will be pretty much unrecognizable, one way or the other, and that White people will be suffering like animals under a tyranny where the velvet glove has been replaced by the iron heel.

                  I normally don’t make timeline predictions, but to be quite honest, I would be very surprised if there was not some kind of really serious upheaval within the next ten years. What that might be I can’t guess, but always be on the lookout for the window of opportunity for direct change, the signal that the Balloon has indeed Gone Up—the muscle men are no longer getting paid.

                  The Revolutionary Tripod

                  Yes, time to go over this again, because it’s important. You guys really need to wrap your minds around this, or get your arms around it, or whatever the current expression is.

                  How, exactly, does direct change come about in any society? Three conditions must be fulfilled, a tripod of revolutionary paradigms. All three are required. Failing any one of the legs of this tripod, there will be no change. Liberal social engineers have been attempting for well over a generation now to use the many instruments of state power to implement ideologically-motivated programs which are based on flawed
                  assumptions regarding human nature, and which have no foundation in human reality.

                  The liberal democratic state therefore requires more and more effort and expense and manpower to be concentrated on enforcing bizarre and anti-social behavior patterns on people which people do not wish to engage in, thus creating the first of the three revolutionary preconditions:

                  1. The tacit withdrawal of the consent of the governed.

                  More simply put, a majority of the people of the country or society in question must want a new order to be established, along with a new distribution of wealth and power—or at least, they must not be so vested in the system as to be averse to such a change, to the point where they will not actively resist it, even if they do not actively assist. Apathy is a form of withdrawal of consent, and once this is understood, it becomes apparent that we are very close to achieving this in America, however far we may have lagged behind on the other two necessary revolutionary preconditions. The second leg of the tripod is:

                  2. A credible alternative in the form of a fighting revolutionary party.

                  The majority of White people of the Northwest must not just desire a change of rulers and an end to Political Correctness, they must want us specifically to rule them and bring about that kind of change. Or else, the majority of the people must not oppose us and be willing to sit still for the creation of the Northwest Republic.

                  Our failure here regarding local support is almost total, of course, since pretty much everybody is just sitting around waiting for Harold to pull the magic beans out of his pocket and produce a finished product, without risk or inconvenience. Furthermore, most of you are sitting around in Pittsburgh or Tennessee or Tulsa and you have made not the slightest effort to migrate yet, so when the Balloon finally does Go Up no one is going to be where the hell they should be even if somehow you could be persuaded to act. But if we ever do decide to devote serious effort toward building a revolutionary party, as evinced by you people packing the moving vans and getting your asses up here where you’re supposed to be, we’ll be amazed how quickly we can catch up. Back In The Day I have seen a four-or-five-man team of genuinely active and committed people work miracles in a community.

                  That’s what always gets to me about the nearly complete failure of our people to participate—it would take so comparatively little to create a bona fide, for-real revolutionary party. No long brown columns marching down the street—we will never have that in this country, American Whites simply aren’t engineered that way—but we could have a semi-covert Party at least as good as Lenin’s Bolsheviks, and organized on similar lines, if I could ever get anybody interested in actually doing any of this instead of just tuning in to Radio Free Northwest for their weekly racial entertainment ration. We could do it just with the people we have on our present contact list, if everyone would give of themselves in some meaningful proportion to their abilities and resources. Once we ever get rolling with the initial investment of time, money, and effort, with boots on the ground and not clicks on the mouse pad, we will be self-sustaining and unstoppable, because the majority of White Americans do in fact detest the world we live in and want to change it. Yes, they do, and they really would help us if somehow they could be made aware of the fact that we are here.

                  Now for the all-important third leg of the revolutionary tripod:

                  3. The existing state must lose its credible monopoly of armed force.

                  We have spent the past 60 years generating nothing but an endless torrent of words, and words without concomitant deeds change nothing. Without the Minute Men at Lexington and Concord, all the pretty speeches of our Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson and Franklin would be forgotten now. You now have an opportunity to show that you really mean “all this” through a simple, perfectly legal, and ultimately beneficial act—Northwest Migration. The power structure can’t stop you from coming Northwest, but they don’t need to. You’re doing an excellent job of stopping yourselves and strangling your own futures.

                  A party which “fights” only with words or through the state-established electoral process is not revolutionary, and will never bring about change. The entire purpose of democracy and its established institutions is to prevent change, not to bring it about, and to ensure that the people who created the system to begin with remain in power, i.e. in our case the Anglo-Zionist, super-rich ruling élite of Jews, homos, and WASP-ish international bankers. They are the so-called One Percent that the skuzzy Occupy Wall Street ground talks about, and actually that’s not a bad description of our lords and masters so long as the vital Jewish element is retained.

                  It is absolutely necessary for a revolutionary party to have a credible armed wing to enforce its will without debate, and to challenge the state physically for the political and economic control of society, with a view to eliminating that control and replacing it with our own. That’s how it works, people, for those who are serious about wanting to change the world.


                  Come Home to the Northwest



                  • #99
                    Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat was run off by Pastor Mad Dog, cum-cum, cum-cum

                    Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat was run off by Pastor Mad Dog, cum-cum, cum-cum


                    ...Well known as such for decades.

                    Originally posted by Clitoris Ann Goober/Clinton Adolph Seeber

                    You seem to have some kind of obsession with deriding people who are openly White Nationalist under their true identity.

                    I noticed that about this doctor of something or other, too, Clinton.

                    So, back on topic. Speaking of the man, Hadding, who started this thread, let us set the record straight.

                    He was run off Phora by anonymous, cowardly trolls like the infamous, certified nutcase Covingtonista, "Pastor Mad Dog" Martin Lindstadt aka "Thomas1980", whose other Phora sockpuppets had been identified and banned previously -- including from this thread, when posing as "John Reitney."

                    How many more months after Hadding left, having conclusively, repeatedly, and publicly identified libelous troll "Thomas1980" as the banned Lindstadt, was it that Phora mods finally were shamed into banning the SOB? Check it out. Behavior unbecoming of the Academy. Tsk, tsk!

                    Hadding made it very clear to the mods how disgusted with them he was for not enforcing the rules of the forum in the case of Lindstadt. Hadding is like a little jew -- can't make it if there is free speech for Whites. We Piercetards need to have our own Holohoax Museum, cum-cum, cum-cum. We need to be protected from dissent here on our own sheltered workshop, being tards. But nooooooooo! The phorafag/feeb owners wouldn't help an importunate mattoid meercat!!! They ignoreld him; he left. It's that goddamned simple. He moved on to other venues where he is yeomanly going about what he feels are productive works, like licking the Carolyn 'Yenta-skank' Yeager-pussy and yapping about how Henry Ford was full of shit to believe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and such shit and, as usual, for the most part, thanklessly. Pore lil' KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat pussy was traumatized by having to explain hisself here on the Sheltered Workshop of Whigger Nutsionalism, the fuktard.

                    There's some Internet chat thing, I believe in Great Britain, where Hadding was for a time holding his own against the same sort of Covingtonistas and disruptors we see here in "Dr. Alan James, Goyboy and poison. They prevailed and Hadding was banned, well, not actually banned, since the meercat mattoid pussy run off, though he had never violated any rules. I got this in an email from Hadding:

                    I was invited back into that PalTalk channel recently. I am getting a
                    better reception now.

                    I was asked my opinion about Craig Cobb's project in Leith. I said
                    that it was too bad that he didn't have an organization that he could
                    use privately to bring people up there to settle, instead of using
                    mass-media to promote the idea and generating opposition as a result.

                    Chat exchange removed at Hadding's request. He thinks it may violate PalTalk's TOS to repost dialog from there to another venue. I asked him if he was still subscribed to this Urban Legends thread and he says, "I don't even have access to my username on The Phora anymore, since it was hacked.

                    So, there you go: straightforward commentary, backed up by the link. Hadding is doing his job, sounding the alarm, fluffing that pedo Kevin Alfred Strom's nutsack, providing the necessary "straight poop" to British Nationalists, some of whom "get on" with Harold Covington and believe he has a significant American following, that they've been conned, and whining like a meercat pussy to prove it.

                    Perhaps "Dr. Alan James" should go register at that GB Nationalist PalTalk chatroom and warn those Brits about Hadding and his "gook fucking" friend, Will Williams, and steer them away from Hadding's, where they can actually study HAC's rap sheet without the trolls, or "disinfo agents" chiming in, going off-topic, constantly disrupting the flow of information.

                    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

                    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

                    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


                    • Urban Legend: &quot;Dr. Alan James&quot; is a real doctor . . . Hopefoolly a proctologist because WhiggerSwill is full of shit.

                      Urban Legend: "Dr. Alan James" is a real doctor . . .
                      . . . Hopefoolly a proctologist because WhiggerSwill is full of shit.


                      Originally posted by Benjamin Ghazi/Captn Mamzer/Wodwos/jewboy Slobovsky

                      What he meant was, it's completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Comprende?

                      I see.

                      The difference is, Benyamin, that "Dr. James" and his ilk keep referring to me as a ""gook fucker," and without much in the way of explanation, like that has something to do with "the discussion at hand." I have no problem discussing my youthful "gook fucking" indiscretions 45 years ago, which I'm not particularly proud of, BTW. Besides, since I'm an anglo-mestizo myself, as opposed to my fellow ZOGbot TraitorGlenn Miller, a drunken Lumbee-Melungeon injun and thus a mestizo-anglo, itz not "race-mixing" when you jewrself are a mongrel already.

                      But "Dr. Alan James" will not say what kind of a doctor he is when asked. Being a doctor is something most doctors are proud to admit to and talk about. Maybe "Alan" is just a dentist or a chiropractor, not a real doctor. Or maybe he has a PhD in Black Studies from some online "university" that gives out graduate degrees to niggers like candy bars. Or, hopefoolly a proctologist, because I, WhiggerSwill Welass, am full of shit. I've stuck a finger up my own poop chute trying to work it out, even a pencil, although a ZOGbot, not a mathematician. Nothing seems to work, cum-cum, cum-cum. And them gookesses take a beating better than whiggress skanks do, like April Gaede. She beat the fuck out of me when my wee red-nigger organ wasn't enough to play in her mighty big 'cathedral.' I NEED that slant pussy in order to get sum satisfaction.

                      Why does he call himself "Dr." if he's ashamed to say what kind? That's weird.

                      I'm a qualified licensed and certified -- and certifiable -- expert on gook fucking as well as ZOGbotting. For anyone interested in "gook fucking," I wrote on Phora before about American GIs' practice of that:

                      The Real Lessons of Vietnam

                      Being a racially conscious anglo-mestizo pretending to be a White man and a veteran of the Vietnam coonflict living off of a crazy check disability I've often pondered the subject of race as it related to wars generally and to the 'Nam specifically. I got a Purple Heart for injuries suffered from "The Silver Bullet" when a jew doctor threaded a big hypodermic syringe up my pecker full of penicillin from a bad case of the "black clap" I picked up from a gookess boom-boom grrrrrllll. I wrote a feature article about 23 years ago entitled, of all things, "Vietnam, the Jew and the White Race" where I got some troubling thoughts along this line off my chest.

                      But in 1991 I was a subscriber to Instauration magazine and remember having an Aha! moment on this same subject when I first read the following essay by 121 (contributors to Instauration generally used the first three digits of their Zip Codes back then to conceal their identity).

                      Past issues of Wilmot Robertson's outstanding Instauration magazine are now available online. Today when I found this long lost article that I remembered having had such an impact on my thinking some 21 years ago I transcribed it, figuring it would resonate similarly with other mamzer ZOGbots pretending to be thought criminals whose minds run in the same groove as mine. Enjoy!

                      From Instauration magazine, October 1991:

                      The Real Lessons of Vietnam

                      For the last 15 years or so, there has been no surer guarantee of boredom and banality in American journalism than the appearance of the phrase, "the lessons of Vietnam," in a Sunday supplement think piece. What accompanies it is invariably a lot of bogus deep thinking about "the American crisis of confidence" or lucubrations to that effect.

                      What is the real lesson of Vietnam? To me there was always something incomplete and unsatisfying about the standard interpretations. To the conservative the Vietnam War is viewed as an example of "America's failure to stand by its friends" or at least a dramatic demonstration that military power should either be used massively or not at all. To many conservatives it was a "noble cause," as Reagan observed. To liberals Vietnam was a case of imperial overreach which failed to take into account the "limits of power" and the strength of indigenous Third World nationalism. To Jewish radicals, like Noam Chomsky, Vietnam was proof positive of the fundamental depravity and barbarism of American imperialism, fueled by capitalist hegemonists and Western racists. This was, after all, the war which inspired Susan Sontag's notorious quote about the White race being the "cancer of history." The dispassionate observer must acknowledge that there are kernels of truth in all but Sontag's position. But is there another component in the Vietnam tragedy that may have been overlooked because of the current rigid ideological limits -- particularly in regard to racial issues -- which are so strictly enforced in American public life?

                      The "real lesson of Vietnam" was finally driven home to me while listening to a radio broadcast circa 1985. The experience could best be compared to the Achievement of Satori in Zen Buddhism, i.e., instantaneous, total enlightenment and understanding resulting from years of patient work and self-discipline. The occasion was a broadcast on Amerasian children in Vietnam featured on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. According to the report, the Vietnamese government was then making a special effort to get all the Amerasian children out of Vietnam and into the U.S. The urgency was a result of the fact that the oldest of those children were entering reproductive age. Obviously, Hanoi did not want their offspring entering into the Vietnamese gene pool . . .

                      Last edited by WhiggerSwill; 10-30-2013, 04:34 PM. Reason: Had to take a break for some gook fucking

                      Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

                      Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

                      Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


                      • Tubby Covington beats WhiggerSwill Welass Williams and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat

                        Tubby Covington beats WhiggerSwill Welass Williams and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat


                        Harold Covington sucks, but nevertheless he is the superior to Willie Wilbert Wilford (AKA 'King Billy', 'Billy the Kid', 'Billy Batts', 'Bill Riccio') Williamson Wilton ''White Will'' Williamson and Hadding ''Kid Autism'' Scott.

                        So that settles it. The fat guy in the bad Horst Wessel costume is superior to the cult that he has spawned, as is often the case with men who inspire crank religions.

                        Please close this thread -- Sheltered Workshop of the White Nationalist bowel Movement -- and force Hadding and Billy the Kid to observe their worship of Harold Covington elsewhere away from the AB-normals.

                        jewboy -- Misbegotten Spawn of Satan
                        2d in Evil only behind yenta jew-grrrrrl


                        • jew're on WhiggerSwill nig-nore now!!!

                          jew're on WhiggerSwill nig-nore now!!!


                          Originally posted by Thomas777/Daniel Feith/Necrokike666


                          Harold Covington sucks, but nevertheless he is the superior to Willie Wilbert Wilford (AKA 'King Billy', 'Billy the Kid', 'Billy Batts', 'Bill Riccio') Williamson Wilton ''White Will'' Williamson and Hadding ''Kid Autism'' Scott.

                          So that settles it. The fat guy in the bad Horst Wessel costume is superior to the cult that he has spawned, as is often the case with men who inspire crank religions.

                          Please close this thread -- Sheltered Workshop of the White Nationalist bowel Movement -- and force Hadding and Billy the Kid to observe their worship of Harold Covington elsewhere away from the AB-normals.

                          Butt out, crybaby! You must be drunk, typing that. But not as drunk, and mean drunk at that, as Da Wraf of WhiggerSwill Welass. Drinking Great-great-great-grand-dad Evan Williams' prime Kentucky anglo-mestizo Welass' squaw-piss cooncoction at 86 proof. Nectar of the d-gs, itz!!! How dare a Skokie jewboy shyster try to take away a drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbot's last cum-cum-fort other than gook pussy and pot likker!!! Go "debate" somewhere else and try to impress people there how smart you are.

                          <kerplop!> jew're on WhiggerSwill nig-nore now!!!

                          Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

                          Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

                          Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!


                          • HAC's like the Gizzard of Oz.

                            I found yet another fuktard who turned on Tubby, who is like the Gizzard of Ozzzz.


                            Originally posted by WhiggerSwill speaking to WhiggerSwill

                            You'd think with that many fans and with 20 books published he could generate enough income to be solvent... or at least solvent enough to pay out on my bogus jewdgement from the Dogpatch Municipal Kort against Tubby.

                            ...a guy in his apartment, speaking into a mic like he's Mussolini, or something." -Jimmy Marr

                            Jimmy Marr is a pro-White activist in Oregon. He moved from Georgia to Oregon in order to participate with Hair-old's NorthWest Front thingey. Then he turned on Tubby, cum-cum, cum-cum. He granted a recent audio interview in which he talks about his visit to Harold Covington's Northwest Front compound:


                            Fake wizard behind curtain, in front of fake flag

                            For about five minutes, starting at 43:30 in, Mr. Marr speculates that Covington gets a hunk of his monthly income from "dummy accounts" owned by the SPLC or its ilk. Keeping this would-be Mussolini's migrant scam in business, supporting Covington as a poster child of repellent "White" leaders, is very good for the Jew's anti-hate industry.

                            Whereass TraitorGlenn Miller and me have always been ZOGbot mamzer fuktards accepting ZOGbux from . . . ZOG!!!


                            Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

                            Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

                            Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!